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Racing Entanglements: A New, Diverse, Running Mag, NYC & Chicago Marathon Updates, & a Covid-19 Race Recap w/ Philip King

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In this episode of The Run Wave Podcast, Kim talks a brand new, diverse, digital running magazine that is dropping soon, NYC and Chicago marathon race updates, and a chat with Philip King about the Bryce Canyon Half Marathon in Utah.  What it’s like to travel during covid, and the whole race experience from packet pickup, the start corrals, water stations, race course, and the finish-line area.  If you are thinking about racing during this time, you won’t want to miss this one.

The Run Wave Podcast features candid chats, with runners about real topics that affect the run community.

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More About This Episode

Episode Transcription

[00:00:00] Kim: [00:00:00] A new diverse running magazine, New York city and Chicago updates and running isn’t canceled. Let’s talk this week’s racing entanglements and I’m not talking Will and Jada.

[00:00:25] Hey everybody. Welcome back to another episode of The Run Wave Podcast. I am your host Kim. If this is your first time listening, welcome to the family. If you are a return listener, welcome back. I appreciate you. If you haven’t already done. So please rate the show on Apple podcasts. Five stars and leave a review if you can, as well, that really helps the show out.

[00:00:54] It helps the show to get notice and climb up those Apple charts. So, first up this [00:01:00] week, I have it on very good authority that a brand new diverse running magazine is coming out very shortly. I’m just going to throw up on the screen, a little graphic of the magazine this year. Is a little exclusive sneak peek.

[00:01:18] And when I say I’m going to throw something up on the screen, I do have this show on YouTube as well. So if you’re listening at home, be sure to head on over to YouTube and check out the visual episode of this shell. So up on the screen, this new magazine is going to be a representation of our run culture brands, stories.

[00:01:42] And most of all our journeys, our goal is to give you in-depth insight into how you’re represented in our run community and culture, the right way. Fact, according to the wall street journal, the run [00:02:00] community is only made up of 8% of diverse runners. The rest is 92, 2% whites. So remember when I said.

[00:02:11] Runner’s world so white there you have it. I have had the opportunity to we’ve used some articles of the magazine and I have to say it is pretty dope. So what I’m going to do is leave a link to the email, sign up and. The show notes down below, it’ll be on the runway website as well. You can just click on that link, answering your name, right email, and you will be notified as soon as the first issue drops.

[00:02:42] So I am very excited about this. This is a magazine that is for us. By us when I say for us, by us, I mean, for black people, by black people. So this is going to be something big that is coming out of 2020 [00:03:00] on Monday, July 13th. It was officially announced that the Chicago marathon has cancel. I don’t know what took them so long to announce this cancellation, but I am glad that they finally did because now runners can make their plans.

[00:03:18] Accordingly. If you’ve had travel planned schedule, you can go ahead and canceled bows, modified them, et cetera, et cetera. So I’m going to read you what it says on Chicago marathon’s official website. So you can get an idea of the options that they are giving to runners. It says in light of this decision, registered runners for the 2020 event will have the option to receive a refund for their race entry.

[00:03:47] That’s good. Or to defer their place and entry fee. For a future edition of the bank of America marathon and parentheses 2021, 2022 [00:04:00] or 2023. The event was provide an update to runners in the coming days with additional information on the options available to them. This also applies if you are registered for the international Chicago 5k, while I think that it is great that they are giving a race refund, if he requested.

[00:04:23] Cause a lot of races are not even doing that. They’re just keeping money and flipping the races before to virtuals. So kudos to Chicago for issuing refunds. Now they are offering potential deferrals as well, but it is vague as to. What year your defar road will be four because yeah, it says entry into a future edition, but it doesn’t say you get to choose which edition.

[00:04:54] Now I went over to the frequently asked questions. Of their website. [00:05:00] And if you look under entry deferment 21, 2223, this is good. It says if I selected the front of my 2020 entry, well, I have to pay again. When I sign up for the race in 2021, 22, 23. No, you did not have to pay again to sign up for the race.

[00:05:18] So that’s good. Here’s the kicker. If I select to defer my 2020 entry while I have to indicate the year, I’d like to participate in the future, no, by selecting this option, you are indicating your preference only. You will have the opportunity to redeem your 2020 deferred entry during the 20 2122. Or 23 applications windows.

[00:05:46] Now, I’m not sure, sure, exactly what that means. It kind of raised that you can pick what year you want to run. But when I read you the New York city options, it seems a little vague, [00:06:00] these options that Chicago is given. So can I run in whichever year I choose 21, 22 or 23? Or are you going to tell me what year I can run?

[00:06:09] I need that Renton out in these big bully ask questions or somewhere on your website. I want to know what my options are for this race. On July 15th, New York road runners announced their cancellation options are Chicago and New York in cahoots or what you guys announced the same week, two days apart.

[00:06:32] And the, the options almost sound the same. So let me read and why are our options and why are, is the organization that puts on the New York city marathon here in New York city? I’m registered to run the New York city marathon in 2020. So I received this email directly from New York road runners, and I’m going to put it up on the screen.

[00:06:58] So this email [00:07:00] says, selecting your resolution option, log into your dashboard, going to registered events, blah, blah, blah. Your options are number one or refund number two, complimentary entry for a future marathon with an asterix. Number three, donate the value of your entry fee to support New York road runners, free youth and community programs.

[00:07:27] Now I pay $255 for the marathon because I’m in New York road runners member. If you were a nonmember, your feet was $295. I believe now, getting to the asterix. This is the good part. If you select complimentary entry for a future marathon option to you or participate in a future marathon selection process, they keep saying a future marathon selection process in 2021 to choose the year for your complimentary [00:08:00] entry, either 2021, 22 or 23.

[00:08:05] You may not be guaranteed your preferred year due to potential limitations to future field sizes. As he worked with the planning process with government officials, we will make it a priority to share information as it is determined. Now, Chicago didn’t put that asterisk. In there, but their notice kind of reads exactly like this without the extra detail.

[00:08:30] So I’m wondering if Chicago is the same as well. We’ll have to see, but once in New York city, I did the nine plus one to gain entry into the marathon. So if you live in New York city or if you’re in the Tristate area or. Close by you can run nine races put on by New York road runners and valance here one time.

[00:08:56] And that will get you guaranteed non complimentary [00:09:00] entry into the New York city marathon. Fine. So this is the reason why out of state people. This is why so many New York city runners. Ryan the New York city marathon over and over again, because we can simply run nine races and volunteer at one race.

[00:09:16] And we get entry into the New York city marathon. It’s a nine plus one program. So if he said, no, I just gave you a little tidbit. That’s why we have so many. So I have

[00:09:29] four. New York city marathons under my belt. And for most of those, I did do the nine plus one to gain entry into the race. Now I know that I’m a little pissed at these options. I know other people are pissed as well. I’ve been in your grow runners comments on their Facebook page, right? On their Instagram page.

[00:09:52] And yes, we understand that these times are unprecedented. This is about global pandemic that we are going through, [00:10:00] but a whole lot of us ran the nine plus one program and we pay for those races for each of those nine races. And then we paid for the marathon as well. So I don’t know about other people. I have four New York city maps.

[00:10:15] I don’t really need another one, but I wanted to run the 50th edition of the race. So this was going to be my last New York city marathon. So if I differ and I don’t get guaranteed entry into the 50th race, I’m going to be pissed off because that’s the only reason why I registered for the race in the first place was because I wanted to run the 50th New York city marathon.

[00:10:36] I don’t even know the New York city marathon. I already have four. So if I’m not guaranteed entry into the 50th, I don’t want to run it. So I’m on the fence. Whether I am going to request the refund, which it would be really nice to get that $255 back, or if I am going to. Differ because if I don’t get 20, 21, if 2021 even [00:11:00] happens, cause we don’t even know 20, 21 is going to happen quite honestly.

[00:11:03] So yeah, if I don’t get it 20, 21, I don’t want to run it. I don’t even have New York city. And I know a lot of people are feeling the same way also for charity runners. New York again is leaving it up to the charity to give people places for the next entries race. And y’all already know how I feel about this.

[00:11:26] I’ve had issues with mine, charity for London marathon, getting the firearms. The races are leaving it up to the charities to give up their places for the following year for these runners. So if you’re finished fundraising, the charity can say. Sorry, you need to raise those funds again, because that entry was for last year.

[00:11:47] It doesn’t count towards next year. And as I’m running, I would be pissed because I only signed up to run for your charity for a place in the race. I didn’t sign up with your charity. To raise money, [00:12:00] although it was for a good cause we all know it’s for a good cause. But my main goal for raising the money for this race was to run the race, not to raise the money and get nothing out of it in return.

[00:12:12] So something’s got to give races needs to come together. These charities give them double the spots, reduce the number of spots that you’re giving for a lottery entries for regular entry. Ya’ll gotta do something, cause this is not fair to people that. Have worked hard to it’s hard raising money for charity.

[00:12:31] All. I don’t know if anyone’s ever done it, but it is hard work. You got to keep posting, you got to Badger your friends, you got a badge of your family. That’s the only way that you can raise money for these charities, unless you heavenly wealthy and you can put the money up. Yourself. I know I can do that.

[00:12:47] I had to Badger and poles and bother people to raise funds for a charity. So I feel for all of those charity runners, I’m feeling for the charity from Boston who are being [00:13:00] asked to raise 150% of what they already know race. Listen, the charity game is crazy this year and. This has really got me thinking on what I’m going to do going forward.

[00:13:13] If I’m going to continue to raise money to get into these races. When I have no guarantee that I’ll even be able to run the races. Yeah. I mean, what are we going to do? If you are a frequent listener of The Run Wave Podcast, you will have heard me say on numerous occasions that racing is canceled its money sweaty  and I have.

[00:13:43] Stuck too bad until very recently, because I saw that a past guests of the show, Phillip King actually went to Utah and ran a half marathon this past week. So, you know, I got on my [00:14:00] computer, I hit him up and I said, fill up, you know, how was the race? And he’s like, do you want me to do a video review for me?

[00:14:09] I said, no, I want you to come on my show. And tell everyone what it’s like to raise during COVID-19. So I had Philip on and I’m going to let you hear what he had to say about racing during coronavirus. Check it out. Okay, everyone. Welcome Philip King, back to The Run Wave Podcast. How are you? Fill

[00:14:33] Philip: [00:14:33] up? Uh, hi, I just got finished running 10 miles.

[00:14:37] So

[00:14:37] Kim: [00:14:37] 10 miles an hour, Arkansas heat

[00:14:40] Philip: [00:14:40] heat. I don’t know why I do it, but I should have just ran it at night.

[00:14:44] Kim: [00:14:44] Now you all may remember Philip, because he was on episode 13 of the show. I will link it in the show notes. And, um, we talked about his pyramid challenge. So go back and reference that episode too.

[00:14:58] Listen to it and hear [00:15:00] all about it. But I’m having Phillip on the show this time to discuss a recent race that he ran. So you ran the, let me get the name right? The Bryce Canyon half marathon, right? Correct. Correct. And what state was that in?

[00:15:19] Philip: [00:15:19] Utah.

[00:15:21] Kim: [00:15:21] Okay. And how did you hear about, and this is good because this is you’re only the second person that I’ve seen.

[00:15:25] That’s actually ran a race. So, how did you hear about the race

[00:15:32] Philip: [00:15:32] last time I was on your show and I guess you asked me what, like what races I had coming up. And I guess I mentioned, cause I had got an email at a pace of recycling, but it’s for like in the fall. So after the episode, uh, Shawana white hit me up and she was like, Hey, what race are you running out of Utah?

[00:15:50] And I was like, Oh Utah. I was like, I ain’t run a race in Utah, but I got a 10 mile I’m going to do in Missouri. And she was like, Oh, what’s the date? [00:16:00] And I gave it a date and she was like, Oh, she went ready to do it because she’s doing a half marathon on the same weekend in Utah. And I was like, wait a minute, half marathon.

[00:16:09] Uh, what’s the name of the race? She gave me the name of the race. I looked it up and I was like, dang, I didn’t know what kind of shape I was in. So I was like, I go out and do a couple speed workout, see where I’m at. And then I might go ahead and sign up.

[00:16:21] Kim: [00:16:21] So you heard about this race and you didn’t tell anybody else about it.

[00:16:25] You just went.

[00:16:27] Philip: [00:16:27] That’s how I roll

[00:16:28] man.

[00:16:29] It ain’t no plan and it’s just going to do it right. You ain’t gonna do it.

[00:16:32] Kim: [00:16:32] Say, you know, we, how he had chased the state. So if you get the low down on the race, you got to let the people that will let me know you. Ain’t gotta let everybody else know, but at least let me know about it.

[00:16:40] Shoot.

[00:16:41] Philip: [00:16:41] Okay.

[00:16:42] Kim: [00:16:42] How was your travel experience getting to the race? And a lot of people want to know how, what it’s like to travel during COVID. Okay.

[00:16:50] Philip: [00:16:50] For me, like the first thing I want to do is find a direct flight to, uh, To where I was going. And it really wasn’t an airport close to Bryce Canyon. So for me, it would have [00:17:00] been either fly to salt Lake or fly to Vegas and then drive the rest.

[00:17:04] So I’m like it would have been a shortage. Yes. I can’t find a direct flight out at Arkansas to salt Lake city. So for me, it was flying directly to Vegas. And then once I got to Vegas, I was going to rent a car and drive to Utah. I thought it was like a three hour drive, but

[00:17:23] Kim: [00:17:23] it

[00:17:24] Philip: [00:17:24] actually was a little bit more than that.

[00:17:25] So when I got the VA, I got to Vegas like Thursday night. And at that time, I really didn’t know if I would try that night a way to in the morning. And when I got to Vegas airport, I, I looked up hotels and I found out like a Flamingo had a special one for like $30. And I know what a Flamingo is that, and it was right close to Walberg.

[00:17:46] So I was hungry. I wanted a Walmart, so I was like, man, I’m going to stay at this Flamingo, get me some sleep, go to Walberger, get up in the morning and hit the Nike outlet and then go to

[00:17:57] Kim: [00:17:57] YUSA. Now I flew [00:18:00] recently and I’m going to release a whole video about my experience, but what airlines did you take to get out there?

[00:18:06] Philip: [00:18:06] I flew on a Allegiate airways. It’s a small airway, but they kinda big out in Vegas. They actually named the stadium, the football stadium. They got the naming rights to the football stadium out there and back.

[00:18:17] Kim: [00:18:17] So how was, was it like a three and a two? A three and a three?

[00:18:22] Philip: [00:18:22] Uh, it was three and three, but,

[00:18:25] Kim: [00:18:25] well the middle seat open.

[00:18:27] Philip: [00:18:27] Nah, not all the way where I was sitting there too. But some people, I guess they, I guess they booked their flights together. They sat together, but on my road going to the middle seat. So it was, the flight probably was like, I’d say about 75% for, I mean, you had to have a mask on to get on the plane. They gave out like gloves, whatever it was crazy.

[00:18:51] Cause I went on the plane. It’s nine 30 at night. I got on shade. Once we get in the air. I put my headphones on, I put my little night [00:19:00] cap blinders on. Like, I wouldn’t take no chance.

[00:19:03] Kim: [00:19:03] Now, did they have any, like, did they serve any snacks or anything like that?

[00:19:07] Philip: [00:19:07] They did, but I didn’t. I went to sleep. You didn’t

[00:19:11] Kim: [00:19:11] see when I flew, they serve snacks and I took it, but I didn’t eat it because I didn’t want to take my mask off on the flight, but I took the snacks and Adam later,

[00:19:21] Philip: [00:19:21] I was asleep when she came, I was knocked out.

[00:19:25] Kim: [00:19:25] So you drove from Vegas to Utah. Did they have, like, I know they didn’t have an expo. How did they do like pickup?

[00:19:34] Philip: [00:19:34] Okay. The big pickup was a. At this port and just so happened. My hotel was like right around the corner from where they were going to be a pickup. Now me I’m last minute. So I flew out there and had any signs up.

[00:19:49] Kim: [00:19:49] Oh my God. You know, you said that before that you sign up last minute, but how do you go to the out of state raise and not sign up? Who does

[00:19:58] Philip: [00:19:58] that? Uh, me [00:20:00] when I went to, when I finally said, okay, I’m going to do it. And I went online, online registration was closed and it was like, it was like, you could sign up the day, a packet pickups.

[00:20:11] I was like, all right, it ain’t sold out. Cause if it was sold out, it wouldn’t say it sold out. So when I got there, Go to sign up. And she said, the very sold out sounded like what she like, yeah. It’s sold out. She said, we might have a couple of spots if people don’t show later on, we, you can check back.

[00:20:32] Dang. But then I turned back around and I told her, I said, yeah, lady, I have come way too far to get out of here. I’ve written this race. And she was like, and I told her where I was. She was like, we’re going to get you in the right. Don’t worry about you. Like. About eight 30, we’re going to start calling people that hadn’t picked up their packets.

[00:20:50] So she was like, hit me back in like 900 clock and I get you in this race. So I was like, alright cool. If it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be, I go back to my [00:21:00] hotel, I get me something to eat and I guess it’s about eight o’clock and I’m like, okay, I’m gonna do a shakeout run, run back down there. See, what’s what, so I did my shakeout run.

[00:21:10] Like I say, the place where they were doing packet pickup was in a park and it was maybe like a half mile away. So I ran there and when I went, the lady was like, we got a waiting list of whatever. And I was like, nah, I already signed the waiver. So then the lady that saw me earlier, she said, she called my name is Cynthia.

[00:21:26] Okay. We got to I’m working on next. So at that point I knew I was in the race. No, with a couple of other people that was trying to sign up last minute, too.

[00:21:35] Kim: [00:21:35] But they were probably locals. They didn’t fly from Arkansas to Utah,

[00:21:40] Philip: [00:21:40] from Utah.

[00:21:43] Kim: [00:21:43] Okay. So you picked up your BIP. Now I looked up the total number of finishers.

[00:21:48] They were 633. So how was the start? What their corrals, that X amount of people started at a time. How did that

[00:21:55] Philip: [00:21:55] work? Uh, at the store at the store, they was like, [00:22:00] You know, it’s a chip time ready. So everybody don’t have to go at once. They were like, unless you’re trying to get one of the top five finisher was paid money.

[00:22:09] They was like, yeah, all the rest of this stuff is going to go out chip time. So it don’t matter if you start now or wait 30 minutes and go store. You know, so some people get up there and store right behind the FAFSA athletes, other people that kind of spread it out.

[00:22:26] Kim: [00:22:26] Now, how was the course? Where there water stations?

[00:22:30] How did that work?

[00:22:31] Philip: [00:22:31] Yeah, that’s the part? I didn’t like the course, man. Of course it’s a fast court cause it’s a support the point and it’s a downhill race. The problem is. Yes at altitude and then you ain’t trying it out. You’re going to be in for a rude awakening. So it started at like, I dunno, seven, 7,400 feet, and then it finished around 6,000.

[00:22:55] So it, yeah. So it’s, it’s, it’s, it’s a race. If you do it, [00:23:00] you gotta be ready to put it out too. And it really ain’t no substitute. I see people post all the time about running in that humidity is like a. Poor man’s training altitude training. That’s a lie. Write it out too. And you can, your body adjust to it.

[00:23:17] I can dump the race nought out that high. So my plan was to just take it easy. The first two miles a day wants to downhill the store. Just try to run as many people down as I can. So when I’m coming up on the first water, stop this one where you really kind of notice. Different than the race. It’s like, the people are at the water tables, but they’re not out, you know how they normally get the cup on their hands and whatnot.

[00:23:43] They’re not, it it’s like they got all the cups on the table and you got to grab a cup yourself and try to get one and go. And if you run it at six minute pace, grabbing a cup off a table is not easy. Yeah. So I was like, [00:24:00] wow, they’re not going to hand us the cup.

[00:24:03] Kim: [00:24:03] Spoil fast people.

[00:24:05] Philip: [00:24:05] So my thing was, I was trying to grab the last cup off the table.

[00:24:09] You just kind of plug it off and keep going, but I didn’t, that’s the only thing it took me a while to get back in gear from hitting the water stop.

[00:24:18] Kim: [00:24:18] Yeah. I don’t know what I was expecting when they came to ward. I mean, I, I think I thought that there wouldn’t be water stations at races. I don’t know. I thought maybe we would carry our own stuff.

[00:24:29] Like I didn’t expect there to be water stations at races right now.

[00:24:32] Philip: [00:24:32] Yeah. This was a ha this was a half marathon. So they had like six tables set up. So it was like six water stations.

[00:24:43] Kim: [00:24:43] So how was it at the finish? Did they have like a festival? Uh, what was going on?

[00:24:49] Philip: [00:24:49] Okay. It finished at a park and it was kinda like, like your normal, uh, post race, like, except for like when you finished, [00:25:00] they had the different little stations that had the water in coolers or whatever gravity stuff out, but they didn’t have people handing it out.

[00:25:08] So. You get your home and stuff out. And then people in Utah, man, they’re not tripping. Like they ain’t on their mass stuff.

[00:25:16] Kim: [00:25:16] I was just going to ask you that. So the staff that I have masculine, th the

[00:25:19] Philip: [00:25:19] staff, the people that worked the race, they did have mask on. I had a mask in my drop bag. So when I finished, I went and got my, my, uh, check bag.

[00:25:30] And then I had my mask. Well, if most people they didn’t have any mask on.

[00:25:36] Kim: [00:25:36] So you finished first in your division.

[00:25:40] Philip: [00:25:40] Yeah, man, I actually wanted to go out there and win some money, man.

[00:25:45] Kim: [00:25:45] No, I saw, I saw there was a $3,000 purse altogether. Yeah.

[00:25:50] Philip: [00:25:50] Yeah. So I thought I could go out and win money. Cause like, based off the times they had last year, I should have been able to finish top, you know, third or fourth.

[00:25:59] I was thinking [00:26:00] it was some fast times out there, but. I knew where I was in training. So I figured I could go out there and get third and don’t nobody show up. I might be the win though. So when I get out there, like right after I signed up, there was a guy sign behind me. He asked me, he was like, Hey, what kind of time are you trying to run them off?

[00:26:17] And I’m just talking to them like, Oh, I just want to break an hour and 20 minutes. He was like, okay. Okay. I’m trying to run under one 15 and all that. Okay. And so, yeah, he was sat in the middle, so I don’t know. Okay, good. And then, uh, at the storyline though, I’m seeing people out there get the elite certs on the rabid elite team, a Utah running elite.

[00:26:41] What I’m saying, like college teams. I mean, I’m seeing like high school cross country guy, and I’m like, dang, it’s going to be so fast. So I’m talking to one guy that got the apples and I’m knowing he got them one or two ways either. He just recently got them already got them at the Olympic trial. So I [00:27:00] asked him, I said, man, how long have you had your, uh, your alpha flight?

[00:27:03] And he’s like, Oh, I got them at the Olympic trial. And I was like, okay, you ran the limited trials. He was like, yeah. So I’m knowing this guy fast, cheap. If he, if he qualified to run the Olympic trials, he’s going to

[00:27:13] Kim: [00:27:13] fly.

[00:27:15] Philip: [00:27:15] And the thing about it, he didn’t even when he said he’s spending stuff 52nd at the liver trial and he finishes, I think, second or third at this rate.

[00:27:23] So it was a fast people there.

[00:27:25] Kim: [00:27:25] Yeah. So what’s your overall take on running during COVID. So you recommend it. Do you think people should wait it out a little bit longer? What are you thinking?

[00:27:38] Philip: [00:27:38] It does depend on where you at. Like I looked up Utah and I looked up their coronavirus rate and it was similar to what it was here in little rock.

[00:27:48] So. I go to work. I work on the front lines. I’m at work every day. One of my friends was like, cause I was like, I was going back and forth and she was like, man, you go to where you work on the front line. [00:28:00] I mean, you, you probably more likely to catch up, then you are going out and doing this race. So I was like, yeah, you’re probably right.

[00:28:08] So, I mean, it just, I did it cause I hadn’t traveled nowhere really this year I got to go to Miami early in the year, but I’ll be ready to go somewhere. And plus I had been, I did the little pyramid, so I felt like I was in some good shape and I just wanted to see what I could do. So at the end of the day, I just went and pulled

[00:28:26] Kim: [00:28:26] speaking of the pyramid, look, I’m seeing all, all of y’all listening and watching this at home.

[00:28:35] Y’all doing Philips. Pyramid challenge, the King’s pyramid and y’all are not giving him his credit. He created the pyramid challah. So I need everyone at home to hashtag Kings pyramid on your pyramid challenges. This is the creator, give the man his credit.

[00:28:56] I send them a message every time I see someone doing his challenge, [00:29:00] it, I don’t see it as they want to give the man his credit people.

[00:29:03] Philip: [00:29:03] Yes, Kim is the challenge police officer. Every time she see somebody doing it, she sent me a message. He said, Hey, look at this person, they’re doing your challenge.

[00:29:11] Kim: [00:29:11] If people are even, they’re using your drawing too.

[00:29:14] And like, I’m like, get the mass credit.

[00:29:18] Philip: [00:29:18] I think it’s cool though. That’s a lot of, a lot of them people I don’t even know. So I don’t even know how they found that out.

[00:29:23] Kim: [00:29:23] Oh, I see a bunch of my friends doing it and I’m like, wow, this is really making the rounds good for me and his credit people,

[00:29:32] Philip: [00:29:32] more people board.

[00:29:33] Yeah, but yeah, so overall the race was like, it was pretty much normal except for the water stations and then kind of the store was kind of staggered. So other than that, it was same or same, you get finished, you’d be like, why am I doing this? And then about an hour later, you’re like, okay, I could have went faster.

[00:29:55] Kim: [00:29:55] All right. So I want to thank you for giving us this, um, race [00:30:00] recap, so people can kind of see what to expect that they want to raise. During COVID and hopefully the next time you do one, let us just to know,

[00:30:10] Philip: [00:30:10] alright, I’ll hit you up. I’ll let you know, since you chasing States.

[00:30:13] Kim: [00:30:13] Yeah. Cause we don’t know what races are happening or not.

[00:30:16] I’m not signing up for anything. I’m like, you. I’m not going to wait until I get there to sign up, but it’s going to be like one or two weeks out before I sign up for anything.

[00:30:26] Philip: [00:30:26] Yeah. Look, look at some of the places like in the Midwest. No, Utah, Nevada. I mean, Idaho places got low numbers. Those are gonna be the places they’re probably gonna have

[00:30:37] Kim: [00:30:37] a race.

[00:30:38] All right. Thank you again for being on The Run Wave Podcast. We’ll see, we’ll see you next month again.

[00:30:49] Philip: [00:30:49] Maybe, maybe,

[00:30:50] Kim: [00:30:50] maybe. I want to thank Philippine for being on the show once again. Um, I hope you guys [00:31:00] got a good perspective on what it’s like to raise during COVID in 2020. I know he gave me like a little light bulb went off in my head and I said, Hm, is it possible to. Do a smaller race here or there this year safely during COVID.

[00:31:22] So I think, you know, I may look into it. I know as I raised it was canceled, but he just kind of made me want to rethink. That sentiment, but we’ll see, I’m not jumping into anything right now, but you never know. There are like five months left in a year. So we have a little bit of time to think about it.

[00:31:42] And maybe so that’s it for this episode of The Run Wave Podcast? Yes. Thank you for tuning in and I will see you on the next one later. Thank you so much for tuning into the show. Be [00:32:00] sure to subscribe to the runway on your favorite podcast app and leave us a review of the show on Apple podcasts. It would really help me out if you are a runner that has a story to tell, and you would like to be on the show you can email. Hello@therunwave.com Or send us a DM on Instagram to TheRunWave. See you next time.

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