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The Diverse, Runner’s Mag featuring Mid Strike Magazine

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Episode Transcription

[00:00:00] Kim: [00:00:00] Diverse runners have been craving an outlet to express all of our running abilities. And I have that out. Yeah. Today let’s talk the diverse runners Mag featuring. Mid Strike Magazine.

[00:00:24] Hey everybody. Welcome back to another episode of The Run Wave Podcast. I am your host Kim and I do have a very special guest today. And if you would notice The Run Wave has been on the move, we’re at a totally new location. But welcome Jesse Spelman to the show. What’s

[00:00:42] Jesse: [00:00:42] up. Y’all I doing good, a busy couple of weeks, as you know, but you know, making it

[00:00:51] Kim: [00:00:51] happen, you got me out here and his Brooklyn heat, you know, I don’t do well in these excessive temperatures.

[00:00:58] Jesse: [00:00:58] Listen, Brooklyn is where I [00:01:00] was born and raised. Why did I come to Brooklyn? Actually, this is my old neighborhood Canarsie. So we are here.

[00:01:08] Kim: [00:01:08] We’re at Canarsie pier. We’re overlooking the water. It is a super hot day. He got me out here, sweating and my britches. So tell us where you’re from.

[00:01:21] Jesse: [00:01:21] Brooklyn, New York, uh, born and raised all my life until about two years ago, then, you know, made the move to them.

[00:01:30] Quieter place per se. But, um, this is my home. This is where I was raised. This is what what’s me, Brooklyn, New York. So when you look at me, I kind of, I am Brooklyn. You know what I mean? I can’t say it any more clear than that,

[00:01:46] Kim: [00:01:46] but you’d left Brooklyn.

[00:01:47] Jesse: [00:01:47] So it kinda got to the point where it’s like, all right, do we want to stay.

[00:01:51] And, and stay what we know or do you want to go out and experience what else is out there? So we as humans, we kind of think about what’s out there with nuclear [00:02:00] experience, you know, as a family, as a family man with two kids, you know, for me and my wife, he just wanted to, I mean, that’s something that is hard to come by in Brooklyn.

[00:02:10] Um, so yeah, it came with space and just. For the kids then just going out and playing without you, having to look over their shoulder every second.

[00:02:20] Kim: [00:02:20] So how are you enjoying living in the suburbs? I know like, for me, it’s like a little bit of an adjustment, but I’m used to it now, but you’re like

[00:02:28] Jesse: [00:02:28] new to it still.

[00:02:29] Kim: [00:02:29] So how is it

[00:02:30] Jesse: [00:02:30] I’m

[00:02:30] Kim: [00:02:30] still getting used to the camera, to the cornerstone.

[00:02:34] Jesse: [00:02:34] Oh, man. That’s like a headache. It’s like, you get up like, damn, you know what saying? But you got to drive like 15 to 20 minutes. Every time they go get it. Oh, I gotta go run to the store. You gotta drive to the store. You can’t just walk anywhere anymore.

[00:02:47] And that’s what I miss about the city is being able to like, if you want good food, you walk five minutes to get it when to step out and just hang out. Take the ride. You didn’t five to 10 minutes. You know what I mean? But it’s like the [00:03:00] suburbs, there’s none of that. That’s like gone and it’s quiet. I’m not used to they’re quiet.

[00:03:04] Kim: [00:03:04] Yeah. But you get used to it email. It’s a big difference. But when you have a family, you know, it’s worth it to make the sacrifice and not have your convenience of looks at a corner store and getting a snicker bar. Right. We can’t do that no more. No,

[00:03:18] Jesse: [00:03:18] you definitely can. Especially when it’s something that’s small.

[00:03:21] Kim: [00:03:21] So when did you start long distance adult onset running? I asked someone else this and he gave me his, his, his history from,

[00:03:31] Jesse: [00:03:31] well, I can give you, I can give you the hint. No, I’m not getting it out here.

[00:03:33] Kim: [00:03:33] Don’t do that. Start with your assault running.

[00:03:35] Jesse: [00:03:35] We’ll start in 2014. Um, I started running and I was all messed up.

[00:03:43] Stuff. Like I thought I was doing something it’s funny. I got to Facebook, Maria popped up the other day and I think I ran seven miles in like an hour and 34 minutes. Now, personally, I thought I was, I thought

[00:03:54] Kim: [00:03:54] probably my car. Thank you.

[00:03:58] Jesse: [00:03:58] Yeah. I thought I was doing [00:04:00] something and I remember that, right, because the picture came up.

[00:04:02] I ran and cotton basketball shorts, cotton shirt, cotton socks, and basketball sneakers. I think Reebok pumps was I’m a sticker guy. Yeah, I’m ready to 7.3 miles and nose, but it was, I was, I was into it. You know what I mean? It was something where it’s like, I don’t have to go to the gym. I’m not around anybody, it’s just you and getting those miles and it’s like your silence.

[00:04:28] Right? So that first, my first long run per se was from King’s Plaza to Marine poppy, Virgin bathroom.

[00:04:35] Kim: [00:04:35] So you were long running your first, your first time out.

[00:04:41] Jesse: [00:04:41] It was, it was a seven mile run my curse. Uh, I, um, I shouldn’t, you know, First time, the first time that was seven mountains, 7.3, four miles, one hour 34 minutes.

[00:04:55] And then from there it was just like, I just, it was like twice a week and then it just started to [00:05:00] get larger and larger. And then I was like, I think that next year 2015, I ran my first five K and I was the, um, the dash to the finish line. And that was in, um, 2016. And I thought again, I was hot shit. I was like, you know what I mean?

[00:05:19] My wife dropped me off at the starting line. I was like, I’ll be done at 22, 24 minutes. 44 minutes. Yeah. So it was like, it is a picture floating around. I still have it where it’s like, I ran the first half mile all out. I gave it everything. And then I ended up walking a half mile and now was like 44 minutes.

[00:05:38] So then it’s like, after that, um, took the pause, like literally just stopped. I think it’s just life caught up. And, um, I started back that next fall in 2017. With a rock and roll Brooklyn half.

[00:05:54] Kim: [00:05:54] That was a big cause. So what was the catalyst that got you into running? Cause [00:06:00] we, we always have a reason why we start running.

[00:06:02] No one just goes out and says, I want to run seven miles. Like what, what was your catalyst?

[00:06:08] Jesse: [00:06:08] It’s weird because when I started, I never had a reason I just ran, so I didn’t really have a reason. Um, it’s just something that kind of relaxed me and just kinda brought me down. It’s like when I started always felt better after a run, no matter if it was fast or slow or like it took long, whatever, I would always felt better.

[00:06:30] And then, um, actually it was, uh, it wasn’t anything big, but we all ended up at the doctor’s office. You know, it always starts there and. The doc was like, you know, you’re, pressure’s a little high, probably. I’m not a big guy, but from my weight, I was off, I was heavyset. I

[00:06:50] Kim: [00:06:50] had it now

[00:06:51] Jesse: [00:06:51] I had a dad. It that’s why I like to call it.

[00:06:54] So I had the belly, wait, there was no

[00:06:56] Kim: [00:06:56] bad buy back then it wasn’t called a [00:07:00] damn. He was just chunky. He was bad. Keep it real chubby, chubby.

[00:07:06] Jesse: [00:07:06] Um, and

[00:07:08] Kim: [00:07:08] we all had our chubby phases.

[00:07:10] Jesse: [00:07:10] Yeah. And, um, Brooklyn, half marathon Rockaway, Brooklyn. I ran that. And the next year I went to the NetPlus one and there’s a picture that they caught me with the Queens marathon, where it’s like, I crushed the finish.

[00:07:24] You could see my belly poking up. And I was like, yeah, you know what

[00:07:29] Kim: [00:07:29] blue shirt on?

[00:07:33] Jesse: [00:07:33] And I was like, you know what, maybe it’s time to kind of get myself together. So it just started like taking running seriously. And then I run out of time. That’s when I met with black member in New York city and it kind of to go from there, you know what I mean?

[00:07:46] And then with those guys is show me that there is what it’s like to be around healthy black men. You know, me because the world we live in, there’s not much that, you know, we’re not, we’re [00:08:00] not, we weren’t taught that growing up. You know what I mean? We’re in sweat to live healthy lives, we would eat shitty foods.

[00:08:07] Not take care of yourself mentally and physically, just to just go about your life and not really give a shit. You know what I mean? So I didn’t want that. Yeah. I mean, for me, that’s when it started kicking in. Whereas like, I want to be able to, because my kids, when I’m like 50 or 60 years old, right. I want to be able to beat my son in the race when he’s in his twenties and I’m in my fifties, one in the sixties, you know, he saw it’s like, No easy wins for my kids.

[00:08:32] Sorry. This there’s no easy wins. You know what I mean? So if they want to race red going to grace, no easy way. Not even an UNO, not even a game, even have Mario kart.

[00:08:43] Kim: [00:08:43] Come on. So how did you get hooked up with black men? Run New York city,

[00:08:48] Jesse: [00:08:48] uh, through a friend of her friend. Um, his name is Andy who I’m best friends with his brother.

[00:08:55] And he ran with BMR NYC a couple of times at prospect park. So he was like, [00:09:00] you know, you’re adjusting as you get into running, go check these guys out. So the first time I went out was in 2016, October, 2016 after the rock and roll book. And I was intimidated because I see these guys, they’re like cheetah speeds and they’re fast.

[00:09:15] You know what I mean? And I was intimidated. I was like, these guys, I’m going to take off. I can’t keep up. You know what I mean? And, and I was nervous. So we got the first run and they run one loop around prospect park. It’s like 3.4 miles. And, um, I was like, I don’t know if I can do it. Like, it was like, okay, it’s not an

[00:09:33] Kim: [00:09:33] easy run.

[00:09:35] Jesse: [00:09:35] And I had my doubts, but the co-captain, we didn’t run a loop that day. We just steps. So my first day would be in BMR, was doing steps and this type of heat it’s

[00:09:46] Kim: [00:09:46] hot.

[00:09:49] Jesse: [00:09:49] We jogged down, I was in the back, did the steps jog back and I couldn’t make it back. Like I literally couldn’t make that. Mile back. I go to just walk in and running out [00:10:00] of breath.

[00:10:00] Couldn’t do it winded. And Brandon Jackson, captain and BMR NYC never left my side the entire time and send it to, then that sticks with me. Like that’s like unforgettable. Cause it’s like we he’s embodied healing of no man left behind and all these guys took off his Randy Jackson, like, come on, brother.

[00:10:22] I’m with you. Yeah. And he got me to the end. And since then it was like, that was it. I was up.

[00:10:29] Kim: [00:10:29] So do you now stay behind when the new fellows come out to run, um, and bring them in?

[00:10:35] Jesse: [00:10:35] Yes and no, it’s it’s, you know, My man, BJ is the embodiment of that. So it’s like, there’ll be, there’ll be days where I’m like, Steve, Jack, I got it.

[00:10:43] You go get ahead. And then my man, Brandon, it’d be like, nah, I got it from you. Go get your miles at or whatever, but you know, if he’s not around and we always pick it up, it’s not a one person, but we always pick it up. No man left behind is our motto. And we stand by that.

[00:10:57] Kim: [00:10:57] The reason why we are here is to.

[00:11:00] [00:11:00] SKUs the new digital diverse running magazine med strike mag. So tell us why you want us to start a digital running magazine.

[00:11:13] Jesse: [00:11:13] It’s funny. It actually came from your show. Yeah, it came from, um, The Run Wave Podcast, um, with their runners world con the covers. And I think you had asked about my thoughts about it.

[00:11:29] And I think my thoughts came across where it was like, I don’t care. It was pretty, was that it was that boat. I was just like, you know, everybody’s mad and upset and I’m sitting there and watching all that. And I’m like, why? You know what I mean? I’m like, why is everybody like, you’re giving them more promo and coverage of their magazine, you know?

[00:11:50] And for me, I just didn’t care about it because we have so many avenues to release our own content within [00:12:00] Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo, all our websites, we have that power to do so. Um, so, you know, after I said that to your show, kind of the light bulb went out, it’s like thing. And it’s funny because I was actually going to hit you back saying don’t use that, but then.

[00:12:19] And I had a choice. I can even make it happen or let somebody else do it. And you know, my mind just started going, thinking about things that I would like to see in the magazine as far as content wise and you know, me being a production guy. Once those ideas start flowing, you just put it on. I didn’t put anything in the paper.

[00:12:38] It was just more like I just do it on the website and say, okay, that looks good. I don’t like it. Take it off. And everything kind of just flourished

[00:12:47] Kim: [00:12:47] from there. And you put this together pretty quickly because that run his world. So white show was not that long ago.

[00:12:53] Jesse: [00:12:53] This is four weeks old, I’m off. So I guess you could say a month, [00:13:00] I would say just at the start of four weeks.

[00:13:04] So it started with that runners road episode, and that idea pretty much more from. Inception to launch in about three and a half.

[00:13:16] Kim: [00:13:16] He must fast people. Hopefully not everything.

[00:13:21] Jesse: [00:13:21] Nope.

[00:13:23] Kim: [00:13:23] How did you come up with the name? Mitch strike.

[00:13:27] Jesse: [00:13:27] You put out a couple of names to a BMR group, a couple of guys, a few guys, and we just like throwing names out there.

[00:13:35] Um, we went to something that run his criminal late too. So most runners are mid strike runners. Um, I don’t want to explain everything cause it’s like, I can be here for like hours right now, but most rent is a bitch. Most runners are mid strike runners. So we went to something yeah. Catchy that runners can relate to.

[00:13:54] And that’s where mr. Magazine came from. We actually, I think I had names like. Mid Stripe [00:14:00] magazine. Fulford running no pace, no case black on my feet black and my feet was one of them. Cause it’s like, Oh, but once he started getting it’s like the logos and stuff, just missed strike kind of surprisingly people.

[00:14:17] Like that name. So we’ll keep it. The beauty of it is you can always change it when you went it’s called the rebrand, but we ain’t there yet. So

[00:14:25] Kim: [00:14:25] not yet. So how did I like, like the layout of the magazine? You have mile one mile, two mile three. Are you going to continue with that? Yeah,

[00:14:34] Jesse: [00:14:34] most definitely.

[00:14:35] Because again, I want it to be where it’s a runner’s magazine at first. I want something where renters can relate to it. So as they’re reading. You’ll see in the content, it’s like the interviews and questions and overviews are going to be like, we’re getting in our runs together. Like we’re just having, you know, jogging and talk and talk.

[00:14:56] And I want to keep that same feeling on paper because I feel like as [00:15:00] runners. We relate to what we know and the most. So some of our most, I want to say deepest, but most, uh, I’m assuming we have tend to come from people riding together. So we want to keep that same style.

[00:15:15] Kim: [00:15:15] Okay. So let’s get into the content of the magazine.

[00:15:18] You’re. Cover, what would you call and cover a motto, cover feature, cover story

[00:15:24] Jesse: [00:15:24] feature, run featured articles.

[00:15:27] Kim: [00:15:27] Okay. So your feature article on your cover, you have Karen Allen, who we had on the Brownwood podcast back in June. So how did you, or why did you choose Koran as your first cover story?

[00:15:39] Jesse: [00:15:39] Um, for me.

[00:15:42] Since the, from inception to launch with so soon, I just wanted to find somebody that was interesting. Right. So what he did the past six months to me, it was amazing. You know what I mean? [00:16:00] From. Running for a Senate seat while being a runner is insane. Like, you know, it flows, you track them. You’ll see, he runs like a hundred to 5,060 miles per month.

[00:16:13] And he runs like daily in the dead of night. So for me, it was like, how do you balance that? You know, cause as runners, we all have lives. So. That’s someone where they kind of put it out there just to show, like we all have lives outside of running. How do we find that balance? How do we find time to stay fit?

[00:16:32] And to me, he was just, that was just very interesting that we have a runner or someone in our community, community running for public office. That’s black. Yes. How many times. Can you say that? How many times is that? How many times has that happened? Listen,

[00:16:50] Kim: [00:16:50] that’s why I had him on the show because I I’ve never seen it happen.

[00:16:53] This is like once in a lifetime.

[00:16:56] Jesse: [00:16:56] You know, we had to cover that. You know what I mean? Even though it was a little [00:17:00] behind, cause he, you know, the election passed the writing, I just felt history was one night. Everybody should. And that’s the goal of this magazine is to put our stories out. There are our diverse, those out as much as possible.

[00:17:13] Like we want to cover every aspect of that, you know? So. That’s the goal, miss misread bag.

[00:17:17] Kim: [00:17:17] And then you have a run streaking section with Bridget Turner. How’d you come

[00:17:22] Jesse: [00:17:22] up with that? Ooh. Um, she started her run when the coronavirus and she’s up today, we released yesterday, so she’s probably at one 34. So for me, we have runners that run every day.

[00:17:37] You know what I mean? And that’s just,

[00:17:44] I can’t even put it into words for me. It’s just amazing to see that. And, you know, everybody has their own reasons. So we just wanted to get with her to discuss with her reason behind why she running every day. And she tells us about her reasons. I’m not going to tell you here because I want you to go read the [00:18:00] magazine, but

[00:18:00] Kim: [00:18:00] the magazine,

[00:18:01] Jesse: [00:18:01] um, she gives us some reasons and she’s at day one 33.

[00:18:05] And to give you perspective, I never ran one at six days a week for six in a row.

[00:18:12] Kim: [00:18:12] I don’t think I’ve ever run six days in a row five. My max might be three.

[00:18:18] Jesse: [00:18:18] Yeah. My max is six and after six, I think I took like four days off. So you got people that do it every day. And these are the people that we’re going to show in the magazine.

[00:18:30] You just want to show everybody in their light, their form, their star, their universe. We want to bring their stories out. And then

[00:18:39] Kim: [00:18:39] you have captain Cove, Kayvon flowers.

[00:18:42] Jesse: [00:18:42] Yes. Captain cold, captain of BMR NYC. My chapter, I found them NYC way. He gives us talks to his healthy, this healthy dialogue, how he eats he’s a vegan.

[00:18:53] So, you know, he shows us how he kind of proceeds in his preparedness for [00:19:00] running. And it tells us about his vegan diet, what he eats leading up today and how he’s able to. You know, Ryan bought me a video. You can’t do it. You don’t need. Protein or

[00:19:12] Kim: [00:19:12] I was just thinking that because he has wrote as always, like, we’d be protein and we need to carb load and things like that.

[00:19:17] But yeah, I mean, I think that’s a good section. So you’re going to have like a healthy every month. We’ll

[00:19:22] Jesse: [00:19:22] have a healthy section every month with house wrench, streaking with different runners where we just discuss their run streaks. Uh, we’ll have healthy talks, um, with runners who are in the health profession, who are in, who are dieticians, um, and we’ll have feature runners who just like.

[00:19:40] That things are amazing. And

[00:19:46] that’s the production in me. If you just stop the weight, but, um, we’ll piece all that out in a magazine. It’s pretty much it’s diverse. Uh, we’re going to be there.

[00:19:58] Kim: [00:19:58] So I like that you have a [00:20:00] section on black owned businesses in the magazine. Is that going to kill? Are you going to offer advertising on the site?

[00:20:08] Cause you don’t want to create a ton of free promotion, you know, by listing all of these black owned

[00:20:12] Jesse: [00:20:12] businesses, which is great. We do want to have, have a black owned business section because. The more emphasis infestation, the more information we have

[00:20:22] Kim: [00:20:22] that’s emphasis and information combined emphasize

[00:20:26] Jesse: [00:20:26] works now, but the more information we have on black owned businesses, we want to put it out there.

[00:20:31] And even if it’s. You know, we want to have like a glossary of the site of a whole section and not just for the Tristate for everywhere. We went, our view is to be able to go to their Instagram, their website and support them because we’re we, as, like I said, we asked people where are beautiful. We are a beautiful people.

[00:20:51] We have risk smartly educated. And we’re business happy. We have businesses everywhere. The only way that we’re going to get ahead, it’s a, you support each other. [00:21:00] And the way to do that is I feel like if a section in the magazine that has a place for black owned businesses, small or large to place their content, we want to be there for them because we want to support our own and we want to keep the money circulating in our communities.

[00:21:16] So that’s the main goal of it. And again, you know, I think if I’m, if I remember correctly, And, you know, the Jewish dollar stays on neighborhood for, I think, two weeks or two and a half weeks. Um, And I think for the dollar in a black neighborhood stays for only like six hours. So I don’t know. I don’t know if those numbers are correct.

[00:21:42] They might be close.

[00:21:44] Kim: [00:21:44] I read that recently as well.

[00:21:45] Jesse: [00:21:45] Yeah. So

[00:21:47] Kim: [00:21:47] you know what is correct? Because they have their own businesses in their neighborhoods, their own banks, and we have some of that, but we don’t, we’re quick to throw our money wherever. So yeah, that’s definitely true.

[00:22:01] [00:22:00] Jesse: [00:22:01] If we can create a place where our readers can go to and say, Oh, I like that Shea butter.

[00:22:07] I’m going to purchase from there. Or I need a tech person. I can go there. Or I need a, you know, a wedding dress for people that’s getting married. They can go there. We haven’t, that is listed in the magazine. Um, but we want a central place where people can go to find their needs. And that’s the goal of it.

[00:22:25] Kim: [00:22:25] Now you also have a podcast

[00:22:27] Jesse: [00:22:27] feature.

[00:22:29] Kim: [00:22:29] The runway was the first podcast feature. So is that going to continue every month is going to feature a new one?

[00:22:34] Jesse: [00:22:34] Yeah. We’ll feature a new podcast every month. Um, we went to just, you know, have a place for people to have their content. You know, the runway became first because this is where the idea.

[00:22:48] Kim: [00:22:48] You can keep putting around waving every month. I don’t

[00:22:51] Jesse: [00:22:51] mind. I mean, because it can be sponsored by the runway. We can do that.

[00:23:00] [00:23:00] So, you know, each month we’ll feature a podcast. I’ll give them a chance to put themselves out there where to listen, where to watch. Um, and just tell us about their content. And we do have an email for that. We’ll dump it at the end, but we’ll give a place for them. And this ms. Strike is a place for us.

[00:23:20] Kim: [00:23:20] So you’re calling the magazine, the diverse runner’s magazine.

[00:23:25] So what does diverse mean to you?

[00:23:29] Jesse: [00:23:29] It’s fairly diverse coaches for us. It’s for people of color it’s for it’s it breeds diverse. Um, runner’s world can keep their magazine and whatnot, but this is for us, you know what I mean? And. You know, I don’t know where it’s gonna go from here. Um, blended continues to grow, um, but it’s mainly for us, it’s for people of color.

[00:23:56] So

[00:23:57] Kim: [00:23:57] what is the future of mid strike mag? [00:24:00] Where do you see it going?

[00:24:04] Jesse: [00:24:04] Hopefully it’ll grow into something very large, um, and getting God willing is just, I just want it to be a safe place for us as runners running with diverse punishment. I think that’s okay. I can’t get any more simpler than that. You know, I just want it to be a safe place where we can voice our concerns, our opinions.

[00:24:29] And a place where it will be heard, you know? And I think most of all, that’s what I, that’s the main goal of it. Everything else after that, if it grows, I’m all for it, you know what I mean? If it stays where it’s at, I’m all for it. You know, I just want people. For me as a runner, I just want us to have, and this is our voice.

[00:24:51] Kim: [00:24:51] So if I am a runner, can I hit you up and say, feature me in your magazine? Or

[00:24:57] Jesse: [00:24:57] most definitely it actually it’s already happened. [00:25:00] It’s it’s, you know, um, You know, we’ve got a few folks saying they’re interested. Hey, let us know. And again, like I said, we want to be there for them and we’re going to give everybody their shot.

[00:25:12] As long as we get them in my be in line might be a time down the line, but we want as much value to be featured in our magazine as possible. We do have an email. Well, uh, you can email us with any inquiries. You can email us at msm@midstrikemagazine.com. We’ll try to see you back as soon as possible. Um, but email us with your interests, which would be what we can bring to the magazine, things that, um, any suggestions we’re all open for it.

[00:25:38] You can email us with any suggestions, um, any inquiries, anything that you would like to see if you can drop it in the email and we’ll get back to you.

[00:25:47] Kim: [00:25:47] What about writers? Are you looking for any people to contribute content?

[00:25:52] Jesse: [00:25:52] I’d say. Yeah. Um, you know, we want to give everybody a voice, um, as we continue to grow, yes, we [00:26:00] are going to need writers and we’re all going to look for writers.

[00:26:02] So I am leaving that open, um, folks that love to write about, you know, anything diverse issues when it comes to politics running. Um, anything that you’d like to voice, send us an email and we’ll discuss it. So, like I said, we’re open we’re here for you. And we just want to have be a safe place for

[00:26:24] Kim: [00:26:24] diverse.

[00:26:25] And that email is msm@midstrikemagazine.com. I’ll put it down below and put it up on the screen for y’all watching as well. Okay. So I’m going to think, Jesse, for being on The Run Wave Podcast, this is his first official. On air interview and how long?

[00:26:45] Jesse: [00:26:45] 2005

[00:26:48] Kim: [00:26:48] in a long time,

[00:26:49] Jesse: [00:26:49] I’m not a part of the camera person say, I know this is hard.

[00:26:55] Kim: [00:26:55] I have him on the show. So if you want to learn more about mid strike [00:27:00] magazine, you can find him on Instagram, Mitch dragged magazine, web myths, right? magazines.com. There’s a link in there. Instagram by all to sign up on the mailing list, you can receive the magazine right to your inbox.

[00:27:14] Jesse: [00:27:14] Make sure you subscribe.

[00:27:15] Um, for our subscribers, were people released two days earlier, um, before the release date, um, it’ll be consistent. I’ll just say that I kind of like the surprise feel with it. Cause it kinda

[00:27:28] Kim: [00:27:28] makes you like no built up or anything. It was like, Yeah, I think the magazine,

[00:27:34] Jesse: [00:27:34] I think I might keep it that way. I don’t know.

[00:27:35] We’ll see. But yeah, it definitely did. I did it. Beyonce, lemonade. I swear. It came from. She’s actually dropping another album when Disney plus, Oh, 

[00:27:50] Kim: [00:27:50] we didn’t want to go into that. We not going to go into that, but yeah. So thank you for listening and I will catch you on the next episode [00:28:00] of the shelves later.

[00:28:02] Thank you so much for tuning into the show. Be sure to subscribe to the runway on your favorite podcast app and leave us a review of the show on Apple podcasts. It would have really helped me out. If you are a runner that has a story to tell, and you will like to be on the show. You can email hello@therunwave.com Or send us a DM on Instagram to the run wave.

[00:28:27] See you next time.

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