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An Epic 1000 Day Run Streak, Entrepreneurship, & Positive Run Vibes Featuring Liv

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More About This Episode

Episode Transcription

[00:00:00] Kim: [00:00:00] Runner business woman, and she’s making us move one step at a time. Let’s talk an Epic 1000 day run streak. Entrepreneurship and good old positive run vibes featuring Olivia Freepong.

[00:00:26] Hey everyone. Welcome back to another episode of The Run Wave. I am your host, Kim and I have a special guest with me today. Please. Welcome run streaker. Entreprenuer  Afrobeat, Dancer, and just a ton of other things. Welcome to the show.

[00:00:47] Liv: [00:00:47] Hey, Hey, how are you? How are you hanging in there?

[00:00:54] Kim: [00:00:54] How’s it going up in Albany?

[00:00:56] Liv: [00:00:56] It’s going, you know, doing what we can and despite everything, but, [00:01:00] you know, chugging along.

[00:01:01] Kim: [00:01:01] I hear that. So tell everyone a little bit about yourself. Where are you originally from?

[00:01:07] Liv: [00:01:07] Well, I am originally from Ghana, West Africa, woop, um, and currently living in upstate New York. Um, so just living the dream, living the American dream here, but originally from Ghana West Africa.

[00:01:21] Kim: [00:01:21] So when did you come over to the States?

[00:01:23] Liv: [00:01:23] I was actually born and raised here and. That’s the thing. A lot of people think that I was raised at home. See, that’s good. That means I’m repping Ghana to the fullest.

[00:01:40] Kim: [00:01:40] So how you sell you’re currently in Albany. Where did you come? Did you grow up in Albany or

[00:01:46] Liv: [00:01:46] did you no, I grew up down in the city, down in Queens. Um, and I ended up in Albany cause I went to SUNY Albany, and then I did my grad. Like I stayed for grad school here and then I just got stuck.

[00:01:59] Kim: [00:01:59] Sounds [00:02:00] like me.

[00:02:00] I went to SUNY old Westbury and I just got like stuck in long Island.

[00:02:03] Liv: [00:02:03] Yeah. Yeah.

[00:02:08] Kim: [00:02:08] How far is all my name from the city?

[00:02:10] Liv: [00:02:10] It’s about, well, let me stop. It’s about two and a half hours. Give or take, you know, on a good day.

[00:02:20] Kim: [00:02:20] So that’s not so bad,

[00:02:21] Liv: [00:02:21] not bad at all.

[00:02:23] Kim: [00:02:23] So when you were doing your nine plus one from New York road runners, you were driving down.

[00:02:28] Liv: [00:02:28] I mean, at first, the first time I did it was when I was doing the non-class one in 2014, I would actually get up on most of the races because were on Saturday.

[00:02:37] Thank goodness I would from work at 9:00 PM on a Friday night. Go home, cook food for my husband and the kids, and then leave it there. Do we want you to do all of that stuff? And then at 3:00 AM, I would go to Greyhound, hop on the Greyhound bus, get to Manhattan by six, take a train to central park, do the race, and then run back to Greyhound.

[00:02:58] To be back in time, [00:03:00] back in town, in Albany, by like one to spend the rest of the weekend with the family

[00:03:06] Kim: [00:03:06] commitment. I can never, New York, Vermont is with us

[00:03:09] Liv: [00:03:09] whenever say my behind. Right.

[00:03:16] I did that. Like, that’s crazy, but we had a goal, so have to do it.

[00:03:22] Kim: [00:03:22] I can’t. So how many years did you do that?

[00:03:24] Liv: [00:03:24] Two times I did the 2015 and the 2016 marathon. And then I went online three times because I qualified last year to do the race this year because of the 50th anniversary. But we all know what Corona did.

[00:03:37] So three times

[00:03:39] Kim: [00:03:39] this is commitment. Y’all this girl that, listen, I take my hat off to you because that is commitment to run those races and just do all of that commuting early. It’s black

[00:03:51] Liv: [00:03:51] when you leave the house, you know? Yeah, yeah. It’s me and the deer. I mean, last year wasn’t so bad because I was actually able to get a few of [00:04:00] the girls from the chapter that I’m the ambassador for it, for BGR Albany.

[00:04:03] There’s four girls that wanted to do the marathon. It was going to be there first. And I was like, all right, I’ll go along on the journey with you. So we all went, we would drive together. Um, carpool down and do the races and come back. So last year it wasn’t too bad.

[00:04:16] Kim: [00:04:16] Right. So let’s talk about that a little bit.

[00:04:18] So you’re the ambassador of BGR Albany, and you actually started that chapter.

[00:04:25] Liv: [00:04:25] So, so when I started my run journey, um, I think when I started in 2013, after the birth of my twins, And it was around that time when the marathon was becoming the big thing for African Americans. And I was like, Ooh, what’s this about?

[00:04:44] And then at first I was like, okay, slow your roll. You can’t even run to the end of the block. Like, what are you, what’s going on? Like, stop, sit down and have several seats. That was

[00:04:52] Kim: [00:04:52] all of us. Okay. We’ll start at somewhere.

[00:04:55] Liv: [00:04:55] Right? Yup. Yup. And, um, And I started, I found [00:05:00] out about the New York road runners and the nine plus one.

[00:05:02] And so I remember like exactly as if it were yesterday. The Joe kleiniman 10 K was in January, 2014. I had taken freezing, right Greyhound bus down to the city and I’m standing there and I’m shivering and I’m like, okay, what is the way it’s going to stop? I came from Albany. It’s cold here, but it’s colder down here.

[00:05:23] I don’t understand why. And I saw a bunch of African beautiful soul sisters just standing there. And I was like, Oh wow. They look cool. Like, you know, just everybody cheering each other on. And so I was standing there and one of the sisters turned to me and she’s like, Hey, come on over. I’m like me. She’s like, come on over.

[00:05:43] And it was a thrill. So, um, Wilson. Who’s actually, uh, the BGR ambassador, one of the VDR ambassadors for New York city. So she calls me over and they introduced themselves and they said, this is BGR. I’m like, what speed you are. And that’s how I found out about, um, BGR and [00:06:00] chapter. And so I started, um, I joined the New York city chapter.

[00:06:03] I mean, I might as well, I was coming and down to the city all the time for races. And so I started there and then I said, Hey, we have, we have. Black women in Albany. Let me start a chapter up here. And so I harassed literally her good founders, um, Ashley and Tony at the time for years. And then it was JL Alexander, the currency, or an owner who helped push things and helped me get there.

[00:06:26] So we got started in 2016 in February and we just hit our fourth year anniversary. So it’s been

[00:06:32] Kim: [00:06:32] amazing. So are you the only ambassador for the year?

[00:06:36] Liv: [00:06:36] Yes. Yes.

[00:06:38] Kim: [00:06:38] That’s amazing. And how many women do you have

[00:06:42] Liv: [00:06:42] right now in our group? We have over 600 women. Um, and oftentimes, yeah, yeah. Wow.

[00:06:50] Kim: [00:06:50] I didn’t know. It was that big.

[00:06:52] Yes.

[00:06:54] Liv: [00:06:54] Yes. Yup. You would never think, but yeah, we all here we out [00:07:00] here, so. Oh,

[00:07:01] Kim: [00:07:01] has BGR resume group runs yet? Or how is that working?

[00:07:05] Liv: [00:07:05] Yeah, we wanted to, but then we kind of wanted to gauge with, you know, first it was let’s gauge what happens after July 4th. Um, and then the numbers did actually start to spike up in the capital region.

[00:07:16] So we, we just put it off for now. Oh, so we’re just kinda watching,

[00:07:20] Kim: [00:07:20] cause I’m saying like groups slowly, but surely getting back to the haven’t done. Any group runs yet. I’ve done group bike rides, which is like, you’re able to distance

[00:07:31] Liv: [00:07:31] a little bit.

[00:07:33] Kim: [00:07:33] Yeah. It’s nice to see groups like slowly but surely.

[00:07:37] Getting back in the groove.

[00:07:38] Liv: [00:07:38] Yeah. Hopefully we’ll get back to some

[00:07:40] Kim: [00:07:40] kind of semblance of normalcy,

[00:07:42] Liv: [00:07:42] something I want to say soon, but eventually,

[00:07:48] Kim: [00:07:48] do you have a day job as well?

[00:07:50] Liv: [00:07:50] Yes. I am also a clinical social worker. I work in substance abuse, so very, very difficult population to work with. Um, so I work with [00:08:00] people who are badly in drug and alcohol addiction.

[00:08:02] Kim: [00:08:02] Wow. Okay. And I always like to ask everyone what. Type of shoes they’re running in. So what’s, what’s on your feet these days.

[00:08:11] Liv: [00:08:11] Um,  I don’t know. For some reason when I first started running eight, six did it for me and I’ve never turned anywhere else. So any eight, six on any of the job members grants, though, for me.

[00:08:22] Kim: [00:08:22] And I’ve never touched a six for some reason. I think, um, what was my, I was new palace, my friend. I can’t remember what my first shoe was. Cause it was the RA. It was the wrong doggone shoe, man.

[00:08:36] Liv: [00:08:36] Oh man. Everything. We’re just.

[00:08:43] Kim: [00:08:43] Which try a six a year. Like the second person that has mentioned those six to me. So maybe I’ll give him a little goal, eventually a six, if you’re listening, Sonia gorilla PAs shoes. I’m an eight and a road man.

[00:08:57] Liv: [00:08:57] Right?

[00:09:00] [00:09:00] Kim: [00:09:00] Okay. So let’s get into today’s topic. Let’s talk an Epic 1000 day run streak.

[00:09:08] Entrepreneurship

[00:09:10] Kim: [00:09:10] and just good,

[00:09:11] Liv: [00:09:11] all

[00:09:11] Kim: [00:09:11] positive run buys because I just see you running every single dog on,

[00:09:16] Liv: [00:09:16] and it’s

[00:09:18] Kim: [00:09:18] all a positive energy and it just, you know,

[00:09:21] Liv: [00:09:21] You just give up those good

[00:09:22] Kim: [00:09:22] vibes and make people feel good. So what started you on this 1000

[00:09:27] Liv: [00:09:27] day run journey?

[00:09:29] Um, so just to rewind, um, I actually started running back in 2013. It was after the birth of my twins and the doctor wanted to put me on high blood pressure medication. And, um, being from Ghana, there’s a high prevalence of high blood pressure within the Ghanaian community. And, um, so my parents are on good question medication.

[00:09:48] And I said, I wanted to. Not do that. You know, so I remember the doctor giving me a prescription and I looked at it girl for like a week. I stared at it and I said, I don’t want to feel there’s. I need to figure out how I’m going to do it. [00:10:00] And I put the prescription in a frame, which I have here and downstairs in my gym right now, and it’s hanging on the wall and I started.

[00:10:06] By downloading the couch to five K app. And that’s what really kicked off my whole journey. So fast forward a couple of years later, um, you know, the runner’s world magazine from Thanksgiving to new year’s day, they always have this run streak. And, you know, I, I was subscribing to the magazine. I clicked through it one year.

[00:10:23] I think it was maybe 2015, right after I did the New York city marathon for the first time. And I said, Oh, this is a nice little challenge to help combat holiday weight gain. So I’m like, okay, I’ll do it. And I was like, yeah, one mile every day, 40 days I got this. Yeah. Okay. I failed after day four and I was like, man, forget this, forget this.

[00:10:43] And I tried again and again, and again, again, until 2017, I linked up with one of the BGR ambassadors, Tiana in Maryland. And she told me that she had an interest in doing it. And so we did it, we started it together. And so we said, we’re going to make sure, you know, y’all. Host, we all [00:11:00] message each other to make sure we got out and did the run.

[00:11:03] And we did that and it went well. And we got through new year’s day and then on January 2nd of 2018, we’re like, okay. So, and she was like, let’s keep going. I’m like, okay. I mean, because it’s kind of my routine now, you know, 40 days is a long time for 16 something. So it did become part of like my daily regimen.

[00:11:21] So it just felt natural to continue. So we continued on, we got today. 500 last April.

[00:11:32] Okay, good. Now let’s stop. Let’s get going. I’m like, okay. And then I think around five. Five something she stopped and I just, I just kept going

[00:11:48] Kim: [00:11:48] and

[00:11:50] Liv: [00:11:50] we are here. We are. So I started on Thanksgiving day 2017.

[00:11:56] Kim: [00:11:56] That’s crazy. So are you tracking your. [00:12:00] Your a total mileage for this whole 1000 journey.

[00:12:05] Liv: [00:12:05] I didn’t until last week, one of my friends asked me if I was doing that.

[00:12:09] And so I’m literally going back and tracking all of that. So I should have those figures tomorrow for the big day. That’ll

[00:12:14] Kim: [00:12:14] be all. Tomorrow’s the big day.

[00:12:16] Liv: [00:12:16] Yesterday’s my 99.

[00:12:18] Kim: [00:12:18] So I caught you right in time.

[00:12:24] What kept you motivated? So to like, keep it stepping out every single day to reach the

[00:12:29] Liv: [00:12:29] skull. Oh, for me, it was a few things. Um, you know, I have a strong anyone that knows me, knows that I have a strong faith in God. And so for me doing the run was my time to be in communion with God and just to get strength.

[00:12:44] And that’s my prayer time. So that, that first and foremost was it for me. Um, and then, you know, being a mother. Three young children. Um, my job, you know, doing all these things that I, you know, do on the side as well. I really needed an [00:13:00] outlet for something for me and with my job being stressful at times as it can be difficult.

[00:13:04] Um, I just really needed a thing for me. So for me, it’s my personal time. It’s if I’m not better, if I’m not good, I’m not going to be good to anyone else. So for me, it was like that. That’s the one thing that keeps me going. So even if it’s 11:45 PM and I’m sitting there and I haven’t gotten to my run yet, something pops in me.

[00:13:23] You gotta go and I’ll jump down and run downstairs on my treadmill. So it’s just something that’s.

[00:13:29] Kim: [00:13:29] So what, so tomorrow is day 1000. Is that like.

[00:13:34] Liv: [00:13:34] The end or

[00:13:35] Kim: [00:13:35] are you going to say, what, what do I do next?

[00:13:41] Liv: [00:13:41] So that way as

[00:13:41] Kim: [00:13:41] well, I’m wanting to like a run journey now and I’m

[00:13:45] Liv: [00:13:45] like, I’m coming to the end of it. Like what’s next. So,

[00:13:50] Kim: [00:13:50] yeah.

[00:13:51] Liv: [00:13:51] So it’s tricky. And that’s another question everyone keeps asking me. Cause again, I’m only supposed to be 40 days, but, um, but [00:14:00] I don’t really know. Um, I don’t know. We’ll see what happens.

[00:14:07] I originally I wanted to stop at 1000, but I just know myself and I don’t think I will. So we’ll just see what happens.

[00:14:14] Kim: [00:14:14] Yeah. So I love a. Black women entrepreneurs. So I want to talk a little bit about your business African cake. So what made you want to start this business and tell us a little bit about what it is, what you sell

[00:14:30] Liv: [00:14:30] African.

[00:14:30] He started in 2017 when my friend and I decided to do more with, um, empowering and encouraging women to use natural products. And so what we did was we created a partnership with a women’s cooperative back home in Ghana, um, and. These women are from sunrise to sunset. They’re picking shade nuts from the trees, they’re handcrafting all of the products.

[00:14:53] And so it’s just our way of giving back to the community. Um, so we distribute all natural soaps, butters [00:15:00] powders, all good for the hair, skin, and body. Um, so we have African black soap, Shea butter, cocoa butter, Shea, um, bowel about oil, neem oil, yeah. Powder. Um, and our mission really is to focus on. A dual vision of empowering the women that are creating these products for us while encouraging the use of all natural products from Africa.

[00:15:24] Kim: [00:15:24] And I was going to ask you how you source your products or your products are coming straight from Ghana,

[00:15:30] Liv: [00:15:30] straight from the source. Yes, yes, yes. So there’s no middle man. So we have the partnership with the women. Um, they handcraft everything, everything gets shipped. To us here. Um, and then we do the packaging.

[00:15:45] We do the packaging, we do the labeling and then we, we have it on our website and we have it on Instagram. We have it on, uh, walmart.com Amazon. So we have it in several different places.

[00:15:58] Kim: [00:15:58] That’s awesome. [00:16:00] So what product, you mentioned natural hair.

[00:16:03] Liv: [00:16:03] You didn’t know what to

[00:16:04] Kim: [00:16:04] do with your hair and I’m a national niece as well.

[00:16:06] So what products that you recommend that. Us NASA is using, I have from your line. Cause we’re promoting your business yet.

[00:16:13] Liv: [00:16:13] Absolutely. So a lot of people don’t know. Oh, but you could actually wash your hair with black soap. Um, it’s it’s nobody knew that.

[00:16:23] Kim: [00:16:23] I didn’t know that

[00:16:24] Liv: [00:16:24] people too. Um, when they go to the stores and they.

[00:16:26] See black soap, they see an all black. Bart’s not supposed to look like that. It’s not really all natural. You want the all natural product I should show you.

[00:16:38] Kim: [00:16:38] And I meant to bring it icky, bounce. This, I could show that Brianne,

[00:16:44] Liv: [00:16:44] hold on one second. Let me just grab it real quick. So here we have our black soap.

[00:16:50] Right here.

[00:16:52] Kim: [00:16:52] And that’s Brown,

[00:16:52] Liv: [00:16:52] how it’s supposed to. Yes. And the people will say, but it’s not black. It’s not supposed to be black. So it’s mainly cleansing [00:17:00] skin, Shea butter, cocoa pod, coconut oil and water. Um, so it’s all natural, no additives, no preservatives. Um, and that’s like one of the top things that we recommend people use for their natural.

[00:17:14] Yeah. We also have our, um, Shale oil, which is like Shea butter, but it’s in its oil form, which is awesome as well. Um, and then we have valuable oil. Which is good for the hair and skin. And then I shave water. So any really any of our products will do wonders for your hair and skin.

[00:17:32] Kim: [00:17:32] Now I bought the name oil.

[00:17:35] How do you use the name oil? It smells like peanuts, right? I put it on my son’s here. Yeah. I

[00:17:42] Liv: [00:17:42] think I was supposed to do something with

[00:17:44] Kim: [00:17:44] this. So what

[00:17:45] Liv: [00:17:45] am I supposed to do with that? So the neem oil is a very, very potent oil, right? So you want to dilute, you want to dilute it. So, what you could do is you could use it as a pre poo conditioner or is there a deep [00:18:00] conditioner as well?

[00:18:00] Yes. Yes. It has so many different uses. So you can take a little bit of the neem oil, put it in a bowl, add extra Virgin olive oil, mix it, sit it in your hair and let it deep conditioned and wash your hair. As you normally would. It does wonders for getting rid of Sandra, helping with gear girls, things like that.

[00:18:18] Yeah.

[00:18:18] Kim: [00:18:18] And you know what? I usually do like a pre pool like that, but I use like, um, olive oil, castor oil and peppermint and some other stuff. So I can throw my name oil in there with it.

[00:18:30] Liv: [00:18:30] Yes, you can. So I shouldn’t have been putting it on my son T I just straight out of the bottle. You could have. No, you can, but just like a little bit, like a little bit goes a long way.

[00:18:41] Yeah, no,

[00:18:41] Kim: [00:18:41] I put a whole lot girl.

[00:18:45] Liv: [00:18:45] I’m like, what

[00:18:46] Kim: [00:18:46] is that smell?

[00:18:47] Liv: [00:18:47] So I have my, one of

[00:18:48] Kim: [00:18:48] the products here, my, um, Shea butter.

[00:18:51] Liv: [00:18:51] Yes. So I think

[00:18:53] Kim: [00:18:53] I’m gonna use this on my son, um, body, cause you know, he’s rough on the knees, rough on the

[00:18:58] Liv: [00:18:58] elbows, stuff like that.

[00:19:00] [00:19:00] Kim: [00:19:00] Can you. And you think you’ve shaved butter in your hair too, right?

[00:19:03] Yes.

[00:19:04] Liv: [00:19:04] Yes, you can. I actually make a whip out of it. So I’ll take some of the Shea butter. I’ll add a little bit of the Shea oil, some of the bobble oil. And then if you want any type of fragrance, you get out an essential oil like peppermint or whatever, since you like and whip it and have like a nice scare cream that you could use on a daily

[00:19:19] Kim: [00:19:19] basis.

[00:19:21] So tell everyone your website, checkout based products have stop buying a fake old black soap up the street on one 25th.

[00:19:32] Liv: [00:19:32] So you could visit us at  dot com. That’s F R I K I N K y.com.

[00:19:40] Kim: [00:19:40] Yes. Products from the motherland or natural. Get yourself some good products, ladies. So I also want to talk about your Afrobeat. Classes and your Zoomba instruction. So tell me how you got into being a dance instructor [00:20:00] essentially.

[00:20:01] Liv: [00:20:01] So, Hmm. I mean, I’ve always danced ever since I was a baby, I enjoyed dances.

[00:20:07] I used to be the girl that would steal the spotlight at the grown folks, parties and stuff. So, um, it was back 2013, 2014 after having the twins get rid of my high blood pressure. And I did everything naturally, like without any other medications and just wanted to do more. I started attending Zumba classes and I fell in love with them.

[00:20:30] And I became licensed in 2015 and I, because I go hardwood repping. The Ghanian culture, I wanted to fuse and my own kind of jazz to it. And so I became, um, I started a company called live fit, um, and I teach live fit Afrobeat classes, which is a fusion of modern day African dance with, um, African rhythms, but definitely something to keep your body moving and burning the calories.

[00:20:57] And I, now,

[00:20:58] Kim: [00:20:58] since COVID hit, you had [00:21:00] to switch things up. So you’re doing your, your zoom classes online.

[00:21:05] Liv: [00:21:05] I used to teach at a few facilities and now everything’s online. I also have a Facebook group called lift fit. So, um, I stream from there, um, through Facebook as well sometimes. Yeah. But zoom has been a lifesaver.

[00:21:18] Kim: [00:21:18] So, is there a fee to get into your classes or how does that work?

[00:21:22] Liv: [00:21:22] So it originally, it was donation based. Um, but this is a business. So when everybody’s been telling me live, you’re doing an awesome thing, but this is a business. So looking to $10 for it. Class and you just sign up, you get the link and then you’re welcome to come and join the party.

[00:21:40] And for every class I have, um, my husband’s a DJ, so he’s alive DJ. So you get that real the other day. I’m like what DJ at her house was. So we have a live DJ. So you have that live, like, you know, live like party field, and that’s the thing with COVID happening. It’s just been [00:22:00] wonderful to bring the community together, to keep them moving.

[00:22:02] And that’s. It’s been like the thing that’s been blessing my heart, you know, a lot of people lost their jobs. A lot of people stuck in the house, you know, with depression and, you know, I’m a social worker. And so I was thinking about all those different things that COVID has done to people. And so I really just wanted to keep people moving and keep them engaged.

[00:22:18] And, you know, the internet has been wonderful. Like I’ve been connecting with people in Dubai and in Mexico that I’ve been saying Israel, someone came last week. I’m from Israel. First time I heard about your class, I’m like, really. Okay. All right, God. Um, so it’s been a blessing and with live fit, it’s really a fitness ministry.

[00:22:40] I really want to bring people together, um, share the faith and, you know, help us keep our, maintain our bodies. Yup.

[00:22:49] Kim: [00:22:49] That’s awesome. Tell everyone where they can get your classes. I know you mentioned your, your Facebook group,

[00:22:56] Liv: [00:22:56] so you can message me there through Lyft [00:23:00] that you could also hit me up on Instagram.

[00:23:02] My Instagram name is runlivefit. So are you an Liv fit? Um, and you can contact me there. You can reach me by email@lyftfitfourthirteenatgmail.com as well.

[00:23:16] Kim: [00:23:16] Okay. Y’all she left all her hands. You can’t

[00:23:19] Liv: [00:23:19] find it. It

[00:23:21] Kim: [00:23:21] shifts us in order to get your body in order to get your peer in order, get everything in order.

[00:23:26] She is the girl for you. I want to thank live for being on The Run Wave. It was a pleasure having you on the show and just want to wish you best of luck and just continue motivating everyone. This 1000 mile run street

[00:23:45] Liv: [00:23:45] was fricking Epic

[00:23:47] Kim: [00:23:47] and. You know, maybe you’ll encourage others to start run streets as well.

[00:23:53] Liv: [00:23:53] Yes. That’s the goal. That’s the goal. Thank you for having me.

[00:23:56] Kim: [00:23:56] Of course. I’m going to leave all of those details down [00:24:00] below and in the show notes. So you’ll know where to find her, where to shop her products, where to register for her classes, support black owned people, because if we don’t support us, Who else?

[00:24:11] Well, so again, live, thanks for being on the show and we’ll see you,

[00:24:18] Liv: [00:24:18] you. Okay.

[00:24:22] Kim: [00:24:22] I want to, again, thank Olivia for being on the show or live as we all call her. She was such a great guest to have. I’m going to leave all of her details down below in the show notes. There’ll be on Instagram, on my website as well.

[00:24:39] So you can find out. Where to find her. And I want to thank you guys again for today into The Run Wave. I really appreciate you. Please be sure to subscribe to the show. So you get notified each and every time upload a new episode and rate the show on Apple pie cast. It really helps us shell to get noticed by other [00:25:00] runners around the country and the world.

[00:25:02] So thank you you again, and I will catch you on the next show

[00:25:06] Liv: [00:25:06] later.

[00:25:09] Kim: [00:25:09] Thank you. Thank you so much for tuning into the show. Be sure to subscribe to The Run Wave on your favorite podcast app and leave us a review of the show on Apple podcasts. It would have really helped me out. If you are a runner that has a story to tell, and you would like to be on the show, you can email.

[00:25:27] Hello@runwave.com or send us a DM on Instagram to the run wave. See you next time.

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