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Virtual Race Debacles, Spotlight On Atlanta Track Club 

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In this episode of The Run Wave Podcast, Kim talks about the Peachtree Road Race put on by the Atlanta Track Club.  First a date change with a refund option, then the race turns virtual with no option for a refund. Whats the deal Atlanta Track Club?

Atlanta Track Club tax source mentioned on the show: https://projects.propublica.org/nonprofits/organizations/581367422

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More About This Episode

Episode Transcription

[00:00:00] Kim: [00:00:00] Did you sign up for a road race that was rescheduled and then switched over to a virtual race. Sound familiar. Let’s talk virtual race debacles with the spotlight on Atlanta track club.

[00:00:24] Hey everybody. Welcome back to another episode of The Run Wave Podcast. I am your host Kim, if this is your first time here, welcome to the show. If you are a return listener, welcome back to the show. I appreciate you. It feels so good to be back home. I did a little bit of traveling in the COVID area, so I’ve been doing The Run Wave on the move.

[00:00:51] So this is my. First show back in my domain and I’m happy, happy to be here. There has been then a lot going [00:01:00] on in the running world in the past couple of weeks, you know, covert has thrown racing into a frenzy and so many races have been canceled lab and rescheduled have been postponed. I don’t have been flipped over to virtual races and yeah.

[00:01:18] I am going to talk about one race in particular today. And that is the Peachtree road race that is put on by the Atlanta track club. So if you’re not familiar with it, the Petri roadways, because I know that I will not familiar with the race until my parents moved down to Atlanta. So the Peachtree road race is a race that happens every year on the field.

[00:01:42] 4th of July. It’s been going on many, many years and the race is huge. It’s the largest 10 K in the U S there’s like 50,000 people that do this race every year. And I’ve done it for the last. Four years, I [00:02:00] believe, although check that, but I’m pretty sure I’ve done it for four years in a row. The first year I did the race, I bought purchased the bid off of someone else.

[00:02:07] So they allow a big transfers. So if you find someone that could not do the race, you can pay a small fee and have their bib transferred from you to them. But you’re stuck in whatever corral is on that bit. So how the race works is you submit your time. If you registered yourself early on, you submit your 10 K time when you register it and your place in corrals for the race.

[00:02:34] So my first year I purchased the building off of someone. My second year I joined the Atlanta track club. I think it’s like 25 or $30. And when you join Atlanta track club, you can register for the Peachtree roadways and you don’t have to go through the lottery. So the third year and fourth year that I did the brace, I just went through the regular old lottery system because I figured.

[00:02:57] Your race has 50,000 participants. How many [00:03:00] people are you really turning down from the lottery? I mean, how many people are actually applying to this lottery? So the last two year that the race, I just went in through the lottery and I got into the race. Okay. Many of you know that I am a new Yorker and you might think it’s strange for me to go to Atlanta to do okay.

[00:03:17] Uh, 5k on the 4th of July, but I’m always in Atlanta on the 4th of July anyway. So I figured if I’m in Atlanta, if there’s a race happening, I might as well do the race and get a metal out of it. The PhD row raises probably my least favorite race, because the thing is hard . But if you’ve run in Atlanta, you know, Atlanta is full of Hills.

[00:03:39] The first three miles are actually downhill, but the last three miles minus the last quarter mile is like straight uphill. And you’re eat. You even run up a Hill called cardiac Hill, and I’ve never run up the Hill because it literally can give you a heart attack. It’s like, Straight up steep Hill. I’ve walked up that Hill a year.

[00:04:00] [00:04:00] Many people run that Hill. Well, I don’t, but it is a tough course. Those lines, three miles. When I get to the end, I always say, why do I torture myself into this race every single year? So I always say, after I finished it, this was the last year that I’m doing the race and I always end up registering for the race again.

[00:04:18] Anyway, I love torture. So being that Kobe hit this year, I’ve been saying on this show over and over and over again, that racing has been canceled. Right? So when the Peachtree road race put out there, email that the lottery was still happening, I was a little bit shocked about that.

[00:04:42] So they open registration on March 15th and you have members can register between the 15th and the 31st of March. And you nonmembers can enter the lottery to try to get in to the race. Now, when I saw that they were doing the [00:05:00] lottery, amiss, everything that was going on, you know, I DM my home girl, Instagram, that’s an Atlanta.

[00:05:07] And I said, do you still see that Atlanta track club is going through with this lottery? This has to be a money grab because they know they have to know that no racing is happening in 2020. I mean, granted at that moment in time in March, uh, the COVID cases in Georgia or Atlanta in particular were not that high, but in New York city, Colbert was rampant.

[00:05:32] We were the epicenter of Koba. So I know that I wasn’t registering for one race because registering for any race at this point and 2020 from March one is just basically bring your money away because you know, that road racing was not happening in March. We knew road racing wasn’t happening. So I was shocked that they went through with this lottery.

[00:05:53] The caveat for this lottery was I don’t have the exact verbiage, but they did say [00:06:00] if anything happens to the race, if it’s canceled post home, wherever, then they would give a refund. So I think that that gave people a little bit of. I don’t know, it made them feel better registering for that race, knowing that if something had happened, that they w they would get their money back, which I thought was good because you, I mean, if you’re having a lottery, I mean, I thought it was a money grab personally, but if you’re having a lottery for a race that there’s a 75% chance that that race isn’t happening, you should give people their money back.

[00:06:35] Wow. On March 23rd Atlanta track club put up a post on Instagram. I’m sure it was on Facebook as well, and probably on their website. Um, someone sent it to me on Instagram and I’m going to throw it up on the screen screen here. And it basically says friends. Actually it says verbatim, I’m going to read it and you can read it as well.

[00:06:54] Friends of the AGC peach tree road, race the staff at, and a track club prides itself on [00:07:00] having a plan for everything from dangerous for July 4th, one to shirt shortages to a severe drought. We have learned to be prepared for anything, blah, blah, blah. Our communications to date have been created and deliver with the hope that we give Atlanta something to look forward to while still being respectful, respectful of the focus that everyone can and should have on their current physical, mental, and financial strength.

[00:07:24] So, yeah. This is March 23rd. It goes on a little longer. I’ll leave it up on the screen so you can read it. But Atlanta track club was bombarding us with emails. It was like a daily reminder to register or this race, they were pushing the race. I saw her and I never remembered it being so like in your face and just like.

[00:07:46] Pushing us to register for this, right. So bad that I unsubscribed from their, from their emails, because they were getting on my last freaking nerve. You don’t need to register people every day to sign up for a lottery or to register for your race. It read [00:08:00] a little desperate to me and it left a bad taste in my mouth.

[00:08:04] Especially during the time that we were in, we were in the midst of Kobe, March 3rd. I was in my freaking house. I barely left the house March. So for them to keep bombarding people who are going through a trying time, no matter where they are, I mean, Atlanta wasn’t that bad, but I’m sure there are people in Atlanta who have relatives elsewhere that we’re dealing with pandemic.

[00:08:27] We weren’t in the thick of it then. And yeah, I just thought it was in such poor taste that they were sending out these meats. Emails every single day reminding us to register for their rights. No one was thinking about registering for a race that time. I mean, Atlanta track club, whoever is running your social is your communication.

[00:08:45] Y’all need to get it together because it was just important taste. You should do better. Okay. So remember the registration period was March 15th to the 31st. Now on May 1st Atlanta track club [00:09:00] announced that the Peachtree road race would be moved to Thanksgiving. As soon as I read that shit, it’s the gravity on my front and Gail, like.

[00:09:10] So you see that Atlanta track club has moved this race to Thanksgiving. I thought it was absolutely ridiculous. Like y’all know that this race was not happening and you’re going to move it to Thanksgiving when you already have a yearly race that happens on Thanksgiving and as part of your triple page series.

[00:09:30] It made no sense. And the Peachtree road race is for the 4th of July. You don’t run the Peachtree road race on Thanksgiving. So at that point, I thought like, what is going on with Atlanta track club? They clearly know that the race is not going to, we all knew that the re this is May 1st. We all knew that racing was canceled.

[00:09:49] This race was not happening, but y’all are still like saying, yeah, we’re, we’re holding out hope that we’re going to have our re our Peachtree road race on Thanksgiving when it’s [00:10:00] supposed to be on July 4th. Like, come on, man. So at this point in time, when they made the announcement, it was also stated that you can receive a refund for your race registration, which I thought was great.

[00:10:13] I mean, you change the race on me from July to Thanksgiving. I’m with my family and Thanksgiving. I don’t have time to run a race things me. Oh, I used to do Turkey. That’s something scary, but I don’t say to Betty war because rather just lean in and eat or something. I’m like, how can I eat? But yeah, you can’t change a race to Thanksgiving.

[00:10:34] On people. So they had to offer a refund at that time. So at that point you could apply for a refund and get, get your race feedback, which was really good, but they were pretty adamant that this race would take place on Thanksgiving. So those people that love to run the Peachtree road race, they stuck with Atlanta track club and [00:11:00] kept their registration going because they.

[00:11:02] Thoughts. I don’t know how they thought. Some people thought that this race would still happen or Thanksgiving. I knew it was not happening because racing is canceled. You heard me say it a thousand times now. Here’s the kicker on August 19th, the executive director and race director of the Atlanta track club and the race director of Peachtree roadways.

[00:11:28] He put up a video on Instagram on probably all their socials. I saw it on Instagram that the race was turning virtual. Now I laugh at it because it is so ridiculous. You said on May 1st that the race was moved to Thanksgiving, then on August 19th. Now the race is virtual. And let me tell you that video was a sorry, state of affairs.

[00:11:57] I’m going to play a little bit of that video for you. Now, [00:12:00] the picture is going virtual. My name is rich . I am the executive director here at Atlanta track club and the race director of the AJC Peachtree road race on May 1st Atlanta track club. And now instead it was postponing the 51st running of the Peachtree from July 4th to

[00:12:19] We did so after consulting with our medical branch. I’m not going to play the whole thing. You can go on their Instagram page and check it out if you want to. But that video was just, it was so personal and it was just like, so like, There was just no heart and no warmth in that video. Didn’t make me have any confidence in that organization that what they were telling me was genuine.

[00:12:46] And let me tell you, people were pissed in there comments and they left the comments open and the comments are still up. So you can go on their page and check out the comments. And of course, I’m going to give you some of the comments right here. Okay, I’m just going to read [00:13:00] you a couple of the comments because these comments go on and on people are pissed.

[00:13:04] So here’s one we’ve been given the run around about this. Since early this year, it’s some setting because I know this is out of your circumstances due to, but I had, but had I been no, and it would be virtual. I would have never agreed to this. I just feel like it should have never been said that we were doing the race on Thanksgiving.

[00:13:27] It’s selfish. We could have just canceled the race from jump. I agree with her. Here’s another comment. Stop trying to convince us that the virtual versions are better and don’t deviate even further from what everyone knows the peach tree to be go support the race directors, busting their bus to bring us in person events.

[00:13:50] They are the ones that are going above and beyond. Now here’s a good one. Uh, huh. [00:14:00] A hundred percent you weigh the policy for refunds in may when I chose option one, without any statements and the waiver or subsequent emailing that if we choose option one would forfeit our right to a refund. If the, if the event didn’t happen or went virtual, which was option two with a strict deadline to choose option two, it seems pretty straightforward.

[00:14:27] Allow those who want to run virtually to continue with the virtual race. Those who did not an OT, no NLT sign up for the virtual race, right? The same thing as not getting what you pay for to obtain a review, fun and sped. Your quote unquote team is making calls, asking us to think of this as a donation.

[00:14:52] We all understand that it sucks to have to cancel. And if it is for safety, but not to, uh, to not allow [00:15:00] refunds at a time, like this is awful and she goes on and on, but this girl is pissed love and ought to be pissed off too. What I found in poor taste, whoever was responding to these comments. Was ridiculous.

[00:15:15] That person needs to be fired and not on social media. This is one of the comments that he responded to the last poster. Personally, I like to look at this as an opportunity to experience a best in class virtual event. What that F does that mean? Not part of the comment. I know the peach tree in person. I want it to be too, but we have invested our time.

[00:15:41] Resources and registration fees.

[00:15:43] Y’all

[00:15:44] Kim: [00:15:44] charge us with registration fees. What registration fees did you invest back to the car?

[00:15:52] Something much more than shirt delivery. Your shirt sucks. Also. I’ll get into that. I’d offer to call you and [00:16:00] talk more. That’s what I had been doing all day, although I don’t believe I talked to your husband. So now he’s calling her a liar that her husband never spoke to anyone. But it seems like you don’t want me to do that.

[00:16:12] I read that like this, how, whatever, if you change your mind, send us a DM and I’ll give you my cell phone number sign. J J you have some mother F. To call this girl a liar saying that you didn’t speak to her husband. How do you know that you didn’t speak to her hubs? And why was she needs a lie about that?

[00:16:34] One other people have also said that you made phone calls. Why does she need to lie about that? I mean, yeah, listen, y’all I will, I would go look up who this Jay was and send them a nice. May I ask the email, cursing his ass out. Cause you got some F in her. So as you can say, people are not [00:17:00] happy with the what Atlanta track club is doing.

[00:17:02] Yes. It’s commendable that they offer the refund in March when they switched the date. And I mean, if it was me, if I was registered, I probably would have took the refund in March because we knew that this race wasn’t happening. But for those that held out hope, they stuck by you Atlanta track club, and now you’re screwing them by not giving them a refund at this time.

[00:17:25] Granted, it may have been in the fine print that if you don’t accept the refund now, and this race goes virtual, you’re not getting any money back. Just because it was in the fine print doesn’t mean it was the right thing to do. So y’all gotta do something and do, do better by the people that have supported you and supported this race all of these years.

[00:17:48] Now, one of the things that is really irking me about Atlanta track club is they keep touting that they’re a nonprofit and your registration fees go [00:18:00] to supporting this nonprofit. Let me read you a little bit, what they say verbatim. I’m just going to look to the side because I don’t have it on my phone.

[00:18:06] So I’m just going to read it from my computer here. So it says, additionally, as a nonprofit, the registration fee is from the AJC Peachtree road race. Are integral to the club’s mission of a healthier Atlanta through running and working. Your support will allow Atlanta track club to continue providing assessability to the, to the sport, all who seek it.

[00:18:32] And what we’ll ensure Atlanta track club is prepared to host the 52nd running of the AJC Peachtree road race on July four, 2021. So they’re saying they’re a nonprofit and we need your race registration fees to keep Atlanta track club going. Now, let me decide where I want my fees to go. It is not up to you to say that we’re keeping your [00:19:00] fees because we’re a nonprofit and it keeps us going.

[00:19:03] I can choose to donate money. In addition to my race fees, I can donate money to your organization. If you asked. Gave me the option to do what I choose to do with my money. This is a trying time I read in your comments. A woman even said that I had three, she said three or four registrations. I’ll find it.

[00:19:25] And I’ll put it up on the screen so you can see it. But she said, I read a show for my whole family. I need to get my money back. This is ridiculous. And you guys are just not doing the right thing by your people. So being that Atlanta track club is a nonprofit, their tax returns are public information. So since Atlanta track club needs your money for registration fees, because they’re a nonprofit.

[00:19:53] Let me tell you what they’re paying their executives. I’m going to put that up on the screen. So I couldn’t find the [00:20:00] 2019 return, but this is the 2018 tax return. So they have one, two, three, four, or five, six executives listed. One is listed as a board member. She has a zero salary, uh, on the return, uh, rich kina.

[00:20:24] I think that’s how you pronounce his name. It was the guy in that video. He’s the executive director in 2018. His reportable compensation from the organization was $268,684. Additionally,

[00:20:45] he

[00:20:45] Kim: [00:20:45] had. Estimated amount of other compensation from the organization and related organizations, $37,315. I’m not sure what that extra money [00:21:00] is.

[00:21:00] It could be for reimbursed expenses. I don’t know it doesn’t say, but in total he received 290 plus thousand dollars, almost $300,000 from Atlanta track club in 2018. Next it’s executive Chris. Deckers deer KES. I don’t know. He’s the finance director, 135, seven 96 was his compensation. And he received an additional 31, four 43.

[00:21:32] I don’t know what the additional is. Could be bonuses again, reimburse expenses. I’m not sure. Next executive Lisa McMann, director of business development. She received 230, 4,000. $82 and 14,006, 10 in additional conference.  you have Jason Holder, director of marketing. He received [00:22:00] $111,499, $15,763 in additional company.

[00:22:04] lastly, we have Lisa Tanner director of events. She received a hundred thousand. $930 and $7,341 in additional compensation. Total salaries, $850,991 and an additional $106,472. So almost a million dollars, $956,000 in total. Total salaries went to the executives. Oh, Atlanta track club and 2018. I don’t know where those numbers are in 2019.

[00:22:45] So the Atlanta track club executives are living quite well.

[00:22:53] So I’m wondering for 2020 salaries, are you all taking a [00:23:00] smaller salary? How is that working out for you executives? That you’re keeping registration fees for, uh, your nonprofit organization. Let us know. Now the tax returns our public record. I didn’t go digging for them. I Googled Atlanta. Track club, executive salaries and boom, the records came up.

[00:23:20] You can even see what Atlanta track club has made over the years. If you want to dig deeper into the tax return, you can to see where their money has gone, who they’re donating to et cetera. Um, I’ll upload that onto my website so you can click on that and you can see the link. Um, it is. Projects that pro publica.org.

[00:23:44] So you can go to that website and search Atlanta track club, inc. And they will pull up all of the financials for ATC. So you can see exactly where the money is going, that they’re reporting on their tax returns. Yeah. [00:24:00] FYI, cause they’re asking to keep your money for fees. And I just want to know where their money is going.

[00:24:05] Wow. Now I didn’t make this episode to bash Atlanta track club, but. I’m just sick and tired of these races flipping over to virtuals and not giving people the option of refund. Yes, you guys gave the refund early. We appreciate that. But the people that stuck with you and ride it out this, you know, this.

[00:24:26] Awful time that we’re going through. They deserve to be compensated if they don’t want to participate in a virtual race. And I don’t even want it. If I was registered, I don’t want your tee shirt all in a track club that Mizuno. Cotton blend shirt sucks. It’s too big. I get an extra small and a thanks.

[00:24:46] Still doesn’t fit. It’s not moisture wick. And I can see my sweat threat. I don’t want that. T-shirt the only Atlanta track club teacher that I kept is the one from my boy, Michael Martinez. That’s the only shirt I kept you charge people additional for the [00:25:00] metal. Yes. They charge you additional for the metal.

[00:25:03] It’s like an additional $15 and get this. This is the only race that I’ve ever done, that you pick up your metal at the expo. Isn’t that ridiculous? One year. I forgot to pick up the metal because who picks up the metal at the fricking expo, that is like the most asinine ass backwards thing that any race can do.

[00:25:25] One year, I forgot about the metal and I didn’t think about it until I got to the finish line. And I said, Oh shit, I forgot to pick up the metal at the expo. And of course there’s no metals at the finish line. So I had to email them and they. Were nice enough to mail me the metal, but who picks up the metal at the race expo?

[00:25:41] It’s just, I always let them, it was the most dumbest thing I’ve ever seen at an expo with their race. And they’re also backwards because they give the tee shirts at the finish line because they want to reveal their time T shirt designed to the world at the finish line. Also ridiculous that you [00:26:00] pick up your t-shirt at the finish line.

[00:26:02] I mean, come on. I mean, I’ve done the race for four years. I don’t particularly like it, but I do it because it’s something to do on the 4th of July last year was actually the only year I enjoy the post race festivities because they had ice pops at the finish line this year. Usually you get a bottle of hot ass Disani water.

[00:26:25] I hate Disani, it’s filtered in disgusting. If I’m going to buy a bottle of water, I’m going to get Springwater New York Roadrunners gives home in spring at the finish line, but they gave hot Disani every year and a box of like, Chips are shit, shit that runners don’t need. We need recovery foods. We need fruit, we need stuff.

[00:26:45] That’s going to replenish what we just ran out in this 6.2 miles. So yeah, yeah. This last year was the first year that they had icicles that actually cooled me down. It felt good. And, um, the water was [00:27:00] actually cool last year as well. Um, the finish line party. They also give you if you’re in Atlanta track club member, you can get into this Tavern and you get like two, uh, cans of beer.

[00:27:13] I don’t drink beer. So that’s like not a plus for me, me, but I hang out with my friends after the race, while they’re drinking beer, I drink my hot water and that’s it. So, I mean, I’ve the Atlanta track club. Peachtree road race. It’s just ad to me, it’s like, I don’t know what the big deal is. And probably mostly everyone else that’s in Atlanta.

[00:27:36] This is probably a press I heard about this race because it’s really not a big deal, but do better by your people. Well, and if you’re a register for Peachtree road, race and you to ride, you wrote out this thing with Atlanta track club and you’re stuck with not getting a refund. And you don’t want to do a virtual, take your comments to the internet, write something about this.

[00:27:59] We keep these [00:28:00] organizations going. They don’t keep us going. We support them. Year after year, we constantly do their events where our hard earned money when it’s time for them to return the favor and do right by us. They’re not doing it. So it’s time for us to support the little guys in Atlanta. You have running nerds.

[00:28:20] It’s a small. Business black owned tests owns running nerds. She puts on the race, which is the first black owned for us by us race. It’s a half marathon at 5k. Um, she puts an on every year, she’s a small company, she’s a race director and she’s in Atlanta. Give your money to running nerds. Instead since Atlanta track club doesn’t want to do right by you, there are smaller race directors everywhere that we can be supporting in New York city.

[00:28:50] We have pace runs. They’re a small company, they’re black owned and they’re putting on racists for. Us and our community. So we don’t need to [00:29:00] support these large races. We don’t need them. They need us keep that in mind. Y’all know I’m heated about this. Right? The last thing that I want us to talk about was the New York city marathon y’all know that I was reading about the geo city bath without like, if they didn’t give me a brief and I’m not doing the dance marathon again, but you know, they did put out the refund options we had to make.

[00:29:25] A choice by August 15th, I went for the refund because you know what. Number one that’s $255. That’s a lot of get money for a raise, right? Number two, I’ve run a New York city marathon four times already. I don’t really need to run it again. I only wanted to run it this year in 2020, because it was the 50th anniversary of the race.

[00:29:49] And it would have been nice to get, you know, be a part of the 50th. And, you know, that’s a history making race and, you know, New York road runners, Gabe. [00:30:00] Us the option to register. They gave everyone a refund, but we have the option to register for the virtual 26.2 race, New York city marathon, 26.2 virtual.

[00:30:10] I’m not doing any ones 26.2 virtual race. So that’s like just never going to be an option for me. Um, I also went for the refund because. If you stayed in the race, there was no guarantee if you would be able to run 20, 21. So they said, um, the options were 21, 22 or 23. There was no option for us to pick which year we wanted to run the race.

[00:30:38] Uh, the verbiage that they use was it was kind of their choice as to what year. We would run because I mean, quite honestly, I don’t even know if racing is going to happen in 2021. I hope it is. But at the right word goal, there may not be racing at 2021. So instead of. Having an Atlanta track [00:31:00] club situation because I didn’t read the fine print, but it could very well say the same thing that if you don’t take this refund, now you might not get this refund later.

[00:31:08] So I just opted to get the refund. Um, if I wanna run it again in the future, then I’ll either do nine plus one or, you know, I’ll I get a registration somehow, but you know, I’m glad that New York, right. Runners was upfront about the options. They told us up front that if you don’t take this refund, you might not get 20, 21.

[00:31:34] You can get 22 or 23, right. We’re going to reassess the situation when we get there. I didn’t read into the fine print. If someone is out there that read into the fine print, let me know if a refund is available down the line. If 2021 doesn’t happen, but I hope it does. And I’m registered for London as well, 2021, which has been the move to October.

[00:31:57] That’s another reason why I [00:32:00] opted for the refund because I really don’t want to run a marathon. And October, and then one, a few weeks later in November running marathons as hard on the body, especially with someone like me, I don’t, I’m not a super fast runner and shit, 26.2 miles hurts. You know, it’s totally fun for those people that are run at five, but it bothered, they finished it in like three hours for us.

[00:32:24] Five hour folks. It’s not fun running 26 blade super house. We just do it for the joy and the thrill up the run. I’m not doing it for fun. So hopefully, you know, things will get better in 2021 and we will. Race again, crush it. That’s all for this episode of The Run Wave Podcast. I hope you enjoy the show. And hopefully I didn’t ran audit too low because y’all know how I feel about these doggone virtual races, man.

[00:32:55] I’m just, I’m not feeling it. I want to race in person. I don’t want to run [00:33:00] virtually by myself. And all of my training in these last few months has been alone. I haven’t run with one single group. I haven’t done any. Double runs with like a friend. I’ve done nothing the last few months I have run every run alone.

[00:33:16] So I don’t want to do any more running alone if I don’t have to. But in other news, I do have a brand new podcast of runway. That’s still going strong, but my friends on Yetta and I have started a new show called late twins experience. And you will get so much fun on this show. When we get together is just like a ball of laughs and we call it the late twins experience because people always tell us that we look alike.

[00:33:46] We have that almond shape. I N you know, high cheekbone things going so late twins experience. The first episode is live. Now we are going to drop the episode right. Every Monday. [00:34:00] And. It’s just going to be a lot of fun. So subscribe to the show, I’ll put all the details on the screen and in the show notes and on my website and, you know, follow us on Instagram.

[00:34:13] The I G is Les L E twins with an S experience. Yeah. We’re on Twitter, late twins, E X P experience was too long and we’re on Facebook as well, late twins experience and check out our website. Lates wins, experience.com because it’s super fly. So that’s it for this episode of The Run Wave Podcast. I’m going to thank you for listening and thank you for continuing to.

[00:34:40] I support this show. I really appreciate all of you that have been listening, commenting on the posts, liking the posts, and let’s just keep this ride going. If you have a topic that you want me to talk about, send me an email. You can send it to hello@the runwave.com or send it to [00:35:00] Kim@therunwave.com

[00:35:00] I’m The Run Wave. So I get all the it, no matter what email address you send it to. So if you want to chat about something, send it to me. If you want to be on the show, Salman, send me an email as well. I would love to hear from you so I will catch you guys on the next one later. That’s how folks.

[00:35:22] Thank you so much for tuning into the show, be sure to subscribe to The Run Wave on your favorite podcasts and leave us a review of the show on yeah. Apple podcasts. It would have really helped me out if you are a runner at that has a story to tell, and you would like to be on the show, but you can email.

[00:35:40] Hello@therunwave.com or send us a DM on Instagram to the run wave. See you next time.

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