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Unique Workouts, Nutrition, & Runners Safety featuring TreadChic

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In this episode of The Run Wave Podcast, Kim talks with Ludgina, founder of TreadChic who specializes in HIIT treadmill workouts.  Ludgina gives us workout, treadmill, and safety tips to implement while running.

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More About This Episode

Episode Transcription

[00:00:00] Kim: [00:00:00] Are you looking to switch up your normal run workouts? Maybe try a little hit treadmill exercises while I, I have the gal for you. Let’s talk unique workout, nutrition and safety measures. We should all take while running. Featuring tread chic.

[00:00:28] Hey everyone. Welcome back to another episode of The Run Wave Podcast. I am your host, Kim and I am joined today by

[00:00:37] TreadChic: [00:00:37] mom’s speech pathologists run coach.

[00:00:41] Kim: [00:00:41] And she’s a run coach who specializes in hit treadmill workouts, please. Welcome who Gina, AKA treads, Sheik to the show.

[00:00:51] TreadChic: [00:00:51] Hello and hello to you, Kim. Thanks for having me.

[00:00:55] Kim: [00:00:55] Thanks for being on the show. How are you?

[00:00:57] TreadChic: [00:00:57] I’m doing well. It’s a good day. The weather I’m [00:01:00] doing is great. So I can’t complain at all. It’s a great day.

[00:01:03] Kim: [00:01:03] And I see you have the acute tread. I do merge on that’s cute.

[00:01:10] TreadChic: [00:01:10] If you’d like to just put them on, especially as people can see the spelling and all of that.

[00:01:14] So, so it’s like, and then the treadmill, that’s my thing. The treadmill. See,

[00:01:18] Kim: [00:01:18] I use chic all the time and I kept saying your tread. Sick in my head, but I’m like, I watched her visit. I’m like, Oh, it’s tread, she tread

[00:01:26] TreadChic: [00:01:26] sick.

[00:01:27] Kim: [00:01:27] She got the K on the end.

[00:01:29] TreadChic: [00:01:29] Exactly. Right. And so that’s so funny that it’s funny that you say that because I was talking with someone and said, Oh, this is tread.

[00:01:36] This is tread chick. And I said, no, one’s touchy. Cause I am. Would French. When you think of says sheep, it’s like, sorry, it was a play on words. So tread sheep, fleshy, very sheep. So there was a play on those, on those on words.

[00:01:50] Kim: [00:01:50] Well, I love the name. It’s fabulous.

[00:01:52] TreadChic: [00:01:52] Thank you, darling. Thank you. I appreciate that.

[00:01:55] Kim: [00:01:55] So tell us a little bit about yourself. Where are you from?

[00:01:58] TreadChic: [00:01:58] So my family is this [00:02:00] rom from Haiti, um, and I am first generation born in Jamaica, Queens, New York. I’m from New York. So you didn’t know that?

[00:02:09] Kim: [00:02:09] I didn’t know that

[00:02:12] TreadChic: [00:02:12] I’m from I’m from Jamaica, Queens off of American Boulevard. In, um, in, in New York and New York city.

[00:02:18] Yep. I

[00:02:19] Kim: [00:02:19] had no idea,

[00:02:21] TreadChic: [00:02:21] but I’m not sure now, so I’ll get to that. Do you want me to go into that?

[00:02:26] Kim: [00:02:26] Tell us where you currently reside.

[00:02:27] TreadChic: [00:02:27] So I am, um, when I was in college, my, my best friend, I married my best friend, who I did not know when he was at ROTC. When he, when I went to that ceremony, the commissioning, I was like, well, you’re really in the military.

[00:02:39] So I am, we got married. And I am a military spouse. So we are now stationed in now at Scott air force base in Illinois. And so we’ve moved around a lot and that’s where we are right now is in Illinois. So around the Bellville area. So 25 minutes outside of st. Louis, Missouri. So I’m right by the arch.

[00:02:58] Kim: [00:02:58] Okay.

[00:02:58] And how far are you from [00:03:00] Chicago?

[00:03:00] TreadChic: [00:03:00] Four hours. Also a ways from Chicago away from Chicago. So normally would, well thinking of Illinois, I’m like, Nope, I’m on the Missouri. I’m right on the side of, yeah. Lewis right on the Missouri Illinois border. And I am I’m on, um, I live at the four hours from Chicago,

[00:03:16] Kim: [00:03:16] so you’re closer to said, Nellyville where the st lunatics are.

[00:03:21] I’m telling y’all my age.

[00:03:24] TreadChic: [00:03:24] I’m sure. Probably around the same age, just so

[00:03:29] Kim: [00:03:29] I I’ve been to st. Louis. I always wanted to visit, but. That’s dope. So have you guys been like international or you’ve been like over the States,

[00:03:37] TreadChic: [00:03:37] so I spend the States and so he has been international, but I have, um, we’ve been to safe.

[00:03:44] We’ve always been stationed state side, but when he goes on his deployments, you know, for three to six months at a time, it’s usually in an international, but we haven’t had a chance to, to go over overseas to live there for a while.

[00:03:56] Kim: [00:03:56] Wow. So you’re a mom. How many children do you have?

[00:04:00] [00:04:00] TreadChic: [00:04:00] I have three, two girls and a boys.

[00:04:03] So I’m five, eight and 11. Oh, who’s the 11 mile. The girls with the migraines. My girl, my daughter. Who’s just a, such a sweetheart. She’s from middle school. I can’t, I can’t even,

[00:04:14] Kim: [00:04:14] I know, let’s say 14 year old and I just. Yeah, I do.

[00:04:23] TreadChic: [00:04:23] I thought you had one slip, two sons.

[00:04:25] Kim: [00:04:25] I have a little one who’s six, and then I have the 14 year old.

[00:04:30] It’s taller than me and sounds like a man, but yeah, they bake worlds so fast. It is

[00:04:36] TreadChic: [00:04:36] crazy. It is. It certainly is. It is.

[00:04:38] Kim: [00:04:38] So is she in the sassy time where she’s still like a cute little girl,

[00:04:42] TreadChic: [00:04:42] still a very sweet, um, yeah, sometimes, sometimes when you ask her question and she’s sort of thrown apart, you may hear a little bit of sassy, but that’s definitely not the majority.

[00:04:53] She’s such a sweetheart, a great model. Um, we’ll model for her siblings,

[00:04:58] Kim: [00:04:58] enjoy them while they’re [00:05:00] still, you know, still young and just impressionable. Like those are the good years because once they get like four at st, just forget about it. Oh guys, go,

[00:05:09] TreadChic: [00:05:09] don’t take me there yet. I’m going to enjoy this time.

[00:05:13] Right.

[00:05:14] Kim: [00:05:14] So what do you do for a living?

[00:05:17] TreadChic: [00:05:17] So, and, and you had mentioned, I am, I’m a speech language pathologist, and. But in school, that’s not what I studied. I, it was, I went to Rutgers in New Jersey, new Brunswick campus, and I studied electrical engineering. And so I worked for about five years and then I just didn’t feel fulfilled.

[00:05:35] Um, and just, there was something else that was calling me. And so I actually went back, um, I applied, um, and Syracuse and I said, you know, they only accepted about. 20 applicants that year. And I said, if I’m making it into this program, because at the time I had worked, I was older. I was like, okay, late twenties at the time, 28, 29, when I’m wide.

[00:05:54] And all the younger girls who like, you know, coming straight out of college, um, cause I had already worked at it career. And [00:06:00] so I said, if I get accepted to get my GRE done, get accepted, it was meant to be, and it was meant to be, I got accepted into the program, all those applicants and I was chosen. So I am now speech.

[00:06:10] Language pathologists. Um, I was actually starting a new position. Um, my new position started on March 16th, but I, that was the day that school is closed. So I resigned so I could be home with the kids. Um, so position was going to be on with, on services for kids. So kids that didn’t have. Speech services at their school.

[00:06:29] They can, they’ve had no access to. So, um, I would provide services online. And so there was no way that I would be able to have you on zoom all day with the kids and then be teaching my kids. And so when everything goes back to normal, I will be practicing again. But right now, um, I’m just a tread chic.

[00:06:46] I’m a tread Chica, my running.

[00:06:48] Kim: [00:06:48] And, you know, we kind of have that in common because well, a little bit in common because my son fun all through, you know, his younger years he had speech and language and school. So yeah, I know it [00:07:00] takes a lot of patience to be a speech pathologist.

[00:07:02] TreadChic: [00:07:02] So I, I

[00:07:03] Kim: [00:07:03] take my hat off.

[00:07:05] TreadChic: [00:07:05] I appreciate that.

[00:07:06] I appreciate that. And I’m glad that you have success with his services.

[00:07:10] Kim: [00:07:10] Oh, yeah. You know, he started services. We had like early intervention, so very early and he carried it on through, up until yeah. Seventh grade, I believe. And you know, yeah. He’s, he’s, he’s good. He had many years of service. It was successful, so yeah, it takes a lot of.

[00:07:27] Time and patience and

[00:07:30] TreadChic: [00:07:30] speed

[00:07:30] Kim: [00:07:30] skates. Apology is not easy. So yeah,

[00:07:33] TreadChic: [00:07:33] kudos for that. And it cools off too, because it takes a village to do it. Like when you have parents that are involved, that’s when everything comes together, it’s a team, it’s a team effort. So thank you for what you did. I’m sure you will probably be working with that speech therapist so hard,

[00:07:48] Kim: [00:07:48] but it all paid off for me.

[00:07:52] TreadChic: [00:07:52] Happy to hear that.

[00:07:53] Kim: [00:07:53] So how long have you been running?

[00:07:55] TreadChic: [00:07:55] So, Kim, let me tell you, when I started running, when I was in high school, I, you [00:08:00] could, I was very overweight, right? And I couldn’t stand going to gym because my own, this gym, gym teachers would try to make me run a mile. I’m like, I don’t, I can’t run a mile.

[00:08:11] And so anyhow, I didn’t run. I did not like money and my freshman year going into college after my freshman year, um, before an internship, I was home with my, I was, I went back home to Queens. And I had gained so much weight. It was like 20, 25 pounds. That food, it was just, so there was so much food. I just, it was, I don’t know what was going on that year.

[00:08:29] Kim: [00:08:29] Those meal plans. They get you every

[00:08:31] TreadChic: [00:08:31] time, you know? So I, um, if like someone, when I got home, my dad, I guess, you know, he didn’t want to say, Whoa, you know, it’s like he said, Hey, Hey, do you want to, he used to walk every day. He still walks every single day. So he said, would you like to go to the park with me?

[00:08:47] And I’m like, why would I, why would I want to go to the park? But as soon as he said, let’s just go walk. And, um, you know, I love having conversations with my dad. So I said, yeah. Okay, let’s go, let’s go walk at the park. So that was actually at Roy Wilkins. [00:09:00] Are you familiar with Roy Wilkins? Yes. Yes. So it was at that, we went into that track.

[00:09:04] We walked over there. Hillsburg bulls and I, um, walked on that. We walked on the track and at the end of the week, I said, there’s so many people running. This was again the summer of 1998. This was after my freshman year. And so I said, there’s so many people running on the I’d like to, I’m going to try to do that.

[00:09:20] And so Kim. I did one lap and I never stopped. It was so almost 20 years ago, over 20 years ago. And, um, it, I thank him all the time because there wasn’t for him. I mean, I have gotten into it and I absolutely, which started off as something that I did to lose weight, um, that it was sort of coax into that.

[00:09:40] Um, it led to, I loved the way I felt, but it led to just a passion for it and then motivating, inspiring others to do it. It’s just been such a blessing. Um, I ran for a while and I didn’t know about any races until 2010. I hadn’t met cause we had, we had moved. I had moved, we were living in Maryland and I’m a friend of [00:10:00] mine said, um, okay.

[00:10:01] What do you, what are you running for? And I said, I just, I just like to run and she didn’t play. Have you ever thought of running a race? I had never heard of racist. So after running for all those years, over 10 years, I never knew about five case. 10 days I was just running and I ended up my first race was the Baltimore running festival and I’m in Baltimore, Maryland.

[00:10:23] And it was the most amazing thing I’ve ever done. So I did, I went straight from just running to a half marathon. So it was. Such a weird experience. And so, um, yeah, so that’s when I started running, I guess I went further, I started money in 1988. So, you know, people don’t

[00:10:40] Kim: [00:10:40] know about racing. I didn’t know either when I started, you know, we know about the Olympics because we see it every four years on television, but we don’t know that.

[00:10:48] Regular old people like us and

[00:10:52] TreadChic: [00:10:52] pay

[00:10:54] Kim: [00:10:54] raises, which is crazy. Like my friends think I’m crazy because I’m paying to run these [00:11:00] rates. Right? Like, you know,

[00:11:01] TreadChic: [00:11:01] it was fun. It is fun. And it was the number one question from people that don’t run. When you do a race, they ask you, what did you win? Exactly.

[00:11:09] Kim: [00:11:09] Exactly.

[00:11:10] TreadChic: [00:11:10] That’s not what I’m doing.

[00:11:13] Kim: [00:11:13] How was your marathon? I wasn’t married that. Right. Always. How was your marathon?

[00:11:19] TreadChic: [00:11:19] So it’s always so funny, but it’s been such a blessing and I’ve done it several since then, but it has been such a, such a great journey.

[00:11:27] Kim: [00:11:27] That’s awesome. So let’s get in today’s topic into today’s topic.

[00:11:32] Let’s pull up unique workout plans. Nutrition and safety measures that we should take while we’re out running. Okay. So we’re going to talk about a variety of things. Okay.

[00:11:43] TreadChic: [00:11:43] Sounds good.

[00:11:44] Kim: [00:11:44] So what made you

[00:11:46] TreadChic: [00:11:46] create treads sheet?

[00:11:49] Kim: [00:11:49] What made you, because most people don’t really like to work out on the treadmill. I know I don’t it’s I like to have to like force myself to do it and.

[00:11:56] You know, I call it the dread mill. Yeah, [00:12:00] you can look good

[00:12:02] TreadChic: [00:12:02] and you make it look fun.

[00:12:03] Kim: [00:12:03] So what made you want to start this program?

[00:12:06] TreadChic: [00:12:06] So, you know what I was, um, running on phase when I couldn’t, because we’ve been stationed all over. So there are times when I had to be on the treadmill at gyms. And so, um, we were stationed upstate New York.

[00:12:16] I would be at the Y over there on the treadmill and I’d have my music on and I love the numb on dead, just dancing and running. And I had a great time with it. So I’m always love the treadmill. Now, when we, again, we moved around a few times, a few times and when we ended up living, moving here in Illinois, the YMC over here, I noticed that there wasn’t really a lack of club.

[00:12:38] So after about a month of living over here, um, I w w a month of my membership, which was about a month after I moved, um, I walked up to the director and I said, you guys have a run club. I would love to start one. And so she gave me a look like, who are you to try to come up, imagine, get me to start something.

[00:12:56] But, you know, she came to, I guess she thought about it. Then she came to me a few days [00:13:00] later and said, cause we didn’t really know. We didn’t know each other. I just saw her in Winston at the gym. And she said, I’m, you know, thank you for, you know, coming up to me about that. I was thinking about your idea and we used to have a run club.

[00:13:10] But then they changed it. So one clubs at the YMC used to be able to drop, take your kids to childcare, and then the runners would go off for this long distances. But then this one MCA. So when I was in Florida, that’s how it was. We had a one public would go sometimes up to 10 miles. You wouldn’t have a great childcare.

[00:13:27] Um, the kids all knew each other. But then here you had date changes that you could not do that in Illinois, this particular, why that I’m a part of, and you can only one on the half mile track in the back as a run cup. So seasoned runners, seasoned runners are not going to an, a group run on a half day I’ll track in the back of the gym.

[00:13:47] They want to get out. So it sort of got dismantled. People did their own thing. So she said, would you be interested in starting a couch to five K? So I said, absolutely. I would love it because I love helping beginners to get to that, to that point, you know? [00:14:00] And so I, um, so we did that. And so we had about seven people sign up and it was fantastic.

[00:14:05] We had a great time, but then the coal started to set it and no one wanted to. Continue. So she said, you know, Regina, you know, you’ve been doing a great job with this couch to five K, why don’t have you heard of a class call trucking? And I said, no, I haven’t. She said, this is a, it’s a treadmill. It’s a group exercise class.

[00:14:23] That’s on the treadmill. So essentially you would have people on the treadmill and you would not be on the treadmill. You would be directing them and telling them what to do, getting them pumped. So about a month later, we started this class, Kim. It was fantastic. It was great. It was

[00:14:35] Kim: [00:14:35] popular. Now, what year was this?

[00:14:37] TreadChic: [00:14:37] This is now, I’m sorry. I’m all over. Right. So this is, we moved here in 2017, so that was in 2017 here. And so we started it late in about November of 2017 and people loved it. It was, it was a great time. And so then, but then they couldn’t find any other instructors for it. So I said, why don’t I start my own thing where I have [00:15:00] online classes?

[00:15:00] Cause I talked to her about doing something online so that we only had one class night, twice a week. And I said, if I could put something online so that when people came in from work, they could actually just listen to it and watch the videos. And, and watch it. And the way that I had it set up, it was, I had a local gym that let me come in.

[00:15:18] I would record other people that took the class the same way that I instructed it over there. And, um, when she found that and she was not interested, so I went off and did it because I’m trying to help and do this. So when she found out that I do, then when they found out that I did this, the director at the Y heard the fitness director and the director.

[00:15:38] They called me in and said, at this point it was 2018 because the class was going on for over a year now. So it was the late 2018. And so she said, um, we found out about this, see videos that you’ve been putting together. And I said, um, yeah, and I was excited because I didn’t say anything because people said, Hey, if you do things outside of the Y at this [00:16:00] particular one, it’s you just go and do it.

[00:16:02] So I had no problem again, I’m helping people, Kim. That’s what I love to do. Motivating people. And they, they let me go. They said we can not have you doing this. They finally, let me go. They did. And it’s not like, so I don’t know if they thought they were hurting me. They, people were outraged that they, they did this.

[00:16:20] They said this, someone that was trying to help us out, you have the opportunity to work with him, to get these videos. You couldn’t find anyone else to instruct the class. She comes in here with all of this energy, God given energy, Kim. I loved it to instruct this class and. You let her go because she was trying to help us that when we come into the gym at night, we can actually listen, cause you couldn’t find anyone else.

[00:16:41] And they signed petitions. He did all of these things and they said that they, so then they found another instructor and um, no everyone said we’re not going to the class. We don’t care who the instructor is and this, and then we can’t even hear this girl. Gina was at the top of her lungs and then we can’t even hear her.

[00:16:56] And so they had to cancel the class because no one, um, no one was [00:17:00] going to the class app. This is the one that was helping us. And so tread Sheik was born after that. When I realized, um, it went through some different variations and tread sheep was born in, in November of 2019. Um, when I decided, and you know what my husband’s like, why don’t we just get the treadmill?

[00:17:15] And we could get our own little. Set together. I will help

[00:17:18] Kim: [00:17:18] him. I love yourself.

[00:17:21] TreadChic: [00:17:21] Thank you. And so we did it. He decided to, to do this together and, and you know, it’s not perfect cause when you can’t get everything perfect in the beginning and I keep, as I go, I, we changed things, fix things, and now that it looks different from the first video to the next, the Speedo that’s there.

[00:17:36] Now it’s different. You just make improvements as you go along. And, um, we recently moved. So I have a new set. That’s going to get debuted in a few, in a couple of weeks. I’m very excited. So that’s how, that’s how I got into it. I’m doing my own thing to help motivate as much as I can.

[00:17:53] Kim: [00:17:53] But I like your videos because it’s like a person starting on day one can come in.

[00:17:59] Right. [00:18:00] And look at your videos and just get started on their journey because they’re so easy to follow. You’re like, yep. I feel like I’m there with you when I watch your videos, because you’re just, you’re so personable. You’re talking to the camera and it’s just, you make it easier for a person like me that hates the treadmill.

[00:18:20] TreadChic: [00:18:20] And that, that means so much to me. So much to me,

[00:18:22] Kim: [00:18:22] Kim, I’m going to try to follow one of your. Workouts today. I’m going to try

[00:18:26] TreadChic: [00:18:26] and attract, try one of the newer ones. Cause I have the labeling on the side that tells you like exactly what to do. So let me know what you think. Please.

[00:18:33] Kim: [00:18:33] I’ve got it. I’m going to attempt, but you know, I’m scared of the treadmill.

[00:18:37] I mean, it’s, it’s taken a lot for me to get back on it because I always think I’m going to slide off of

[00:18:41] TreadChic: [00:18:41] it. Oh, okay. Okay. Okay.

[00:18:44] Kim: [00:18:44] Oh, I try. I go. Pretty slowly when I’m on it. Just enough to like I’m sweating, but I’m not falling off of it. I have a little affinity to the treadmill, but I’m going to try one of your workouts and see how I do it.

[00:18:59] TreadChic: [00:18:59] And definitely [00:19:00] let me keep me posted, let me know. Okay.

[00:19:02] Kim: [00:19:02] So you said you tailored to beginner, so like a beginner, isn’t gonna go out and do a hit workout on the treadmill. Right? So what, what do you recommend for a person starting out on day one?

[00:19:12] TreadChic: [00:19:12] So on, on the treadmill or out outdoors on the treadmill, on the, on the treadmill, I would recommend if they’re not doing what choosing one of my classes or you mean with my class or without the class with whichever one.

[00:19:25] Okay. So class. So if you want someone who’s just starting, I would recommend run walking. Like whenever you start on the treadmill, you’re trying to go for walking. So running, I would always just say 30 seconds on 30 seconds off just to sort of get a feel of it. Um, that that’s the most important thing feeling comfortable on the treadmill, because if you’re not comfortable, you’re not going to want to continue to build endurance and strength because.

[00:19:50] You’re just nervous about it, you know? So, um, but just slowly getting on there now in the beginning of all of the workouts, for instance, I will always explain [00:20:00] if you’re, um, if you’re just starting out, this is what your piece needs to be, because we start out with your transition pace, and then your baseline piece.

[00:20:06] Kim: [00:20:06] Oh yeah. Sola. Follow this pace. I have a place, this space,

[00:20:12] TreadChic: [00:20:12] those are the beginnings, right? So you have that’s. So that’s how I had it in the, in the beginning. It’s when you go on and you decided what your piece is going to be. Cause Kim, a lot of times the truth be told when you go on to YouTube and you try to find a workout sometimes.

[00:20:26] I mean, if you’re not like doing a Peloton or something like that, every okay. Everyone get on a speed of 9.0 on the treadmill. And I’m like,

[00:20:33] Kim: [00:20:33] Not in one

[00:20:34] TreadChic: [00:20:34] let, and then you went of the process or they get on and try it. They hurt themselves, or they don’t want to do it. And they, you sort of give up. So that’s why when I start out, I have everyone’s sorts of, sort of sets up their pace.

[00:20:46] So you’ll, you’ll start off walking on the treadmill until you get to the point where you start jogging slash running. And that is. Your, um, your base. That is your, um, your, um, Oh my gosh. I just lost my word. That’s your, [00:21:00] um, yeah. So that starts your, your transition pace. I’m sorry, your transition pace. So you’re transitioning from walking to running, right?

[00:21:09] So let’s say that’s 4.0 for someone or 3.0 for another person. If your baseline page will be 1.0 higher than that. So that’s how, in terms of starting out on the treadmill, that’s how I sort of recommend it. If you’re not walking up doing 30, on 30 off to slowly build up your 10th transition pace, and then you go onto your base base because everyone’s going to be different someone.

[00:21:29] We start jogging at a 3.0, cause that that’s too bad. That’s fast for them. And someone else’s dumped transition piece. Yes. Transitioning from walking to running at like 5.0 on the treadmill. And so that is the most important piece being able to decipher, where am I on there? Because it’s your race, it’s your class.

[00:21:46] And I want to anyone to feel that it’s comfortable, you’re comfortable. So it is a hit workout. But it’s for anyone because you are setting your pace on there. I’m not telling you on my, on the videos. You’ll never, when you hear me say everyone at a 6.0 [00:22:00] everyone at a seven, I may make reference to what I am at that point, but I don’t make it a point to do that because I want you to, I give you guidelines as to how to pick your pace.

[00:22:10] And I want you to build from there. And I’ve had people message me to say, Oh my gosh, I went to a 7.0 today. Tell them to do that. They made that decision. They started off at that transition piece. And they kept building on that to pass the baseline piece. And that’s the best feeling because they built that.

[00:22:27] And so that’s what I would, that’s what I sort of recommend straight. You’re not you’re, you’re your transition pace then your baseline piece, you’re spinning things and building from there. So if that makes

[00:22:37] Kim: [00:22:37] it does, so you have your videos on YouTube. Do you do other classes as well?

[00:22:43] TreadChic: [00:22:43] No. Right now all I have some building awareness and so right now I have, um, my, all of the videos.

[00:22:49] Are for free on there so that people can, can, again, raise awareness about these types of workouts. Because for me, the issue is a lot of these other programs are too expensive. Like a [00:23:00] lot of people don’t have an additional $40 a month for these great programs like that are out there, but I wanted people to sort of have access to this as well.

[00:23:09] And later on, there’ll be other things that are offered. I will offer other things I’m working on those programs now, but for now it’s building awareness and letting people know that, Hey, I may. Here’s I have access to these, you know, I’m free workouts. And then, you know, so that’s, that’s what I do right now.

[00:23:23] I do coach others as an uncle outdoors for those that need assistance. I haven’t been since, um, COVID has started when I do have my business run the run coaching business, where I’ve trained beginners to run races, so,

[00:23:37] Kim: [00:23:37] okay. Right. So I will leave all of Ludgina’s information. Down below her YouTube channel.

[00:23:44] So you guys can check out her workouts. She has some hard ones on there. So

[00:23:50] TreadChic: [00:23:50] pace yourself, pace

[00:23:51] Kim: [00:23:51] yourself. She has workouts for beginners as well, and the workouts are great. And if you’re like me, get up the treadmill. A little bit [00:24:00] there’s something on there for everybody.

[00:24:02] TreadChic: [00:24:02] Yes. And pay attention to your disk, transition, pace and baseline pace.

[00:24:05] Kim: [00:24:05] Yeah. So I want to talk about this run streak that you’re on.

[00:24:11] TreadChic: [00:24:11] Whoo. Yes.

[00:24:12] Kim: [00:24:12] With your husband,

[00:24:14] TreadChic: [00:24:14] husband. Yeah. It was a right today of day 94. Wow. Nice.

[00:24:18] Kim: [00:24:18] And what made you want to start? Well, what is, what is your run streak and sell? Cause some people are like, they’re going to just run a mile a day or I’m going to run five miles.

[00:24:28] What is your standard

[00:24:29] TreadChic: [00:24:29] for year run street? I run about 30 miles a day. I’m kidding. What.

[00:24:37] No. So I do, I do anywhere from one mile, six miles. So typically during the week, but my average is about three miles a day. Um, if I’m there’s some days like, um, all last week I did about three to four miles and there was one day that I did a mile. Like if it’s a rest day or I feel like, you know, I want to keep it downstairs cause I’m going to do more strength, but I definitely, I do.

[00:24:58] I keep it at about my average [00:25:00] is about three, three and a half per day. Wow.

[00:25:03] Kim: [00:25:03] Okay. What made you want to go on a run streak? Because my, my run streak is three days, maybe four, maybe four. That’s it. That’s. Okay,

[00:25:15] TreadChic: [00:25:15] because maybe you can hop on the, the, the, um, the, the wagons, a friend of mine just kind of switched thousand today.

[00:25:21] A friend of mine on, um, Olivia. Um, she, um, and I can’t even believe that she thought

[00:25:28] Kim: [00:25:28] that how I live on the show, she’s on the show right now. Actually.

[00:25:31] TreadChic: [00:25:31] Are you serious? Do you know,

[00:25:33] Kim: [00:25:33] do you know Libby as well? We had a couple times in prison.

[00:25:37] TreadChic: [00:25:37] Really? I don’t know Olivia in person. I know I’ve met her. It’s just been, I just, that’s crazy how this I know, because I don’t like, I don’t know why I haven’t, we haven’t met in person.

[00:25:46] I’ve never met Olivia per cent. That’s amazing how this. The world is so big. It’s so small. Yeah. Cause

[00:25:53] Kim: [00:25:53] she’s from New York city as well, but she’s up in Albany now. Wow. Yeah. That’s so fun to [00:26:00] show.

[00:26:00] TreadChic: [00:26:00] Wow. Okay. Wow. Okay. So, so you know, so I, um, and your question was just started. When did we, when did I start, uh, why did I get started?

[00:26:09] Kim: [00:26:09] Why, what was your motivation for doing a run streak?

[00:26:11] TreadChic: [00:26:11] So I was always running and so, um, maybe about four days a week. And then I had, um, I had subscribed to one world and I got a, um, and I know about, we had listened to your podcast about that on as well. That’s a conversation for another day. Well,

[00:26:25] Kim: [00:26:25] listen, I try to keep my thoughts.

[00:26:26] I’m running out of libs episodes. I’m going to carry this one too. So

[00:26:33] TreadChic: [00:26:33] they had a, they had a run street article. And so I’m that my husband who was running a lot, what he, his works can with his schedule, it was pretty intense. So he had stopped for a while. And so I said, we should do that, do this together.

[00:26:46] And he said, yeah, I’d love to that. Give me a reason to sort of really get out and get back to running. And so it was just going to be 40 days from Memorial day to the 4th of July, we started a little bit before what they had and we’ve just kept [00:27:00] going that stopped. And we just feel, we feel great that he typically he does.

[00:27:03] He doesn’t have time for more typically does one to three miles a day. A little weekends, a little longer, but on average he gets about one, yeah, two, two during the week and then longer runs on, on the weekend, but it’s been great to motivate each other because at the point I was like, okay, what’s next?

[00:27:17] Like, let’s keep going. So he’s, he’s in it, he’s into it. And he, I don’t even know he’s going to stop. He’s just really into it. So.

[00:27:25] Kim: [00:27:25] So let’s talk about nutrition and running. Cause I know a lot of runners they’re logging all these miles and they’re not seeing a difference in their

[00:27:36] TreadChic: [00:27:36] body structure

[00:27:37] Kim: [00:27:37] or they’re not feeling right.

[00:27:40] TreadChic: [00:27:40] You

[00:27:40] Kim: [00:27:40] know, there’s just a multiple sort of things that runners are not doing correctly with their nutrition.

[00:27:46] TreadChic: [00:27:46] So

[00:27:46] Kim: [00:27:46] what can you recommend for runners regarding attrition? Like posts? Pre-run nutrition, post run, nutrition and tween as well.

[00:27:56] TreadChic: [00:27:56] Right? Well, just I’ll start with in between [00:28:00] quickly, just to give some, some tips.

[00:28:01] It’s so important that when we’re buying through to where we’re eating food, that we pay attention to what we’re putting into our bodies. Right? A lot of times when we go up and buy something, we look at the label, we look at the front. And then we left the consumer company, tell us, Oh, this is great. This is great for you.

[00:28:17] What do I know that for sure. Not looking back at the label where there are these ingredients on the, that. So all these processes and things, things you can’t even pronounce. So being able to look at the ingredients and know like the first ingredient. Is the majority of what it is. And a lot of items have filled with sugar, which leads to a sluggishness and all those other things and weight gain the partially hydrogenated oils.

[00:28:39] I mean, the list goes on and on. So making sure we’re looking at the labels, the more things that are on those labels, the more processed. Yes, it is. The more sluggish, less fuel we’re going to have when we go out and run, um, high fructose corn syrup should not be on. Those are on. Uh, labels as well. So those types of things during a regular regimen, we shouldn’t [00:29:00] have another thing.

[00:29:01] Issue is whole grain. It’s a lot of times someone may say, Oh, I eat whole grain. How, how do you know that it’s full grade? Like if I do eat whole grain bread, Kim, for instance,

[00:29:10] Kim: [00:29:10] I try to buy the bread. That sounds a hundred percent, whole wheat.

[00:29:15] TreadChic: [00:29:15] Okay, well, is that right? Well, and whole grain is even better if you were to get whole grain, but also even if you get the whole, so I’ll give you an example to know if it’s whole grain, which is truly when your body’s really absorbing it the right way.

[00:29:26] A lot of times on the front, they’ll tell you this is cool. Whole-grain so on the back, the way that you’ll know is. Two grams of fiber per a hundred calories. And so if you look on it and there are zero.zero, zero grams of fiber, then you know, there’s no possible way anything that’s enriched or processed.

[00:29:43] If you go to your bread that you have right now at home, and you look at the, again, the dietary fiber is two grams of water per a hundred calories, then, you know, it’s whole grain. And a lot of times the snacks that we get for kids and we’re looking at them saying, Oh, this is whole grain. That is your best determining theming crackers.

[00:29:59] Um, [00:30:00] will say, Oh, this is whole brain. And then you’ll look on the back. And it’s far from, they may have some in there. Yeah. But it’s not totally. And truly, and those types of things, when you’re making changes in your diet and you think that you’re having, you’re eating the right thing, those things can sort of affect you.

[00:30:13] So reading your labor and understanding that, um, it’s important. Beforehand having the right cards because we know that’s what fuels us. Those carbs are fuel for those runs those healthy and good carbs. Um, and at the end protein of course, cause that’s, what’s going to repair on muscles, but those good proteins, um, I like to use Oregon.

[00:30:32] I’m a, if I’m using

[00:30:33] Kim: [00:30:33] my eyes, I love the peanut butter one.

[00:30:37] TreadChic: [00:30:37] Dude. I haven’t seen that one.

[00:30:39] Kim: [00:30:39] It’s so good. The peanut butter, I started off with the vanilla, but I said, let me try another one. That peanut butter

[00:30:43] TreadChic: [00:30:43] one is it is, and I’ve never had that one. Okay. I have to write that job. I have to write that down.

[00:30:50] Kim: [00:30:50] The only protein that I’ve tried, that doesn’t have like a bad aftertaste.

[00:30:56] TreadChic: [00:30:56] I agree. I agree.

[00:30:57] Kim: [00:30:57] So good. Yeah.

[00:30:58] TreadChic: [00:30:58] So

[00:30:59] Kim: [00:30:59] if you’re [00:31:00] listening and you want a protein shake, definitely try

[00:31:02] TreadChic: [00:31:02] or gain. It’s really good. I agree. The tips that I have, I could go on and on about that, but we’ll save that for another, another time.

[00:31:12] Kim: [00:31:12] I want to get into a story a couple of weeks ago, there was a runner. She was out on her normal run in Texas

[00:31:19] TreadChic: [00:31:19] and she was

[00:31:20] Kim: [00:31:20] brutally.

[00:31:21] TreadChic: [00:31:21] Killed. Yeah. And

[00:31:23] Kim: [00:31:23] it’s

[00:31:23] TreadChic: [00:31:23] like, it’s

[00:31:24] Kim: [00:31:24] heart wrenching. It’s kinda, it kinda hit me like the mod or Bruce or we hit,

[00:31:29] TreadChic: [00:31:29] but that was just wait.

[00:31:30] Kim: [00:31:30] They’re both tragedies. So let’s get into like a safety for runners runner safety.

[00:31:37] TreadChic: [00:31:37] So,

[00:31:38] Kim: [00:31:38] what can you tell the audience, any tips or tricks that you can give them to be

[00:31:43] TreadChic: [00:31:43] safe while out

[00:31:44] Kim: [00:31:44] running, especially while running alone?

[00:31:46] TreadChic: [00:31:46] Um, you know, as a, as a woman who’s, um, you know, I do go on trails and everything. Some tips that I have are you making sure you carry mace with you, um, and different that that’s such an, there’s so many different companies that.

[00:32:00] [00:31:59] Um, have that. So these still small cans that you can carry another company that is new gold garden. Have you heard about them? No. So it’s a ring that you carry and that’s the knife. That’s the knife. I

[00:32:13] Kim: [00:32:13] said someone with that.

[00:32:15] TreadChic: [00:32:15] Yes. And so God had actually contacted them the other day to do like a giveaway with them because it’s, that’s such an important, and it’s, it’s very comfortable so you can sort of hold it.

[00:32:24] And then if someone comes up to you, just like sort of jab them and run if you need to. So those quick and easy things, cause it’s scary. Like if someone comes up to you, Kim, and you panic, he wants that flight or flight type or you don’t, you sort of freeze. And so those types of things are important go-kart and having base a little pocket knife, but most importantly, letting someone know where you are, because that is letting someone know there’s so many different apps that you can download and people can track your runs if you don’t feel safe.

[00:32:52] And if you don’t feel safe, don’t go right. Um, that sometimes we forget that it’s not, if it doesn’t smell good, it’s not right. It’s not, it [00:33:00] sounds it’s just not, but sometimes you don’t know, but caring those types of things. Um, are those are very important. So go got it. Like I said, as a good one. Um, and then having mace those some type of little weapon that you could sort of, you know, carrying with you being at night, being safe, being, having lots of light on you, but.

[00:33:18] I think those are important. Do you agree with those?

[00:33:21] Kim: [00:33:21] Um, I agree. I’m going to check out, go garner. Cause I saw someone with that and I’m like, what is that on their hand? And that’s a good idea. Also. I think as women, we should switch up our routes. You know, we tend to run the same route over and over again.

[00:33:36] So. Switch up your route. If you, I know during my COVID is hard to run with anybody, but you know, if you can try to run with a buddy, you know, I sometimes run in a park and there’s a part of the park. That’s like trees on each side. So sometimes I just won’t run through them because, you know, I just get a gut feeling like rice shouldn’t be in there, I’ll run on the [00:34:00] streets.

[00:34:00] So, yeah, I think just as women, we just need to be mindful of our. Surroundings and yeah, just don’t

[00:34:07] TreadChic: [00:34:07] stick to

[00:34:08] Kim: [00:34:08] a certain routine. Cause we just never know who’s watching. Where does Al doing out thing, you know, we’re trying to stay fit and healthy and you know, there’s bad people around every corner. We just have to be cognizant of what’s going on in our surroundings.

[00:34:22] TreadChic: [00:34:22] Yeah. Yeah. I think

[00:34:24] Kim: [00:34:24] you gave really good steps. I actually just bought a Mesa. Um, I think it’s pronounced Sabre. S a R E.

[00:34:30] TreadChic: [00:34:30] Okay. I haven’t heard of that one.

[00:34:32] Kim: [00:34:32] Okay. So I got it on Amazon. It’s like, I hook it onto my key ring and it fits in the pockets, you know, and the pants on are running tights. It fits down there.

[00:34:41] So I’ve been carrying that around with me lately and you know, I’ve never been. Well unsafe running, but you just never know. Don’t know.

[00:34:50] TreadChic: [00:34:50] You never know cause people like, and again, like you said, change up that route because you just never know what could happen. So just being as safe as we can to make sure we can enjoy our lives and enjoy running.

[00:35:01] [00:35:00] Kim: [00:35:01] So I want to thank Ludgina for being on the show. The tread tread chic.

[00:35:12] TreadChic: [00:35:12] Thank you, Kim.

[00:35:13] Kim: [00:35:13] So make sure you follow her on Instagram, Instagram as a tread Sheik as well.

[00:35:18] TreadChic: [00:35:18] She, yes. And on, on YouTube, it’s youtube.com/tread Sheik as well.

[00:35:24] Kim: [00:35:24] Is there anyone else you want to leave an email?

[00:35:27] TreadChic: [00:35:27] Yes. So tread she get gmail.com as well and can everything is shred sheet cause she could Gmail tread Sheik on Instagram and youtube.com/spreadsheet.

[00:35:36] Kim: [00:35:36] We make it easy. She’s trust. Yeah.

[00:35:41] TreadChic: [00:35:41] I appreciate it so much.

[00:35:43] Kim: [00:35:43] Oh, thank you so much for being on show. It was a pleasure chatting with you and meeting you virtually. Yeah. Thank you.

[00:35:50] TreadChic: [00:35:50] Yes. Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely.

[00:35:53] Kim: [00:35:53] I’m sure I’ll come to Missouri if we start racing again, because I’m running a half marathon in all 50 States,

[00:35:59] TreadChic: [00:35:59] so, [00:36:00] Oh yeah. Doing that all grades.

[00:36:01] Okay. So you have to keep me posted if you come on here.

[00:36:04] Kim: [00:36:04] Yes, definitely. I hopefully have racing starts next year. I’ll hit up Missouri and bring you up.

[00:36:10] TreadChic: [00:36:10] Yes, exactly. Let me know. Okay. Let me know.

[00:36:13] Kim: [00:36:13] Okay. Thanks so much.

[00:36:15] TreadChic: [00:36:15] Oh,

[00:36:16] Kim: [00:36:16] your name is, uh, wait, wait. So your name is Lucina. I, I wrote it out L U G I N, but that’s not how you spell it, but

[00:36:24] TreadChic: [00:36:24] wait, the dear silence was Lucina, L U D G I N E.

[00:36:28] I round

[00:36:28] Kim: [00:36:28] it out to make sure that I pronounced it correctly.

[00:36:32] TreadChic: [00:36:32] No, I don’t want to see my, you wouldn’t want to see my last name. I think you’d be in shock. I, I, I still, I

[00:36:37] Kim: [00:36:37] didn’t know you were Haitian. I thought maybe you were from somewhere in Africa, but

[00:36:41] TreadChic: [00:36:41] yeah,

[00:36:42] Kim: [00:36:42] I wasn’t even going to try it for now.

[00:36:46] TreadChic: [00:36:46] But it is simply, it’s just dos juice DIU as dude means God.

[00:36:50] So adjust God and Gina.

[00:36:54] Kim: [00:36:54] I love the French dialect.

[00:36:57] TreadChic: [00:36:57] Thank you. I can’t take credit for it. I married into my, into my [00:37:00] last and my husband’s also from Haiti.

[00:37:01] Kim: [00:37:01] That’s awesome. Okay, Janet, thank you so much for being on The Run Wave Podcast and I will leave all of her links below so you can follow her and let’s get on those treadmill workouts, because answer is coming summer is like almost over.

[00:37:16] So we’re going to be in the thick of it soon, and we’re going to have to get out butts back on those treadmills.

[00:37:20] TreadChic: [00:37:20] Right? Any questions? Just let me know, please.

[00:37:23] Kim: [00:37:23] Okay. Bye. Bye. I hope you enjoy this episode with Lucina, AKA tread

[00:37:29] TreadChic: [00:37:29] chic.

[00:37:30] Kim: [00:37:30] I’ll be sure to leave all of her details in the show notes, they’ll be on my website.

[00:37:35] You can find them on Instagram everywhere, so you can follow Ludgina and get you some tread workouts going. So thank you again for tuning into this episode of The Run Wave Podcast, and I will catch you on the next one. Later. Thank you so much for tuning into the show. Sure. To subscribe to The Run Wave on your favorite podcast app and leave us a [00:38:00] review of the show on iTunes, Apple podcasts, it would have really helped me out.

[00:38:03] If you are a runner that has a story to tell, and you would like to be on the show. You can email hello@therunwave.com or send us a DM on Instagram to The Run Wave.  See you next time.

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