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Top 10 Race Picks & Why You Should Do Them

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In this episode of The Run Wave Podcast, Kim lets you in on her top 10 Races that you should run once racing resumes, and why you should run them.  She is giving you insights on the races, visiting tips, and the good and bad of each race.

Races Mentioned:

1. Gasparilla Distance Classic 

2. St. Judes Memphis Marathon Weekend
Blog Post: https://str8kim.com/memphis-vlog-st-jude-marathon-weekend/

3. Detroit Free Press Half Marathon
 Blog Post: https://str8kim.com/detroitfreep/

4. Narragansett Summer Running Festival

5. Delaware Marathon Running Festival

6. Hartford Half Marathon
7. Charleston Half Marathon

8. The Race -ATL

Blog Post: https://str8kim.com/race-recap-the-race-october-5-2019-atlanta-ga 

9. Run Barbados

10. Brooklyn Half Marathon

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More About This Episode

Episode Transcription

[00:00:00] Kim: [00:00:00] I know, I talk a lot on this show on why you shouldn’t do certain races, why you should no longer race with certain companies. But this week I am switching it up. Let’s talk my top 10 race picks and why you should do them.

[00:00:26] Hey everybody. Welcome back to another episode of The Run Wave Podcast. I am your host Kim. And if this is your first time listening, welcome to the show. If you are a return listener, welcome back. I truly appreciate you. You know, every time I start this show, I say, Hey everybody. And if you are watching this show, I do also put this show up on my YouTube channel str8 Kim.

[00:00:55] Uh, you can see my new hair, everybody t-shirts. So these [00:01:00] shirts will be on sale shortly. So if you want to support me and The Run Wave Podcast, you will be able to purchase this tea and others like it on therunwave.com.com very soon. Wow. So before I get into the full scope of today’s episode, I just want to preface this by saying that these races that I am going to mention are races that I have done myself, that I have.

[00:01:29] For the most part enjoyed and races that I would recommend to others to do. But being that we are currently going through a global pandemic, I’m not saying that you should go out and register for these races and less you are okay with doing okay. A virtual race, because we know that racing has been canceled.

[00:01:55] Um, even just recently this week, the Miami marathon [00:02:00] was actually last week, the Miami marathon was canceled, which is like the first big race of the year. And they have now gone virtual. So yeah. I like these races, but I don’t recommend that you register for these races unless you are comfortable doing a virtual race because not all of them, but a lot of these races, I have looked them up for 2021.

[00:02:25] Some of them are virtual or ready. Some of them are still saying that they are having an actual in person. Road race. So I just wanted to give that preface and don’t say, well, Kim recommended me, you win this race and now it’s canceled. So I’m telling you upfront, there is a possibility that your race can go virtual.

[00:02:45] So. You know, if it’s at the end of 2021 that endure you like registering early. Me personally, I’m not registering early for any races. I’m registering probably a month out if not sooner, but if you’re the type of [00:03:00] person that likes to reducer early have at it. So let’s get

[00:03:03] into

[00:03:04] Kim: [00:03:04] my top 10. Race choices that you should consider doing.

[00:03:10] So these races are in no particular order. I’m just giving you my top 10 race choices that I recommend you do. So I’m going to start out with the Gasparilla distance classic, which is in Tampa, Florida. Now I ran this race in February of 2016, and this was, I think this was like my second out of town race that I’ve ever done.

[00:03:37] I believe the first one was a black girls run event that was in North Carolina. I don’t remember what year that was, but yeah, I think this was my first big race weekend that I participated in. So the gas world distance classic, they have all a racist senses. They have a 5k, 10 K a 15 K a half marathon.

[00:03:57] And I think they have a marathon is, [00:04:00] well, now the great thing about this race is that the races are stretched out over the weekend, but if you sign up for the distance classic events, meaning that you’re doing more than one event, then you are racing. One to two races per day. So when I did the race, I ran the 5k events.

[00:04:23] I ran the 15 K event. And if you’re watching this at home, I’m just showing you the metals. Or these events. So if you’re listening to the podcasts, which I appreciate, yeah. Make sure you head over to YouTube so you can watch it, take a look at these don’t metals and I’m showing it as well. Um, I also did the half marathon and they, the UTIs not cutest.

[00:04:45] So it’s a little weird, but a pirate metal and the mouth moves. And then you get a bonus metal. If you do, depending on what challenge you sign up for. So the bonus model is a really big, [00:05:00] it’s pretty cute. It goes with the Gasparilla theme with, you know, the pirate and the, what is this a skeleton? It is a little freaky, but it’s cute as well.

[00:05:11] And it goes with the theme. So the thing that I like about this rice, it is. Very well organized. They have a great expo in a convention center. They give you a cute jacket depending on what challenge that you sign up for. So the jacket is cute. The finish line festival was dope now to get into my good graces, you need to have food at your finish line.

[00:05:35] Food is like. Just my joy. So this race had so much food. Like I’m talking about big, huge plates of food and everything was free. They have free beer and I’m not a big drink. I never drink that. Be like, I give my beer tickets away. Yummy. This I’ll have some vodka at these races sometimes. I guess I’m calling yak.

[00:05:57] If you had some of that, I’ll be lines up all day at the [00:06:00] liquor stand. But yeah, as usual they give away beer at this race. I skipped that part, but. Plenty of people love that part of the race. Now this race is in Tampa and Tampa. I do not like so much. So, um, me and my friends, we went out for lunch at one of the restaurants, not too far from the hotel that we were staying at.

[00:06:24] And when we walked in to the restaurant, we were standing there waiting to, you know, say hello, you want to table, blah, blah, blah. And we. The, for what seemed like 15 minutes, it was probably like 10 minutes or so. And no one ever said anything to us and we’re just standing. And the restaurant wasn’t busy at all.

[00:06:43] There was like two tables that were seated in that restaurant. So they weren’t busy. There was no reason why they should not have served us. So. When someone finally, actually someone came over to us and said, has anyone helped you? And we’re like, no, we’re standing here looking around like a bunch of fools and no [00:07:00] one has said anything to us.

[00:07:01] So finally, a server came over, she seated us. And when we sat down, We sat down and no one came over to take our order. So the gentleman came up to us again and he’s like, has anyone taking your order? And, and we were like, no. And then we’re sitting here and you know, my friends were like, we’re not feeling this place.

[00:07:23] And it kind of feels racially. Motivated. And at first I didn’t feel that way, but when I looked around, we were the only black people in that restaurant. And we were the only ones that were not being served. So they weren’t busy. I don’t know what it was, but we got up and left because we’re not patronizing a restaurant that doesn’t want us there.

[00:07:41] So. Not going to name the restaurant, but that’s what kind of soured my experience of Tampa. But the race was good. The scenery is great. It’s an, a coastal, you know, kind of town it’s in, uh, a wealthy town. So you’re running by mansion’s and you know, it was just a good time. So [00:08:00] Gasparilla the race is okay with me, Tampa, the city, eh, I’ll pass on that, but Gaspar life, you’re looking for a race in Florida.

[00:08:08] Definitely check that one out. Yeah, number two on my list is the st. Jude’s marathon in Memphis, Tennessee. Now I did this race, uh, just this past December, December, well, last December, December seven, 2019. And this was actually my first time visiting. Uh, Memphis and the state of Tennessee sides, and didn’t quite know what to expect, but I did the half marathon of this race.

[00:08:39] You know, it was a very nice course. It was scenic through, um, downtown Memphis. We actually ran through the st Jude’s campus where the hospital was located. And if you don’t know about San Jews, I know we see a lot of st Jude’s in our race. Registrations asking if we want to donate a dollar. To the [00:09:00] hospital.

[00:09:00] So if you didn’t know, st Jude’s is a cancer hospital, children, they provide free care for children. So everything is, there’s no expenses for our families that have children that are sick with cancer. They even relocate families from the state that they’re in so that their child can get medical care at st.

[00:09:20] Jude’s

[00:09:20] Kim: [00:09:20] or free of charge. So. If you’re ever in the giving mood, st. Jude’s is a great charity to give to. And they also participate in many races and they raise a ton of money at this race in December. So that is one of the, the things that endeared me to this race. Um, the course was great. The meadow was great.

[00:09:42] The post race festivities were amazing. Let me tell you they have food. Y’all know. I love food. They had hot, it was cold that weekend. They had hot soup. They had dominoes pizza, they have beer, they had soda, they had hot cocoa, they had [00:10:00] everything. So I like the fact that they really take care of their runners and they know.

[00:10:06] That, um, a lot of people will raise money for this chair. In addition to their raise fees, people raise money for these charities. Two of my good friends, Dawn and Janice, they raised tirelessly every single year for a st. Jude’s and they are one of the reasons that I actually did the raise because I know that they were doing it for years.

[00:10:25] I needed to run. Um, Tennessee. So I did it. Um, another good thing about st. Jude’s is that there is a ton to see in Memphis. Memphis is the home of Graceland, which has Elvis’s home, where he stayed at. Um, I was able to visit Graceland. And if you go during this time, A certain time. I don’t remember which time it is, but it’s in the morning.

[00:10:48] And I think on Sunday, I’m you can walk up to Graceland. You can’t go in the house, but you can walk up to the memory fountain. Yeah. And you can see that free of charge. Um, this is a little morbid, but [00:11:00] Elvis is great. It was there. His parents had beer and his twin that passed last on. So it’s a beautiful setting.

[00:11:06] You can go check that out for free or you can pay right. And go inside his mansion during whatever average you can look on the Graceland website for that also in Memphis is Beale street. And Oh my God, it has some of the best barbecue that I have ever had. Y’all see on greedy. Right? Krill is. Greedy I like to eat, but Oh my God, I have some of the best barbecue rents ever talking about full off the bone.

[00:11:32] Good with corn bread, corn on a cob, just delicious food. And the music it’s Beale street is Memphis. The jazz music, there was a live jazz band. So if you’re in Memphis, definitely go check out bill street as well. It is a great old time. And also in Memphis is the Lorraine motel and this. Civil rights museum, which is where, um, dr.

[00:11:57] King was unfortunately [00:12:00] murdered, but I was able to visit there as well and tour the museum. And it was just, it was just an unbelievable expense because you see these things on television, but to witness it live in it, And, and in living color is just, uh, it was just incredible and it was just moving to me.

[00:12:20] I was actually able to go and you can’t go inside because they have it blocked off, but you can see his room where he was the last day that. He walked the face of this earth and you can even go across the street, which is, it was it’s a little morbid, but you can go into the room where I’m Lee Harvey Oswald actually took the shot from, it’s just, it’s just a piece of history that a lot of us don’t get to see, and we need to see, we need to see where these things have happened and just know our history and our culture.

[00:12:52] So. When I do these out-of-town town races, I always like to, I don’t just go to run and leave. I always like to take in the culture [00:13:00] and he, the city from a tourist perspective, because I’m a tourist. So it’s great for me to see the city what happened there and just to experience it for myself and just, you know, to have a good time.

[00:13:12] So that wasn’t a good, it wasn’t necessarily a good time to go there, but it was great to know and see our history, black history. Next up, I have the Detroit free press marathon. This was also my first time going to the state of Michigan. And I ran this race last year as well in October of 2019. And this one, it says pretty dope because you get to run in to Canada.

[00:13:46] Now you run over this huge bridge. Forgive me, but I don’t remember the name of the bridge, but you do run over this. And let me tell you I was doing good on that race until I hit that doggone bridge. And I must have been like at mile [00:14:00] three or four and it is just like a straight steep. Inclined and God, I was running as best as I could after a while it just said, you know, forget this.

[00:14:08] I’m just going to walk up to this bridge. But yeah, the bridge is dope. You run across the bridge, you’ve run into Canada and you’re running through Canada for like, I think three or four miles. And then you run through a tunnel to get back into Detroit. Let me tell you. That tunnel was blazing hot. I was sweating bricks.

[00:14:32] If

[00:14:32] I

[00:14:32] Kim: [00:14:32] can find the video, I’ll stick it in here. So you can see it. My whole face was drenched running through that tunnel, but that was the first time I’ve ever run through a tunnel. We always drive through a tunnel. So, you know, that was a great experience to go through. Um, the expo was just. And the AFA was okay to me.

[00:14:51] It wasn’t really much there, but this race is Hugh mungus. When I tell you, I don’t know how many corrals there [00:15:00] were, but don’t tell anybody but been corral. Cause it was just, it takes a long time. They do the corrals, they do a whole popping and circumstance. They played music and they let each corral go.

[00:15:11] And then. Carl has to wait. So I ended up moving up in my corral so that I can start the race earlier because I just didn’t want to sit back and wait. And it was chilly that morning. It’s Michigan it’s by the water. It’s near Canada. It was cold, you know, that morning. So standing around waiting for the race to start was not the move.

[00:15:31] Um, The other thing that I didn’t really like about the race was the parking. And this is not the race. This is just, you know, the logistics, the part you have to get downtown extremely early. And the parking was extremely confusing. Um, we ended up parking in the MGM hotel. Uh, they have like a, a tall parking facility.

[00:15:52] So we parked in there and we were able to just stay in the lobby of the hotel to stay warm and use the bathroom. So that’s a tip. If you’re going to use, uh, [00:16:00] do their free press marathon. Um, I know that it just passed and it was virtual. So hopefully it will happen in 2021 it’s at the end of the year. So hopefully COVID will be, you know, not over, but somehow manageable by then.

[00:16:16] So if it is, I think Detroit is a good race that you should tackle. Um, Motown is also in Detroit. I actually visited Motown and it was, it was really cool, you know? I want to say really cool because they don’t let you take pictures of anything, which sucks, but it was nice to visit Motown. There’s a Berry Gordy way.

[00:16:37] You can take a picture under his sign and you know, it was a good experience. It wasn’t free, you know, but now you can take pictures inside Motown. I got an email a few months ago that they now allow that I’m like, Dang. Yeah, I’ll wait until after I visit Motown to take pictures, but they do have one room in the studio of Motown that you can go in.

[00:16:59] That’s the [00:17:00] only room that you can take pictures in, in Motown, but it’s just great to see where Diana Ross may music. Um, Michael Jackson, like a Stevie wonder, like all the greats were in that building. And I had a chance to go in that building and see it as well. Also in Detroit, they have a beautiful aquarium, um, on Belle Island.

[00:17:22] So when I was there, I rented a car. We didn’t stay downtown because. Listen, the prices for Detroit hotels are ridiculous, like three, $400 a night. I’m like, this is not my house. And why are the hotel room so much? So I stayed a little outside of the city by the airport and we rented a car and running a car is sometimes a way to go because it’s easier for you to explore.

[00:17:42] You don’t have to worry about paying for Uber. Is. Renting a car, a super cheap, like 40 bucks for the weekend. So that allowed us to see different things. We saw the aquarium, the Arboretum, all very beautiful on bell Island. So if you get a chance to visit Detroit, make [00:18:00] sure you check that out. And I’m just trying to give you guys different, you know, tips and tricks of things that I do and how I travel for racist.

[00:18:07] So hopefully, you know, when you go, you’re just not going for running. You’re going to explore and take in your surroundings as well. Um, I do have a blog post about the Detroit free press marathon, actually, quite a lot of these races. I blogged them. I did go through a period when I didn’t block. So some of them, I don’t have blog posts about, but I’m going to sleep the block pulse under the race name.

[00:18:30] So if you want to check on my experience, if you want to read about my experience, you could just scroll down right now and you can click on that to read about it. There. I’m number four on my list is the Narragansett summer running festival. And I mentioned this race in my last episode, and I really enjoyed this one.

[00:18:51] It was right outside of Boston. We stayed overnight in Boston and it’s just a really small race. I think it was [00:19:00] like under a thousand people and it’s, you know, close to bless them. That’s convenient. Um, they had race day packet pickup, which was nice. Um, the post race festival, it was really small. Let me tell y’all the race started or freaking parking lot behind someone’s apartment building.

[00:19:20] So it was a rinky-dink small race, but I liked it because the town was, you know, everyone was so friendly. And I mentioned this in the last episode that. I don’t usually stop at workstations that aren’t affiliated with the race. This race was in the summertime. I was burning up and I took a drink of water from someone that had a table set up outside of the house on the street.

[00:19:44] I was that thirsty, and I’m just, I’m always paranoid about taking things from people that aren’t affiliated with the race, but I felt safe enough in that town. Only because I, when we first started that race, I saw a church with an [00:20:00] LGBT flag outside. And that made me say to this. Town was okay with me because, you know, we were only a handful of black folks in that town, in the race.

[00:20:09] So, you know, when you’re one of the only ones you always have a little bit of a guard, you know, I wasn’t scared or anything, but always a little bit of a guard up. And, you know, we’re just, when you’re Brown, you’re aware of your surroundings and you just move accordingly. And that I said, but I felt safe enough in this town to drink from a stranger.

[00:20:27] And I’m still here. So it was okay. But the pollster rice festival was good. Uh, they have music. They didn’t have a lot of food. They had Kool-Aid in the Capri sun, uh, containers, uh, drink a bunch of those. I needed the whole suicide. It wasn’t good. Post-trade sustenance, but it was good at that time. And you know, it was, it was just a good race.

[00:20:51] They had beer. Everyone has beer. Why do y’all all have beer, please give me some hard liquor. Sometimes I want some hard liquor. When I finished towing on race. I don’t want any [00:21:00] beer, but they happier if you’re into that sort of thing. And it was just a good race to do. If you’re looking to run Massachusetts.

[00:21:09] And it’s close to the tri-state area. If you’re in the area and want to drive, or you can fly there, you know, it’s, I definitely recommend that race. It was it’s canceled for 2020, you know, there’s not much on the website there and there’s no info on 2021. So I’ll put the link of the race website below if you want to keep an eye on it.

[00:21:31] But as of right now, I don’t know what’s happening for this race in 2021, but it was a goodie. And if it does come back, I definitely recommend that you do it next up is the. Delaware marathon running festival. And y’all probably like how many doggone out of state races has this girl run? Yes, I am an experienced runner.

[00:21:51] I’m not the fastest one out there, but I have plenty of experience under my belt. So I am running a half marathon in the 50 [00:22:00] States. So I’ve just been checking these States off every year for a while. And I did this one in October of 2016. So a couple of years ago, Um, I did, this is also like a marathon weekend event.

[00:22:16] So I did the 5k, which was on a Saturday and I did the half marathon as well, which was on Sunday. And if you do there, um, Daredevil challenge event. I don’t know if that’s what they still called it, but that’s what they called it. Then you get an extra bonus metal and this year it was so cute. It had a little dabble on it.

[00:22:41] It’s a double even cute, but this one was actually pretty cute. Um, it was, uh, the bonus for doing the half marathon and the 5k. You also got the bonus with doing the 5k and the marathon cons for this race. I did drive in, but we stayed overnight because there was no, um, [00:23:00] race day packet pickups. So one of my friends actually, yeah.

[00:23:03] Um, came in as well, but he came in Saturday morning. So we, I picked up his packet for him and he was able to do it that way. So if you don’t know someone that’s doing the race, then. You know, you have to see if they have a mail and option or you have to get there, uh, Friday to pick up your packet before the race starts that weekend.

[00:23:24] So the, the course of the race is nice and scenic, not too hilly, it was, you know, up and down, but it goes through residential neighborhoods. It goes through beautiful parks. So I had no qualms about the, the race route. It was actually, yeah. Um, really nice. And this phrase is put on by, uh, Corrigan sports was also organizes the Baltimore running festival, which I’ve been trying to do for years, but sometimes always evades me.

[00:23:53] I think that’s the one with the crab metal. So yeah, I’ve heard pretty much nothing but good things about that race. So I will get to [00:24:00] it eventually when we start racing again. But yeah, they have a good post race festival and when I say good. I mean good. I mean, it doesn’t ha it didn’t have a lot of food, you know, I always remember the food, but it did have a beer area.

[00:24:16] Oh my God. Actually, this is my cup of water that I’m drinking. It is actually from this race. So they give you this nice beer. I don’t use it for beer. I’m using it for a lemon lime water, but they give you this nice glass in the beer garden to take home with you. So that was nice. I didn’t drink the beer, but I did get the glasses and I bring those home with me.

[00:24:39] Thank you very much. But yeah, I like this race. It’s well-organized the metals were dope. I didn’t have. Any complaints on this one, the Postmates festival was great at that. They put together a great event. So if you’re looking to knock Delaware off your list, definitely check out the Delaware math aren’t running festival.

[00:24:59] Next [00:25:00] up is the Hartford marathon. Now this race, I actually really. Enjoy this medal. It was really cute. I don’t know what this is. Forgive me hard for residents, but it is a monument in Hartford, but yeah, I thought they put a lot of thought into the metal. It was good. Um, packet pickup. I actually, I drove into the race, uh, the morning of, so it’s in the Tristate area.

[00:25:29] I think they can. They do. Malin. I’m not sure double check that on their website, but I had a friend pick up my race packet for me because I knew I wasn’t going to make it in time for that. The race was, you know, really good. I had, I was running really great this year, so I thought I was going to do well, but this course is Princey.

[00:25:49] Haley’s. So if you’re like me and don’t like a hilly course, um, this one may not be the race for you, but they do put on a really good event. [00:26:00] Um, the pulse race festival was nice. There was hot food. You know, I like my food, the food was hot, they was hot drinks. Um, I just think they did a really great job

[00:26:12] all

[00:26:12] Kim: [00:26:12] around for 2020.

[00:26:14] The race is a hundred percent virtual. It’s coming up pretty soon. And the race fee is only $25, which is donated in full to the events, race charities, um, which supports urgent, local needs. So I think if you like doing virtual races, this is actually a pretty good one to sign up for and definitely give it a shot if, um, You know, you like virtuals and you’re interested in doing a heart for half, but I definitely recommend this race when we start racing in person.

[00:26:45] Again, it was a great one for me to do. Number seven on my list is the Charleston marathon. And yeah. This race was actually really good because I have family in Charleston. [00:27:00] So it’s always great. When I get to go to a city and visit my family, I did this one in January of 2019, and it was chilly in Charleston, in January.

[00:27:11] So keep that in mind, you know, Charleston is, you know, usually pretty warm, but in January is one, sir, it is cold in Charleston. If you’re flying into the Charleston airport, it is a teeny tiny airport from the gate. You can see the curb. So yeah, it’s like a pretty good experience flying through there and getting out of there.

[00:27:30] You don’t have to get there super early because the airport is small. There’s not a lot of people in there and it’s just easy to get. In and out of that airport, I don’t believe there was real estate packet pickup because I had a family member pick up my package for me. This is like an ongoing theme with me.

[00:27:46] I have a family or friends pick up packets for me. So I’m pretty lucky in that Ricard the race. The start of the race was, um, in a neighborhood by a local school and the school was actually open. So we [00:28:00] were able to stay inside that school, stay warm. There were bathroom facilities. It was really good. And you know, that’s great because in New York we don’t have none of that.

[00:28:09] There’s no schools open. They don’t let you in the schools. They don’t want to use the bathrooms. You have to use your bathrooms before you get to the race or use a port-a-potty. So, you know, I like it that these. Races that are in different States from mine, you know, have these little amenities that we don’t have here.

[00:28:23] And a school is not really an amenity, but at a race, a warm place in an indoor bathroom is a great amenity to have. So I, I really enjoy the course. It was nice. It was scenic and ran through the Citadel in Charleston. So, you know, I got, I probably could’ve had a better time if I had to stop and think so many things which isn’t video, but, you know, it was my first time running through the site, the city.

[00:28:51] So it was just nice for me to take the sights in. And that’s my thing about me and running, you know, I never. I never did became, uh, [00:29:00] older onset age runner to run for speed. I run for the joy of it. You know, I’m not running for time, not winning any money at this. So I just run for fun. And for me, these trips helped me see a side of this country that I would never see.

[00:29:16] Cause when are you ever going to run through the downtown of any city? Quite, I mean, you probably. Won’t do it. So, you know, it’s just the opportunity up for me to see things from a runner perspective, which is a bonus. And it is a joy for me. One thing that I didn’t enjoy about running through, you know, every time, um, my family is from South Carolina, so I’ve gone to Charleston quite often, but when, you know, you go to downtown Charleston, there’s just like a little bit of a funk over the city because you see those like, Plantation style homes.

[00:29:52] When we were there, we ran by churches that, you know, they had the placards on the wall saying this was the site of the underground railroad. [00:30:00] So it’s just a little, just something comes over me. And I just feel the history and the, you know, the moment that. The moments that happen in these homes. I mean, you knew that there were slaves in these homes at one time.

[00:30:16] So it’s just like a little eerie feeling for me. And I don’t know if others feel this as well, but. Just, it’s just something running through places like that. And just one of the reasons why I really don’t like to go to downtown Charleston when I visit, you know, I stay in the country with my family. So yeah, I don’t like to see if that the slave blocks where they’re auction, you know, where they were auctioned off that’s in downtown Charleston and.

[00:30:43] It’s just something different running through cities like that, but, you know, it’s, it, it was good scenery. Other than that, it was by the water. You saw the Citadel, it was nice. And they had a great post race festival. It was, uh, I don’t know where it was. It was a little [00:31:00] outside of downtown. It was near the water, but they had shrimp and grits and I am probably the only black person that you’ll meet that does not like grits.

[00:31:09] Yeah. And I don’t care how your momma makes it. I don’t care how much butter she puts it in. I don’t care if she puts sugar in it. I don’t like the taste of Grant’s. They’re disgusting. Don’t kill me, but I don’t like it. I’ve tasted it. People say, try it this way. Try that. I just, I don’t like the taste of grids.

[00:31:26] It does just it’s like avocado. You either like avocado or you don’t. I don’t like grits. So I ate the shrimp out of the grids. I threw the grits out, but they have food trucks there to purchase food. I think there was beer as well. I don’t quite remember. I think they have beer as well, but don’t quote me on that.

[00:31:44] But yeah, the, the festival was nice. The only thing that I don’t like is that it was a point to point race. So we had to wait for a bus to take us back to the start line, which was 30 miles away. To, um, to get back to my car. So that’s the [00:32:00] only thing that I didn’t like about the race, but other than that, I would recommend you run Charleston.

[00:32:04] They have a half and a marathon and they put on a pretty good race. So it gets my check. It gets my stamp of approval. Okay. People we’re almost done next up. Number nine on my list is the race in Atlanta, Georgia, and it is called the race. I’m sorry for you guys watching this, but it won’t focus on this race metal maybe because it’s just so beautiful.

[00:32:32] So you see the red, black, and green, the pan African colors. So this is a race it’s called the race in Atlanta. It’s for us by us. This is a black owned and operated race. The race director is black. The creators of this race are black. So this is. 2020 would have been its third year running. It was a virtual this year.

[00:32:54] Um, 2018 was year one of the race and they actually started off the race with a [00:33:00] Kickstarter program. So. Many many people donated to the race and the amount donated was actually put toward your race registration fee. Right? So some of, you know, many don’t, but I have a company called run the soul and we plan run cations, running and vacation at the same time.

[00:33:19] We’re not doing any of that right now, of course, due to COVID, but, you know, run the soul. We contributed big. So they are first. Year. And we were, you know, a part of that building of the legacy. So I liked this race. I’ve done it for the past two years in person. And this race is great because it’s a three-day weekend.

[00:33:39] It starts on Thursday. So they have a welcome party on Thursday. They have, um, Friday expo. The expo is actually Thursday and Friday. So they had the expo on Friday and there’s entertainment throughout this expo and race. It is probably one of the better expos that you are going to attend. It’s not huge, but [00:34:00] it’s quality vendors, all black owned businesses are there and you know, it’s just a good time.

[00:34:07] You know, it’s nice to be around a bunch of black folks running, you know, we don’t see I’m, I’m the minority. I travel a lot to run and you know, I’m one of, not many that look like me at the race. So it’s nice to go to a race and see all of your people. And it’s like a family, it’s the run, a family reunion of the year for black people.

[00:34:28] So that’s one of the reasons why. I really enjoy the race. Now, if you have run in Atlanta before Atlanta is not easy to run in, it is hilly. So if you don’t like Hills, this race is not for you. It is a non-stop up and down up. Up up and up some more and down, you know, it is very hilly race. Um, but that’s part of the fun and you already know that going into Liliana.

[00:34:55] So every time I run in Atlanta, I say, why do I put myself through this [00:35:00] torture? And I keep doing it again. And again, I’m like, that’s what a crazy part. That’s the definition of crazy. Right. So yeah, I’ve run, um, in Atlanta, not only this phrase, other races as well, Atlanta. Atlanta is like my second home. I’m always there.

[00:35:13] So it makes sense that I keep running this race. Like I said, previously, it was a virtual for this year. Um, we don’t know if it’s coming back. I’m sure it’s coming back in next year. We didn’t know if it’s going to be virtual or not as we don’t know with many races, but keep the race. On your list of must-dos some run the state of Georgia.

[00:35:39] And although it’s a black owned and operated race, it’s not just black folks. If, if you’re another race, come on down and run with us as well. You know, we, we welcome everyone. So yeah. Don’t bring your holds on family, but a few of you can come to the race, but yeah, all are welcome and, you know, just come and [00:36:00] have a good time and see what it’s like to get down and party with some black folks and just enjoy yourself at this race.

[00:36:07] It is a goodie. Now I mentioned in. The last race that I have a company called run the soul and we do run cations. So this is one of our run cations that we, we did for like three years straight. And it is run Barbados and I love Barbados and I love doing this. Race weekend. Now the racist start on Friday.

[00:36:29] They have a fun mile, which runs the rule downtown Barbados at night time. It starts at eight o’clock. So it’s like pitch black. You got all these people who run it through downtown Barbados and it’s freaking awesome. Um, on Saturday they have the 5k and the  and, um, I did this one 2016, 2017 and 2018, but in 2016, I did, uh, Three races.

[00:36:55] So I did the five K that year and they [00:37:00] give a, all of their metals are really, really nice. I also did the 10 K that year. I actually did four races. Not three. You grow can count right now. And the half marathon was my half marathon. Okay. I’m missing the half marathon, but I don’t know where it is. I did the half marathon as well.

[00:37:22] I can’t

[00:37:22] find

[00:37:23] Kim: [00:37:23] the better, but I didn’t have marathon. And if you do, Oh, they have three different challenges. The gold challenge, the sober challenge and the brunch challenge, you get a great bonus metal. So this one was for the silver challenge. That’s why the metal is silver for the gold challenge. If you do the marathon and two other events, you get the gold medal and the bronze medal is.

[00:37:46] I dunno, I think it’s for the one mile and the 5k and the half. So. It’s a great marathon weekend. You know, it’s great for a run cation just to get away to run and to have listen. [00:38:00] Barbados is DMEs South America. It is hot. So you’re going to get your tan on girls and guys, but the race starts at 5:00 AM in the morning.

[00:38:09] So it is P this is the, um, the half marathon and marathon on Sunday. It starts at 5:00 AM. It is pitch black that morning, and you start at 5:00 AM to beat. The heat. It is hot in Barbados. So. It is, um, it’s great to start that early. So we were like a two and a half marathon, like make your dump by like seven 30 and the sun is coming up like six 30.

[00:38:31] It’s hot as six 30. It is hot in Barbados. So keep that in mind when you’re running there. But the Saturday races, the five candidates, 10 K those start at 4:00 PM. I believe. So. It’s like right. You know, around sunset time. So it’s not that bad and you’re coming back it’s the sun is set. So yeah, I really like, um, these, this marathon weekend it’s put on by a family in Barbados.

[00:38:58] It’s very well [00:39:00] organized. You know, they take care of us when we go, because we come with a group of people and, you know, I just love to show support to this race. And this Island is kind of like, come become a second. Well, third home Atlanta is my second home. Everybody else will be my third home, but yeah, I just loved that race.

[00:39:18] If you’re looking to do an international race, when it’s warm, it’s in the beginning of December. So it’s, it’s a great time to get away, like right before the holidays, Christmas. So. I’d definitely recommend you check out, run Barbados. It was, it didn’t happen this year, of course, due to COVID, but hopefully it’ll be back in December of 2021.

[00:39:40] Okay. Last and certainly not least. I just want to give an honorable mention to this race because. New York Roadrunners is kind of in the shits right now. I don’t really want to promote them, but I’ve done this race quite a few times and it is the Brooklyn half marathon. And you know, [00:40:00] if you want to come to New York and do a half marathon, Brooklyn hap is the one to do, you know, Brooklyn half is the biggest half marathon in the States.

[00:40:11] It’s like, I don’t know, 40. 30 40,000 people, something ridiculous like that. But you know, I I’m giving an it an honorable mention because it is such a huge race and I’ve done it like five times. Why didn’t I do it like five times? You know, it was good at the beginning because it starts on Eastern Parkway.

[00:40:31] You know, and then it goes down. I forget the name of the streets, but it ends up in a, so like park, you run around the park, you come out of the park, he runs out on shit Avenue and it finishes on the boardwalk in Coney Island, which is kind of Epic. Um, it’s not, I used to come from out of state and do that for the first time I’ve done this.

[00:40:49] So many times that it’s just old to me right now. So, you know, I’m not super excited about it anymore, but if you’re coming from out of state or if you haven’t done a half marathon [00:41:00] before, then I think the Brooklyn half is a good one to do because it’s pretty flat the entire way. The only part that is a little bit hilly is when you’re in the park and it’s, it’s really not that bad.

[00:41:09] It’s for someone who hates Hills to say, it’s not that bad, then it’s really not that bad, but. Yeah, definitely check out Brooklyn half marathon. If you’re looking to do a half marathon in the state of New York. Wow. All right. So I hope you enjoy my little breakdown of my. 10 top 10 favorite races to run.

[00:41:33] Um, hopefully, you know, I know this year has been crazy. I’m running, racing has been canceled, but hopefully we can get back to some sort of running in 2021. And if you take, uh, my recommendations, please let me know how you liked it. You know, you can add me on Instagram, str8kim S T R 8 K I M or at The Run Wave on Instagram.

[00:41:57] They’re both me. I’ll answer The Run Wave or [00:42:00] str8Kim. No turns over here, all the DMS coming to me. So let me know how you enjoy these races. If you’re going to participate in the virtuals, let me know how that, when how’s the swag for the races, the shirts, the metals, you know, I’m all about. You know, the bling, this part of racing, we get the blame, but yeah.

[00:42:22] Thank you for tuning into this episode of The Run Wave Podcast. I hope you enjoyed it. And. I dunno. I said that we would get back to in-person interviews, but it’s just hard right now. I don’t know if I want to take the risk of meeting when people in person, you know, with COVID still going on. It’s just, it’s, it’s a balancing act and I’m trying to figure out how to do it.

[00:42:46] So we may, I hate doing the zoom interviews, but. I may have to go back to doing the zoom interviews. Y’all might begin a second hair on my boys, but y’all still here. So you’re not sick in here in my place, but [00:43:00] yes. Thank you again for tuning into the show. Don’t forget to like the show, subscribe to the show.

[00:43:06] And if you’re listening on Apple podcast, squirrel down to the bottom and please rate the show five stars, it helps me, you know, it helps to recommend the shelter to other people and it helps. This little runway and some of the charts last week, we had listeners in Tanzania. How crazy is that? But you know, I’m just Japan as well.

[00:43:26] It’s like, it’s crazy. I don’t know. The Run Wave is growing. Y’all so grow with me and, you know, let’s keep this ride going. So thank you again for tuning in and I’ll catch you on the next one later. Thank you so much for tuning into the show. Be sure to subscribe to the show and wait on your favorite podcast app and leave us a review of the show on Apple podcasts.

[00:43:51] It would have really helped me out. If you are a runner that has a story to tell,

[00:43:55] and

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