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Run, Race, Vote featuring Michael Martinez

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In this episode of The Run Wave Podcast, Kim is talking NYC Marathon 26.2 racers, another in person road race, this time from the Atlanta Track Club.  Michael Martinez joins in with his race recap.  Last but not least, vote like your life depends on it!

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More About This Episode

Episode Transcription

[00:00:00] Kim: [00:00:00] 26.2 virtual racing, 10 Mil and 5k in-person racing. Let’s talk the virtual of New York city marathon and the PNC 10 miler and 5k featuring Michael Martinez.

[00:00:26] Hey everybody. Welcome back to another episode of The Run Wave Podcast. I am your host Kim. And if this is your first time listening, welcome to the show. If you are a return listener, welcome back to the show. I hope that you will stick around and yeah. Ride this wave with me today is a very important day in America.

[00:00:50] It is election day 2020. So if you are within the sound of my voice, you’re hearing this wonderful podcast and you have not cast it. [00:01:00] You’re a boat. Let this. Gorgeous squeaky voice of mine. Get you to the polls so you can vote like your life depended on it because it does. I, myself am voting on election day.

[00:01:15] I am happy to be doing it. I am proud to fulfill my civic duty and get to the polls and vote. For Biden and Harris. Sorry, I had voted for it. It’s my show. I can vote and tell who I want to vote for. So yeah, this is just one of the most important elections of our life. And I just want to make sure that I am doing my duty to my listeners.

[00:01:39] You don’t have the bullet Biden and Harris. You can vote for whomever. You’d like. But just make sure you get out to the polls and vote because every vote counts. So today is a very special show because I haven’t had a guest on this show in a long time. So I saw a lot of my friends down in Atlanta, they were posting their [00:02:00] metals from a race that I had no idea was going on because I unsubscribed from Atlanta track club emails.

[00:02:07] If you saw that episode a few weeks ago, about a ladder track club. Yeah. I had to. Unsubscribe from those emails. So it was a shock and a surprise and a good surprise to me that a race was happening in person down in Atlanta. So I sent a text over to my friend, Michael Martinez, and I said, you know, would you like to come on The Run Wave Podcast and talk about your experience?

[00:02:30] And, you know, he was a little reluctant to do it, but where people, so, and I talked him into it. Yeah. So let’s get into my interview with mr. 26.2 Michael Martinez. Hey, please. Welcome mr. Michael Martinez to the show. Hey Mike,

[00:02:50] Michael: [00:02:50] how

[00:02:51] Kim: [00:02:51] are ya?

[00:02:56] What was that? [00:03:00] You? What are you

[00:03:01] Michael: [00:03:01] nervous? How are you?

[00:03:03] Kim: [00:03:03] I’m doing well long time. No, you’re a little nervous

[00:03:07] Michael: [00:03:07] mr.

[00:03:08] Kim: [00:03:08] I give speeches. I have parties. I’m the life of the party is nervous. I can’t believe it.

[00:03:14] Michael: [00:03:14] It’s been a minute.

[00:03:17] Kim: [00:03:17] It has been a minute. A hot minute. So tell our audience a little bit about yourself. Who, who are you and where are you

[00:03:27] Michael: [00:03:27] from?

[00:03:29] Oh, well, my name is Michael Martinez, of course. Um, I’m originally from New York city and, uh, kinda migrated to Atlanta from, to Virginia, to Atlanta and, um, Hmm, but that’s about all I got right now. You know,

[00:03:49] Kim: [00:03:49] how long have you been in Atlanta?

[00:03:51] Michael: [00:03:51] Uh, since freak me 94,

[00:03:55] Kim: [00:03:55] listen, don’t be telling people about freak.

[00:03:59] He let them know [00:04:00] how old we are.

[00:04:02] Michael: [00:04:02] Oh, wow.

[00:04:05] Kim: [00:04:05] Wait. So you went down for freaking that can never went back home.

[00:04:08] Michael: [00:04:08] No, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah. I just happened to be here at 94 Freaknik months. Long story was in Virginia. Wasn’t doing a lot with my son. Well, my mom bought me a one way ticket to Atlanta and happened to be, uh, March 94 and Freaknik was in April and others.

[00:04:35] Kim: [00:04:35] How do you even remember when Freaknik was?

[00:04:37] Michael: [00:04:37] I remember, I mean, I remember when I moved that one way,

[00:04:44] there was a lot, it wasn’t Freaknik nigga was the thing that led me up to Freaknik, so,

[00:04:48] Kim: [00:04:48] wow. So you’ve been in Atlanta for a minute. You’re not even in New York anymore year. And what did they call y’all at Liam at, at Lannon? What did they call y’all

[00:05:00] [00:05:00] Michael: [00:05:00] Allianz?

[00:05:01] Kim: [00:05:01] Is that what it is?

[00:05:03] Michael: [00:05:03] 18?

[00:05:05] Kim: [00:05:05] Why did I think it was at Leanne’s or whatever?

[00:05:08] So,

[00:05:08] Michael: [00:05:08] yeah.

[00:05:12] Kim: [00:05:12] Yes, yes.

[00:05:15] Michael: [00:05:15] So I’ll tell you a quick story. So yes, so. In Atlanta, they say, you know, Hey, this is Mike from New York. And in New York, they say, Hey, this is Mike from Atlanta. So no one wants to claim me

[00:05:37] Kim: [00:05:37] because you’ve been in Atlanta damn near 20 years. And you still sound like a new Yorker,

[00:05:42] Michael: [00:05:42] right? So w w what can I do?

[00:05:46] Kim: [00:05:46] But when, once you been gone like 15 years, we ain’t claiming you no more.

[00:05:54] Michael: [00:05:54] First the fat boys break up.

[00:06:01] [00:06:00] Kim: [00:06:01] But look, when I met you, look at you. When I met you, you were Mike from Atlanta. I didn’t even know you were from New York. Everyone knows you as Atlanta, right? Well, in the running community. It’s grown on. So, so when I met you, you were a runner, you were doing other things on the side. So what are you up to now, professionally?

[00:06:32] How are you making your coins?

[00:06:35] Michael: [00:06:35] Oh, well, you know, you know, I’m a little diversified now, you know, I’m into. You know, different businesses right now while I was, uh, so, you know, of course, you know, I was, my first thought entrepreneurship was doing t-shirts and that went along for a while until I got bro.

[00:06:59] Kim: [00:06:59] This is [00:07:00] mr. This is mr. Ron fam. If y’all didn’t know. He’s missing the USA. Yes. Okay.

[00:07:10] Michael: [00:07:10] Fam and then, um, so you know, when into. Insurance, uh, degraded that now that’s more automated now, now, um, building into about four different businesses, mainly in, uh, credit restoration, credit repair, helping people buy, you know, homes that have some credit challenges and caused some business credit also.

[00:07:34] Um, Uh, stepping into real estate, investing wholesale real estate, um, and shoot, you know, fix a food shoot different forms of real estate as well. So, you know, just trying to stay busy as well.

[00:07:49] Kim: [00:07:49] So you really are.

[00:07:51] Michael: [00:07:51] And then we go, we got to crank up the t-shirt. It again, but it’s going to be, you know, it’s not going to be like, like it was before.

[00:08:00] [00:07:59] Why

[00:08:00] Kim: [00:08:00] I miss, I miss you. We miss you and running for real, because it’s like, you kinda, you you’re making your way back, but you kinda left. And I think there there’s been like a void in the running community since you’ve kind of taken a step

[00:08:19] Michael: [00:08:19] back.

[00:08:23] Kim: [00:08:23] I think so.

[00:08:24] Michael: [00:08:24] No, I guess, I wouldn’t know. I really, I wouldn’t know because I wasn’t there, but I mean, you know, Hey, listen, you know, the way I think of it, you know, we had, we had a really great time.

[00:08:35] It’s like the way I think about it. Sometimes it’s like, you know, high school and college or high school, you go through four years. Then you go to college or you go to, you know, do something else. And for me, that’s what it was. It was like, you know, I went through this one thing and that, you know, which is, I love the running community.

[00:08:53] I love it is a part of me and forever will be from everything that I was able to [00:09:00] create and where I’m going at. Now, a lot of this started from just ideas and creations that I got from there. Um, however, it, it just, as far as. Living, it wasn’t enough money.

[00:09:17] It wasn’t enough money to keep that same lifestyle because I didn’t want it. My, my goal was to do what you love and all of that. So I was doing that. However, the coins wasn’t there. So I had to recreate myself, reinvent myself, and you know, now we move in on, you know, w we wanted the next, nobody, you know, so then we’d make room.

[00:09:38] People who want it, the new people that come up, you know,

[00:09:41] Kim: [00:09:41] I guess,

[00:09:48] Michael: [00:09:48] you know, that’s what that is though.

[00:09:50] Kim: [00:09:50] So a lot of them talked

[00:09:52] Michael: [00:09:52] in a long time, you know,

[00:09:53] Kim: [00:09:53] I know because you’ve been ghost

[00:09:58] Michael: [00:09:58] well, You still [00:10:00] have my phone number?

[00:10:01] Kim: [00:10:01] I, you have my phone number. Shoot, listen, we have each other. Lola, it’s been a, it’s been a, a minute. We keep in touch here and there. You know how you do what was going on?

[00:10:12] Blah, blah, blah. I see a little more face on the internet. That’s

[00:10:15] Michael: [00:10:15] it?

[00:10:17] Kim: [00:10:17] Yes. And I like seeing people. What. No,

[00:10:23] Michael: [00:10:23] I don’t really want to say that. I don’t even want to say, you know, but anyway, so yeah, I’m loving with you with the head. This is the one, you know, let, let, let, let, let, let, let

[00:10:33] Kim: [00:10:33] no. What were you going to say?

[00:10:35] You don’t think people know that we’re as cool as we are.

[00:10:38] Michael: [00:10:38] Probably maybe not, you know, we, you know, behind the scenes, man, we made a lot of, you know, we created a lot of things, you know,

[00:10:47] Kim: [00:10:47] that is true. And they don’t know that about three, four years ago. It was our birthday when we were out for Mike’s birthday and he had me on that door going hookah.

[00:10:59] In the [00:11:00] club amongst, amongst other things. And my ass was laid out. I was laid out the next day all day. Listen, I have vertigo. I was that’s the last time I had hookah that night.

[00:11:18] Michael: [00:11:18] I know you were saying that hookah, that hooker, that’s all I remember that hookah and I’m like, damn, that must have been that.

[00:11:25] Kim: [00:11:25] No, they put something in now hookah because they, I was gone. But yeah, that was a good time. We had some good hanging out times down in

[00:11:33] the

[00:11:33] Michael: [00:11:33] eighties, for sure.

[00:11:36] Kim: [00:11:36] So I want you to tell a little bit about your story, how you got started. Well, not how you start. Well, kind of how you started running and how the, how you created run FAMs.

[00:11:48] I’ll tell our audience about that race that run fam came out from, you know, the one when you were running and the people running

[00:11:58] Michael: [00:11:58] that. [00:12:00] Yeah. You know, depending on who your audience is, everybody probably heard this.

[00:12:05] Kim: [00:12:05] Everybody listen. We’re, we’re a why baby? We got people all over us.

[00:12:10] Michael: [00:12:10] Okay. Yes. Okay. So, so I had, uh, gained a lot of weight.

[00:12:18] I. Um, Ross way. And I found the running community. I had, you know, I was in the clubs, you know, that my life was the clubs going into the club. That, that that’s what I did. And I had to transition. So. Um, in that transition, I was, and I go through these sometimes every, so many years where now I’m lonely, you know, because now I’m trying to lose weight and get healthy.

[00:12:44] So I’m going to in-between point, the people were going to the clubs and not doing this. Um, and I don’t even know the fitness people, so I’m in the middle and I’m lonely. And then somehow I found black men run. And, uh, I was able to run with, run with them. They keep [00:13:00] everything up and through back black men run, I was able to discover this whole running community with all these black people.

[00:13:10] Wow. People really do this. So I changed my, my, my night life into a more of a morning life where we was running races. We had runs every Saturday morning, Wednesday night. You know, and I was able to do that. And then I had somebody had told me, I had ran a marathon on all my own, like this is before, even that one where I was wearing cotton, you know, getting all these rashes and all that.

[00:13:39] And, um, somebody has said, they said, uh, you know, you know how to, you know, how to. The running snobs, because it took forever to run that race. You know what I’m saying? Like I thought about taking a train, you know, by the time I got there, wasn’t nobody there. Nobody, nobody. I said, yo, I was like, I made it back.

[00:13:58] I said, yo, that’s what, I [00:14:00] guess it was the race. I said, yo, where’s the metal deck. He was a hold on, hold on. He went to the back of the van somewhere. I’m mean the finish line was going on. He went to the van of some, somewhere, you know, shook me the metal. I was like, yeah. If somebody had told me, Hey, you didn’t finish, you didn’t finish.

[00:14:19] You’re not a marathoner. No, I was crushed

[00:14:31] the marathon, so they know I’ll say, you know what, I’m going to run. Publix. Publix was the next one. And all these people were like, why would you run that as a marathon? Why would you I’m like, I don’t know. Well, I’m in it, I’m in it. And, you know, with what I went through, whatever, and, um, you know, got a lot of support from the community.

[00:14:50] Um, along the way, as my, you know, started learning people in Atlanta, how much this running community was doing, and it just felt the energy and the vibe in the. [00:15:00] Oh support that I was getting. I didn’t see any other thing that was out there, which it was probably a lot that wouldn’t, you know, that went over my head, but it was just this, the support that people would give me.

[00:15:10] And I went and ran that marathon and, um, it was tough. It was in a rain. And, um, I got to one point, man, like almost at the end of the race, man, it’s about 20, 30 people, 20, 30 people out there waiting on me. I’m like, man, A way more me ran me through. I was, I was just stuck. I had cramps everywhere. I really wanted to give up at that time.

[00:15:36] And then the inspiration that people gave me from all of these running groups, black and white, that, that were out there. And it just gave me this. I don’t know. It felt like, I don’t know, just push me to a point where. I was like, Oh my God, I was able to get up, run through the race, run through that finish line.

[00:15:56] And I did it and I looked back. I was like, wow, this [00:16:00] is what they mean by run fam. This is, this is run fast. And, um, you know, I never forget it. And ever since then, I was like, yo, this is run fam is my life. You know, because I’ve never gotten any, I never really felt too much inspiration, positivity that affected me.

[00:16:19] It’s such a way as I did at that at the time. And I was just say, yo, I’m dedicated to this. And, and I went about that through that way and saw kind of, I saw certain voids. In the running community that you know, me and you, me and, uh, me and Damon Davis used to talk a lot rules. Like, you know, it was just certain things that we saw that, you know, we, we kind of wanted to add to, and then I used a lot of stuff that I can witness probably from my nights in the nightclub and then the t-shirts and everything.

[00:16:55] And the things that I saw that wasn’t there. I was like, Hey, well, why don’t we try this? [00:17:00] And I don’t know, was that was that that’s pretty much it.

[00:17:04] Kim: [00:17:04] Let’s say you started a movement because even to this day, people use the term run fam and some people don’t even know where it came from. Well,

[00:17:15] Michael: [00:17:15] I know, I didn’t know.

[00:17:16] I didn’t create that word

[00:17:19] Kim: [00:17:19] who created

[00:17:20] Michael: [00:17:20] it. I didn’t create, I was, I didn’t create that word now. I did not. No, I did not. I’m

[00:17:30] Kim: [00:17:30] telling you.

[00:17:32] Michael: [00:17:32] Now what I did come up with, I was trying to figure out a way to connect with them. I was trying, I was try hard. I was creating, and then it had the Detroit versus everybody.

[00:17:47] And I sat in a one day. I just walked. I felt like something just could be in my head. I said, wait a minute, no, this run verse everybody. And I’ll wait with debt. And that was [00:18:00] the thing that. That’s how you contacted me for sure. At that time. That was when that was. That was because it was running fan first.

[00:18:10] Everybody now I did not, I didn’t, you know, everybody, but I’m the one who put that slogan together, which kind of. I guess maybe let some, uh, you know, less than fire up, you know,

[00:18:23] Kim: [00:18:23] I’m going to put it out there that you did create the term run fan because I ain’t heard it before you put it out there. The vs.

[00:18:30] Everybody.

[00:18:31] Michael: [00:18:31] Yes. But

[00:18:32] Kim: [00:18:32] the run, the run fam, I didn’t hear about any run fan before.

[00:18:37] Michael: [00:18:37] Well,

[00:18:39] Kim: [00:18:39] wait,

[00:18:40] Michael: [00:18:40] if I took praise to that right now, it’s going to be people that’s going to be. Oh, people won’t be like, man, what’s he talking about? But no, I would never, yo, I would never, I can’t claim that I’m

[00:18:52] Kim: [00:18:52] giving it to you. But have you noticed, have you noticed, I know you’ve been out of the loop, but I’ve been wearing a lot of [00:19:00] your shirts on this show.

[00:19:01] Um,

[00:19:02] Michael: [00:19:02] I catch a few of them and, you know, I mean, I, I love it, man. You know what I’m saying? And I be wanting to say something every time. Like, like not only you, every time I see somebody in this field, it makes me feel good. You know, even like that fishery road, race design that I be seeing around. But, uh, but no, I appreciate that.

[00:19:23] I appreciate that, man. I really appreciate it. Like, I be like, damn.

[00:19:28] Kim: [00:19:28] She’s still

[00:19:30] Michael: [00:19:30] like, yo, she’s still rocking that joint. I’m like, I,

[00:19:34] Kim: [00:19:34] I haven’t, I have every shirt that I’ve ever gotten from you. I have all of my hoodies at zip-up hoodie with you had the straight, the run, the sole and the straight Kim on the side.

[00:19:46] That’s my favorite. I have all that stuff.

[00:19:50] Michael: [00:19:50] Okay.

[00:19:50] Kim: [00:19:50] You left your Mark?

[00:19:51] Michael: [00:19:51] Yeah. Yeah, it was. Well there now, then I did my job.

[00:19:56] Kim: [00:19:56] You did judge. I, you should, you should come back and keep [00:20:00] doing your job cause we miss you.

[00:20:06] Michael: [00:20:06] I

[00:20:07] Kim: [00:20:07] know.

[00:20:07] Michael: [00:20:07] I wish I did. You know. Well, here’s the thing, here’s the thing. Here’s the thing I’m gonna tell you about that, about that and what I, what I tell people all the time. Well not, I tell people all the time. What I realized is that. Mom market they’ll push past the black run community so much. So what happened was.

[00:20:28] So, what I did was really this comment in our room that black run community, because they supported me so hard, you know, but it just, that community is just not big enough to, for me to pay the bills and I need to pay with my type of bills and live still being the racist, which is a whole nother thing where.

[00:20:53] True. I started gaining weight because I’m making sure it’s for the bag on racist. I can’t even trade. So it was [00:21:00] like a gift, you know what I’m saying? So like for real, so yeah, I

[00:21:08] Kim: [00:21:08] got it. I understand. No, I understand. I still miss it though. Okay. So let’s get into the reason why I asked you to be on this show other than to tell your story, which is a great story.

[00:21:21] I love listening to it, but I saw all of the run, not all love, but a whole lot of the Atlanta run community. Where at the PNC, what is it called? The PNC Atlanta 10 miler five.

[00:21:36] Michael: [00:21:36] P and C H T L 10 model of 5k, which they, I think they reduced the 2.4, 2.54, if I’m not mistaken.

[00:21:46] Kim: [00:21:46] Wait, what? It was 2.5, four miles.

[00:21:50] Michael: [00:21:50] Yeah, I think it was just the one lab, you know, they had to do because I don’t. I guess there was no way for people to make the people come back. I don’t know what the deal was. [00:22:00] 2.54 got reduced. So if you ran that 5k, you really ran it. I believe it was 2.510.

[00:22:08] Kim: [00:22:08] And Atlanta track club put on this event, right?

[00:22:10] Michael: [00:22:10] Atlanta track club. Yes. Which was notorious for them. Dag-gone Hills.

[00:22:17] Kim: [00:22:17] So this was like, was this your first in-person race? Since the pandemic jumped off?

[00:22:24] Michael: [00:22:24] This is my first race,

[00:22:26] Kim: [00:22:26] your first race.

[00:22:28] Michael: [00:22:28] And no, this is my first race since Berlin 2018,

[00:22:34] Kim: [00:22:34] two years ago.

[00:22:36] Michael: [00:22:36] Yeah.

[00:22:40] Kim: [00:22:40] Wow. So you really been, uh, gone, gone, gone.

[00:22:52] So when did you register for this race?

[00:22:55] Michael: [00:22:55] I’m registered? Uh, maybe two months ago. And

[00:22:59] Kim: [00:22:59] how was the [00:23:00] registration process? Because of like I know in New York, They’re just like starting out with the in-person races and it’s a very small amount of people that get invited to do them. So how did you, was it like an open registration?

[00:23:15] Michael: [00:23:15] Well, will, the registration was open and which is the reason, cause I didn’t, wasn’t interested in running any virtuals and I did need something to kind of kickstart my 20, 21 wall. You know my goals and, uh, so yeah, it was, it was like, yo is want to be an in-person raise. They set it up or what it was is that, so you pick the time that you wanted to run.

[00:23:40] And it was like, I think 25 people, um, at each point. So my time was eight Oh five. I came late. Of course. Um, but it was 20. They had to set up with six. They had six feet apart and six feet, you know, [00:24:00] what’s the, they where they had, I guess he had slots for 25 people. I’ve never, I hadn’t seen one full of 25.

[00:24:08] Maybe it was a few of them in the beginning. But when I came, I think mine was, uh, it was about nine people or maybe less. Um, when I

[00:24:18] Kim: [00:24:18] went, Oh, it was like a corral,

[00:24:22] Michael: [00:24:22] it wasn’t a corral. It was just like, It was just like, uh, cold. So it was like, uh, like one cone and one cone, six feet apart. And then each time it was six feet.

[00:24:38] So it was at the Michelin Raceway, which is a motorcycle and car, um, racetrack.

[00:24:45] Kim: [00:24:45] So how did they do packet pickup? Was it beforehand? Was it on race day?

[00:24:50] Michael: [00:24:50] There was no pattern. Well, okay. There was no, there was no packet pickup. Um, You will go get, so you will have to, you had to online, you had to [00:25:00] sign a, um, fill out, uh, you know, I guess one of those forms it’d be like, yo, wait, nothing waiver.

[00:25:11] Kim: [00:25:11] You are y’all you, you know, you know, on us

[00:25:16] Michael: [00:25:16] bourbon. Hey.

[00:25:32] Kim: [00:25:32] They way they act like y’all was out there sky dive in, like 

[00:25:37] Michael: [00:25:37] they wasn’t, they was like, yo y’all, ain’t gonna get nobody out of us. Cool. So, you know what, um, so yeah, you did that and then you went there and they had your, uh, you picked up your bid. And then you would take your bed and go to the area. You know, they had the areas, you know, they had the areas, they did, [00:26:00] it was safe.

[00:26:00] If we want to say, you know what I’m saying? It was like, it wasn’t no corral and up. And then it was like, and they were already in the, um, in the thing, it was like, yo, there’s no Aster. You know how we used to do all these pictures and hanging out,

[00:26:16] they had it set up, you know, so it was pretty cool. Um, as far as that went, then when you got your metal, um, they, they gave out a messenger bag. Yeah. Yeah. So to give out a message, a bag in the head, just snacks and whatever, and the metal in the bags, and then you get your bag and they have some water and Gatorade out there.

[00:26:38] You get your bag and just keep it moving.

[00:26:41] Kim: [00:26:41] Well, you know, I had a gripe with Atlanta track club about giving out the metal foot of Peachtree road race at the doggone expo. And I told them about it.

[00:26:50] Michael: [00:26:50] I’m sure you did.

[00:26:51] Kim: [00:26:51] You didn’t listen to the episode, did you?

[00:26:54] Michael: [00:26:54] No, but I kinda got, I, you know, I know

[00:26:57] Kim: [00:26:57] I told them about giving that damn metal [00:27:00] at the expo.

[00:27:01] Nobody wants their metal at the expo, but this is a COVID time race. So I can understand about them. Put in the metal in the bag. That’s a good touch. Atlanta track club, Atlanta track club. You got a kudos from me.

[00:27:14] Michael: [00:27:14] Atlanta track club is probably. Excited right now. They ain’t gotta hear it from you right now.

[00:27:19] Kim: [00:27:19] So, so during the raise, so you started at eight Oh five. How did the next group start? Were they like,

[00:27:28] Michael: [00:27:28] I think it was every 10, 15 minutes.

[00:27:34] Kim: [00:27:34] So it’s really not possible to like, did people

[00:27:37] Michael: [00:27:37] try to keep up with it in five minutes? It was every five to 10 minutes, I believe is every five to 10 minutes. Yes.

[00:27:45] Kim: [00:27:45] And did you have to run with a mask?

[00:27:48] Michael: [00:27:48] No. So they wanted you to wear the mask there, but as long as you were running, you didn’t have to have the mask on.

[00:27:55] Kim: [00:27:55] So, how did you keep, did, were people like respecting distance [00:28:00] on the course? Yeah,

[00:28:03] Michael: [00:28:03] like it was wide enough to where someone, some guy I’m respecting your distance. Okay. Thank you. Uh, thanks for letting me know that you’re six feet over there.

[00:28:18] Know, I didn’t know. I thought you were three feet. I’m like, okay. So yeah.

[00:28:26] Kim: [00:28:26] Wait, so you pick,

[00:28:30] Michael: [00:28:30] yeah. People would just, you know, of course it was, it was passing you. It was, it wasn’t always, but I mean, you can always just veer off, you know? Oh, Oh, Whoa. You know,

[00:28:43] so, but, but for the most part, for the most, so most of the time, it wasn’t no people weren’t like that.

[00:28:50] Kim: [00:28:50] And how was the course? Is it always at this race track or is this like,

[00:28:56] Michael: [00:28:56] they’ve only, they did this because of

[00:28:58] Kim: [00:28:58] COVID. [00:29:00] So did you just loop the racetrack? Like, what was it.

[00:29:04] Michael: [00:29:04] Yeah. So yeah, you looked at three times.

[00:29:07] So the first two times I believe was like three, three miles. It was like something, something, it was sort of first two laps. What was this thing? Distance. And then the last lap, I believe may have been at 2.5, four, something like that. So the last lap was, was the easier lap and see when you go through. So the way they had it was really good because it was like, yo lap Warren is going in this lane, which was like, had a big area.

[00:29:36] So anybody going in a lot more than if you was all that to you at all whole nother lane, you’re going to lap three own other lane. So they had it set up. You didn’t have to set up right. Like they had it set up. Right? Like, you know, there wasn’t a point.

[00:29:55] Kim: [00:29:55] So how would you rate the whole race experience [00:30:00] on a one to 10?

[00:30:00] What would you rate it? And this is not, you can’t rate it like in pass race experiences. Like this is a, a socially distant COVID era race. Like how do you think they did it?

[00:30:15] Michael: [00:30:15] Oh, in a socially different distance Colbert rated race in that I give him the 10. Yes. In a socially distance COVID rated race. That was absolutely attain.

[00:30:30] It was. Absolutely a 10, as far as the course, now

[00:30:38] I get that a good, you know, that was cool. That was a very challenging, like they, they always make those races challenging, but this thing, and I hadn’t been in racing a long time, so I’m like, Oh, yay. That baby back. Get down there about 0.15, you know, then all of a sudden his mountain, you go up this [00:31:00] mountain.

[00:31:01] So when I get up to the top of the first mountain, it’s like, Point three, six. I’m like, yo, I felt like I ran two miles

[00:31:11] Kim: [00:31:11] way, but how is there a mountain on a racetrack?

[00:31:14] Michael: [00:31:14] That’s what I say.

[00:31:25] I 0.3, six. I said, how was he a mountain with a racetrack? And then, then something came in my mind. They had a little, you know, had a little tag line. Extreme extreme Hill edition. Oh, that’s what they mean. Damn, I got it. And then as I looked up, a higher mountain was looking at

[00:31:50] Kim: [00:31:50] me. Wait, so you said you were going to be on a race track and it was going to be flat.

[00:31:58] Michael: [00:31:58] It’s going to be a little, you [00:32:00] know, one of those? No, it was one of them.

[00:32:06] Kim: [00:32:06] Okay. He, he just put his hand up and down like a roller coaster.

[00:32:12] Thank you. See you. If you’re listening.

[00:32:16] Michael: [00:32:16] That’s what I do

[00:32:17] Kim: [00:32:17] now. What’d you do with it

[00:32:18] Michael: [00:32:18] again? Yeah, I gotta do it again. I’ll do it again.

[00:32:27] Kim: [00:32:27] So what’s next in the Atlanta. Racing community. Did they have another race coming up?

[00:32:34] Michael: [00:32:34] I have no clue. Oh

[00:32:39] man. I don’t look at those emails

[00:32:41] Kim: [00:32:41] no more. I told Jada I unsubscribed from Atlanta track club. Yeah. I heard it in the past. I reiterated it today. So I don’t know.

[00:32:51] Michael: [00:32:51] Test has heard that, um, I just got an invite. Today is the, she has a tin Moller. She goes every [00:33:00] dissemble. Right. It’s a very extreme now I do want to go there, but I think the last time I looked at the website, it was saying that, um, they weren’t sure if it was going to be a virtual or not.

[00:33:12] And I’m like my really interested in the virtuals. But, but then that, that Facebook that I got the invite to, it looks like something is going to be on. So for me, I don’t know. There may be some that was going on for me. That will be my next race because I’m probably only going to be doing like one. Or two, a quarter or something like that, just because of the time that I have, but I would, I would like to do that.

[00:33:36] And she’s crazy with those Hills too, on that race.

[00:33:39] Kim: [00:33:39] Well, this Hills in all of Atlanta, I don’t know how you can get away from

[00:33:42] Michael: [00:33:42] it. No, but some people like the Atlanta track club and, you know, in test, I would probably add to that, like, Hey. Well, wait a minute. There’s a smaller Hill and there’s a higher, let’s go with the

[00:33:55] Kim: [00:33:55] high

[00:34:00] [00:34:00] Michael: [00:34:00] Monday night brewing 10 mile. That’s what it is Monday night. So that’s usually a great race and they used to give some bruise at the end. I don’t know what that’s going to be like now, though.

[00:34:11] Kim: [00:34:11] Yeah, I don’t think y’all get in no bruise at the end of that one.

[00:34:14] Michael: [00:34:14] Right.

[00:34:17] Kim: [00:34:17] So what’s the, um, the COVID situation like in Atlanta now.

[00:34:24] Michael: [00:34:24] Oh man. You know, they opened, it seems like they open. I don’t really, I don’t do much.

[00:34:29] Kim: [00:34:29] Oh yeah. Ben open when I was down there y’all was the open, open. I was like this too much.

[00:34:36] Michael: [00:34:36] You see in the day people where they miss at night, he was like, I don’t don’t know they’re doing the same thing, but I don’t really do much.

[00:34:42] So. Wasn’t

[00:34:44] Kim: [00:34:44] barely anybody, people were wearing a mask when I was down there, but when I would go into stores, like I would get skeeved out and just leave because people were not, they were not, they had the mass down here, they had the mass, like on the chin. I’m like

[00:35:01] [00:35:00] Michael: [00:35:01] stop playing. Don’t don’t try to make like, that’s a win, everybody doing that.

[00:35:05] Kim: [00:35:05] No, but not when you’re in a store, like in the grocery store.

[00:35:09] Michael: [00:35:09] Man people, I don’t care where you also people in New York,

[00:35:13] Kim: [00:35:13] listen, we don’t play y’all was open. And we was like, we had our mass mandate. We have a mass mandate in New York. Right.

[00:35:22] Michael: [00:35:22] I’m going to tell you something. No. And I’m you want to get on to that though?

[00:35:25] But you know, heart disease is still the number one killer

[00:35:31] Kim: [00:35:31] heart health month. We celebrate, we don’t celebrate it, but we acknowledge it every year. I know. I know,

[00:35:38] Michael: [00:35:38] so we need to take those same. We need to take the same precautions everywhere, you know? Um, so why am I saying that? I don’t know, but anyway, so yeah, I mean, it’s, it’s, it’s this right now is a crazy time, but for me it’s been.

[00:35:59] Eye [00:36:00] opening for me. And as you know, I’ve been able to do a lot of things that I normally wouldn’t be able to do on them opened up to so many avenues. Now, mentally is just like, really, almost, almost like a blessing, you know?

[00:36:14] Kim: [00:36:14] And I was for like a lot of people. We had a lot of time to like reflect and reevaluate our lives because we had so much time on our hands.

[00:36:25] So yeah, I think a lot of people have, are looking at things differently. Shoot even like, for me, damn. I don’t know. When’s the last time I online shop, like other men, little knick-knacks from Amazon,

[00:36:41] Michael: [00:36:41] like.

[00:36:43] Kim: [00:36:43] Which is a good thing. Cause I’m saving money,

[00:36:48] Michael: [00:36:48] money, like money. Yo, it’s a, it’s a gratitude moment, you know, it’s, it’s really, it’s a real gratitude moment, you know? Um, just, you know, [00:37:00] for the people who are not having the same. So it was also there’s another side to it that, you know, for some people there’s a lot of tragedy to it though. You know, and then, and this is a crazy year.

[00:37:13] Like, but then it ain’t. No, Nope.

[00:37:17] Kim: [00:37:17] It’s just the beginning. It’s just like, we’re in the, this was like the second wave they say. So like it’s worse than it was, which is crazy.

[00:37:27] Michael: [00:37:27] So, I mean, but not only that, I mean all this other stuff that’s going on.

[00:37:32] Kim: [00:37:32] So did you vote yet?

[00:37:35] Michael: [00:37:35] No, I gotta go there tomorrow.

[00:37:37] Kim: [00:37:37] Me too.

[00:37:38] Michael: [00:37:38] Oh, I’m glad.

[00:37:41] No, no, hold on. I told them to mail me a ballot. They never mailed that thing

[00:37:46] Kim: [00:37:46] less than I was supposed to get a ballot for the, um, what do they call the prelims? Why am I losing my train of thought?

[00:37:58] No, not early [00:38:00] voting. What is it called? Y’all know what I’m talking about when we vote, like for the prelims, what is it called? I can’t, I’m losing my train of thought, but when we, when we both were in the candidates early on, I requested an absentee ballot and I never got one. Then I,

[00:38:18] Michael: [00:38:18] um,

[00:38:20] Kim: [00:38:20] I ended up voting at the polls.

[00:38:21] My polls had never crowded, so that’s why I didn’t really vote. So I’m just building on election day, but you’re in Atlanta. So what, what are you going to do? Well, I

[00:38:33] Michael: [00:38:33] heard 68% of the vote. I heard 68% of the vote is already early voting or whatever. So it shouldn’t be that bad. You know, I got that. I’m at a new place now.

[00:38:45] So, um, I’m hoping I’m I’m Hey, listen. It is what it is. I got the phone. I made sure it’s charged up. Got my headphones in, you know, fight Ray guy.

[00:38:59] Kim: [00:38:59] Listen, [00:39:00] are you taking, are you taking your daughter with you?

[00:39:08] Michael: [00:39:08] No.

[00:39:09] Kim: [00:39:09] Why not?

[00:39:10] Michael: [00:39:10] What about no,

[00:39:12] Kim: [00:39:12] listen, I’d

[00:39:15] Michael: [00:39:15] like a father daughter trip.

[00:39:17] Kim: [00:39:17] No, I take my sons with me to vote every year. My oldest who’s like 14 and like taller than me now, but he used to go with me every year. Now I take little ones. Yeah. Just for the experience you teach them young. So when they are older, they know what to do.

[00:39:36] Michael: [00:39:36] Oh, man. We’re trying to make sure

[00:39:40] Kim: [00:39:40] no, that you supposed to say supposed to take this year. We have a black woman on the ballot for vice-president. This is like a historic time. He’s looking at me like I’m crazy.

[00:39:54] Michael: [00:39:54] Listen,

[00:39:58] you know what? I made it as vision [00:40:00] board, man. It was so beautiful. Uh, Scott I’m Michelle Moore. Who else is on me, Scott, a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot of black woman positivity on that. I’m going to add a Kamala to

[00:40:19] Kim: [00:40:19] it. We’re

[00:40:22] Michael: [00:40:22] going to take, I didn’t plan on taking it to that day.

[00:40:24] Kim: [00:40:24] At her tonight.

[00:40:28] We, we, we need it. We need that. The good Juju

[00:40:38] Michael: [00:40:38] I’ll do my best. I don’t know. I think my vote will count a little bit more than the vision board, honestly. However, I will do my best and you know, she don’t live with me too. Contact the mom is holding me together. I don’t know what time is it now? I don’t know what anyway, to get [00:41:00] Kim said we need to add.

[00:41:02] Yes.

[00:41:02] Kim: [00:41:02] Yes. All right. Is there anything else you want to say to our audience before I let you go? Chop your wisdom, you know, you got

[00:41:13] Michael: [00:41:13] no, no, but no, but no, nah, nah, nah. You know, I got a lot going on, you know, um, everything is, you know, man, you know what? I’m just so blessed, you know, I’m happy to see you doing your thing.

[00:41:27] Like you really doing your thing. You, you, at one time when he was like maybe a year or two ago, you went. You just went when I was, when I fell back, you went with a deed is all it is every weekend. Yo, yo,

[00:41:45] Kim: [00:41:45] it’s been a good one.

[00:41:49] Michael: [00:41:49] Yeah, man. I like it. Everything’s keeps keeps growing. Can you get in bed better? Look at that microphone with all that other contraptions around it. You’ve got the studio studio they’re on [00:42:00] Spotify

[00:42:00] Kim: [00:42:00] because we got, we got them the merge, the merchants come in

[00:42:05] Michael: [00:42:05] that rod

[00:42:05] Kim: [00:42:05] this way. Ride this wave. Yeah. All right.

[00:42:10] So I want to thank Michael for

[00:42:12] Michael: [00:42:12] my.

[00:42:13] Kim: [00:42:13] W we only call him Michael and, uh, his gum has gunman name. We don’t call them now. I want to thank Mike for being on The Run Wave Podcast. I appreciate it.

[00:42:25] Michael: [00:42:25] Thanks for, thanks for having me. I really appreciate you trying. I think I was going to make The Run Wave, but Hey, look at me now, baby.

[00:42:33] Kim: [00:42:33] You know, you were going to make, I was waiting for that in person interview, but you know, COVID and.

[00:42:41] Michael: [00:42:41] Like

[00:42:42] Kim: [00:42:42] covert ruined the runaway, but supposed to be all in person interviews. But that, that had happened. Yeah. COVID so,

[00:42:54] Michael: [00:42:54] you know what, maybe, maybe I can do something that could spark [00:43:00] something else after this. Who knows they took them about 20, 21.

[00:43:05] Kim: [00:43:05] But thank you again for being on the show. Maybe if I come back to ATL, I was trying to come, but, uh, they don’t raise the flight prices again, like they trying to go back to yeah.

[00:43:17] And I’m like, what’s the, I was trying to come for Thanksgiving, but they don’t want me to be great. They didn’t want me to be great. All right. We will catch you on the next one. Well, we’ll catch Mike on the next one. You guys I’ll talk to him in a second.

[00:43:33] I would like to thank Michael Martinez for being a guest on The Run Wave Podcast. It was really great to hear his experience of running his first race during COVID 19. You know, I think. It excites me to see that road racing is coming back. You know, I did have a little gripe with Atlanta track club, but I’m glad to hear that they put on an amazing event and that [00:44:00] people particularly Michael, because he’s the only opinion that we’ve heard, but from the pitches that I’ve seen from the reviews that I’ve seen posted as well, I think people had a really good time at this race and they’re just happy to be racing again, period.

[00:44:14] I also want to congratulate everyone who ran the New York city marathon, virtual, like kudos to you because I couldn’t have run 26.2 balls virtually on my own, but it was great to see. So many of my teammates, people that are in my running club who ran the race virtually and actually ran the. Marathon course, which is crazy.

[00:44:39] And it is cold in New York right now, today I had on a hoodie with some in it and my coat was past my knees. So it is summer’s over. Fall is over it’s winter. It’s cold in New York. So kudos to everyone who ran the New York city marathon virtually, but they’ve ran 26.2 miles. You ran [00:45:00] your heart out and I respect you for doing that.

[00:45:03] You give inspiration to me and others to, you know, just to start running. I haven’t run since August 31st. Crazy. Right. I took a little break too. You know, I was a little sore. I took a break to get that soreness gone and I just have not run since. So seeing everyone out there doing the thing, doing the damn thing has me want to get back out there myself.

[00:45:28] So hopefully you’ll see me back on the pavement. Well, actually the track because the pavement hurts my shins. So hopefully you’ll see me back on the pavement very soon. So thank you again for tuning in to another, their episode of The Run Wave Podcast. I appreciate you. The Merck is coming soon. You girl has just been busy.

[00:45:51] I haven’t had time to get product pictures taken, but the merchants coming very soon, you’ll be able to purchase the ride. This wave [00:46:00] merchandise. And I hope that you’ll support the show, support this little engine that could, and, you know, just keep The Run Wave going. I’m having a blast doing it. And I hope that you guys are having a blast listening to it.

[00:46:13] So thank you again for tuning in and I will catch you on the next one later. Thank you so much for tuning into the show. Be sure to subscribe to The Run Wave on your favorite podcast app. And leave us a review of the show on Apple podcasts. It would really help me out. If you are a runner that has a story to tell, and you would like to be on the show, you can email hello@therunwave.com or send us a DM on Instagram to the run wave.

[00:46:46] See you next time. .

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