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Changes at NYRR & Setting Records featuring Corey Joyner

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In this episode of The Run Wave Podcast, Kim is talking the ousting of NYRR CEO Michael Capiraso, and how @rebuildnyrr’s impact on change within this organization.  Also, Florida native, Corey Joyner talks running the Space Coast Marathon in person, and how he shaved 1hr off of his time to set a new marathon personal best.

NYRR press release: https://www.nyrr.org/media-center/press-release/20201130_NYRRCEO

Rebuild NYRR: http://instagram.com/rebuildnyrr

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More About This Episode

Episode Transcription

[00:00:00] Kim: [00:00:00] Did rebuild actually work? Let’s talk changes are coming to New York Road Runners and setting new records featuring Corey Joyner.

[00:00:23] Hey everybody. Welcome back to another episode of The Run Wave Podcast. I am your host Kim. If this is your first time listening, welcome to the show. I hope you come back and subscribe to the podcast. So you get alerted every time I upload a new episode. If you are a return listener, welcome back to the show.

[00:00:45] I do so appreciate you. Well, now I know of the runaway has been here and there the past couple months, but you know, you grew up in chillin. I haven’t been running a lot and. [00:01:00] You know, just getting back into the groove of things with the kids going back to school. So podcasting has not been on the top of my priority, but I am going to make a strong attempt to bring you episodes weekly for the hubris.

[00:01:15] Of the year, there has been a huge shakeup in the running community this week. It was just announced that N Y R R S CEO, Michael appraisal. Is that how you pronounce his name is stepping down from his position. You may remember back in September, I did an episode and I mentioned that episode and Instagram page called rebuild in Y R R.

[00:01:49] And this page was started. It’s an anonymous page. So we don’t know who runs the page, but. It is current and former employees that are [00:02:00] running the page and they just post stories of what happened inside the N Y R R organization. And you can clearly tell that current employees are contributing to that page because.

[00:02:14] As soon as they have a meeting and N Y R that page posts, what happened in that meeting? So rebuild and why are I’ll put them up on the screen and I’ll link them down below? Um, I think that that page was really, um, a catalyst. And helping to get Michael fired essentially. Cause you know, he didn’t step down on his own.

[00:02:37] And once walking away from a gig that pays over $500,000 a year, that just didn’t happen. And so, you know, I’m going to say allegedly, whatever that he was fired from his job, because I doubt that he stepped down the way. Um, He’s been carrying on these past months, according, allegedly, according to the rebuild and why are our page?

[00:03:00] [00:03:00] You can definitely go check out the page for yourself because they just give a lot of detail about the racist, the discriminatory, the sexist, abusive behavior that went on goes on, still goes on at N Y R R. And it is. Actually pretty deplorable and it made me not want to support that organization anymore, quite honestly.

[00:03:23] And y’all know how I can when I’m off of organization, I’m off it. So Michael is stepping down and I’m just gonna read you a little bit of the press release that N Y R R put out. It’s quite long, someone only going to read a portion of it. So November 30th, New York road runners today announces that elitist ship transition plan has been initiated.

[00:03:49] Michael appraisal president and chief executive officer will depart on December 31st and external search for a new [00:04:00] chief executive officer is underway. They go on to say over the past several months, the board of directors has listened to the concerns of rays and recommendations offered by the community in why are our serves rebuild in yr, including its employees and members of the broader running community.

[00:04:23] In order to achieve our mission, to help and inspire people through running, we will recruit new leadership to the organization, said Brett Hirsch, chairman of the board of in, are they entire board of directors? And I think Michael K appraisal, blah, blah, blah. That wasn’t in the press release. I added that for his 10 years of contributions, his dedication to this organization.

[00:04:48] And there’s a quote from him. I’ll put a link to this press release down below so you can read it. It’s a bunch of BS, but listen here, New York road runners. I’m glad that you are implementing [00:05:00] this change and. Uh, making him step down. Cause I know he didn’t stepped out on his own. Let’s just keep it real.

[00:05:05] And I’m actually want to know what that golden parachute packages look like. Cause I know he did not walk away from this job empty handed, but when you recruit your new C E O.

[00:05:21] Just make sure that it’s not another white man executive or, you know, diversity matters. You’ve been touting your little diversity matters, you know, propaganda on Instagram, Facebook, whatever practice, what you preach. Let’s save some diversity in your CEO position. I don’t want to see another old white man in that position.

[00:05:42] I don’t want to see another. Old white woman am in that position. I loved Mary Wittenberg. She was great. Awesome personable, but I want to see something different in that position. Gives someone else a chance. To do their thing and make New York road runners. Great. Again,

[00:06:02] [00:06:00] Donald Trump make New York road runners. Great. Again, you know, we love being a new Yorker and a runner New York road runners. Is a stapled. Those are the races that we run as new Yorkers. And we w we want to be able to run for, and with an organization that represents all of us, not just the rich white community.

[00:06:23] So, you know, you don’t have to pick a black person. That would be nice, but I want to see someone of color and that position, because, you know, we’re just sick and tired, uh, as a culture, right. Um, you know, spending our money contributing. Our time to these companies that just don’t represent us. So New York road runners do the right thing and recruit for this position and keep everyone in mind.

[00:06:55] There are so many people of color that are qualified for this position. If you need some [00:07:00] recommendations, let your girl know. I’ll give you some, but yeah, don’t put another of this. Same old, same old in that position. We want to see something new, something fresh. Plus somebody young in that position, you know, they don’t have to be in their twenties, but you know, someone’s who who’s experienced.

[00:07:13] Who’s going to bring a fresh new perspective to the organization because we’re sick and tired of the same old, same old. So. Do the right thing, New York road runners. And this was a big story. I mean, the Gotham has covered it. ESPN, New York post Fox news, ABC, this story was covered like everywhere. So everyone knows what’s going on.

[00:07:37] We’re watching you, New York road runners do the right thing. Next up. I was doing my perusing on Instagram and I saw one of my Instagram friends quarry. He ran a marathon in cocoa beach, Florida, the space coast marathon. So, you know, you girls slid in [00:08:00] his DMS and you know, said, Corey, you want to come on The Run Wave Podcast and tell our audience about your experience.

[00:08:07] And of course he did. Yes. So I want to cut to my interview with Corey Joyner out of Florida. He is going to tell us how his race experience when if he felt safe or not during the race. And also he sets a pretty great wrecker for himself. So he’s going to talk about his training that he did for this marathon.

[00:08:34] And, you know, he’s just a cool dude. So check on my interview with Corey. Okay, everybody. Please look, I’m Corby joiner to the show. How are you?

[00:08:47] Corey: [00:08:47] I’m good. I’m on the runners high right now.

[00:08:51] Kim: [00:08:51] I see any relation to the famous Jackie journa joined a Kersey.

[00:08:57] Corey: [00:08:57] I haven’t heard anything from the family [00:09:00] about being unrelated.

[00:09:01] So. I’m going to say no, but you, you never know,

[00:09:04] Kim: [00:09:04] you know, that is not, uh, like, uh, uh, last name that you hear often.

[00:09:11] Corey: [00:09:11] That’s true.

[00:09:11] Kim: [00:09:11] That you might be related. That’s

[00:09:14] Corey: [00:09:14] true. I might have to do do some big about that.

[00:09:16] Kim: [00:09:16] You certainly have a fella per speed. Right?

[00:09:21] Corey: [00:09:21] I’m trying to

[00:09:25] Kim: [00:09:25] see if she was so tell us a little bit about yourself.

[00:09:28] Where are you from?

[00:09:29] Corey: [00:09:29] Okay. So Corey joiner, um, on Instagram is CJ to runner I’m from Lakeland, Florida, born and raised. Um, still there at the moment. And I started running, Oh, officially like 2018. I dabbled in a little bit in college. I went to the university of Miami. So we were running around the campus.

[00:09:49] It’s about a three mile loop, but I wasn’t serious. I was just trying to get in a little shape and then, you know, just do it for a little bit. My first like [00:10:00] Turkey trot was in 2014. That was, that was a fun race, but I still was like, I’m not a runner. I just did it because a friend asked me to

[00:10:09] Kim: [00:10:09] do it

[00:10:11] Corey: [00:10:11] spring 2018.

[00:10:12] So I trained for that because I wasn’t getting enough cardio. I was going like CrossFit in the gym on and off. So I was like, you know, I need some more cardio and I’m not going to train for anything, unless this is something I feel like I need to actually put in work. So I was like, I wouldn’t do a half marathon and we’ll see where it goes.

[00:10:27] And since then I got addicted to running.

[00:10:31] Kim: [00:10:31] That, that sounds like a lot of our run journeys. We got talked into a race by a friend and you just go from there. So for us people up North and out of Florida’s a big state, where is Lakeland? Like, can I drive there from Miami? Is it close to Orlando? How do I get to Lakeland Lake land?

[00:10:52] Yeah.

[00:10:52] Corey: [00:10:52] So Lakeland, Lakeland, Lakeland. Okay. It’s so it’s Lake and land put together.

[00:10:59] Kim: [00:10:59] Lakeland

[00:11:00] [00:10:59] Corey: [00:10:59] mean the greatest day, we don’t even have the most lakes in the County. We’re like, we’re second in the lakes in the County, but I guess they’re like, Oh, there’s a lot of lakes here. Let’s call it Lakeland. It’s it’s convenient located right between Tampa and Orlando.

[00:11:14] So Orlando’s an hour away. Tampa is about 45 minutes. And then from Miami, it’s a three and a half, four hour drive.

[00:11:21] Kim: [00:11:21] Okay. So you’re closest to the Orlando side to Disney world.

[00:11:25] Corey: [00:11:25] Oh, yeah. Oh yeah.

[00:11:26] Kim: [00:11:26] Disney world.

[00:11:28] Corey: [00:11:28] Yeah. There’s amazing consuming. This is like its own property. This is its own thing over there.

[00:11:34] Kim: [00:11:34] Say you’re wearing a jacket.

[00:11:35] What’s the weather like down there in Florida,

[00:11:37] Corey: [00:11:37] we just got a code for it. So all the cool weather came after the race. So we just had the race over the weekend and all the cool weather came the next day, uh, with the cold front. So it was the low today was forties. Yes, this is cold. I woke up freezing. Oh, it’s forties.

[00:11:57] And I think the high today will be, uh, upper [00:12:00] fifties, sixties, low sixties.

[00:12:02] Kim: [00:12:02] Okay. So you’re like, um, where like in 51 in New York right now. So it’s like summer for us, basically in the, in the late fall. We usually have like snow around this time and it’s freezing. So we’re like enjoying the little form weather for right now.

[00:12:20] Corey: [00:12:20] Enjoy, enjoy.

[00:12:22] Kim: [00:12:22] So tell me what sneakers you’re running and what are your faves at the moment?

[00:12:26] Corey: [00:12:26] My favorite shoes right now, um, definitely the race shoes, the endorphin pro actually I have the speed too. I really liked those very comfortable shoes, sock, and he did their thing. Uh, with that line of, I also liked the OPA ring cons.

[00:12:43] I have two paradigms because they don’t last that long. Uh, so I bought the original ring cons and I got the ring cons too, very comfortable shoes. And I would say the new balance.  great [00:13:00] recovery. And. Long distance shoe that’s for the easy mile.

[00:13:04] Kim: [00:13:04] Now those hope, because are those like the Henry monster ugly ones or are those like the cute ones that they came out with recently?

[00:13:12] Corey: [00:13:12] I’m going to go home. Cause

[00:13:14] Kim: [00:13:14] I ugly. He just, just admitted. That was hard. Cause the hideous.

[00:13:19] Corey: [00:13:19] Yeah, you, you write, you write the bulky ones, but these are the smaller ones. They’re not, they’re the big bulk of what the wrinkles they’re buried. Like, so, and, um, The first one I had was blue. And now this new one is, um, like a, a black and yellow, and I call them the lemon lines.

[00:13:37] I name all my shoes. So I called him to let

[00:13:38] Kim: [00:13:38] him in lounge. You know what I keep saying that I’m going to try hookah because like people swear by that. And I just never get around to it. Cause I’m like fashionable. When I run, like I want everything to match and I want my sneakers to look cute.

[00:13:55] Corey: [00:13:55] Oh, you got to coordinate.

[00:13:58] Kim: [00:13:58] We gotta coordinate. We can’t be having no, [00:14:00] uh, that go heels and things like that. But I think you’re the first person that’s has said Hoka that I have chatted with. But I’m actually surprised that you haven’t brought up Nike. Cause usually like all of the fast people, they wear those vapor flies and all that up the, I call them the crunchy uglies.

[00:14:20] So most, most of the fast people that I chat with, they like those, you know, the Nike kits. So I’m surprised.

[00:14:29] Corey: [00:14:29] I ha I have some Nike’s. I do have a pair of Pegasus. I just bought a pair of exits 34 that went to the outlet. Um, they had them at a really great price, like 30 bucks. And then I had a pair of Pegasus trail shoes.

[00:14:44] They’re comfortable, um, as well, but I haven’t got the elite Nike shoes that everyone has for races. First they’re expensive. So I was like, I don’t know if I want to drop two 50 on some shoes, man, that I’m just going to wear for, you know, a racer too, [00:15:00] but I definitely will get a pair of them eventually, but right now I got a good deal on the sock.

[00:15:08] The shoes. And they had great reviews. I watch a lot of the, uh, YouTubers that review shoes to get ideas of where choose, I may want to take up and then I’ll just go try them on at the local running store we have here is a fit niche. So I go try it on there. If it feels good, I get a good deal. I get it. If not, then I move on to the next shoe.

[00:15:29] But. I need some Nike shoes. Some people hit my DM, but when I posted my flatmates, it said, Corey, you Nike down with your outfit, but not, I was like, well, listen, man. You know, you know, we, we get in there within there.

[00:15:43] Kim: [00:15:43] You know what I used to be, I used to wear Nike down to my socks, like everything, but I never.

[00:15:49] Ran and Nike sneakers, first of all, cause I’m not paying $200 full up here. Like my, this side of my brain, just camp. Like I spend that much on a pair of [00:16:00] shoes all day, but on a pair of running sneakers, no. But yeah, I’m a team Adidas now, so I’m Adidas.

[00:16:07] Corey: [00:16:07] Okay. Oh really? Oh, Oh, I really liked the, uh, I picked up a pair of the Adidas, Boston nines.

[00:16:16] They had, they had them on sale. Um, and I, the first run, I was like, all right. They’re all right. Shoes are snappy. I’ll actually run the marathon in those, if I didn’t have the endorphin probe, but they they’re. They’re nice.

[00:16:28] Kim: [00:16:28] Yeah, I like, I liked the, I have like a, I don’t even mean even want to say how many, whew.

[00:16:34] I

[00:16:34] Corey: [00:16:34] have a lot

[00:16:36] Kim: [00:16:36] to Betty. Yeah. Once I’m going to do my sneaker collection of people. Well, people won’t be shocked because they see all my flavors on Instagram. I have to, but I’m an economical shopper. Like I only buy things now or if like one of my friends hooked me up with a discount, that’s the only way like I’m getting.

[00:16:56] $200 sneakers, but not for $200.

[00:17:01] [00:17:00] Corey: [00:17:01] You want it, you got it. You got to get the deals you got to get to D anytime I see where there’s a discount or it’s on clearance, I’m like, Oh, you know what? I can get a new pattern date when I’m gonna get this price again.

[00:17:14] Kim: [00:17:14] That’s how you got to do it. If you want to, you know, if you want to rotate your sneakers, you have to like catch those deals.

[00:17:20] Corey: [00:17:20] You really do. I actually didn’t know what rotating, like running shoes was until like earlier this year, because when I trained for like my first two marathons, I only wore like one or two sneakers. Well, not sneakers, well running shoes. Um, and I was wearing the, the on cloud X. And I would train every pace, you know, and then run the race.

[00:17:42] I have no Ricky Ricky mistakes, you know, I’m such a, I’m such a newbie still to the sport, but, uh, but after Miami earlier this year I picked up more shoes and then I started picking up more street. God kept finding deals and. Getting recommendations. And so I went from [00:18:00] like three shoes. I believe I have like nine pairs.

[00:18:03] Now.

[00:18:04] Kim: [00:18:04] I want to say you have so many sneakers. They last longer cause you’re constantly rotating them out. So yeah, if you, if you get a deal, people get rack up on your sneakers. Like my favorite shoe, I would get like two or three pair with them and just keep them in a cut.

[00:18:21] Corey: [00:18:21] And that’s seriously, because if you got a good shoe that you can run in, you’re comfortable in.

[00:18:27] Hey, Suzanne or Jay, if you really love the shoe, like, it definitely makes sense to get multiple for sure.

[00:18:34] Kim: [00:18:34] Definitely. That’s. So what’s your favorite race that you’ve done to date?

[00:18:40] Corey: [00:18:40] I got to go at the most recent land. Um, I got to go at the race from past Sunday, the space code, everything just came together.

[00:18:47] It was, for me, it was like, it was like an emotional race. And it’s just, you know, this year has been like a tough year. You know what I’m saying? And I got, when I got done with the [00:19:00] Miami marathon right before. All the COVID stuff happened. And before they started canceling all the races and so Miami, I was very proud of that, finish that race.

[00:19:09] And that was like the toughest race for me, because I started cramping in that race at Mount six. And I was cramping for 20 miles in the race. And so I just left a bad taste. Like I was like frustrated and just like, how am I going to like, overcome the adversity that they faced in this race?

[00:19:25] Kim: [00:19:25] And so you were talking about.

[00:19:28] Your favorite race, which is the space coast marathon, which you just did this weekend. And I hit you up because I saw that it was an in-person race at anytime. I see it in person race. I get excited to know, you know, the details of the race because no one’s racing right now. So when did you register for this race?

[00:19:47] Corey: [00:19:47] I registered, so I registered for this one and. October last month. Yeah. Well, it’s December now. So I registered for this one in October. I knew it was still on the calendar as a race that could happen, [00:20:00] uh, late in the year because I was originally registered to do Chicago. And so I had Chicago on the list.

[00:20:08] Um, and then that got canceled obviously then I was naked. Like, okay, maybe there’s some other races I could pass, look into. I don’t want to, you know, I want to put this fitness to the test. I’ve been working hard since the summer.

[00:20:20] Kim: [00:20:20] Yeah. So what was their tone? Like, did you know that the race was going to be in person or was it like.

[00:20:26] Pitched as a virtual brace, maybe in person raised, how were they promoting this race? Because you registered super late.

[00:20:33] Corey: [00:20:33] Yeah, they promote is in person, probably like, like the registration was in-person or if you have the virtual option, they allow people to, to change up. Even up to last minute, people could change.

[00:20:45] They didn’t feel like they wanted to come out and race in person. They could do the virtual option that had a metal in their shirt, um, sent to them for the race. And they have like this. Uh, series, if you do multiple races every year, you get like extra metals and [00:21:00] stuff. So they didn’t want people to miss out if they’ve been committed to, to the race.

[00:21:03] So both options. Um, I was definitely there for the live option to go out there. And race with some people

[00:21:13] Kim: [00:21:13] now, what are you wearing? Cause I keep hearing is click, click, click. What is that? It’s like a jingle bell. Wait, what is that like? Oh, bracelet.

[00:21:21] Corey: [00:21:21] Oh, no, it might be my wife, my God man. Oh, I’m

[00:21:23] Kim: [00:21:23] like what?

[00:21:24] Y’all had us at home people it’s like, Hey, that’s Corey moving his arm back and forth.

[00:21:30] Corey: [00:21:30] And it could be, it could be the mic hitting like the beard a little bit and sorry.

[00:21:36] Kim: [00:21:36] Y’all got to see his beard. It’s all nice and lush and moisturized. Y’all going to see it as lady when I posted the video. So how was the, um, packet pickup process?

[00:21:48] Was it like beforehand? Did they mail it to you? Was it same day? How did that work?

[00:21:55] Corey: [00:21:55] Well, they had it all week, um, there during the week they had it at the running zone. I want to [00:22:00] say that’s the running store over there. Um, in cocoa beach, you can pick it up from the running store and then did the Saturday before the race where they will normally have the big expo.

[00:22:11] Uh, they just had to pack it pickup out there at the park though, outdoor. So you go pick up your packet and then they had the different booths. You can just go pick up your shirt. And, um, other than that, just like some photo opportunities, but they didn’t have like, you know, the normal. Things out there where you would go to see booths and get free samples and check out different things.

[00:22:33] So after you get your package, your shirt, take a couple pictures for the ground and that by all right time to go home and get ready for the race.

[00:22:41] Kim: [00:22:41] Yeah. Cause you know, Florida y’all been open cause y’all go up in her is like, Oh, I wonder 

[00:22:48] Corey: [00:22:48] I’m like, I’m not even gonna lie to you. Look crazy out here. They look crazy out here.

[00:22:53] Kim: [00:22:53] I was surprised to see it in person race, because like Miami marathon is canceled and that’s like in February.

[00:23:00] [00:23:00] Corey: [00:23:00] Right. And that was the thing I figured this one had a chance to go on is because they limited the field. So the marathon is capped at a thousand runners. Um, and for the total, I think I’ve seen that actually ran in person was, um, a little less than 600.

[00:23:20] Kim: [00:23:20] Well, let me tell you, cause I got the numbers. Okay. So to me I looked it up. So I had to know how many people were in this race for this thing, because I saw a picture and it looked like it was

[00:23:32] Corey: [00:23:32] Pat. It was, it was a lot of people for, well, the space, one of the things I did see that from like looking at the race and.

[00:23:41] Just trying to do some recon on the core is watching some YouTube videos. Like the race course is a little narrow than I would have liked. Cause you’re running down just a road along the coast.

[00:23:55] Oh. With all the, that many people, like you’re, [00:24:00] you’re not like shoulder to shoulder, but you’re, you’re near them. It’s like running on a trail and it’s like a lot of people out there.

[00:24:06] Kim: [00:24:06] So the marathon has 536 people in it. And, you know, I looked up your results because you finished 28th overall. Did you know that.

[00:24:19] Corey: [00:24:19] I did I did. I definitely look that up. I was, yeah, I was lady.

[00:24:25] Kim: [00:24:25] No, you were okay. Before we get into the time, I just want to know, like, how were the corrals set up?

[00:24:31] Corey: [00:24:31] So they, they had, um, they did multiple corrals. Um, they set it up where the marathoners and the North, uh, half marathons went into first two corrals, a and B.

[00:24:44] And then I think they had. Three or four more corrals after that, um, to do the South Korea, South course is more popular because people like to use better on the South course.

[00:24:55] Kim: [00:24:55] It was 1800 people on that one.

[00:24:58] Corey: [00:24:58] I like the South [00:25:00] course. So the South Koreans will, they’re very popular. Uh, so that, that’s how they had it set up.

[00:25:05] Um, they, they kept reminding people to put the mask on, make sure you have your mask on, just start the race. Obviously they’re not trying to force us to keep it on during like, after the first like quarter mile, I was like, okay, I got break. Well, yeah, they, they were, they had signs up everywhere about it.

[00:25:25] Um, I thought they probably would’ve had like more space, like to line us up to have a socially distant to start, but they just kept saying, Oh my case, remember the social distance, you know, just leaving it up to us as the runners to just be smart out there, but

[00:25:40] Kim: [00:25:40] to everybody start at one time or was it like every few minutes or 10 minutes or whatever?

[00:25:48] Corey: [00:25:48] Um, they did the, the, uh, so group, I was in group a to start out and then the group B. So it was like a five minute difference between the groups going. So they just, everyone [00:26:00] just rolled up, like walked up to it. And then once you cross that Mark, then your time started.

[00:26:04] Kim: [00:26:04] Hmm. So how was the actual race course for you?

[00:26:09] Corey: [00:26:09] I loved it. I loved

[00:26:12] Kim: [00:26:12] it. Oh, your pictures that you’ve been posted to see them see

[00:26:17] Corey: [00:26:17] you. I gotta drop, you know, I gotta drop them.

[00:26:20] Kim: [00:26:20] Did you have your own photographer on the course? Like where you get these stitches rough.

[00:26:25] Corey: [00:26:25] Well, I, I, I go ahead and buy the pictures from, from the race, uh, because you know, it’s just, you only run so many marathons in a year or.

[00:26:34] Shoot, we didn’t lifetime. Like you never know when it could be your last marathon race. It’s such a demanding, it’s such a demanding sport, um, activity to do so I’m buying the pictures and I’m ready for the picture back because yeah. Yeah. But it is a very nice course, uh, early on. Cause it’s dark. You can’t really see much, but you can see the water and stuff.

[00:26:58] But once the sun came up to sunrise, [00:27:00] you’re going up North in the sun, rising to the right. And then once you come back, you can, you can fully see it. And it was like a little cloudy. So it was coming up over the clouds. Oh man, this is, this is nice. It’s a nice run. Now

[00:27:14] Kim: [00:27:14] a little birdie told me that you went from four 29.

[00:27:19] Two three, eight, 18. Now how the heck did you do that in a year, right?

[00:27:28] Corey: [00:27:28] Yeah. Uh, that fortunately now with Miami in February and three 82 was his last race. So, uh, like I said, after, after Miami on the goal of mine was to, was to get sub four. I was on pace. Pretty much for like half the race, even with the cramps.

[00:27:47] Oh, I felt like I was on pace. They’ve kind of looked at the band a little while, but I felt like I was on pace to get the sub four and then, uh, just the cramps just derailed me and I was just so frustrated. [00:28:00] Um, I wait in Miami, had my family out there, like that was actually the first race. I have my parents and some family come out to see the race.

[00:28:09] And I would just, I was like, nah, we can’t let this happen. So I think that gave me an extra kick, like to run consistently, um, more this year. And it just, I just carried that momentum, uh, cause even leading up to Miami. I looked back on my, my training. So I try to look back on what I’ve done to see how I can improve.

[00:28:33] And I didn’t run that much. The year prior I had dealing with shin splints, I was going to gym a little bit more. And so I, I only ran like 300 miles landing out two miles, maybe that has something to do with it. Not. Getting the top off one, I just started putting in the work, uh, running, running daily, um, running a little bit slower to avoid injury, looking up different techniques, how I [00:29:00] can improve my running form and breathing during running and asking for advice.

[00:29:06] A lot of runners on IgE. I get advice from. Or if they do something, I ask them a question. I would just take mental note when they post their successes. Um, definitely inspiring on the ID, writing community. So, and that’s, that’s pretty much how I got here. Just follow the plan, do the work and it, it just came, it all came together on Sunday.

[00:29:31] Kim: [00:29:31] Now, what training plan did you follow or did you have a coach?

[00:29:36] Corey: [00:29:36] I followed, uh, two training plans actually. Well, majority of my training was done, uh, with the right experience. So as was falling a lot of their YouTube videos, and then I signed up for, for their program to start Miami training. So I did their training up til, um, I did.

[00:29:56] So I did, I decided to libraries since I did at [00:30:00] libraries last month. Um, in October I did a habit

[00:30:04] Kim: [00:30:04] in Florida as well.

[00:30:05] Corey: [00:30:05] Yeah. I did the half marathon. So I was training with the right experience training plan up until that, up until that race. And then, so once that subscription ran out, I was like, well, I got a month before the space coast marathon.

[00:30:19] So, um, I went, I hadn’t tried McMillan. Uh, Lisa in Atlanta, she told me about me billing. So they have a program where you can pay monthly. So I’d say the one month to get the last four weeks of the training program.

[00:30:34] Kim: [00:30:34] Yeah,

[00:30:34] Corey: [00:30:34] yeah, yeah, yeah. She she’d be helping me out with it by you’re looking it up.

[00:30:39] Kim: [00:30:39] Lisa is my homemade.

[00:30:40] Yes. I love Lisa.

[00:30:42] Corey: [00:30:42] She’s the best. She shouts. She said, we gotta get you gotta, you gotta get out there. I challenged her to get out of the comfort zone a little bit. We gonna see.

[00:30:53] Kim: [00:30:53] So what’s up with Florida, like y’all y’all racing, racing. Like we could come down there, get some runs in what’s [00:31:00] happening.

[00:31:00] Corey: [00:31:00] Yes.

[00:31:00] This is racist happening. We, we, we opened for braces to be honest. Um, We just had this race next weekend, Saturday, Orlando’s having their, their Oh, UC have marathon. Uh, there’s a race that I might do, a 5k and a couple of weeks and Sarasota, um, elite events. I did that half last year, uh, the Sarasota West coast half.

[00:31:27] So they’re going to happen to 5k. December 20th. So I’m, I’m pretty sure that that’s going to go on as well, but race is happening. It is racist happening in Florida. So people are looking to race, look into the Florida racist. I know a lot of the smaller. State’s two are that doesn’t get a lot of big turnout.

[00:31:47] They’re still holding, holding their races. Oh, a big, another big race will be the, um, Gulf coast, half in Mississippi next weekend. And if I didn’t do space, cause I was going to do that one [00:32:00] because a lot of people from, from here in Lakeland on, um, One of the coaches, John Mott, who went to the trials here, black group and 10 athletes up there.

[00:32:15] That’s going to be another good race too. But if you’re looking for race, check those out for sure.

[00:32:20] Kim: [00:32:20] Nice. So how did you feel like overall safety wise? How did the race directors do? Did you feel like, well, it’s different like for New York, because we’re still we’re open, but we’re not. Open, you know, so like, I don’t know how, like the races that are going on here now, they’re like so small.

[00:32:39] And the, the, um, the field size is so small. Like it sells out in like no time. So like, we can’t even get a ride and here we’re not doing group runs. Like we’re not, this happened in the yard where we’re close, so I could imagine

[00:32:55] Corey: [00:32:55] it’s tough. It’s tough up there.

[00:32:57] Kim: [00:32:57] So, how did you feel safety

[00:32:59] Corey: [00:32:59] wise [00:33:00] after like, just once you get out there?

[00:33:04] Um, and it was still like a little bit, you know, compact with the crowd. It was a little like uneasy for him. I had no, I had my bus, so I had a buff mask that I just wore around my neck, um, and pulled up if I needed to. But, uh, after. You know, you, you realize the moment, like, okay, you decided you wanted to come out here and put yourself in this position.

[00:33:26] So, you know, I, I just, you know, said a quick prayer, like watch over me while I’m out here. And like, we here, we in the situation room now. And so after that, I just locked in or just the task at hand and just enjoy the moment. Um, you know, unfortunately COVID strikes that Ronnie wrong strike. You know, I, you know, you got to do the right thing warranty.

[00:33:50] Hopefully it doesn’t get bad or anything, or any severe if it gets severe, but you know, you live with the consequences of the actions. Like I went out there, went to the race. [00:34:00] It is what it is. So hopefully nothing lingers from, from that race. But. So what

[00:34:07] Kim: [00:34:07] happened after you collected your metal? Was there like a festival?

[00:34:12] Was it food? Beer? What happened at the end?

[00:34:15] Corey: [00:34:15] I’m glad you brought. So we got the metal app. Once you picked up your bib, you got your metal because it wasn’t giving the metals out at the end. The only thing that did get out once you finished the race, they do give out a beach style. So you can go grab your own beach style.

[00:34:28] And then they also had mass. If you didn’t have a mass, then they had a mask at the finish line. Um, for you to get as well. So, so, so if you didn’t have your metal with you or somebody there to give you your metal at the end, and you had to go back and get your metal and w and what not, but I had some friends there and they had, they had the metal.

[00:34:50] Kim: [00:34:50] So it sounds like you had a pretty good experience with this one.

[00:34:55] Corey: [00:34:55] I did. I did. I had a real good time out there. It was. It’s the day. [00:35:00] I definitely

[00:35:00] Kim: [00:35:00] remember. And what number marathon was this for you?

[00:35:04] Corey: [00:35:04] This was number three. It was the third one.

[00:35:07] Kim: [00:35:07] And what’s what’s next on your hit list. When the, when the, where opens back up?

[00:35:14] Yeah.

[00:35:14] Corey: [00:35:14] Well, when the thing’s fully opened back up, we’ll, we’ll see, I was actually signed up for the LA marathon. Um, so everything I had planned, uh, for this year, there’s like mostly everybody got, you know, those plans got next. Um, So nothing’s really lining up. So LA they moved their marathon to Nate, but they did give runners the option to defer.

[00:35:40] So I’m just going to defer it to. Uh, 2022 or 2023. And just focus on, I’m just going to bother to focus on speed, um, early and 2021 and just the shorter distance races. And maybe I’ll run a marathon next year, right? If not, definitely. In [00:36:00] 2022 we’ll we’ll get back on to the marathon game. We’ll see where the speed is for the distance.

[00:36:07] Kim: [00:36:07] Well, if you ever want to come and run in New York, Hit your girl up. I know people that know people and you know, maybe we could make something happen for you.

[00:36:17] Corey: [00:36:17] Oh, is that right? You knew I’ve been to New York once I came to New York for my birthday a few years ago. Um, during the stack, actually my birthday on my birthday is actually Thursday.

[00:36:27] Um, so this was that that race was the field. So it’s like a nice way for me to end my twenties. Like that was like the, the.

[00:36:38] Kim: [00:36:38] Oh, God, you make me feel like an old lady. So you just turned 30.

[00:36:42] Corey: [00:36:42] Yeah. I turned 30 on Thursday.

[00:36:46] Kim: [00:36:46] Sure. And I got on his show.

[00:36:52] Corey: [00:36:52] I can get to the grown and sexy outboards and grow the sexy part. Let me get my whiskey to grow. It is sex

[00:36:59] Kim: [00:36:59] party. [00:37:00] So the thirties, we’re happy to have you here. Oh, no, he just told dirty. Unbelievable. That’s good that you’re starting now, you know that you started. Cause most of us are runners. We’re in like late thirties, we started early forties, you know, but just take it easy.

[00:37:21] Cause you don’t want to burn out your knees when you’re still so young, you know?

[00:37:25] Corey: [00:37:25] Yeah. I I’ve tried to do everything. Uh, one of the best things I learned from. Working with the learning around experiences, uh, mobility, and just doing the necessary actions to stay healthy and to prevent injuries. So after rides, I’ll do one or two ocean rise exercises to make sure if my knees bother me, I’ll do some specifically for that.

[00:37:48] If the hamstrings or my foot is bothering me, I have, I pretty much, haven’t memorized, not a routine without needing to do. If something’s like. Alien me after a run or have that race.

[00:37:58] Kim: [00:37:58] Yeah. Yeah. And it’s like [00:38:00] now is a good time for like new runners to start running. Because when I started my, we didn’t have strength training, we didn’t have crushed it.

[00:38:08] We didn’t have done it. We just went out and ran. You know, my first sneakers were like some Nike frees and my ankles and bottom of my feet were killing me. So

[00:38:17] Corey: [00:38:17] that’s the worst. Yeah. Like

[00:38:19] Kim: [00:38:19] we didn’t have Instagram friends, none of that stuff. So, yeah. It’s nice that new runners have all of these in, you’re not really new, but you know, people that are coming into the sport have all of these great resources now to help them out.

[00:38:31] Corey: [00:38:31] Right. Information is out there.

[00:38:33] Kim: [00:38:33] It is. It is definitely out there so we can. Stay injury free. We’ll try to stay injury free because Oh, I know it was happening. It,

[00:38:42] Corey: [00:38:42] it, it happened. It, I, I, one of the things too, I dealt with a lot of injuries, so I was dealing with the shin splints. Um, I dealt with, uh, inflammation in my heel, uh, leading up to Miami.

[00:38:54] I had caught runner’s knee. So I thought that was gonna be my biggest thing going into the race, turned [00:39:00] out that wasn’t it. But. The writers need. Definitely it’ll slow you down. So you just got to be careful, dude, do what you have to do to try to prevent it. If, if you do get injured, you know, be patient with the injury worst day you could do is rush back.

[00:39:16] And re-injured or make it worse. So it’s part of the nature of the game though. Private business, the rent.

[00:39:23] Kim: [00:39:23] Exactly. So on that note, I want to thank Corey for being a guest on The Run Wave Podcast and just congratulations on setting such a great goal. I think a BQ is isn’t. Is that a big acuity that you

[00:39:38] Corey: [00:39:38] did?

[00:39:39] No, no, no, no, no. We’re not there yet. Oh,

[00:39:42] Kim: [00:39:42] you a young buck. So he’s probably like below three hours.

[00:39:46] Corey: [00:39:46] Yeah. Yeah. The time, the time out needed itself, three, uh, It’s it’s definitely it’s on the goal list. Like it’s definitely on the goal list. Um, what’s I feel my fitness is there. I’m definitely gonna make the [00:40:00] attempt at it.

[00:40:01] Actually the attempt will be to go faster than BQ, um, to get it so we can definitely make sure we, we never been on that

[00:40:08] Kim: [00:40:08] attempt,

[00:40:10] Corey: [00:40:10] but yeah, this was, yeah, this was, this was, this was nice. This was, this was nice to hit. Um, three 18. Um, and I just felt strong, the whole run. Um, I, yeah, I just felt good.

[00:40:25] Kim: [00:40:25] I think you’ll get there sooner than you think.

[00:40:29] Thank you again for being on the show. And you know, if you do another emperor space, I may be knocking on your DM again to see what’s going on. Cause you girl, haven’t done a race since I don’t even, I don’t even know when I can’t even tell you the last time I ran a race. It’s crazy.

[00:40:48] Corey: [00:40:48] Let let me know, Florida.

[00:40:50] We opened for races there.

[00:40:52] Kim: [00:40:52] Chile. I’m not stepping foot in Florida. I didn’t win on a million rants about Florida. Florida is dead to me. So

[00:40:59] Corey: [00:40:59] yeah, [00:41:00] I don’t blame you. It’s it’s active. I’m living in this environment. So it’s just like, it’s different. Cause we’re already here. Um, like even. Right. Lakeland’s a smaller town.

[00:41:12] So things wasn’t as crazy as a bigger city on fire when it came to COVID, um, and stuff. So it’s just a little different, but you know, once things open back up, we get these races going. Let me know. I definitely want to come round to you. New York is definitely on my list. I got to run New York. It’s just Colby mess that up and it’s hard to get into the race too.

[00:41:36] So I do, I want to qualify and get in there that way. I don’t have no issues. You know what I’m saying? No issue, getting it.

[00:41:46] Kim: [00:41:46] You’ll get there. Go home. Call me.

[00:41:52] All right. So I hope you enjoy my chat with Corey. If you’re looking to [00:42:00] run some road races in person, Florida is clearly open. They’ve been open for the longest time, but yeah, it sounds like he had a really good experience running this race and he was able to set a great record for himself. And I know that he’ll have a BQ in.

[00:42:20] The future for him because he just, this is what happens when you put hard work and dedication into your training, you can drop so much time off of your marathon time if you put in the work. So congratulations, Corey, and thank you again for being on the show. Wow. That is a wrap on another episode of The Run Wave Podcast.

[00:42:42] I am so happy that you joined me for another one. Please be sure to subscribe to the show on your favorite podcast app. If you listening on Apple podcasts, scroll down right now and rate the show five stars. It helps you grill out. It helps. [00:43:00] The show get recommended and noticed by other people, which is great.

[00:43:04] Cause this is like a fun little hobby for me. I enjoyed doing it, but it’s great when other people that don’t know me come across the show and you know, when I get good feedback, it just, it keeps me motivated to continue to bring you guys more content. So thank you again for tuning into this  and I will catch you on the next one later.

[00:43:28] Thank you so much for tuning into the show. Be sure to subscribe to The Run Wave, wait on your favorite podcast app and leave us a review of the show on Apple podcasts. It would really help me out if you are a runner that has a story to tell, and you will like to be on the show. You can email. hello@.com or send us a DM on Instagram to the run wave.

[00:43:53] See you next time. [00:44:00] .

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