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Run Crews featuring F.E.A.R. MKE

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In this episode of The Run Wave Podcast, we are kicking off our Run Crew series.  First up is Milwaukee’s own F.E.A.R. MKE.   Forget Everything And Run, F.E.A.R. MKE was established in 2015, & their mission is to encourage more African American young professionals to run.  I chat with Tenia, the Director of Health & Wellness for Social X MKE  and Karlie, one of the crews captains.  We delve into the mission of the crew, community initiatives, their feature in Runner’s World Magazine, and more. 

I also get the low down on the city of Milwaukee.  What race should we run in the city when the world opens back up, where to stay, and the best food and places to eat.

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Episode Transcription

[00:00:00] Kim: [00:00:00] This month, I am kicking off a series called rep your crew. First up is F.E.A.R.MKE.

[00:00:17] Hey everybody. Welcome back to another episode of The Run Wave Podcast. I am your host Kim. If this is your first time tuning in, welcome to the show. I am so grateful to have you here. If you are a return listener of the show, welcome back. I am so happy that you continue to join me week after week. This month, I am kicking off a rep your cruise series.

[00:00:41] There have been so many run crews popping up all over the United States. Some of them you’ve heard of some of them you haven’t. And I thought it would be great to bring the different run crews to use. So you can learn about them, get information on the cities that they’re in. So hopefully when all [00:01:00] of this COVID business’s over, you’ll be able to visit them.

[00:01:03] And just to get an idea of how different run crews are functioning across. The United States and the world first up is Milwaukee base run crew F.E.A.R. MKE, and I had the pleasure of chatting with Tenia and Karli. Let’s get into it. Please welcome Karli. And to me, it’s to the show. Welcome ladies. Hi,

[00:01:25] Tenia: [00:01:25] thank you.

[00:01:27] Kim: [00:01:27] Of course. Thank you for being on. So tell us a little bit about yourself. Uh, today

[00:01:32] Tenia: [00:01:32] you can go for it. Okay. Um, hi everybody again. My name is Tonia Fisher. I am a first grade teacher and Milwaukee at a charter school and, um, I’ve been running since I was 12. I ran in high school as well, and then got a full scholarship to university of Wisconsin, Milwaukee to run track and cross country there.

[00:02:00] [00:01:59] And then, um, when I could not run any longer, because. Um, it was over, I, um, had to go into China, run five Ks and half marathons and stuff like that. So I guess a lifelong runner and, um, I’m the health and wellness director for socialized, which Spears underneath that umbrella under. And, um, I sit on the board for girls on the run.

[00:02:28] Here in Southeastern Wisconsin. So everything revolves around running and education.

[00:02:34] Karli: [00:02:34] Okay.

[00:02:35] Kim: [00:02:35] And Karli, tell us a little bit about yourself.

[00:02:37] Tenia: [00:02:37] Hi. So I’m Karli Tatum. I am and event coordinator. Um, I’m currently working for Milwaukee area technical college, so planning all of

[00:02:48] Karli: [00:02:48] their funny events. Um, so my background in running is a little bit different.

[00:02:53] I did, um, grow up running like a Trek, but actually in high school and college, I was a thrower. [00:03:00] So running was not my favorite thing. I actually just asked my coach if I could throw instead. And so that kinda was my bad. Um, after college I was like, okay, what do I do with my life competing? Um, I stumbled

[00:03:14] Tenia: [00:03:14] across fear and like 2018

[00:03:17] Karli: [00:03:17] and I loved them.

[00:03:19] And so they got me into running. Um, I was a person who like, didn’t even want to run a mile and now I’m like running half marathons. So.

[00:03:28] Kim: [00:03:28] Sounds like a lot of our stories into what I like to call recreational, running for us older adults now. So tell me a little bit about a F.E.A.R. MKE. What does that stand for?

[00:03:42] Because it’s not fear. It’s F E

[00:03:44] Tenia: [00:03:44] a R. Yeah. So fierce stands for forget everything and run. So we really try to embody that and, um, welcome all levels of running, even though me and Karli did just say how we were collegiate [00:04:00] athletes, uh, that is not the makeup of our group. So it literally is forget everything and run.

[00:04:06] So forget your fears. Ha ha pun intended and, um, forget. Anything that may be holding you back from joining the group or running.

[00:04:17] Kim: [00:04:17] So when did the group get

[00:04:18] Tenia: [00:04:18] started? Um, the group was founded and 2015, it was actually founded by, um, nigiri Davidson. So he was with a group in DC called district running collective, the another rung group in, um, uh, wrong crew and DC.

[00:04:36] And I are, you felt like it was a need to have. Um, something like that and Milwaukee, so that’s kind of how it got started.

[00:04:44] Kim: [00:04:44] Okay. And what is the racial makeup of the

[00:04:48] Tenia: [00:04:48] group? As far as like age? No, like wrestling like black, white. Oh yeah. Yeah. [00:05:00] Yeah, the mission is definitely to encourage more, um, young professionals of color to run.

[00:05:07] So majority, our makeup is African-Americans, which is something you don’t see a lot in the running community and especially not in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. So, um, the makeup is mostly African-Americans. We are starting to get more of a, um, Like Caucasian based filing, especially after the article that came out, um, a lot of support and allies from, um, other races.

[00:05:34] But our main mission is definitely to have more people of color, um, join Iran. 

[00:05:41] Kim: [00:05:41] and, um, you, you had an article and I was following you guys before that article, but I did see that article in runner’s world magazine. So how did they approach you? How did that come

[00:05:52] Tenia: [00:05:52] about? Um, so we. During the COVID and the civil [00:06:00] unrest was, um, very unfortunate times and it was giving us a chance to speak out a lot about what was going on.

[00:06:09] And our former protests was running and we also got opportunity to write,

[00:06:15] Karli: [00:06:15] um, About

[00:06:16] Tenia: [00:06:16] a mod, our, and our feelings and frustrations towards that. So we didn’t have been a lot of attention. And then we wrote that article and, um, There was a couple other articles that were released. And, um, a girl, the author that wrote the runners were articles.

[00:06:36] She actually came to Rome with fear before, and she liked everything and read the other articles. And she said, this needs to be, um, you know, more written about more, and I want to get more into depth. So when she reached out. She just said, you know, I’m gonna write a story about you guys, this scenario, like, Oh, cool.

[00:06:58] Yeah, that’s great. And then [00:07:00] the email was like, Oh, who it’s for? And I like, literally

[00:07:05] Karli: [00:07:05] that’s

[00:07:06] Tenia: [00:07:06] like a, a runner’s dream. So that was one of, for sure, my dream. So it was very organic, uh, very local. That’s somebody that literally came to our group and enjoyed running with us. And, um, so that was like a really great and fortunate opportunity that we got to share our story and shed light on, um, people of color black around in the running community.

[00:07:31] Kim: [00:07:31] So how often does your group meet and where, and when do you meet.

[00:07:38] Karli: [00:07:38] Yes. So we, on a typical like day without COVID, um, we meet every Tuesday evening at 6:30 PM. Um, usually right now we’re meeting dad, um, uh, uh, local restaurant. Um, and then on Saturdays we meet, um, down by the Lake and we do our long run Saturdays in the [00:08:00] morning.

[00:08:01] Kim: [00:08:01] And how have your group Brian’s pivoted since COVID. So I know a lot of groups are in meeting and, you know, things have just changed. Everything’s changed in the world. So I know running groups are organizing their runs differently these days.

[00:08:15] Tenia: [00:08:15] Yeah.

[00:08:15] Karli: [00:08:15] So things changed a little bit for us. Um, thanks to Tony, his leadership, um, you know, coat, we went on lockdown like right before the beginning of our running season.

[00:08:26] And to me is like, We’re not pushing back our start dates running. Like we’re going to figure out how we can do this virtually. So as captains, we all came together at a meeting and we’re like, how can we make this work? Um, and we wanted to still set it up just like we would typically do a Tuesday evening run.

[00:08:45] So we kept it that way. It was still every Tuesday evening at 6:00 PM. So the way that we did it is we, um, typically on a, when we’re meeting in person, one of the captains will lead, like we’ll do [00:09:00] announcements and then we’ll lead a warm up and then we’ll all go for our run. And we’ll either be short, a shorter distance or a long distance group.

[00:09:07] Um, but we were like, we’re going to do an ID live. So I

[00:09:11] Kim: [00:09:11] was wondering about that because I saw something last week and I said, this one person, it was a gentleman. He was someplace. And then the rest of the group was someplace else, which I thought was very cool and interesting. And you know, a good way to PIP it.

[00:09:23] Your group runs.

[00:09:24] Karli: [00:09:24] Yeah. So one of the captains, like each week we’ll take turns and we will go live from, um, our IgE account and we’ll lead warm-ups. Um, it was a way for us to still feel like we’re doing it together. Um, we wanted to make sure, like, we’re all still meeting at the same time. We’re still running at the same time.

[00:09:42] So it was nice to even interact and see people like cracking belts in the comments, just like we were there in person, but we would, um, To Neo a log on as well and do whatever announcements we had. We can give a good, big safety talk because now people are running on their own and not in a big group. [00:10:00] And then we would just, you know, go ahead and run.

[00:10:02] We’ll ask, like, who’s going to do the shortness of it today. Who’s going to do a longer distance. And we asked all of the people that were running with us to take selfies at the end, or take a screenshot of their, um, Of their app, um, after they’re done and just tag us on our Instagram stories. So it was nice to still have that

[00:10:21] Tenia: [00:10:21] together.

[00:10:22] Kim: [00:10:22] Yeah. So how are you all keeping your members motivated? Cause I know a lot of people have fell off, you know, during COVID and groups, keep people going, you know, when they have people that are running with them, it it’ll it’ll. Um, you know, make them want to get out and run. So being that a lot of people are running Sanger, the leads that you have, like a Facebook

[00:10:42] Tenia: [00:10:42] group, or do you have any other

[00:10:44] Kim: [00:10:44] avenues to motivate your members?

[00:10:47] Tenia: [00:10:47] Yeah. Um, so the great thing about fear is that we do, we are under the umbrella of social eggs. So, um, that is our business to encourage you and professionals to stay in Milwaukee [00:11:00] and to retain, retain its, um, talent and to attract talent. So be in the health and wellness director every day. January. We have a challenge.

[00:11:10] It is 30 for 30. So you work out for 30 days for 30 minutes. So that’s currently what we’re doing right now. So everyone is posting. Um, you have to post your workout, a picture of it or whatever you want to do. People get creative with it, and then you just use the hashtag S X. 21. And then people can click on that hashtag and see other people that are working out.

[00:11:35] And that kind of like, that holds you accountable, even though we’re not together, you’re still like online and you’re seeing people posts. And there’s also like we have a calendar that you could post in your Instagram story. So people can put like a little check Mark or a little Jif or whatever they want in that box for each day.

[00:11:54] And then everyone’s following along. It’s kind of like, Cheering each other on and holding [00:12:00] people accountable. Now, here in Wisconsin, it’s very cold and there’s snow on the ground. So, um, I do want people to be safe, so we may not be running right now, but at least we’re doing something, something active, um, and just seeing other people working out.

[00:12:19] And that would be motivate you a lot on social media. So that’s kind of how we use our motivation, our face.

[00:12:26] Kim: [00:12:26] Now I’m kicking off, you guys are my first in this run crews theories. And I wanted to talk to you first because you’re in a city that was not on my radar. You know, I’ve never been to Wisconsin or Milwaukee in particular.

[00:12:40] And. You know, I read a lot of, not so great things about the city. And I just wanted to know, how does that factor into your recruitment of members? I know I read that it’s very segregated still in the city, so I know all cities had their neighborhoods. We have black neighborhoods, [00:13:00] mixed neighborhoods, et cetera, about what, like what’s the makeup of

[00:13:02] Tenia: [00:13:02] Milwaukee.

[00:13:04] So I am born and raised in Milwaukee. I believe Karli is too. Yeah. So, um, the makeup is still, I mean, runner’s world didn’t come out that long ago. It’s still very segregated. It is. Um, and there’s a lot of factors that need to happen in order to change that. Um, and what we’re doing with beer is one of those things, um, for them to see a diverse group of young professionals running across, along the Lake.

[00:13:32] Now, the Lake is where. To describe Milwaukee where a lot of big homes are built and a lot of rich people live and, um, to see a big group of diverse people and especially black people running. Um, I think that’s people bridging that, you know, that gap right there, there’s, I’m an educator there’s only so much that we can do, but we’re doing it to bridge that gap and try to, um, [00:14:00] have it not be so segregated and show that.

[00:14:03] You know, we care about our health and care of ours, Sydney, um, being both of us being from Milwaukee and we haven’t left yet, we know plenty of people that have left, we’re dedicated to, um, helping. No cure that, that segregation in the city, and these are, this is one of the things that we know how to do and what we can do to help that, um, they love to paint the pitch, the bad picture of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

[00:14:30] Sure. That’s going to be you Google this, going to be a lot of the, the bad things about, and negative things about Milwaukee that you pull up. But I mean, you’re meeting us right now and, um, To hear our story and to hear about social legs and what we’re doing to bridge that gap. I mean, that’s one of the gyms, but they’re not going to, um, paint that pretty picture yet, you know, so you have to dig and it’s hard to find the best of it, but.

[00:14:56] We may be segregated, but we are now working [00:15:00] together to try to make that change. For sure. Yeah.

[00:15:04] Karli: [00:15:04] And I just wanted to say like one of the reasons, like how I found fear, um, actually one of the captains I had met in a meeting, so my previous job, I used to work for them, um, public school district and Milwaukee, and I planned a lot of big athletic events.

[00:15:20] Um, and so one of mines was our run back to school event. And so I met with someone that was like, We would love to come and like volunteer at your event. And I was like, okay. And that’s how they invited me to come run. And I know what I was getting myself into, but I actually happened to see them. I was driving towards the Lake, actually meeting someone for coffee.

[00:15:41] And I saw this big group of black runners. And I was like, this has to be the group that guy was telling me about from my meeting. So I was like, okay, I need to reach out to him. So I made sure the next day that I sent him an email and I was like, Hey, when do you guys meet again? And then he invited me to come.

[00:15:58] Um, but [00:16:00] so it’s just like, even seeing people that look like you that are exercising. Cause I’ve always liked been exercising, but I haven’t been running, but I was like, all these black people are running. Like they all look like me. Um, I want to come and be a part of that. And then we also give back a lot.

[00:16:15] Like we’re making sure that we’re in the community. And our, even like our babies are seeing us, um, I know like the run back to school, um, that was huge for us to have fear as a cheer section, um, while students are, you know, doing their first 5k, whether they’re walking or running, um, And that was an event.

[00:16:34] So raise money for youth sports for the school district. So we’re making sure that we’re getting out there and showing, um, our kids that like, there are people that look just like you, that are out here running long distance and being active in the city.

[00:16:49] Kim: [00:16:49] So you feel like it’s hard? Cause you know, I, I hate when they like put titles on, you know, cities because we live there, we know what it’s like, you live in the city, you [00:17:00] know what it’s really like.

[00:17:01] So you see, you think that it’s like a hindrance for. Black people don’t want to come out and run with it. Cause running is free, right? Oh, when we get down into the nitty gritty of it running

[00:17:10] Tenia: [00:17:10] free, you know, we got to buy the shoes, we got to buy to fly gear. So it, at

[00:17:15] Kim: [00:17:15] the end of the day we are spending money to run.

[00:17:18] So is that like a hindrance for anybody in the Milwaukee area, in the neighborhoods that want to come out and

[00:17:25] Tenia: [00:17:25] run with you? I think our biggest hindrance is, um, people ourselves are just. I feel like we, sometimes we have such a hard time of getting outside of that box. You know, like we grew up watching basketball and like expire, aspiring to be like the best welfare or, and, um, no one’s ever encouraged.

[00:17:51] You like, come do rock climbing, you know? And now yoga like black yoga. These are huge thing, which is awesome. Now [00:18:00] I think it’s just like, Exposure experience and representation. So I knew I had no coordination. I had no business being on nobody basketball court, no court. So I know early where I was supposed to be.

[00:18:17] But, um, I think that’s, that’s the great thing about social acts that we are trying to bridge that fitness gap. So whether running might not be for you, like, let’s go rock climbing. Like maybe that that would be something that you will love. Um, so I think the hindrance is just literally the fear of Ronnie.

[00:18:38] Like you don’t have, you don’t experience that never met invited at ring, you know, you just don’t know. And that could be scary, but I think the great thing is that we are such a welcoming family. And once I always tell people, like, all you have to do is show up on our promise. We’ll take care of you and you’ll be okay.

[00:18:59] You won’t [00:19:00] get lost. You’re not going to die. You’re not like, you know, I’m not going to leave you like a captain. Won’t do leave you, let you go. And. You know, like we’re a family, we’re gonna make sure you go out and you have fun and you make it back safely. Um, so that’s like the big thing

[00:19:18] Kim: [00:19:18] I know we touched earlier, um, on the, a mod or Bree situation, the murder actually.

[00:19:25] And you know, I know that shook a lot of us runners to the core because he was one of us essentially. So what did F.E.A.R. MKE do in the wake of. The Ahmad or tragedy.

[00:19:39] Tenia: [00:19:39] And so, um, like I mentioned earlier, before we did write an article, me another captain Renault, Washington, and another captain, Danielle Nabex.

[00:19:51] We, um, wrote a article expressing our frustrations about it and, um, like actions [00:20:00] that can take place. So we all parts of the painted in the, um, 2.2, three, run for my RV as well. So we all made sure to run our 2.2, three or longer to celebrate, um, Him and to just bring awareness and Ahmad, Aubrey was kind of that like really kicked everything off that I think that pissed enough runners off, you know, so we definitely did, um, start protesting and, um, you know, using that.

[00:20:37] As our platform. And I know some runners, you know, we’re run in debt, dedicated our runs to Briana Tayloe, to George , to, you know, these countless name, um, and using that platform. So with the civil unrest in COVID, like I said before, we did end up getting a lot more attention and we [00:21:00] were using those times speak about it.

[00:21:02] So it was no longer being quiet about. Um, anything in, um, what our mission is like, okay. Our mission is for more black people to be running period. Cause this is why because of mod RB is why. Yeah, you’re scared to run because you, white people are not expected to be white people running as, so how’s thinking how sad it is and the running.

[00:21:26] So now we’re not going to hold our tiny anymore and we’re going to, um, you know, Paul people out and just like in the runners where our are the, I didn’t hold my tongue. Like I’m tired of it. I’m tired of the running community, um, being so just for this one group, And it’s time for our group to be in there too.

[00:21:48] So, um, I think that’s how we channel that. And I think you did a really good job doing that, and it’s not over a mot obvious. That’s not the first and Sally, Sally, Sally. He [00:22:00] is not the last, but, um, I think that just kicked everything off and I think this is just us getting started with really what our mission is for sure.

[00:22:13] Kim: [00:22:13] Speaking of the running community cause I’m in New York city. Well, I’m in the suburbs. What I grew up in New York city. But even when I went to races in New York city, I’m still have a few at the races. What it, what does the racing look like in

[00:22:29] Karli: [00:22:29] Milwaukee?

[00:22:30] Tenia: [00:22:30] Pre COVID of course. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. New York is bigger.

[00:22:39] I’m pretty sure. It’s probably worse. I have been to raises and literally counted how many people looked like me. I was like a water station, so I got to see everybody, like before I ran a marathon before I ran my first, every minute. Yeah. Well, it was like, I wonder, you know, that’s weird. How many people do I see like me that stands out?

[00:22:58] Like for me to want to [00:23:00] count that? Yeah, well, no, it’s the same makeup. Um, and then I’m forget, I’m seeing people that look like me running it. We are trying to host it. We run, we’re actually running it. Like literally I’m the race director, like probably is running the water day. I’m like, no. So that’s the next step?

[00:23:22] Forget. Um, Ask him to join somebody else’s race. No, we want to just

[00:23:28] Kim: [00:23:28] have our own. Are there any black owned racing companies yet in Milwaukee? Cause we have one here. One,

[00:23:40] Karli: [00:23:40] I know one in

[00:23:40] Kim: [00:23:40] Atlanta. That’s two

[00:23:42] Tenia: [00:23:42] and no, we will change that though. Believe that things are coming. Yeah. Yeah. Things are brewing, but for sure, we do host the 5k the own.

[00:23:54] I think our 5k is one of the best. Um, races put on. It was [00:24:00] daunting. It’s just, um, we’re small and a lot of people don’t know about it, but, um, we host a 5k. We do a whole block party afterwards where for 10 bucks you get a t-shirt drink, free food. DJ price a little bit

[00:24:20] Karli: [00:24:20] cheap.

[00:24:26] Tenia: [00:24:26] We want to get, I mean, but these other races, they have so many things, big sponsors and stuff like that. No, I think we can keep charging where we can. All right. We need these corporations tobacco. Well, yeah, so that it, you know, it’s not, it’s nothing that changes with that. These big corporations that are backing these big majority white, um, Racist.

[00:24:54] That’s all they need. That’s all it’s needed. That’s it? Not no different. Are there [00:25:00] any

[00:25:00] Kim: [00:25:00] races happening in Milwaukee now, or the state of Wisconsin? Every state is different. Like barely anything is happening here, but I see other States they’re racing and you know,

[00:25:08] Karli: [00:25:08] everything’s

[00:25:09] Tenia: [00:25:09] normal. Nothing.

[00:25:12] Karli: [00:25:12] We’re not, we’re not doing anything in person.

[00:25:17] Um, yeah, we’re not doing anything in person there. They pretty much moved everything virtual. Um, and I don’t see that happening anytime. So, uh, not here.

[00:25:31] Tenia: [00:25:31] So are your numbers are still pretty wild.

[00:25:34] Kim: [00:25:34] Are you guys planning to do any in-person group runs anytime soon?

[00:25:40] Tenia: [00:25:40] Now star, Steve starts in April, the first Tuesday in April.

[00:25:47] Um, so we will see how things are if we can. Um, we did do our last one of our last seasons. So the last one we did was [00:26:00] at the end of October, we did run all together. Um, mass power. Um, space the part. So we did do that, but that was just cause it was like the last one and kind of just wanted to do it. But, um, I re re really want everyone to be space.

[00:26:20] And in Wisconsin we are not all on one accord. So, uh, each city is doing something different.

[00:26:30] Not, I’m not crazy. Yeah. And when I say city, like when our city, like Milwaukee is literally down, like you can walk a black and be in another city and they’re like, Oh, so yeah. That’s what I’m saying. Like, yeah. Our cities are not being far apart at all, so it’s yeah, it’s very. [00:27:00] Scary and like Turkey. Yeah.

[00:27:03] Kim: [00:27:03] So when I get back to chasing, cause I’m running a half marathon in every state, hopefully we’ll get that started back soon.

[00:27:10] So what race should I have on my calendar in

[00:27:14] Karli: [00:27:14] Milwaukee?

[00:27:18] Cause I want to come to the area where the black folks, so I don’t want to be

[00:27:26] Tenia: [00:27:26] no. So

[00:27:28] Karli: [00:27:28] one of them, others

[00:27:32] Tenia: [00:27:32] had nothing to do with us.

[00:27:39] No, um, brewers mini. That is a really that’s me for fun. So it’s at the, um, our baseball stadium and you run around that neighborhood and you finished in the stadium, kind of run around there and then like run outside. And we usually get a really, really big crowd for that. And [00:28:00] I think we have probably about.

[00:28:04] 30 30 people probably signed up last year from our group or

[00:28:09] Karli: [00:28:09] two years ago. Been a little bit more than that. Um, he had a very big group. Um,

[00:28:16] Tenia: [00:28:16] yeah, so that that’d be really fine. And we go, we eat afterwards together and stuff like that. So, no, cause I

[00:28:24] Kim: [00:28:24] can’t be running all races in a

[00:28:26] Tenia: [00:28:26] call. Okay. All to

[00:28:29] Karli: [00:28:29] freeze my butt off.

[00:28:31] What month is that

[00:28:32] Tenia: [00:28:32] in? Whereas many is, and usually like August or September.

[00:28:38] Karli: [00:28:38] Yeah.

[00:28:39] Tenia: [00:28:39] Oh, the weather is still pretty good. Yeah. In the morning, it’s a little chilly, you know, but then you’ll be okay. No, it’s not the worst. We would never do that. We don’t even like funny.

[00:28:54] Tell me a

[00:28:54] Kim: [00:28:54] little bit about, um,

[00:28:56] Tenia: [00:28:56] social. What is the name? Social ex. [00:29:00] Yeah. So we’re a business that encourages, um, young professionals of color to stay in Milwaukee and also to attract attention in Milwaukee. We have six pillars. Mine is health and wellness, obviously. And then, um, so social X was founded by Niari Davidson.

[00:29:20] Again, the one that came up was fear as well. Um, because. To break this brain drain. I know that word is overused now, but, um, to break the brain drain in Milwaukee, so people were complaining that it was nothing to do, especially for black people. So it started as just like happy hours and, um, parties. And now we’ve grown to kind of be a consulting business.

[00:29:48] So we have job postings. We can tell people, uh, what. Um, events to do and Milwaukee we’re from all. Well, three, three of the [00:30:00] people that are on the board right now, born and raised in Milwaukee. So I think we have some of the best like outlooks and insights to our city. So like no one else should be really telling our story, but us, we know where you can go get your hair, done, your nails, you know, I’ll make sure you black, uh, drinks.

[00:30:17] Food, you know, like that type of thing. So, um, we’ve shifted over to that. We help businesses, um, create events for their like incoming, um, young professionals, new people to the city. Uh, so just trying to like make sure Milwaukee people see the great things that are in Milwaukee for, uh, people of color.

[00:30:42] Kim: [00:30:42] So when I finally get to Milwaukee, what, what am I doing?

[00:30:46] What sites am I seeing? Where am I going? Where am I staying? What is there to do? I want to be with my people though. I don’t want to be, you know?

[00:30:58] Tenia: [00:30:58] Yeah. [00:31:00] Okay. What Carlene do you? I got some places, but go ahead. Carlene.

[00:31:04] Karli: [00:31:04] Um,

[00:31:07] Tenia: [00:31:07] so you have to lie by the leg that one of my favorite places around it’s beautiful. Um, we have, do have a bunch of very amazing and beautiful trails, um, to do some trail running.

[00:31:19] If you love that. Um, I’m a Milwaukee girl, so I like beer. I like to drink and I like to eat. I like,

[00:31:29] Karli: [00:31:29] so what I want is I want to eat the

[00:31:32] Tenia: [00:31:32] big pretzels with the cheese. Everything is cheese too. Curt G might have to get cheese, everything amazing. Um, what’s cheese curd. Oh my, Oh my goodness.

[00:31:47] Karli: [00:31:47] We don’t have that

[00:31:48] Tenia: [00:31:48] here.

[00:31:49] Oh,

[00:31:50] Karli: [00:31:50] Oh, a cheese cart is so there’s two different times. There’s like actual like cult cheese curds where it’s just like cheese, [00:32:00] but it’s like, like, like a little ball of cheese. But what we’re talking about are like fried, like deep fried cheese curds. And Milwaukee has some of the best deep fryers chiefs, Kurtz, like, but it’s like at different places, it’s not just like just one place.

[00:32:15] Like I could give you a list. I loved you. That is my food. And I like have. A list of restaurants in my phone where I’m always like, this is where you go to get.

[00:32:27] Tenia: [00:32:27] So cheese curds

[00:32:29] Karli: [00:32:29] is a must

[00:32:29] Tenia: [00:32:29] and Milwaukee. We do Friday fish by so tags Friday, I’ll begin a fish fry. So, um, I want to be a fish fry kind of sewer.

[00:32:41] Uh, so I both die. I’ll go to a grimy bar, eat catfish perch for sure. Cod. So then the big thing, Friday, fish fries, a big here, and I didn’t know other people didn’t do that. No. Yeah, I know. Yeah.

[00:32:58] Kim: [00:32:58] South more. They do that. [00:33:00] And you know, Atlanta, South Carolina and North

[00:33:03] Tenia: [00:33:03] Carolina area, they do that. Yeah. Yeah. I thought everybody did.

[00:33:06] Um, so that’s here. Uh, Shyman Phoenix, um, that has, that’s been at national news a lot. Um, it’s basically like a black public market, so you can find everything from yoga to tea to desserts. You can get your hair cut. You can get your nails done. You can get your lashes done. Uh, everything in this one stop shop and get wings.

[00:33:36] You can get healthy. Food is amazing. I love it.

[00:33:41] Karli: [00:33:41] Yeah,

[00:33:44] Tenia: [00:33:44] I know. I don’t know. Like, um, I don’t know any, those are my go-to things to people.

[00:33:55] Karli: [00:33:55] Those are usually the things that I tell people that they need to do when they come [00:34:00] here for their first time. Um, other than like maybe a few other restaurants, I would recommend them, but those are like some things you want to do.

[00:34:08] And we do have some nice

[00:34:09] Tenia: [00:34:09] museums here, too. Shit. Risha

[00:34:12] Kim: [00:34:12] we stay like, are there neighborhoods within Milwaukee? Is there like a downtown area?

[00:34:18] Tenia: [00:34:18] Oh, yeah, we have a pretty nice downtown. I mean, not as nice as other cities, I think I’ve seen, but it’s building, I think any hotel downtown you’re pretty safe. Um, What is the most beautiful one?

[00:34:34] Oh, the one with the art attached St. Kate.

[00:34:40] Karli: [00:34:40] That’s a beautiful, absolutely beautiful hotel. The food is good there too. Yeah, I have good wine.

[00:34:54] Tenia: [00:34:54] Yeah. Yeah. They are very good. Yeah. Beautiful. That’s where I would stay. Yeah. [00:35:00] That’s downtown. Everything is like, there’s no traffic, uh, everything. I feel like the furthest the way you could be is maybe yeah. So a half hour away from anything is pretty good. Yeah. And it’s the legit half hour. You’re not like sitting in traffic.

[00:35:21] Our five o’clock traffic is like, Barely anything, nothing compared to what you probably experienced or anything like that?

[00:35:28] Kim: [00:35:28] Well, don’t go to Atlanta. You don’t want to sit in

[00:35:30] Tenia: [00:35:30] five o’clock traffic.

[00:35:34] Yeah. You won’t do that here and you don’t have anything like that. Yeah. You don’t have to make time for that. So that’s yeah. That’s a good thing about Milwaukee, for sure. I

[00:35:43] Karli: [00:35:43] always tell people I can always get to work in 10 minutes or less and I’m grateful for that. Nice,

[00:35:49] Tenia: [00:35:49] nice.

[00:35:51] Kim: [00:35:51] So, is there anything else.

[00:35:52] You ladies wanted to tell the audience about the, what do you call you? Are you a group? Are you a run [00:36:00] crew? How would you classify?

[00:36:01] Tenia: [00:36:01] We’re a run crew. Okay. Yeah.

[00:36:04] Kim: [00:36:04] So anything else we need to know about F.E.A.R. MKE? Fair Milwaukee. You say friend Milwaukee or fair?

[00:36:11] Tenia: [00:36:11] MK.  okay. Um, I will say that, um, please come visit us.

[00:36:20] You are not the first person that said I’ve never been to Milwaukee. Never been to Wisconsin. It’s not fucked down my radar. And then they meet us. And then they want to come

[00:36:31] our grade. That’s only two, everybody wait pool than me, right? Oh yeah. And even if you can’t come, um, make sure that you’re making the difference in your city to run and to, um, bridge that. Gap and change that running narrative. We need more people that look like us to be running and for other people to see that pretty babies to see that.

[00:36:57] So they not a running is also an [00:37:00] option.

[00:37:01] Kim: [00:37:01] Well, I want to thank you ladies. Karli Ansonia for being on The Run Wave Podcast. I love when I get to chat with other women and seeing women in leadership positions, because we’re the minority. Being black and we’re also the minority being women, you know, in these organizations.

[00:37:19] So I’m happy to see you ladies here shadow with me and in leadership roles within your group. So, um, tell everyone where we can find your group on socials.

[00:37:30] Karli: [00:37:30] Yeah. You can

[00:37:31] Tenia: [00:37:31] find fear at F.E.A.R. MKE

[00:37:34] Karli: [00:37:34] on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. And then, um, you can find social legs, that social ex MKE on Instagram and Twitter.

[00:37:44] Kim: [00:37:44] As well. Okay. And y’all, if you’re listening, come on out to Milwaukee when we can travel again, they have some good things to offer. And the

[00:37:54] Tenia: [00:37:54] city of Milwaukee.

[00:37:56] Karli: [00:37:56] Yes, we will take care of you.

[00:37:59] Tenia: [00:37:59] All

[00:37:59] Kim: [00:37:59] right, [00:38:00] ladies. Thank you again for being on The Run Wave Podcast.

[00:38:03] Tenia: [00:38:03] Thank you so much. Thank you course. Well,

[00:38:07] Kim: [00:38:07] I hope you enjoyed my interview with fear.

[00:38:11] M K E. I want to thank Tenia and Karli for appearing on The Run Wave Podcast. It was great chatting with them and good to learn a little bit about Milwaukee and. Their crew. I will leave all of their social handles below so you can check them out. And when we are able to travel again and make sure you keep Milwaukee on your list, I know that I will be checking out the race that they refer to me because I have to get Wisconsin checked off of my 50 States.

[00:38:43] So I’m glad I have a few new friends in Milwaukee that can show me around the city when I get there. So. Thank you again for tuning into this episode of The Run Wave Podcast. Don’t forget to leave a review of the show. If you listen on Apple podcasts, you can [00:39:00] scroll a right now, hit five stars, golly, with five star review and write a written review.

[00:39:06] If you can. It really helps the show to get noticed, to get recommended to other people. And it just keeps this little engine that could going. So thank you again for tuning in and I will catch you. On the next one later. Thank you so much for tuning into the show. Be sure to subscribe to the runners, wait on your favorite podcast app and leave us a review of the show on Apple podcasts.

[00:39:32] It would have really helped me out. If you are a runner that has a story to tell, and you would like to be on the show, you can email. hello@therunwave.com Or send us a DM on Instagram to @therunwave. Wait, see you next time. .

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