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In this episode of The Run Wave Podcast, we are headed across the pound to chat with Eric, Brian, and Safari of Morning Than Runnin.Ā  They are a London based run crew, who uses their outgoing personalties to encourage more people to get into the sport of running.

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Brian: http://instagram.com/killab001
Tafari: http://instagram.com/i.c.da_matrix

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Episode Transcription

[00:00:00] Kim: [00:00:00] Coming up next on The Run Crew series from London, More Than Runnin.

[00:00:16] Hey everybody. Welcome back to another episode of The Run Wave Podcastt. I am your host Kim. If this is your first time tuning in, welcome to the show. If you are a return listener, welcome back to the show. I so appreciate you. If you haven’t already done it. So please be sure to subscribe to The Run Wave Podcastt on your favorite podcast app so that you get notified each and every time I upload a new episode.

[00:00:44] And if you are a listener on Apple podcasts or iTunes, please be sure to rate the show five stars. And if you can leave a written review of the show as well, it really helps the shell to get noticed and to get recommended to [00:01:00] other runners like yourself. On the show. I had the fellas from More Than Runnin, which is a London base run crew, Eric Brian, and Tafari chatted with me.

[00:01:11] And I love when I get to chat with people from across the pond, because I love their accents. I mean, they think that we have an accent, but to be SL normal. And I’m sure to them, they sound normal, but their accents and just dreamy and these fellows were such. A riot. Um, if you haven’t already done stuff, you’d never heard of them.

[00:01:31] Make sure that you follow them on their socials. I’ll have them listed down below because they give video. Commentary format. I don’t know what you want to call it, but their IgE is full of video content and it makes you really get to know them as people. And I think it’s something that sets them apart from other running crews.

[00:01:54] So they’re putting a lot of work into creating their content and I am enjoying watching [00:02:00] it. And I enjoyed interviewing them. So let’s check out their salon. I want to introduce you to the fellows of the More Than Runnin crew. Please. Welcome Eric Bryan and Safari to the show. Hey guys.

[00:02:19] Brian: [00:02:19] Very

[00:02:19] Eric: [00:02:19] well. Very well. Well, that’s convenient. Yeah.

[00:02:23] Kim: [00:02:23] Good. Now these fellows are on the other side of the pond. They’re in London. So what time is it over there now?

[00:02:31] Brian: [00:02:31] Eight o’clock 8:00 PM. 8:00 PM.

[00:02:34] He

[00:02:34] Kim: [00:02:34] am. So my son is still shining bright in the air when you guys are going up to snooze land soon. Well, not too soon.

[00:02:41] Yeah.

[00:02:46] Well, tell me a little bit about yourselves. I’ll let you choose who will go first.

[00:02:52] Brian: [00:02:52] Okay, well, um, I, my name is Brian, AKA killer B, I suppose, killer Brian doesn’t have the same kind of ring to it. [00:03:00] Um, I’ve been running about just about two years now, loving the running, just running by myself, running with the guys like I’ve done.

[00:03:07] Um, only two races because of the lockdown and stuff. Um, The hall from our friend is my first race was, um, it was a big accomplishment. I was happy to do it. We’re looking to do the next one. And they’re just getting as much runs as possible. We’re in the community. We’ve got like a Sunday park run. We have overload people and, um, yeah, just, just loving and loving the vibe that we spread.

[00:03:28] Kim: [00:03:28] Okay.

[00:03:32] Eric: [00:03:32] Well, my name’s Eric, um, AKA run like a Mr. Epic. Um, I’m 45 years old. I’ve got three children. Uh, I’ve been running 200 weeks today, 200 weeks today. So I’ve just, I’ve just run 21 kilometers today.

[00:03:50] Kim: [00:03:50] I’m going to, I’m going to ask you more about that

[00:03:51] Eric: [00:03:51] later. Okay. Okay.

[00:03:55] Kim: [00:03:55] Five. I would not have guessed that.

[00:03:58] Eric: [00:03:58] Yeah.

[00:03:58] Yeah. I’m 45. I’ll [00:04:00] be 46 this year. Wow. Looking good. Thank you. Thank you. Um, yeah, and I just love running, um, started running because I had a few health issues, um, and it’s just taken off. Everybody loves it. I’ve started filming. I like to talk anyway. So it just kind of all makes sense.Ā  inspire, you know, it just rolls into one.

[00:04:28] Kim: [00:04:28] I’ve been watching your filming. It’s good. All right. What about you Safari? I think it’s very, it’s been keeping me entertained the last few days. I’ll tell you that much.

[00:04:45] Yeah.

[00:04:46] Tafari: [00:04:46] When was the far right? Let us know, say we will live in the same area of work or people will learn in a physical difficulties or try and run twice a week and yeah, empty all baby is not. Yeah, we’re just trying to get it in month. That is what it is

[00:05:00] [00:05:00] Kim: [00:05:00] now. What is you guys as the ethnic background?

[00:05:03] Because I hear a little Jamaican accent in there and I know there’s probably some other cultural backgrounds that I’m missing, but where are you? Are you guys born in London or how’s that working? Yeah.

[00:05:13] Brian: [00:05:13] So I was born, I was born in London, um, South London school, but my parents are both from Guyana. So my, my ethnicity is from Gaia guy.

[00:05:26] Eric: [00:05:26] Yeah. I’m um, I was born in Hammersmith hospital, just down the road, about 20 minutes down the road. Um, yeah, my dad’s from Ghana. My mom was from Grenada.

[00:05:37] Tafari: [00:05:37] Yeah, I’m born in London, West London, West London hospital. My peoples are from Jamaica and Grenada.

[00:05:46] Kim: [00:05:46] Oh, okay. So is there a lot

[00:05:52] to say it out? What are y’all saying?

[00:05:54] Eric: [00:05:54] Well,

[00:06:04] [00:06:00] Kim: [00:06:04] what are they saying? But I like it. I like it.

[00:06:11] Brian: [00:06:11] Yeah. It’s like, I think it’s like a, like a Jesus, like, jeez, like anytime you can say something like that, you could say Jace.

[00:06:21] Kim: [00:06:21] So is that a MTR thing or is that like a London thing?

[00:06:26] Brian: [00:06:26] It’s kind of a London thing, but we do.

[00:06:33] Kim: [00:06:33] So, Eric, I know you touched on your running streak and it’s actually a pretty Epic running streak. So how did that get started for you and what got you into running?

[00:06:44] Eric: [00:06:44] Um, I used to run a little while back in the day, a little bit here and there, but not nothing serious. And then, um, I had a seizure, I went to work and I collapsed and I had a seizure and I woke up and I said to myself, I have to change something.

[00:07:00] [00:07:00] So I started running around the estate. I met a couple of other friends that started running. Um, and yeah, it just took off from now for, I have to get into races. I’ve done the great no front. I don’t know if you’ve heard of the great North run, 57,000 people running. Uh, my finger, I came 3,400 and something.

[00:07:21] Um, so yeah, that’s, that’s how I started running. And then, yeah, every Monday, because I know people hate Mondays. Um, I run every single Monday for the last 200 weeks.

[00:07:32] Kim: [00:07:32] Wow. Now it’s 200. How do you keep track of that? 200. So you started on week one and you just kept it going for 200 weeks. Yeah,

[00:07:41] Eric: [00:07:41] exactly. That just week one, week, two week three.

[00:07:44] And then I come out and I talk. And I give, you know, a little bit of joke. It might not have anything to do with running, but just life in general. That’s why we call it More Than Runnin. Cause it’sĀ  it’s life isMore Than Runnin. So, you know, [00:08:00] so did

[00:08:00] Kim: [00:08:00] you have, did you have a history of seizures or was it just like out of the blue?

[00:08:06] Eric: [00:08:06] Um, I had one 10 years before that and my mom had passed away at 43 years old and my sister at 38 years old. So. Obviously from there, I just fought, you know what? I have to do something serious to change my life. But yeah, running running seems to have caught me.

[00:08:27] Kim: [00:08:27] So have you been okay since you’ve been on this streak, any other episodes or all has been well, you can attribute that to picking up the sport of running.

[00:08:40] Um,

[00:08:40] Eric: [00:08:40] running yoga, exercise the gym downstairs in my garage. So, you know, me and my son, we just, my son’s over here. We just worked out, um, today. Um, so yeah, I do a lot of exercise and that just, they say exercise boosts your immune system. So basically when I had all the tests and everything they said [00:09:00] to me, my immune system was threshold was low.

[00:09:04] So I had to. Do you exercise to boost my immune system and, yeah, I’ve just got the bug of running now. I’m inspiring everybody else trying to inspire the community.

[00:09:16] Kim: [00:09:16] What about you, Brian? I know I read that you joined him somewhere along that journey.

[00:09:23] Brian: [00:09:23] What is, yeah, so I was doing my thing in and out, in and out since I go to about buddy, because all of a sudden, the night I’m telling you, I’ve got an eight year old son and I’ve actually got another son on the way, actually,

[00:09:32] Kim: [00:09:32] no, congratulations.

[00:09:34] Nice.

[00:09:36] Brian: [00:09:36] We thought it was two months. We went to check and it was five months already. So nearly that I said, well, I see these guys running, running into now. I’m noticing my metabolism slowing down. I have asthma as well. And I used to use my pump like. Like every few days I’m using my blue pump. So every time I see them do an exercise, I’d be coming out and I’ll say, look, I’m going to run with you guys.

[00:09:55] But I’m a type of guy that if I’m going to block a day off, it has to be blocked. So I knew it was Thursday, they run. [00:10:00] So I started running with them. The first time I ran with them, I’ve never run before anything kept calling and I loved it. I loved it. And then about four or five weeks into it, they said to me a lot.

[00:10:13] You know, we only started running 5k when we first started, but we knew you was ready for it. So, yeah, I just loved it and I’ve been filming and running and everyone else how’d you run while you talk while you rather than film vice, because that’s how I started. So I just carried on and got my channel when it’s just getting blocked from everyone.

[00:10:31] So you have blessings and blessings to you, but for putting a phone in

[00:10:35] Kim: [00:10:35] of course. So how did More Than Runnin get started?

[00:10:43] Eric: [00:10:43] We w we were already running first-day. Um, and we, we fought, okay. A few of us fought together less. Let’s start something for the community in a local way, Portland near where we live. Yeah. It just took off from there. Instagram [00:11:00] was obviously free promotion. We were already doing videos. Um, we, you know, we went, we got the logo done and got, you know, we got a few things as in visuals, uh, for people to see.

[00:11:13] And now we’re there and we’re, we’re, we’re actually part of DePaul. I think people actually expect us in the park and we motivate others to do the call

[00:11:23] Kim: [00:11:23] and they got some flag yet. They came on this, those stunt and yada got they get, they got the little jackets on it. Hasn’t been,

[00:11:38] Eric: [00:11:38] visuals are important on that. So.

[00:11:42] Kim: [00:11:42] Okay. So when and where do you guys meet and are you like a group or it’s just like you three and you have some people join you. How is that working?

[00:11:53] Brian: [00:11:53] Okay, well, it’s just us, us three, basically in the MTL group, but we’ve got a lot of people that join us for the Sunday, runs a lot of people in [00:12:00] community join, join, non run, like couldn’t offer the workouts I can.

[00:12:03] So it’s just a community thing that joined us by here. It’s just the three of us. That’s MTO.

[00:12:09] Kim: [00:12:09] No.

[00:12:13] That’s cool. If I see people, okay, I’m going to talk about your runs a little bit later, but I see people joining you guys. I wasn’t sure if it was just, you know, you three or for you, a crew, a whole crew of people, but that’s dope.

[00:12:26] Eric: [00:12:26] That’s the hope, the whole point is anyone, anyone from any background in the community?

[00:12:33] Come join us. It doesn’t, it doesn’t matter. We’ve met people through Instagram that we’ve, we’ve run with. We’ve met people from the community that we’ve run with other people that we’ve met at races that I’ve come down and run with us. So we, we just like to run and we like to film. We like to talk, we like to motivate.

[00:12:50] So it just kind of makes sense for everybody just to run together. Yeah.

[00:12:54] Brian: [00:12:54] And it’s not way wrong in any way. So just to come, uh, we’ll come down there, whatever it was just running, running, [00:13:00] running community.

[00:13:02] Kim: [00:13:02] That’s dope. That’s dope. So tell me about the community that you guys reside in, because all that, most of my lessons are American.

[00:13:11] And all I know about London is Luther, which I love gangs of London, which I love that show too. And the crown, you know, That’s all we see on that’s our perception of London from America. Exactly. So tell me about, tell me about your hood, your neighborhood. What is it like where you guys live and what part of London is that?

[00:13:36] From

[00:13:36] Tafari: [00:13:36] West London, man. West can stress can a statement. Yeah. Is what you don’t record a project. So over them on, you know what I’m saying? Not just like all saying I’ve got family in Brooklyn. Bed-Stuy Bedford-Stuyvesant like West Canton. You know what I’m saying? West London, we’ve got high-rises we’ve got houses.

[00:13:54] We go to Uber. Yeah. And we run round and then you run round tomorrow that yeah.

[00:14:00] [00:14:00] Kim: [00:14:00] Was there a lot. Is there a lot of like Caribbean, African culture in that area?

[00:14:07] Brian: [00:14:07] Yeah. Yeah.

[00:14:09] Tafari: [00:14:09] It’s a definite mix.

[00:14:11] Kim: [00:14:11] Well, I can go down the road and get me some rice and peas.

[00:14:14] Tafari: [00:14:14] Yeah.

[00:14:19] Kim: [00:14:19] all that good stuff.

[00:14:21] Eric: [00:14:21] Yeah. All that good stuff, but we’re not good staff, but it depends. It depends on what side of London you go because. On, let’s say West London, you get more, um, character from like Grenada St. Lucia. You don’t really get too many Jamaicans. I live on South London. We’ve likeĀ  and Nigerians.

[00:14:43] And so it’s, it’s kind of a mix. It’s kind of a mix like, Hey, this is you’re going to get a lot of European, Spanish, Polish, um, a lot of different, different, different nationalities here. In West London.

[00:14:58] Kim: [00:14:58] And you know what? I noticed that [00:15:00] because I watched your latest video when you were in South park, you guys are just, you know, right.

[00:15:05] It, Hey, what’s up everybody. And a lot of people turn around and look at you, like, what are these guys doing? So like that part that you run, what kind of neighborhood is that?

[00:15:15] Tafari: [00:15:15] Yeah, that’s the push bar. That’s the push bar. You know what I’m saying? That’s more going off towards that. Southwest

[00:15:24] Kim: [00:15:24] London, you know, That’s what a bad pushing the stroller,

[00:15:29] Tafari: [00:15:29] wherever you go, wherever you go as well.

[00:15:33] Kim: [00:15:33] I liked that. I saw, you know, there was a guy running and you say, Hey to him. And he started running what you guys, so is that how you just like pick up people and, you know, keep the movement going.

[00:15:43] Brian: [00:15:43] If you saw the end of the video, I told him, come back next week. Cause he told me five next week.

[00:15:53] Eric: [00:15:53] Take about it like this.

[00:15:54] Yeah, I think about it. How many runners out there? Appreciate you just [00:16:00] saying have a good run. Yep. Do you understand how you, how are you doing? Good running? What’s your name? How far are you run in today? There’s so many runners that just appreciate that alone. And that’s just like, that’s just normal manners for us where we come from.

[00:16:16] That’s just normal, man. It’s so very true. It just extends to the run in anyway.

[00:16:22] Kim: [00:16:22] So I saw that you said at the end of that bit, that video, you know, tell me where you are, where you are North, South, East, or West. I’ll come to you. You know, I’ve been checking up on you guys.

[00:16:38] Eric: [00:16:38] You show an interest. That’s

[00:16:39] Brian: [00:16:39] good.

[00:16:41] Kim: [00:16:41] Of course. So how does that work? Are you like forming? Are you taking a group to other parts of London to, you know, try to get more people into the sport?

[00:16:50] Eric: [00:16:50] Well, we’ve got, we’ve got, we know different people from different crews that are like, there’s a crew in East London. We call it like the mile crushes.

[00:16:58] Um, there’s other different [00:17:00] crews. There’s black girls run UK. Um, they’re, they’re just up the road for a month. Um, and there’s a few other runners that are local. So again, we’re just trying to. Like we say, spread that love and just, and just all run together. Why not? We do videos anyway. We run. Why not them be in the video show, their personality show, who they are, get more fans.

[00:17:22] We all connect and running community worldwide. That’s why we’re talking to you.

[00:17:26] Brian: [00:17:26] But this is one of the thing. One thing I always noticed when I first started running, because I’m obviously watching run. Like I, couldn’t not, when I first started he’s running videos. So when I go on Instagram and I’m seeing, everyone’s just doing pictures, I couldn’t believe it.

[00:17:36] Cause we were in, like, we were in 2000, whatever now, so we can move in pictures now in it. So let’s just get on it. You know what I’m saying? So that’s why I just go on it and then yeah, even now I just see everyone through their pictures and they so good. Don’t get me wrong, but everyone, you want to see personality in it.

[00:17:50] You want to see what’s going on. You want to see the roads, you want to see the journey. So that’s what I’m about. And then I think I just want to show other people’s journey at the same time.

[00:17:58] Kim: [00:17:58] I agree. And I think that’s [00:18:00] what makes you guys as channels unique because you don’t like, I agree with you. I like the visual aspect as well.

[00:18:05] And that’s why I make this podcast into a video as well. But. I think we get to see more of your personalities and get to know who you are because you are producing video content on your channels. You know, every week, more than every week, two, three times a week,

[00:18:27] Eric: [00:18:27] I’m active. I’m active

[00:18:28] Brian: [00:18:28] because I might do one or two run for solo runs a week, but I knew I couldn’t just do in many. Do you know what I’m saying? But yeah, you’ll see it. You’re going to say it. It’s a siege, the London streets as well, but we don’t, we w we’re planning to run to other iconic places. So you look and see like, you know, other places, but you get to see London, the streets, the bridges, and all sorts of stuff as well at the same time.

[00:18:48] So I think it’s just a little good to just show what we show.

[00:18:51] Kim: [00:18:51] Now, how has that been for you guys during COVID? Cause I know London has been going through like on and off lockdowns and you have this new strain [00:19:00] now, so what’s happening is London open right now? Close what’s going on. And how has that affected your running as a crew?

[00:19:09] Eric: [00:19:09] It’s lock off.

[00:19:15] Kim: [00:19:15] Well, the stores are closed. Everything is closed right now. Well,

[00:19:20] Brian: [00:19:20] food, all the club, unless you’re selling food, your shop is shot yet. So like, it’s just, it’s just a total mess, but you know, we just be running in it. We didn’t know I had COVID running. I couldn’t, this have COVID. Do you know what I’m saying?

[00:19:31] We were still working out during that. You can see it on the, on the, on our pages. Do you know what I’m saying? So we just come out running again and that’s when we started our challenge. We started our challenge when we came out. COVID the last time.

[00:19:41] Kim: [00:19:41] So tell me a little bit about that challenge.

[00:19:47] Brian: [00:19:47] Well, that’s what I’m saying.

[00:19:49] Kim: [00:19:49] I told her burpees, yeah. Of that

[00:19:54] Brian: [00:19:54] third before we was getting , we was increasing by [00:20:00] 10 or 20 a week, every two weeks. So we go, I go to about 70 burpees. I was doing them and I got COVID. Then I was on laid out for two weeks running. I couldn’t go. COVID laid out for two weeks. So we were sitting down. And then

[00:20:12] Eric: [00:20:12] we get, yeah, it was my birthday.

[00:20:14] It was my birthday and my, my other hall. Um, basically she does triathlons and she does all kinds of mat challenges and runs and yeah, she’s, she’s crazy. But she challenged us to the challenge. Basically, we were, we were a little bit intoxicated at the time

[00:20:36] Brian: [00:20:36] on the challenge. The challenge was five K a day, but because we was doing Bucky’s before we said, you know what, we can’t just get rid of the burpees.

[00:20:42] We need to add them in. So we fought, you know what? 5k, they have 50 Bubbies that they is achievable and it was achievable. So it was a good challenge. It was good challenge. Definitely. So

[00:20:54] Kim: [00:20:54] how did having COVID affect your runnings? I know a lot of people says, you know, your [00:21:00] respiratory system isn’t the same after having COVID.

[00:21:02] So are you back to normal? Do you find it more difficult to breathe when running.

[00:21:07] Brian: [00:21:07] I think, cause we run a lot, you know what I’m saying? We get back to normal. But when I first run, yeah, my first running, my first one or two runs, I definitely wasn’t. It felt like it didn’t feel like when I started by, I could see, Oh my chest.

[00:21:17] As I said, I’ve got asthma. So, um, when I started running about three months off though, my asthma just, I just stopped, stopped using my pump. You know what I’m saying? So I don’t even use it much anymore once or twice a month, if that sort of like, um, Yeah. So off the coast video, my first one, a few runs and definitely Honda, everything

[00:21:33] Eric: [00:21:33] I came out with COVID and ran 21 K.

[00:21:36] Yeah.

[00:21:37] Brian: [00:21:37] That’s what you do.

[00:21:38] Kim: [00:21:38] Wow. Wait. So I have to, because you know, we, we function in miles over here. So

[00:21:44] Eric: [00:21:44] 13 miles,

[00:21:47] Kim: [00:21:47] because I know 5k is 3.1. It’s okay. It’s 6.2 and I have to multiply it back from mesh.

[00:21:58] Okay. Wait. So after you had COVID [00:22:00] you went out and ran 13 miles

[00:22:03] Eric: [00:22:03] crazy. Yeah, but I was doing like a thousand, a thousand rep challenge as well. While I was inside, I was doing like a thousand reps. I was doing like 200 skips, a hundred pushups, a hundred dips. Um, chin-ups anything like that? Mowing claims. Um, just as long as I got to a thousand, I was doing that while I was inside the Cyprus.

[00:22:29] I didn’t really think I have it too bad because I. Keep myself quite healthy. So I don’t think it affected me as much as it is affected people who have underlying health issues. Yeah. I

[00:22:42] Kim: [00:22:42] know the runners, the runners that I know that have had COVID, they’re pretty much have the same story as you guys, but it’s just interesting to see how, you know, different people have built belt with having.

[00:22:56] The illness or sickness, whatever we want to call it.

[00:23:00] [00:23:00] Eric: [00:23:00] I couldn’t, I couldn’t go out and run. So that was, that was the one thing I just couldn’t go out and run. That was the only thing that

[00:23:05] Brian: [00:23:05] affected. And I wasn’t doing a thousand reps, but I was doing like about six, 700, but it was all

[00:23:11] Tafari: [00:23:11] good to

[00:23:17] Brian: [00:23:17] catch it.

[00:23:18] Kim: [00:23:18] I know I’m in the same boat as you I’m just praying everyday. It doesn’t come home. So, how has, um, with the London man, a lockdown, you guys can still run outside as normal, or is it like, are you allowed a certain amount of time to be outside

[00:23:35] Brian: [00:23:35] other really watch the news?

[00:23:49] Eric: [00:23:49] Um, I’ve worked throughout the whole lockdown last year. I’ve worked on, um, what you would class as an essential worker. So as far as I’m concerned, I’m outside [00:24:00] anyway. So I couldn’t run. It’s not a catch me if you can thing, but I’m gonna do my thing. And

[00:24:10] Kim: [00:24:10] so being an essential worker, are you able to get the vaccine?

[00:24:14] Eric: [00:24:14] Oh boy,

[00:24:19] Brian: [00:24:19] sorry. They’re talking about, they haven’t told us yet. What happens with that? Well, I don’t know. I can only assume so.

[00:24:28] Kim: [00:24:28] Yeah,

[00:24:29] Brian: [00:24:29] that should have been

[00:24:29] Tafari: [00:24:29] offered already that last month or about three weeks ago. And, um, People I work with, um, some of my clients I’ve taken it, but I’m not taking it. It’s not compulsory at the moment.

[00:24:42] And I already told them when it does become compulsory take that’s my resignation. I’m gone. Yeah. I cannot say no way. It’s very, it’s not even going through the proper tests then I’m not ready to take that. And then my legs fall off.

[00:24:59] Eric: [00:24:59] No.

[00:25:04] [00:25:00] Kim: [00:25:04] That’s like a lot of people’s, uh, notion on that because they rushed it out so quick. And we don’t know like what’s going to happen. Like th th there’s not expensive enough testing, right? Like how long they tend to think for like six months, maybe. In India

[00:25:22] Tafari: [00:25:22] as well. And the thing is, is that the people in India taking it from yesterday, and then when they spoke to the doctors, this is actually on BBC news.

[00:25:29] The doctors are saying that it hasn’t gone through direct it hasn’t gone through stage free processing yet, but the people are taking it and the doctors are not. So we don’t trust Boris Johnson over here. So I’m definitely,

[00:25:43] Kim: [00:25:43] and you know, in America they gave it to all of the hospital workers first. Is it compulsory over there? No, they don’t have to take it, but I see a lot of my running friends, especially a lot of them have taken it already. Yeah. Yeah.

[00:26:01] [00:26:00] Definitely. I’m at the bottom of the totem pole, so I probably won’t be able to take it for like five years anyway, but yeah, that’s probably the

[00:26:08] Tafari: [00:26:08] good one anyway. Anyway,

[00:26:11] Eric: [00:26:11] do you want to take

[00:26:12] Kim: [00:26:12] it? No, because I don’t take the flu vaccine. Exactly. So you guys take the flu vaccine, like the flu vaccine. I don’t give my kids the flu vaccine.

[00:26:25] So we, my husband is an essential worker and he hasn’t brought it home and all these money. So I, yeah, I’m on the fence, but I have a long time to wait because I’m, I’m in the persona non grata. I’m still young. So they, they classify us here by who can get it when, and I’m at the bottom of the list. So I don’t think I’ll be taking it anyway.

[00:26:48] You’re not saying anything either.

[00:26:50] Eric: [00:26:50] No. I’m allergic to Neurophin and ibuprofen. So

[00:26:57] Tafari: [00:26:57] once exactly they don’t know what’s in it.

[00:27:00] [00:27:00] Kim: [00:27:00] That’s true. So let’s talk a little bit about you guys as gear. What kind of sneakers are you running in?

[00:27:09] Brian: [00:27:09] Boy, I wear, um, Nike, Nike, like shield. That’s a bias so far. Yeah,

[00:27:29] Eric: [00:27:29] a few, a few more nights. Yeah. Could pick

[00:27:33] Tafari: [00:27:33] a system for Pegasus. Definitely be the Pega system

[00:27:35] Kim: [00:27:35] on the try and tested the Pegasus have tried

[00:27:39] Tafari: [00:27:39] and tested more than the

[00:27:40] Brian: [00:27:40] cold.

[00:27:43] Kim: [00:27:43] Now, let me tell you all the fast runners in the States, they run in those. I call them the crunchy uglies. You know, those, they run into 1%, the one, whatever they’re called, they run into those

[00:27:58] Eric: [00:27:58] 4% and they go to 1%

[00:28:01] [00:28:00] Kim: [00:28:01] because I just ignore that. Nike is.

[00:28:08] Eric: [00:28:08] They, they make a huge difference. I’m telling you, I got, I’ve got a pen. They make a huge difference. I’m telling you,

[00:28:15] Kim: [00:28:15] what’s the huge difference. I think it’s mental. It’s mental marketing. That’s how they got ya.

[00:28:22] Eric: [00:28:22] Is it I’m telling you I’m I’m running faster,

[00:28:26] Brian: [00:28:26] the bounce back technology. I think that’s the way it’s got me to go and say it because the first time I bought the shoes.

[00:28:30] I definitely improved my time on

[00:28:44] Tafari: [00:28:44] Pegasus. I felt I was running faster still. I was spoken by the times when I think it’s true.

[00:28:51] Kim: [00:28:51] And what, what, um, what watch technology do you wear? Cause I saw Kyla hat on an Apple watch, but

[00:28:59] Brian: [00:28:59] well, by [00:29:00] I’ll go Apple watch Apple series five. I do like it because it links up with the phone, perfect lead with it, with the app and points while everybody wants to music.

[00:29:07] But I just linked up Apple watch, you know what I’m saying? Like, yeah. The series five is the one.

[00:29:12] Kim: [00:29:12] But your boy, he had some slime watch. It had like some stuff around the bezel.

[00:29:21] Eric: [00:29:21] It’s a Walway, you know, Walway,

[00:29:24] Kim: [00:29:24] I’ve never heard of that.

[00:29:27] Eric: [00:29:27] They’re not allowed in America. Weiwei

[00:29:34] is a Chinese brand. Isn’t it?

[00:29:36] Kim: [00:29:36] Oh, how do you spell that?

[00:29:39] Eric: [00:29:39] Um, Hey, you

[00:29:42] Brian: [00:29:42] like Hawaii?

[00:29:44] Kim: [00:29:44] I heard of that brand. Wait for the camera. I saw it on Instagram. I was like, what is that? Yeah, it’s fly.

[00:29:57] Does it sync with Strava and everything like that?

[00:30:00] [00:30:00] Eric: [00:30:00] No, it syncs with my wallet phone.

[00:30:03] Kim: [00:30:03] Oh, you have the fancy phone too.

[00:30:08] Eric: [00:30:08] No at the moment. No. At the moment my phone broke, but, um, yeah. Um, I’ve got a Huawei phone with a Walway watch, so yeah, just to synchronize this together, um, I’m still gonna run fast regardless of the watch and the phone

[00:30:23] Kim: [00:30:23] you’re gonna, you’re gonna run fast and look, fly doing it right.

[00:30:31] Eric: [00:30:31] Listen, you gotta, you gotta look cool. You gotta look cool. A sound cool. And you gotta

[00:30:36] move.

[00:30:36] Brian: [00:30:36] Cool. Now I’ll tell you what. It’s good to hear. It looks nice.

[00:30:43] Kim: [00:30:43] Listen, I’m all about running and looking good while I run. You’re not going to catch me out here with colors that don’t match. My sneakers got to match my clothes.

[00:30:52] You know, we gotta look good.

[00:30:54] Brian: [00:30:54] Yeah.

[00:30:57] Eric: [00:30:57] Okay. Thank you for your

[00:30:59] Kim: [00:30:59] feedback. [00:31:00] Of course. So before I let you guys go, I want you to teach me some UK slang

[00:31:09] watching a video. I saw you say it’s biting, which means it’s cold.

[00:31:17] I think I know some curse words, like, uh, what do you have, like parser. Is that a curse word? Tosser.

[00:31:31] What does that mean?

[00:31:35] Brian: [00:31:35] It means like, you know, when you do that side, you know, when people do that side,

[00:31:40] Kim: [00:31:40] you can curse on his podcast. It’s okay.

[00:31:42] Brian: [00:31:42] Let me off the

[00:31:47] Eric: [00:31:47] phone.

[00:31:48] Brian: [00:31:48] Yeah, over here, they say, Oh, you’re such a wine cop.

[00:31:54] Tafari: [00:31:54] Yeah.

[00:32:00] [00:32:00] Eric: [00:32:00] There’s

[00:32:06] Kim: [00:32:06] there’s a girl folk show. You can say whatever you want,

[00:32:14] teach me something else. Teach me something else.

[00:32:21] Tafari: [00:32:21] Right. It’s kind of putting them out on the spot.

[00:32:28] Kim: [00:32:28] No, no, not. You get me. I want to know the bad words.

[00:32:32] Eric: [00:32:32] The bad words.

[00:32:35] Brian: [00:32:35] I don’t know. We just used the Luma was not the C word.

[00:32:41] Eric: [00:32:41] There’s a, there’s a Grenadian word called mother con

[00:32:44] Kim: [00:32:44] fine. And you know, in America you can’t use Kent like that. It’s very like,

[00:32:53] like we say, mother as well. We’ll say cut.

[00:33:00] [00:33:00] Brian: [00:33:00] Caribbean ones as well, like RA like what the RA RA or whatever we use. It just comes out when it comes out. But there’s a lot that con whatever, it depends the location at the time, we don’t really be swearing like that.

[00:33:16] Kim: [00:33:16] I’m me start using. I like, I like Winka.

[00:33:23] Brian: [00:33:23] I’ll tell you one that we always use prick. Yeah, we use that.

[00:33:29] Kim: [00:33:29] How prick is not that bad. Not that

[00:33:33] Brian: [00:33:33] bad either.

[00:33:38] Kim: [00:33:38] well, this is, this is just a very small. Part of my collection. Cause it’ll pull up the wall if I put everything. Yeah. Yeah.

[00:33:53] I’ve been running since 2012, so I racked up a lot of metals. Yeah.

[00:33:58] Eric: [00:33:58] Okay. And the races are open in [00:34:00] America right now, today.

[00:34:01] Kim: [00:34:01] It depends where you live because I’m in New York, so there’s not much racing going on. And if there is, it’s very, very small, but when you go down South, it’s like, um, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Georgia, bill States open.

[00:34:18] Cause those are like Republican state. So they wide open.

[00:34:24] Brian: [00:34:24] Some people are running and they’re running in America and we’re baffled. They’re thinking, no, we want to run by you. Okay, cool. I hear you. I hear

[00:34:29] Kim: [00:34:29] you. The big cities are really not. Oh, like I think New York may be going on lockdown again soon. Yeah.

[00:34:36] Yeah. I mean like the restaurants are close and New York city for like indoor dining and it’s really empty. It’s like nothing that you it’s better than it was, but it’s still like pretty bad here.

[00:34:51] That’s exactly what it is. All right. So before I let you fellas go, do you want to say anything else to The Run Wave Podcastt [00:35:00] audience?

[00:35:01] Brian: [00:35:01] No, just make sure you check all channels. You know what I’m saying? I’m sure. I’m sure you’re going to tell us there more channels, killer bees. There was there a one run like, uh, um, you were going to be getting them runs in.

[00:35:11] I’m trying to get their morning runs in, but my GoPro light, they told me it’s not coming so next Thursday now. So I’m very upset, but getting their morning runs in people, but yeah, we would allow them The Run Wave. You know what I’m saying? And straight Kim. Gotcha.

[00:35:27] Eric: [00:35:27] And this is what I’d like to say, Kim, to say, thank you very much for having us on your podcast. The Run Wave is my first ever podcast and it’s June three June. Um, we, we, we actually intended to start our own podcast, so I hope you lot keep watching our journey. Um, keep watching app to run inĀ 

[00:35:48] Tafari: [00:35:48] as well.

[00:35:50] Kim: [00:35:50] Listen, don’t keep talking about it.

[00:35:52] Just do it. Okay. I woke up one day. I said, I’m going to start a [00:36:00] podcast. And I just did it two weeks later. I had a podcast.

[00:36:04] Eric: [00:36:04] Okay.

[00:36:08] Kim: [00:36:08] I’ll definitely tune in and listen, cause you guys are entertaining. Okay.

[00:36:12] Brian: [00:36:12] Feel free to have a phone again as well, obviously with his, you know what I’m saying? Like in the end we’re going to keep them runs consistent. You know what I’m saying? Keep

[00:36:20] Eric: [00:36:20] watching the show, man. Keep watching the show. We got, we got a lot more in store people.

[00:36:24] We got a lot more and we love the American fans. We know you, we know you guys love the accents and all sorts of stuff, so we’re gonna, we’re going keep it inspire, motivate, and new people.

[00:36:36] Kim: [00:36:36] You know, I saw you won, you were image tag magazine. And I said, Jesse, I got to get the one of the show because I love their accents.

[00:36:46] You know what American women love those British accent. So

[00:36:52] Eric: [00:36:52] I’ve heard that a lot. I’ve heard that.

[00:36:56] Kim: [00:36:56] But again, I want to thank you guys for being [00:37:00] on The Run Wave Podcastt. It was a pleasure having you on, and I know that you’ll have big things to come in the future. And if I ever get to London to do the London marathon, I’m going to hit you guys up to show me around.

[00:37:13] Yeah,

[00:37:18] Tafari: [00:37:18] don’t worry about that.

[00:37:23] Kim: [00:37:23] All right guys. Thanks again.

[00:37:26] Eric: [00:37:26] Thank you very much blessing.

[00:37:30] Kim: [00:37:30] Okay. I hope you enjoy the interview with the More Than Runnin fellows. Be sure to check out all their social channels, which I will have listed down below, or you have to do a scroll up on your mobile device and you can follow them on their socials.

[00:37:47] I have been More Than Runnin social as well as their personal socials as well. As always, thank you so much for tuning into The Run Wave Podcastt. I’m so happy that a lot of you are coming back [00:38:00] week after week to tune into the show. It makes me want to continue to give you new and fresh content. Um, if you want to be on this show or you have a topic that you want me to discuss, please send me an email to hello@therunwave.com.

[00:38:17] You can. Also DM me @therunwave, or you can see on me at straight Kim, it’s easy to find me on social or email, whichever you prefer. So thank you again for tuning in and I will catch you on the next one later. Thank you so much for tuning into the show. Be sure to subscribe to The Run Wave on your favorite podcast app and leave us a review of the show on Apple podcasts.

[00:38:45] It would really help me out if you are a runner that has a story to tell, and you would like to be on the show, you can email. hello@therunwave.com Or send us a DM on Instagram to the run wave. [00:39:00] See you next time. .

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