Episode 33

Run Crews Featuring We Run 313

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In this episode of The Run Wave Podcast, we’re concluding the Run Crew Series with Detroit based run crew, We Run 313.  A fairly new run crew, they are making their mark on the city of Detroit from being awarded with the Spirit of Detroit honors, to being recognizing by the state of Michigan.  Get to know the founders Lance and Joe, and the mission of We Run 313.

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Episode Transcription

[00:00:00] Kim: [00:00:00] Finishing up the run crew series, we have We Run 313 coming up now.

[00:00:17] Hey everybody. Welcome back to another episode of The Run Wave Podcast. I am your host Kim. If this is your first time tuning in, welcome to the show. If you are a return listener, welcome back. I truly appreciate you. If you haven’t already done. So please be sure to subscribe to The Run Wave Podcast on your favorite podcast app.

[00:00:41] And if you are listening on Apple podcast, pause this show, scroll up and rate the show five stars and leave a written review. If you can written reviews really help. Out the show will helps it to get recommended to other runners. And [00:01:00] it just keeps this little show that could going, this is the final episode in the run crews series.

[00:01:08] And today I am interviewing Lance and Joe. The founders of We Run 313, which is a Detroit base run crew and a fairly new run crew. That they were founded in 2019 and they are actually doing really big things. And I love when I get to see black entrepreneurs who are just making a difference in their community and in the run community specifically.

[00:01:38] So let’s get into the show. I wanted to introduce Lance and Joe to you guys. They are from the, We Run 313 crew, welcome to The Run Wave Podcast, gentlemen, and they are outfitted in their week. We Run 313 gear. I needed to get me some of that.

[00:02:00] [00:01:59] Lance: [00:01:59] Yeah.

[00:02:00] Kim: [00:02:00] Yeah. So first tell me a little bit about yourselves, Lance.

[00:02:05] You can go first. All

[00:02:07] Lance: [00:02:07] right. So, um, my name is Lance woods, born and raised on the West side of Detroit, Michigan. Um, educated in the city, um, since elementary school, all the way through high school. Um, then I went off to, uh, Nashville, Tennessee to study, uh, business administration with a concentration in supply chain management at Tennessee state.

[00:02:29] Tennessee state university, the Tennessee state university. And then, um, after I graduated, I moved back to Detroit. Um, did a little supply chain management work, um, found out that really wasn’t my passion. So then I started going into youth development, mentoring, motivational speaking, started working in the schools for about five years.

[00:02:49] And, uh, within those five years I discovered this passion of running and, um, started running like 2015 and. Have been [00:03:00] running since

[00:03:02] Kim: [00:03:02] the rats. Assessory what about you, Joe? Um,

[00:03:06] Joe: [00:03:06] well, my name is Joe Robinson. I’m from Detroit. I’m from the

[00:03:10] Lance: [00:03:10] East side of Detroit.

[00:03:12] Joe: [00:03:12] Um, for like the last, maybe 10 years I was in the

[00:03:19] Lance: [00:03:19] music, obviously I’ve went to high school and college and stuff

[00:03:23] Joe: [00:03:23] like that, but I was into music more.

[00:03:26] So. I went to college, but it really wasn’t

[00:03:29] Lance: [00:03:29] my thing like that. You know what I’m saying? Um, and I, when I

[00:03:32] Joe: [00:03:32] was like 18, I got into music and not as a musician, but I got into more on the administrative side. So a lot of music management, talent management, touring, tour management, I’ve worked with some pretty, some pretty big artists.

[00:03:50] I’m on tour all around the continent. Um,

[00:03:55] Lance: [00:03:55] and, uh, yeah,

[00:03:57] Joe: [00:03:57] and I discovered running [00:04:00] at about, in about 2015 was just the initial discovery. And then now I. 20,

[00:04:11] Lance: [00:04:11] uh, 16, I began to kind of say,

[00:04:14] Joe: [00:04:14] okay, and then 2017, I was like, all right. And then 2018, I was like,

[00:04:18] Lance: [00:04:18] okay, I’m doing

[00:04:19] Joe: [00:04:19] this. And then 2019

[00:04:21] Lance: [00:04:21] was,

[00:04:22] Joe: [00:04:22] I just kind of took it too far.

[00:04:26] Kim: [00:04:26] You both started running at this about the same year, right around

[00:04:29] Lance: [00:04:29] the same time. Yeah.

[00:04:32] Joe: [00:04:32] Other,

[00:04:33] Kim: [00:04:33] I was just going to ask you that. Did you meet during, through running.

[00:04:38] Joe: [00:04:38] Uh, we met yeah. Through running. Yeah. But it was because. Lance. And I, we were doing the same things and it’s funny here in Detroit, Detroit is divided East and West, um, unlike in New York,

[00:04:53] Lance: [00:04:53] which is divided into five,

[00:04:55] Joe: [00:04:55] but, um, Detroit is simply just divided East and West.

[00:04:59] And, uh, [00:05:00] Lance was on the West side of Detroit and I was on the East side of Detroit and we were doing very similar things as far as running goals. And just some mutual friends kind of put us together. They

[00:05:10] Lance: [00:05:10] say, y’all should wake up.

[00:05:12] Kim: [00:05:12] Now what’s East West. Cause I went to Detroit for the free press marathon.

[00:05:19] When was the last year? 2019, I think that was the last year. So the only place that I went was Motown. What side of town is that?

[00:05:32] That’s

[00:05:33] Lance: [00:05:33] the West side. That’s right down the street from my high school. You went to most out museum. Yeah,

[00:05:38] Kim: [00:05:38] I went there and then I went, I went to, um, where that Detroit versus everyone store.

[00:05:47] Lance: [00:05:47] Oh, outside. So

[00:05:50] Kim: [00:05:50] everyone, everybody. Right. I went in that area. What’s that Eastern market. Yeah. So I was in that [00:06:00] area and I ate at a black, uh, soulful restaurant.

[00:06:02] I don’t remember the name, but it was.

[00:06:04] Joe: [00:06:04] Vegan. So it was it PBS.

[00:06:08] Kim: [00:06:08] It was kind of small, not too tiny, but it was like, it wasn’t on that main drag where that, yeah, I think it is on a corner. Yeah. That’s

[00:06:20] Joe: [00:06:20] BBC for seven miles. He found that guy from the East side of Detroit,

[00:06:24] Kim: [00:06:24] but they had some lobster Mac and cheese.

[00:06:29] That was good. Okay. So. Motown is what area? That’s West side, West side. Cause you know, when people, when I came to Detroit, I don’t need to detour as things. I didn’t see the real Detroit.

[00:06:42] Joe: [00:06:42] Yeah.

[00:06:44] Lance: [00:06:44] Yeah. That’s really the real Detroit. I mean, if you would have went further West, you would have been like in the hood it’s I mean really Motown museum is in the hood for real.

[00:06:53] Kim: [00:06:53] For real. Yeah.

[00:06:55] Lance: [00:06:55] You go around the corner. Yeah. You was on Western Boulevard. .

[00:07:01] [00:07:00] Kim: [00:07:01] It was interesting to say the least, but yeah, I, I think, um, I’ll actually have to try it. It wasn’t what you hear. Like, I didn’t go to like eight mile that’s that’s what we know, like eight mile because M and M made nothing. No, no, let me,

[00:07:17] Joe: [00:07:17] let me tell you, let me think.

[00:07:19] Lance: [00:07:19] So I lived in New York, right?

[00:07:23] Joe: [00:07:23] That’s what everybody used to always say, where are you from? Oh, like eight mile. Like, but

[00:07:29] Kim: [00:07:29] that’s what we know is eight mile and Motown. Like we don’t, I don’t hear anything else about Detroit.

[00:07:34] Joe: [00:07:34] Yeah. Well, you heard, we went to three, one, three, so let’s get into that. I heard of

[00:07:38] Kim: [00:07:38] y’all.

[00:07:39] So tell me about your crew. We weren’t three, one three. When was it founded?

[00:07:46] Lance: [00:07:46] Yeah, so yeah, we run through one, three was filed it. On may four, 2019. All right. So Joe and I, um, we were meeting, um, and running together prior to [00:08:00] that. And, um, well, Joe and I met in February of 2019 and, uh, we would run it together and everything, because we were put together through mutual friends.

[00:08:11] And then, um, as we started running together, we kind of put our ideas together and was like, yo, how can we take the things that we know and create something bigger? So, um, we founded it. Well, we started planning and everything like April for real. And then this launched, um, May 4th, 2019. So we did it by just putting out a, um, what was that, what was that website that we used splashed that link.

[00:08:37] Yup. So we just gathered a whole bunch of people. We utilize both of our networks and then we had like 150 to 160 people sign up. And then out of those people, um, about a hundred. It was close to a hundred people that showed up that very first run. And then from there we just kept building, um, we didn’t know what it was going to look like after that [00:09:00] initial run, we always just went back.

[00:09:02] Well, yeah. Yeah, we didn’t, it was just, I mean, we had a flow of how we wanted the date ago, but after that it was like, yo, like we knew that we have something special and we had to continue to build on it because the people was asking us like, yo, when’s the next one?

[00:09:19] Kim: [00:09:19] That’s the large group for your first outing.

[00:09:23] You know, I’ve been a good president has like five people there.

[00:09:27] Lance: [00:09:27] Oh, we know.

[00:09:30] Kim: [00:09:30] So when does your group meet? Do you have like weekly runs from two or three times a week? What’s your schedule look like?

[00:09:37] Joe: [00:09:37] So it’s like three times a week, um, is two mile Tuesday, which is. Tomorrow Tuesday, which is, which was our initial event, but we had called it like a fun run when we first started.

[00:09:50] But then it just two mile, Tuesday, two mile Tuesday is our, um, is our it’s our like [00:10:00] beginner stage run. You know what I’m saying? It’s like the run where for everyone who like, if you don’t run that much, if you want to get into running or if you’re not trying to really. Or if we just trying to get your feet wet, you really trying to see you just like our introductory event.

[00:10:14] You know what I’m saying? And we do it every week. We don’t cancel no Tuesday. Um,

[00:10:21] Lance: [00:10:21] so no, Rosborough

[00:10:22] Joe: [00:10:22] we don’t cancel any, we don’t cancel any runs. So anyway, so we do Tuesdays two miles. It’s a one mile run with a break in the middle. And what that break is that break is not timed. That break is based on the last person, completed their one mile.

[00:10:39] So we wait for everybody to finish. When everybody get there, then we, um, we take a nice big family photo depending on the landmark, which is pretty much the same place every time. And then we have back. So we do one mile in one mile back. Um, and then we congregate after, and then on Thursday we do a 5k 10 K [00:11:00] a group is called 5k 10 K Thursdays, um, is sort of like a night run.

[00:11:05] You know what I’m saying? By the time we done it, usually beat the sun, went down five K 10 K Thursdays is. Two groups, 5k group, and a 10 K group. They both do the first 5k together. And then the second, uh, 5k, which is in the 10 K they split off and kind of do another one and come back. And then on Saturday, I mean on Sundays, the long run, um, which are long runs is like, From 10 from anywhere from 10 to 18 miles.

[00:11:38] And we got kind of like, like we started doing this thing last year, where we was like, cause our Tuesday and Thursday run are reoccurring at the same place every single week. You know? So last year we started doing this thing where we was just like picking these. Locations to go long run in, you know, you’re a runner.

[00:11:58] So you know, that, you know, [00:12:00] trails are the best paid trails, gravel trails, just nature trails and different things like that. So we kinda made it like a field trip type thing to kind of start going to these different locations around the Metro Detroit area. So three times a week, two mile Tuesday, 5k, 10 K, Thursday, and Sunday long run.

[00:12:20] Kim: [00:12:20] So, what kind of runners does your group make? Like what’s the racial makeup of your group? Cause I know Detroit is like, what is it like 80, 85% black.

[00:12:31] Lance: [00:12:31] Yeah. And our run club is predominantly black. Um, like 92%, probably more than that. Um, however, I mean, we encourage all racists to come run with us. That’s just to make of the city, you, I mean, who you are is what you’re going to attract, but, um, I mean, we, we’ve attracted all types of runners, all the type of people, um, whether that’s beginners to elites.

[00:13:00] [00:13:00] Um, but yeah, in terms of the demographics, in terms of, um, ethnicity, That’s what we’re attracting.

[00:13:09] Kim: [00:13:09] So do you think that your community, are you like more of a competitive group of more social yeah. Recreational group.

[00:13:16] Lance: [00:13:16] So we, we are social run club. That aims to connect like-minded individuals through running to build a healthier and happier community.

[00:13:24] And that’s what our whole slogan is. Connect, run, and build. Um, it’s all about building community for us. Um, it’s not about being the fastest or, or trying to become an elite. However, um, there are people that you’re going to find within the group. That take running more seriously. Um, and then as you see yourself develop, that’s why we have it strategic.

[00:13:46] Um, on two mile Tuesdays, if you keep coming in to my Tuesdays, you’re gonna naturally events to a Thursday round. Cause you’re going to be like, Oh, I can do two miles. It’s two miles is becoming easier and easier. Let me [00:14:00] give myself a bit more of a challenge on Thursday and I can do a 5k. Some people like come and they’d just be like, you know, I I’ve been thinking I want to run a 5k and we just tell them to come the two mile Tuesday.

[00:14:11] And after they keep doing it, then now you’re running a 5k and it’s not even a race. And then you do the 5k over and over, and then you join it’s in K group. And then after a while, your, your goals become larger and larger. And those dreams or goals that you had become closer and closer. And then now they’re shooting to be half marathoners or marathoners.

[00:14:32] We’ve seen people in our groups go from barely been able to run two miles and less than a year, they can do half marathons. And they doing law runs with us all the time because they find, and I think that they’re finding themselves within the room.

[00:14:49] Kim: [00:14:49] So your crew is pretty new. So do you have like, what’s the, do you have like coaches or run leads or.

[00:15:00] [00:14:59] Yeah, what’s the breakup of the makeup of your all right.

[00:15:04] Joe: [00:15:04] So if you, if anybody is listening, they can visit, we ran three, one, three.com and a select

[00:15:10] Kim: [00:15:10] meet the team. Oh, they’re listening. What do you mean if anyone’s listening?

[00:15:15] Joe: [00:15:15] I’m sorry. Well, those who are listening, right. But those who are listening, bake a visit, WeRun313.com and select meet the team and it breaks down our leadership board.

[00:15:27] And we have captains on there. We got three, we got four cat as well, three on the site, but it’s four captains. We didn’t shut out the Ronnie. We didn’t change his, um, his position to captain on a site, but he is a captain. We got four captains and we have a pace leaders. And what those pace leaders do, it’s their job to, um, It is their job to just kind of help to run trailing people or, or to kind of set the pace for a person.

[00:15:58] If somebody want to kind of pick up the [00:16:00] pace a little bit, or if somebody is in the back, it’s just their job. And to, cause we have, uh, we have, uh, a right turn and another right turn and a left. At the beginning of our run, it’s really short. We circled the block a little bit and it’s also their job to help like direct traffic.

[00:16:17] So people behind won’t get lost or anything like that. So we do have that. And you mentioned coaches. We do have coaches. We have, uh, two, uh, coaches, one one’s a track and field coach. And one is a strength and conditioning coach. Uh, both black women. Um, experts in their fields, super experts. One of them got like a master’s degree in.

[00:16:40] I’m not going to butcher the name of her, her degree, but it’s, it’s, it’s up there with the whole fitness thing. And the other one is, um, is, uh, is the legendary track, track and field record holder at Eastern Michigan university. Yeah. So we got,

[00:16:58] Lance: [00:16:58] yeah, it’s crazy how they [00:17:00] even came to everybody. That’s in leadership positions.

[00:17:02] That’s within our club. It just organically happened. It wasn’t like we were like looking for these people. It was like, once the run club established itself, people started coming and they organically fell into place because they were already doing those things. And we just kinda like put a title on to it and they were all down for it.

[00:17:21] Cause it was just about. Building a community and it was just happening so organically. And then as we just became one with each other, just being around each other and getting to know each other more, um, it’s like, we just became a family. So now we have something special that Detroit has that anybody can come and be a part of whether you’re from Detroit or if you’re from out of town, it’s like, Out of towners, they come and they pull up on us.

[00:17:49] They’d be looking for where we at. And then in the summertime we ask like anybody from out of town, you might have somebody from LA or New York or DC. It’s been people from all around the world to [00:18:00] come around with.

[00:18:02] Kim: [00:18:02] So how has your crew adjusted during COVID? Are you guys still doing group friends right now?

[00:18:10] Lance: [00:18:10] So we have an off season. Um, typically during the winter months we, we don’t meet. However we do, um, kind of push people to stay active, um, like virtually and then how we shifted during COVID. Uh, we weren’t able to open up at the time that we usually open up. Um, and then that’s when we went heavy on social media, pushing a run solo campaign, um, shout out to our creative director, Erin Barnett, um, Cause we had to, we had to figure out how could we still keep people engaged without being able to meet.

[00:18:47] So, um, once we were able to figure that out, um, people were still staying active and tagging us from all over, um, whether in Detroit or, or around the us. And then, [00:19:00] um, after that, we kind of got the clear from, um, the governor to be able to meet. But we had to like keep our six feet and, but running was never canceled cause you can run outside.

[00:19:12] But, um, they were just mandating the group sizes, but uh, we ran all through COVID. Um, and then typically we’ll have like an end of year gala kinda like celebrate our collective accomplishment. Um, so we, we shut down, um, right at the end of December.

[00:19:34] Kim: [00:19:34] So I slept back in November. You guys, as a group, you ran the, now what the heck is a black toenail half marathon.

[00:19:42] It was like half or a seven and a half mile. I’ve never heard of a seven and a half miler. Well, I,

[00:19:48] Joe: [00:19:48] I I’ll, I’ll explain that real quick. So we are a part of this. Um, we’re not, we are a part of it, but we partake in this racing series put on by a company called [00:20:00] tri beam racing. IBM racing started out for, I’m not going to get a big history, but they started out doing events for triathletes, hence the name Trivium, but they kind of moved on towards doing more running, uh, specific events.

[00:20:14] So it’s a mega metal series and I got some of the metals here and I got this 2020s. Uh, some of them in that I got 20 nineteens hanging over there, but they got five events over the year. And those events make a mega metal and the black toe half mirror, which is actually, I want to say it is real quick.

[00:20:35] It’s actually great for the run club because the events they start short. So it start with like two, five Ks, an eight K and then a 10 K that a half marathon. So like as the year goes on, the events get greater distance, which is like, kind of good for us to align the club too, because if you just started running with us, You know, you could kinda say, well, I want to run a [00:21:00] 5k then by November, you like, well, I might be ready to go to long distance or something close to it.

[00:21:06] So, but anyway, the black till half marathon is a part of that series and it’s a, it’s a dreadful.

[00:21:16] Kim: [00:21:16] Freezing cold. And

[00:21:19] Joe: [00:21:19] he was like, I only, I didn’t even run it this year. You know what I’m saying? And I had to tell him, I’m like, bro, you don’t run it. Like the club not going to run it.

[00:21:31] Lance: [00:21:31] Right. It’s a dreadful

[00:21:32] Joe: [00:21:32] run. It’s a half marathon through like that. Barely barely beaten trail, barely beat. And it’s freezing.

[00:21:41] Kim: [00:21:41] Hmm. So wait, that was in November. So is like Detroit open for racing.

[00:21:49] Lance: [00:21:49] Well, not really, but

[00:21:51] Kim: [00:21:51] the free press the, it happened this year,

[00:21:52] Lance: [00:21:52] right? Yeah. But gas, because that’s like a mega race.

[00:21:56] That’s bringing out 20, 20,000 people driving them is [00:22:00] bringing out a couple hundred people. But the way that they did it in waves, it was like 50 people. They go and 50, more people was probably like maybe 150 people there. So it was easy to mandate. Um, for them, but, um, yeah, it’s, it’s a, it’s a Cole muddy race through a trail.

[00:22:21] Um, yeah, you’d get to select your distance between 7.5 miles or a half marathon. So, um, some people that don’t necessarily feel that they’re ready for the half marathon they can do in a 7.5 miles. So you get a, you get the option to choose.

[00:22:37] Joe: [00:22:37] You want to know what’s crazy about that race. And I don’t want to spend too much time on.

[00:22:41] It was crazy about that race is that it’s like a month after the free press. Right in the free press is like our thing as Detroit. That’s our big event that we prepare for, you know, and we, we, we put everything that we have physically into the free [00:23:00] press to run it our best. And we’d be like, yo, we bought to just kind of relax after that.

[00:23:05] But then it’s in a weird place because that race is a part of a series. You want to complete the series. So not to kind of come up even more weird though.

[00:23:16] Lance: [00:23:16] It’s right after the Turkey trot. Oh,

[00:23:22] Joe: [00:23:22] like the day after I remember

[00:23:26] Lance: [00:23:26] doing a drum stick double, which is a 5k and a 10 K back to back, and then the next day doing a half marathon, it was dreadful.

[00:23:37] Yeah.

[00:23:37] Kim: [00:23:37] Well, that’s a run challenge that a lot. That’s when you start traveling for races, you do those run track challenges over the weekend.

[00:23:45] Lance: [00:23:45] Oh yeah. Let’s talk

[00:23:46] Joe: [00:23:46] about like, well you get two or three metals at a time.

[00:23:50] Kim: [00:23:50] There’s one there’s one in Florida called Gasparilla and you can do like four races over two days.

[00:23:55] Like, I’d say three, but a friend of mine. Four. So she did too. She did like [00:24:00] a half and a 15 K and a five can, a 10 K like the whole weekend. So

[00:24:05] Joe: [00:24:05] you know what look, so this is the thing, and I’m gonna tell you,

[00:24:07] Lance: [00:24:07] and I know we’re going to move forward. It’s hard on us. I

[00:24:10] Joe: [00:24:10] never wanted to do that because like the day before you’re doing your shakeout runs.

[00:24:16] And I never won. I never felt like yo, I want to actually race the day before, because I know I’m going to be doing a shakeout and I didn’t want the shakeout on my record. Like, so I didn’t want it on my app links account. You know what I’m saying?

[00:24:30] Lance: [00:24:30] Is it not real talk because I

[00:24:32] Joe: [00:24:32] want that on my record. Like, I didn’t want to 5k that.

[00:24:35] Wasn’t my best to be. No,

[00:24:38] Lance: [00:24:38] that’s why. And I think the races are different for Joe and I, because now we are, we’re kind of in the mindset. Like we trying to win the race. So it’s not that it’s not that fun. Like I used to have like, enjoy and like stop and take them picture. None of that.

[00:24:55] Joe: [00:24:55] It’s like, I’m good at it.

[00:24:57] So if I’m running a 5k,

[00:24:58] Lance: [00:24:58] I’m trying to get it under [00:25:00] 18 minutes, 17 minute 5k, you know, so to, to run so hard like that, and then turn back around and do another race. That’s not. What I’m doing, we’re low key.

[00:25:09] Joe: [00:25:09] We made that decision after running a rock and roll Chicago. And I was like, bro, we just came out here and spent all this money just to kind of take it easy.

[00:25:18] Like, nah, we trying to

[00:25:19] Lance: [00:25:19] win. Like we trying to win. So.

[00:25:23] Kim: [00:25:23] Yeah. When you start running for a time, you can do those challenges. It’s like you going into a race and you know, do it and get up. See me, I run for leisure. I’m not running for time. That’s where I got all these. This is the only like a quarter of my medal collection.

[00:25:35] I got once a year. Yeah. I don’t run for time. I just run for fun,

[00:25:41] Lance: [00:25:41] but, but you

[00:25:42] Joe: [00:25:42] know what it is.

[00:25:46] It’s honestly, it’s all fun.

[00:25:50] Kim: [00:25:50] That’s tough. I have people always say it’s fun and then y’all be done in 15 minutes and I’ll be out there at 30 minutes. Still run it at y’all. Y’all be home already. And I’m still [00:26:00] on the chorus. It’s all fun. That fun. So I saw that you guys give a, uh, runner of the month award each month to someone in your group.

[00:26:14] Yes. So how did, why did you start doing that? What made you want to do that? I’m sure it encourages run as a, is it like a competition amongst? No,

[00:26:25] Lance: [00:26:25] there’s

[00:26:25] Joe: [00:26:25] just as a disclaimer, nothing. And we run through one, three is competitive. Um, but we started doing that because we did a partnership with Ron gum. Um, and to everybody listening.

[00:26:41] Ranga is, uh, um, uh, like, uh, uh, uh, caffeine gum with, uh, vitamin supplements in it and as far runners, but, you know, they want it, everybody in the world to use it all the time. They wanted it to off people, to two people at work, people doing whatever. [00:27:00] So his car run gum and we S we weren’t three, one, three did a partnership with them.

[00:27:04] And, uh, we just kind of wanted the use runner of the month, too. Give back to our runners and just kind of give them in a sense, in a sense, and an incentive. I’m sorry, give them an incentive. And Ron gum kind of helped us do that by filling, filling bags for their products and, you know, just kind of making it a thing.

[00:27:25] Cause people, we were on three, one, three would be anything without the people. You know what I’m saying? It was just in a sense

[00:27:30] Lance: [00:27:30] that we wanted to do and run. Graham helped us do it.

[00:27:33] Kim: [00:27:33] I was going to ask you about rum gum. You, you, you jumped the gun there. So how did you guys get involved with them? Did they approach you?

[00:27:43] Lance: [00:27:43] Yeah, it’s funny. Um, they definitely approached us. Um, Nathan Woods. He happens to have my last name. It’s crazy. Uh, he opposed? I think, I don’t know if he hit you up first or he hit me up, but however it came about, um, [00:28:00] we ended up having more conversations. He hit us up in a DM. And, um, we had a meeting on a call and, uh, he was just saying like, he enjoy how we were able to bring together community.

[00:28:12] And that’s one of the big things that they were about, about community and, and our ideas align. And, um, it was a good fit. So we ended up talking more and, um, we established a partnership with them. And, um, they’re, they’ve been helping us grow our community, um, and what we do and we’ve been doing the same for them.

[00:28:32] So they’re um, in Oregon and, uh, yeah, so we’re excited to continue building out with them too,

[00:28:41] Kim: [00:28:41] but you guys are pretty new Ron crew. You already have partnerships with businesses. You won a spirit of Detroit award. In 2019. What was that like for you? Oh, he got it on the wall back there.

[00:28:55] Lance: [00:28:55] Okay.

[00:28:59] Joe: [00:28:59] The [00:29:00] spirit, spirit of Detroit was actually kind of crazy because, uh, I had been like doing my thing in the city. I’ve been an entrepreneur, like I said, I was in music, but being in music forced me to be an entrepreneur. And I just been doing it for almost 10 years and I’d done a lot of interesting things.

[00:29:20] I’ve done everything in the city of Detroit, but get that. And so for a long time, I was like, dang, like what I gotta do with it? Like, like how many kittens I got to rescue out of a tree or, you know what I’m saying, to get the spirit of Detroit award? Like, you know, and then the moment I started doing something else, which is running, it came boom in the, within.

[00:29:44] The first two or three months

[00:29:46] Lance: [00:29:46] of us, you know, it was like, it was like three months, three, four months. It was, no, it was June.

[00:29:53] Joe: [00:29:53] It was, it was two months after we started. So like, God, like, you know [00:30:00] what I’m saying? So that was crazy. Like the only other award to get in Detroit is the key to the city. So getting the spirit of Detroit award being from the D, it just kinda meant everything to me.

[00:30:11] Lance: [00:30:11] You know what I’m saying? So that, that was crazy.

[00:30:14] Kim: [00:30:14] So what is there to do in Detroit? And, and tell me what there is to eat in Detroit, because I know, you know, Tarell, I know, you know, it’s raw.

[00:30:27] Lance: [00:30:27] The triathletes around, but that’s the only

[00:30:30] Kim: [00:30:30] person that I know he’s done that. No, and all, I see him as running outside of his drugs with, on his eyes and jumping in lakes.

[00:30:46] What is the end to do with the choice, if I’m going to come back, what, what do you recommend I do there come to two

[00:30:52] Joe: [00:30:52] mile Tuesday. First of all, first of all,

[00:30:54] Lance: [00:30:54] you gotta

[00:30:55] Kim: [00:30:55] do. You gotta,

[00:30:58] Lance: [00:30:58] yeah, you gotta make sure you come while we in [00:31:00] season for sure. But, um, two mile to there. Um, I mean, if you experienced downtown, I think that’s pretty cool.

[00:31:08] You know? You got certain landmarks, you got to hit the river walk. You’ve got to hit like campus marshes area. Um, if you get a chance, I know. Yeah. Riverwalk. So you can look over to Canada. I’m not going to say go-to candidate because that’s not Detroit. So we talk in Detroit specific. Um, you said you went to the Motown museum.

[00:31:32] Uh, that’s pretty dope. If we get a chance, you can probably take the people mover so you can get it. Like you can ride around to experience Greek time. Um, I don’t know if you do like club and or hanging out, but it’s COVID but I’m just places to do it. Okay. Yeah. I know. Hanging out like that, so, um, but places to eat, um, are you vegan?

[00:31:56] Joe: [00:31:56] Cool.

[00:31:57] Kim: [00:31:57] Okay.

[00:32:00] [00:32:00] Lance: [00:32:00] No, I’m vegetarian. I’m making my way there, but, um, I mean it’s places to eat. It’s a lot of black owned places to eat. Um, young village is where we meet on two mile Tuesdays. Um, Joe can tell you more about that, but, um, yeah.

[00:32:21] Joe: [00:32:21] I will say this, let me say this real quick. Detroit is the only city in the United States with three major sporting arenas in walking distance of each other, the only city in the United States.

[00:32:34] Kim: [00:32:34] I noticed that I thought that was kind of strange but interesting at the same time,

[00:32:39] Joe: [00:32:39] literally next door, like, boom. You know what I’m saying? So that’s, um, That’s something that, so when people say what’s there to do well, you could walk on a baseball, see the tigers, see the lions. I don’t know if you want to pay to see the lions though.

[00:32:53] No

[00:32:57] lions. And then you got the pistons and [00:33:00] you got the red wing. So for a major league teams, they all in walking distance.

[00:33:06] Kim: [00:33:06] Okay. So what is next for run? We Run 313. For you guys

[00:33:15] Joe: [00:33:15] what’s what’s next? I mean this, and it’s funny. Cause me and the last was just having this conversation cause we bought to get on the phone with one of our partners, so, and, and draw a calendar and it’s like, How do you make a calendar in a

[00:33:29] Lance: [00:33:29] pandemic though?

[00:33:32] Joe: [00:33:32] You know what I’m saying? But it’s something businesses have to do. They ha we have to do outlook. We have to try to see as much as we can, but the horizon is just so foggy for, not for us, but just for everyone, we are diversifying our merchandise. We getting into other things like this right here. Do you see

[00:33:52] Kim: [00:33:52] that?

[00:33:53] What is that? A water bottle or selling water?

[00:33:57] Joe: [00:33:57] Well, we [00:34:00] alkaline water. We getting into different things. Um, like I said, we diversify in our merchandise. Um, those are some of the things that we don’t on a business side, but one of the things we do on the community side is just always, constantly trying to grow our reach, China, grow what we do and trying to reach more people like you, uh, runaway podcast.

[00:34:22] Uh, the roadway podcast, I’m sorry. And, um, it just reach more people, reach more people in the community. Bring more people out here, more inspiring stories, just things like that. Max, you

[00:34:33] Lance: [00:34:33] wanna say to them? Yeah. I mean, I mean, Joel, you pretty much hit the nail on the head. Um, we do have more things going on in terms of like partnerships that we were trying to do.

[00:34:47] Um, Ron really disclosed much of that, but more partnerships and that’s going to help us grow our reach, um, and just helping people become more healthier and happier. You know, Detroit is one of [00:35:00] the, um, cities. I forgot what article, but, um, it’s been said like two years in a row that Detroit is one of the most unhealthy, unhappy unhappiest cities in America.

[00:35:12] And, uh, what we run through one and three, I believe that we have the power to change that, you know, um, one, because running is such a powerful tool, so you to be for you to become more connected to yourself. Um, and I’ve seen people. Develop lasting friendships. Um, I mean over these past two years, I mean, It seems like I’ll want to toot our own horn, but it seems like people have really developed some real close knit friends that be like, dang, y’all ain’t invite

[00:35:44] Joe: [00:35:44] me.

[00:35:45] Like, what’s up, they go on a breath, they kick it that day,

[00:35:49] Lance: [00:35:49] hanging out and stuff. They got, they mama, Chris, look at this. So, um, I think that we have created that. Um, safe space for [00:36:00] people to one just authentically be themselves. Um, because there are so many spaces in Detroit where, um, you may have to. Be somebody that you may not be comfortable with being all the time, whether you got to put on a suit at a networking event, or you gotta, uh, speak a certain way because you think you around these types of people or whatever the case may be, but running it’s like, man, you just come as a most authentic self.

[00:36:27] You ain’t gotta like dress up to be this or whatever. Like everybody’s sweating and everybody, you know, just being. The most authentic self. And then next thing you know, you be like, Oh, you a doctor, Hey, that’s dope. Or, Oh, you a lawyer. Hey, I would’ve never thought, you know, or when they in different spaces, they may have been, um, or felt in your mind that someone was unapproachable because you looked at them to be a certain type of way.

[00:36:56] And, and we’re able to break all of that [00:37:00] down. And then just like, is it, it’s a way to bring people together.

[00:37:04] Kim: [00:37:04] That is the power of running. So I want to thank you fellows for being on The Run Wave Podcasts, and then down and chat with me. It was nice to get to know a little bit more about the city of Detroit and your crew.

[00:37:19] Um, I will leave all of your social links down below personal. And of course the Ron Crow, your merge, all of that. So everyone will know how to contact you. Right? I want to thank Lance and Joe from We Run 313, it was nice chatting with them. I got to learn a bit about their crew and, uh, the city of Detroit as a whole.

[00:37:44] If you listen to the entire interview, you know, that I did. Visit Detroit one time, but I am curious to get back there to get an, a run with them and to actually get to see another side of the city. So thank you [00:38:00] again for tuning into The Run Wave Podcast. I hope that you come back again to listen to another show and I will catch you on the next one later.

[00:38:13] Thank you so much for tuning into the show. Be sure to subscribe to The Run Wave on your favorite podcast app and leave us a review of the show on Apple podcasts. It would really help me out if you are a runner that has a story to tell, and you would like to be on the show, you can email. hello@therunwave.com or send us a DM on Instagram to the run wave.

[00:38:39] See you next time. .

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