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2:48:43 BQ…Crushed It! Featuring Tommie_ Runz

May 5, 2021 | Episodes

On this episode of The Run Wave Podcast, Kim chats with Detroit area runner Tommie Bailey. We chat about Tommie’s attempt to BQ with a time of 2:50, and how he crushed that time with focus and an extremely diligent training cycle. Learn more about this entrepreneur and how he crushed his goal to qualify for the Boson Marathon.
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Episode Transcript

[00:00:00] Kim: [00:00:00] He shaved 25 minutes off of his time to qualify for Boston and two 48 43.

[00:00:16] Hey everybody. Welcome back to another episode of The Run Wave Podcast. I am your host Kim. If this is your first time tuning in, welcome to the show. If you are a return listener, welcome back to the show and thank you again for tuning in week after week. If you haven’t already done. So be sure to subscribe to The Run Wave on your favorite podcast app so that you’ll be notified each and every time I upload a new episode and you don’t miss any runway news, if you haven’t had the chance to do so, make sure you check out The Run Wave merge.

[00:00:53] We have hoodies. T-shirts all available for sale. And if you purchase March from the [00:01:00] show, you are supporting the continuation of The Run Wave Podcast, simply visit The Run to purchase your merge. Now on the show, I am chatting with Tommy. He is a runner out of Detroit. If you listen to the Ron crew series a couple months ago, he is a member of the crew.

[00:01:22] We run three, one, three, and he set a goal to qualify for the Boston marathon with a time of two hours and 50 minutes. And he crushed that goal. He trained hard for 12 weeks straight. He ran, I think over 700 miles during that training cycle, which is crazy. And he did his thing at this marathon. So he tells me.

[00:01:47] All about his training cycle, his experience, he has a clothing line chip time running. The shirt that I’m wearing right now runs ShopRunner is from his clothing line. So make [00:02:00] sure you go to his website, chip time, to support his brand and who let’s get into his store right now. All right, please.

[00:02:12] Welcome to the show. Tommy owner of chip time running. He has the eat sleep repeat show on Instagram, and it’s also a podcast. Welcome to the show, Tommy. Thank 

[00:02:24] Tommie: [00:02:24] you. Thank you. How are you doing? Good. How are you? I’m doing good, man. I’m this is, I’m a very happy guy right now. I’ve been waiting so long to be on The Run Wave show.

[00:02:34] So I’m proudly here and now I get to tell my friends that I did it. I made it for sure. Yes. 

[00:02:40] Kim: [00:02:40] You, you, you made it before The Run Wave Podcast. Trust me. So how’s it going there in Michigan? It’s 

[00:02:49] Tommie: [00:02:49] going pretty good. I mean, it’s, it’s nice. Well, not nice. It’s gloomy outside. Um, it was raining yesterday a couple of days ago.

[00:02:56] It was 80 degrees. I’m sure tomorrow would it be 30, but [00:03:00] that’s just how it is in Michigan. And you know, we’re used to it. We train, we run in it, all that stuff. So. It’s all good. It’s probably pretty close to like what it is, where you are too, right? 

[00:03:09] Kim: [00:03:09] No, because wasn’t it like snow in there a couple days ago.

[00:03:12] I know I saw a video. Y’all a group run in and it was like snow coming down. Like, what season 

[00:03:17] Tommie: [00:03:17] are they in? We don’t even know last, last Tuesday it’s snowed. And yeah, we don’t know what season we’re in. We don’t even know if we’re part of the same country. It’s just the thing, you know, Michigan weather does, whatever it wants to.

[00:03:30] I can 

[00:03:31] Kim: [00:03:31] see that. Yeah. So I wanted to have you on the show because you had a record breaking run this past weekend, but before we get into that run, I want to, I want the audience to get to know you a little bit better. So where are you originally from? 

[00:03:49] Tommie: [00:03:49] Well, originally from, um, the, to cut up, I’m originally from New York.

[00:03:53] I was born in New York, but I was only there for a short period of time. It was like from. Birth to five [00:04:00] years old, moved to Detroit area, or actually in Detroit and lived in the Detroit area between five to, you know, basically 20 something, 23 years old. Um, so I mean, when people say where I’m from, I say here, I mean, cause it would be weird to say I’m from Poughkeepsie New York, because I’ve only been there.

[00:04:16] Like, you know, that was a long time ago. So I’m raised here. So I’m a, I’m a Detroit her for sure. 

[00:04:21] Kim: [00:04:21] You know, I was going to ask you what part of New York, and I just knew you were going to say one of the boroughs, but Poughkeepsie doesn’t even count. So people would ask you where are you from? Yeah. Yeah.

[00:04:30] Tommie: [00:04:30] That’s why like I did that. I did that a couple times. I was like, I was saying like, Oh, I was born in New York. They like weird. And I’m like, Poughkeepsie, like what are we doing? How far is that from where I know. 

[00:04:43] Kim: [00:04:43] Yeah. That’s like Metro North territory and we don’t, we don’t get on the Metro North much anymore.

[00:04:49] So are you in like Detroit proper? Are you like in the suburbs? 

[00:04:53] Tommie: [00:04:53] No, I’m in the suburbs now. Um, you know, I was coming up, I was kind of back and forth between Detroit and Southfield, which is [00:05:00] like just, uh, the immediate suburb, like right on the other side of eight mile, if that makes, if that helps. Um, 

[00:05:07] Kim: [00:05:07] I only know about a mile from M 

[00:05:09] Tommie: [00:05:09] and M.

[00:05:12] Are you from the eight mile? It gets like a thing, like it’s an area, but I mean, um, so yeah, I grew up in the suburbs, um, family on both sides and, you know, so I really attached to, you know, the Detroit culture, the vibe. And so, you know, as soon as I was able to get a chance to run in the city and the city has had, has been, has had a great, you know, revitalization might leave.

[00:05:33] So it’s just been really cool to watch and we’ve been running in it and around it and all that stuff. So it’s been, it’s been pretty excellent to be a runner that this time in Detroit area. 

[00:05:42] Kim: [00:05:42] So you’re a member of the run crew. We run three, one, three, and had them on the show a couple of months ago. How did you link up with those guys?

[00:05:52] Tommie: [00:05:52] Um, and I was training for, uh, for the 2019 Detroit free press. Um, that was my [00:06:00] first marathon and I saw a picture or something like on, on Instagram, it had like 200 young black people in a picture and I’m like, what is this? Like, I have to be a part of this. I have to go check it out, went out like the next Tuesday to, uh, to the two mile Tuesday run.

[00:06:17] And again, it was like 200 people, um, great vibes, great people. And I just ever since that moment, I think I, I ran, it, ended up running with Joe, uh, that day and he was like, yo, you should come out more often, like come out to the long run, you know? So I’m like long runs or like my area, my, my, my thing. So I showed up on a Sunday and ever since then, we’ve just been.

[00:06:38] You know, training together and running together. And we’d just been pretty good friends in the last couple of years, I was looking 

[00:06:44] Kim: [00:06:44] at the two mile Tuesday from, um, this week. And it was like, it looked like a couple hundred people, whether there, 

[00:06:51] Tommie: [00:06:51] yeah, yeah, yes, yeah. Yesterday was what’s today, Thursday. Yeah.

[00:06:54] So the other day it was a lot of, it was quite a lot of people. I think it was actually more people than like there that relaunched day. [00:07:00] Um, and I think just as it, as the weather gets better, uh, the, the word spreads around more and more, uh, that they’re back in, back running through for the season, it’ll just get bigger and bigger.

[00:07:10] So it’s like, it’s really incredible to see so many people come out. Um, and the, the, the types of people, the types of runners that come up, I mean, you have people that come out there with strollers. Um, they just want to, you know, just have a reason to get out there and, and see what happens and see their body change over the set over the summer.

[00:07:28] Um, and then also you have people that are, you know, more serious and just, you know, ripping through that first couple of first mile or so. Um, and it’s just a wide range. So there’s really is someone for everybody. And that’s what I liked about it when I first went, um, because it was a great vibe and a great, you know, a group of black folks, but I had somebody to relate to, but then I also didn’t feel bad for leaving like that one person, you know what I’m saying?

[00:07:55] So it was, it was just a wide range. And I think that they hit, they struck gold with that because [00:08:00] it’s, everyone feels welcomed. 

[00:08:03] Kim: [00:08:03] So you’re wearing a chip time running. What does that, uh, uh, crew. Oh, that’s a tee shirt. Okay. So your arm, 

[00:08:11] Tommie: [00:08:11] okay. 

[00:08:13] Chip 

[00:08:13] Kim: [00:08:13] time running t-shirt yes. I’m worried the rancher prenuer crew hoodie, which is self.

[00:08:21] This is the first time I put it on. 

[00:08:24] Tommie: [00:08:24] Yeah, you should have been for the thing. 

[00:08:26] Kim: [00:08:26] I don’t go anywhere. So, you know, there’s nowhere to wear clothes nowadays, but tell me about chip time running. What made you want to start this company? 

[00:08:37] Tommie: [00:08:37] Well, I started, I started ship time running in may of 2020, and it was like, it was a combination of like a couple of things just coming together at the right time.

[00:08:47] Um, it was, you know, the idea of having the run, eat, sleep, repeat shirts, or a shirt was kind of a while before that. But when you know, COVID hit, [00:09:00] um, and it hadn’t really affected like my day job at that point yet, but it was just, you started seeing so many things in the world changing and somebody people, you know, at risk of losing jobs, being laid off, you know, being furloughed, all that stuff has just made me think like, yo, like how stable is all this really?

[00:09:17] You know? And. And if it was to the ship, was the sink, you know, why is it not my ship? You know, like I’d rather be the captain on this ship, you know? Um, but then at the same time, you know, the resurgence of black lives matter and, you know, George Floyd and so many, like so many names that, that look like me.

[00:09:39] Um, and look like my family members was just so much, so it was like that, that, you know, the, the, the, a pandemic having me kind of in a weird spot of thinking, like, what, what can I do for myself? But then also all of a sudden it’s like, yo, like I’m super proud to be black, you know? And I want my kids to not only be [00:10:00] safe out there and be proud to be black, but I want them to look at me as like, Hey, this is someone that’s doing something for us.

[00:10:07] You know? Like I work every day for my family too, but I can’t leave my job. Uh, you know, my director of business development. I can’t leave that job to my kids. You know, I can’t pass this to my son and my daughter. So I wanted to, at that moment take a risk. You know, every, everyone around me is worried about, you know, their job and their security and safety.

[00:10:28] When they leave the house, it’s like, you know, we need to do something so that my family can look at this thing and say, this is ours, you know? Um, and I didn’t know where it was gonna go, but I just said, I ha I need to take a chance and show my kids. That sense of ownership can change the dynamic in a family, the community, and you know, and just so many different.

[00:10:51] Kim: [00:10:51] So it started with a run, eat, sleep, teas, tanks, et cetera. Did the show come after? 

[00:11:00] [00:11:00] Tommie: [00:11:00] Like, yeah, so the, the, the clothing line started in may and we just started with shirts. It just had the red bar running sleeper period across the front. And that’s like just the concept of a run, his lifestyle, you know, uh, and then chip time running just to kind of go back.

[00:11:14] The reason why I picked that name is because, you know how we, we all rely on that chip time when hopefully when all these, uh, you know, in-person racists start back up, we’ll be worried about what our chip time is, you know, and how do you get your chip time down in it’s delivered runner’s life run easily repeat.

[00:11:29] Um, and so that, just, that worked out. And then next thing you know, I did a, um, a couple of weeks of a run eat, sleep week, which I asked people to say, Hey, run a mile, jog a mile, whatever it is, and posted on Instagram for seven days, straight posted on the Instagram, say that you ran your mile, you jogged or whatever.

[00:11:47] Then also during that day, during the seven days eat a healthy meal and you know, maybe vegan, maybe vegetarian, something that’s just a little different than what you normally would post a picture. No, we love food pictures, uh, and then get some [00:12:00] good sleep, six to eight hours of sleep every night, like set your alarm, like screenshot it or something, you know, something to get like that whole, the, uh, runner’s life vibe kind of going and saying like, Hey, it’s deeper than just running it.

[00:12:10] We need to make sure that we are healthy across the board, you know? And I just saw that so many people had trouble with the eating part of it. Like they could go walk and jog and all that. I thought the jogging and the walking and the running part was going to be a problem. But then you got people posting pictures, like of like water.

[00:12:27] Okay. Carrot and like Apple sauce, you know what I’m saying? Yeah. It was just like a banana. And like, that’s your lunch, bro? Like, you couldn’t take anything else, you know? Um, and then, and surprisingly too is like, Hey yeah, they, I got four and a half hours. I’m doing better. And I’m like, w we just doing this for seven days?

[00:12:46] And you just could see people were trying. And it just showed me like how each one of these things, um, help each other, but then how much people neglect the eat and sleep part, you know? And then I was like, it’d be [00:13:00] dope if we started a show or I started to show to talk to people about each thing, each segment each.

[00:13:05] Um, you know, talk to a runner, talk to the dietician and all that stuff, and then talk to, you know, like a sleep therapist or on the running side of the recovery, like fitness, physical therapy, and talking about some of these things and how we can just be healthier, stronger, faster runners, you know? Um, and that’s how the show came about.

[00:13:22] And then it kinda morphed into this other thing where now I’m interviewing professional runners and things like that. So it’s turned out. I 

[00:13:29] Kim: [00:13:29] know, I’m like, I have to see your last few shows. I’m like, wait, where is he finding these people? Like, what are you doing? DM-ing them? Are they contacting you? Like, how are you 

[00:13:41] Tommie: [00:13:41] doing?

[00:13:42] It’s been like, I mean, at first it was just DM. Like, I mean, I’m trying to be slick with it, you know, say something that’s captivating, you know? Um, but it’s just, it’s just been right place, right time, I guess. And then some of the, some of the guests I’ve had have been through agents and different things like that.

[00:13:57] Um, but I just think that the, the [00:14:00] vibe of the show and because that’s why I like your show as well. I mean, it’s a running show, but it’s not like, yo, what’s your VO two max bro. Like, what’s your workout going to be today? Like, I mean, don’t get me wrong. Like, there’s definitely, that’s definitely, uh, I like that cause I’m a run, a run nerd.

[00:14:16] So like I want to hear all that. But then at the same time, like how can someone one listen to me interview, uh, you know, and the Curie, you know, who’s a two time Olympian. Um, how can someone that runs a 12 minute mile relate to her? You know? And if I go at it, the normal traditional like run show way, it’s going to be way over somebody they’re like, I’m cool.

[00:14:40] Like, you know, good, good for her. She’s fast, whatever. But if I can talk to her on a personal level and talk about how running has helped her, how she works through the hard times, how she. Stays motivated. You know, these people are human, like as ever, you know, um, and they think, and feel like a lot of the same things that we do.

[00:14:58] And if I can [00:15:00] refer to what something she said during a race during my 5k or my whatever, that’s dope. And that’s the goal. And I think that may be some of the people are seeing the vibe of the show and saying like, yeah, that’s cool. I’ll come on. You 

[00:15:13] Kim: [00:15:13] know? Yeah. And I liked that because it’s more relatable that way, because like me, I, don’t only, I look at my garment and I look at time pace and I know what a start and stop button is.

[00:15:24] That’s about it.

[00:15:28] Tommie: [00:15:28] I don’t 

[00:15:29] Kim: [00:15:29] go into garment afterwards and look at, you know, my, um, what is it called? The cadence and all that other stuff. I, 

[00:15:35] Tommie: [00:15:35] yeah, I missed all that, but I know that like, if I couldn’t sit and listen to a show like that over and over for an hour, you know, and, um, I feel like, I feel like some people, like the funny part about the garment thing, like I just start, stop, go.

[00:15:50] It’s like them, maybe I’m aging myself or whatever, but you know, the Tia 83 calculators or whatever, like, I don’t know, we’re in the same age [00:16:00] bracket then it was like, it was like, you know, I knew how to do the stuff that I needed not to do, but then they got those, like all those other buttons. I don’t even know if people really know what those buttons are for.

[00:16:09] There’s nobody that knows how to use that all. 

[00:16:12] Kim: [00:16:12] Look, I knew how to save formulas in it. I knew how to do that. 

[00:16:15] Tommie: [00:16:15] Yeah. Yeah. We know how to put games on them wherever, like you could put a game on it. You’d be sitting there. Your teacher squared it’s you, you whiz kid. But you and they were playing like snake or whatever.

[00:16:24] It was a wild. Wow. 

[00:16:26] Kim: [00:16:26] Let’s say my son has one now. It’s not all big. Like it used to be when we had it, it’s like, you know, quarter of that size, but it’s crazy. The evolution of life.

[00:16:38] So the, um, you did a show on Instagram live. Yeah. How, how was that? Like the first time, like, I think I’ve only done live, like I’ve done your show and I’ve done, like, I think one other Instagram live and that’s like, it, 

[00:16:51] Tommie: [00:16:51] it, it’s kinda, it’s kinda crazy. Like, um, it’s just, it’s kinda, it’s weird because it’s live and it, [00:17:00] the, the trouble with it is like reception, you know, or like, uh, internet connection.

[00:17:05] Cause you get those moments. When you ask a question, you’re smiling and then you take three and you just sit in there and you don’t know what to do. You don’t know how to tell you don’t know whether you should keep talking. And a lot of times, like you find out later that everybody else saw like, no pause, no freeze.

[00:17:19] And so like, if you it’s weird, but I think it’s really fun though, because not often do you, you know, it’s, we’ve all seen, you know, I haven’t interviewed Dez Lindy yet, but we’ve all seen Desmond and be interviewed, you know, but it’s because of, you know, the pandemic and, you know, people having to find ways around this, the traditional podcast thing, um, you’re starting to see more alive shows and stuff like that.

[00:17:44] And it it’s better because unless you turn the comments off, people can really communicate, uh, ask questions. And as long as they’re like, you know, on, on topic, you know, like I’ll throw them in there and ask because a lot of the questions that you may have, I might want to know too. [00:18:00] So we’re at, we’re asking questions and it’s it’s live.

[00:18:02] The live aspect makes it really fun. It’s tough to do. But, um, I think a lot of people like it, you know, I’ve only had. A couple of people say like, Hey, I’ll turn it. Can you turn the comments off? You know? Um, but I mean, comments can get weird though, because like, then you see, like you’re asking a question and you see your guests, like reading the comment, which in awhile that you’re like, Hey, Hey, Hey, chill out.

[00:18:22] I got that. You know? Um, but it’s, it’s a, it’s fun. And you know, I encourage everybody to check it out because the more people that watch the better, obviously, because it’s, it makes the guests want to come on. You know what I’m saying? So, um, check it out and you 

[00:18:37] Kim: [00:18:37] push that over to a podcast platform as well.

[00:18:40] Yeah, 

[00:18:41] Tommie: [00:18:41] yeah, yeah. All the PA all podcasts platforms that you, wherever you find your podcasts, it’s there, it’s there. So it’s the run eat, sleep show. Yeah. 

[00:18:49] Kim: [00:18:49] I commend you because I know I said that from my other podcast, we were like, yeah, we’re going to go live once a month. And we never did it. Not 

[00:18:57] Tommie: [00:18:57] one other show.

[00:19:00] [00:19:00] The other show 

[00:19:00] Kim: [00:19:00] where we say the curse words, 

[00:19:02] Tommie: [00:19:02] the other shot that would be lit live though. Like you might as well try it out because 

[00:19:07] Kim: [00:19:07] maybe we will have, I dunno. I 

[00:19:09] Tommie: [00:19:09] dunno. I’m like don’t don’t yeah, don’t go. Don’t go with my advice. Cause um, I want to see it, cause I think it’d be crazy, but then you got this thing going too.

[00:19:17] So you might, I don’t know. I said 

[00:19:20] Kim: [00:19:20] that show. We try to keep it at a little over an hour, but we record for like three hours. Like the live will be crazy. 

[00:19:27] Tommie: [00:19:27] Yeah. I mean, the labs are open now, so it’s like four hours, like three or four hours or something like that. I don’t think when people do it, I guess, but you know, not me.

[00:19:36] Yeah. 

[00:19:36] Kim: [00:19:36] Mine. I want to see all of 

[00:19:37] Tommie: [00:19:37] that. I guarantee you it’ll probably be lit watching like crazy. 

[00:19:44] Kim: [00:19:44] So everyone knows who you are. We know what you do. I want to get into this way. I wrote your time down to 48, 43 at the glass city marathon. Yeah. Now, you know, I [00:20:00] ask linked you, right? Did you, I made that up ass linked.

[00:20:04] It’s like Google 

[00:20:05] Tommie: [00:20:05] it’s like it’s Google athletes. Yeah, absolutely. 

[00:20:10] Kim: [00:20:10] And there’s only one Thomas Bailey at Michigan, but I don’t think that’s, you. Well, 

[00:20:15] Tommie: [00:20:15] what was it say? Have you 

[00:20:17] Kim: [00:20:17] claimed your athlete profile? Yeah, 

[00:20:20] Tommie: [00:20:20] it may be, it could be 

[00:20:21] Kim: [00:20:21] pants. I don’t think it’s you, because he asked her to, um, remember when we used to put our 

[00:20:26] Tommie: [00:20:26] phones.

[00:20:27] That’s me. That’s me. I got to change. Oh, that’s embarrassing. I gotta change my, what was 

[00:20:35] Kim: [00:20:35] that? Like you first started 

[00:20:36] Tommie: [00:20:36] running. I had on like I had on black right in and I 

[00:20:40] Kim: [00:20:40] had changed that picture. 

[00:20:44] Tommie: [00:20:44] Yeah. It was me. That’s me. Yeah. So that was like, that was probably like year, year one. 

[00:20:50] Kim: [00:20:50] I have an old marathon picture on there as well, but people can tell it’s me, you know, I have the metal it’s it’s me.

[00:20:57] Yeah. I’m gonna need you to go in there and change the chair. 

[00:21:00] [00:20:59] Tommie: [00:20:59] I got some new, I got some new pictures. That’s kind of fire and not represent who I am right now. So, but look, 

[00:21:06] Kim: [00:21:06] I was, I was thinking that glass city was your first marathon because there’s no marathons on your athletes profile. 

[00:21:12] Tommie: [00:21:12] Is okay. Maybe that’s not me because for the Detroit free press is on.

[00:21:16] So I ran Detroit free press in 2019. And last is my second. And my first marathon, I ran three, 1330, and then the other day I ran two 48, 43. So three 

[00:21:30] Kim: [00:21:30] 13. What does that? 25 minute. 

[00:21:33] Tommie: [00:21:33] Yeah, almost. Yeah, almost like I had to. I’m not good at math either. So I wrote it down and then we sat and talked about it and figure it out.

[00:21:41] You don’t carry the one. You get rid of the one 

[00:21:44] Kim: [00:21:44] for sure. Now I didn’t watch your live. I jumped in last, yesterday. It was last night, right? When you went with the guys for a little while, but I jumped out cause I’m like, I want him to tell me this story and I didn’t read your posts either. I saw the person.

[00:21:58] Yeah, you put up, [00:22:00] you don’t want to tell me what 

[00:22:03] Tommie: [00:22:03] happened. There’s 26 thoughts. You don’t want that. 

[00:22:06] Kim: [00:22:06] That was some, like I thought I was a long poster. You like took the cake on those. 

[00:22:10] Tommie: [00:22:10] Yeah, I had, I had done it like, um, maybe my first half marathon, I did it and people liked it. And so I kept doing it for the longer runs.

[00:22:18] I think one time I joked and did it for like a 5k in this, like start, finish, you know, nothing. Right. Um, but I asked people if they wanted to, wanted to do that again. And they said, yeah, so I, so I did it and it was four posts. It was for a long post it’s wild, but people like people listen to you all the likes or like everybody, they listened to it.

[00:22:38] They, I mean, they read it. So it was really cool. And I’m very scatterbrained when I run too. So it’s like, you’ll get some weird thoughts in there. So, you know, we’re here. I 

[00:22:47] Kim: [00:22:47] find that if you write a long post, people will actually read it. And that’s when they’ll comment back to you and that’s when you like, get your interaction, but what made you pick glass?

[00:22:56] City? 

[00:22:56] Tommie: [00:22:56] Marathon. Alright. Glass city. So, um, in [00:23:00] 2000, so in 2000, 19 early, uh, like January or so, I decided that I wanted to try to qualify for Boston. Um, the Boston marathon and I, I. Put up 21, uh, Boston 20, 21 was the goal. And I knew that at that point, I wasn’t anywhere physically like ready to qualify for Boston.

[00:23:20] I just knew that I didn’t die in the last half marathon I did. And if I could train maybe properly or whatever, keep running, then maybe I could get this, get it down to a decent time. Um, and I knew by the time I tried it, it was, I was going to be 35 at the time, I think, and my time would have to be three or five, you know, under three or five in the marathon there.

[00:23:44] So I said, let’s go after the free press start training. And if I could hit three 15, I’d be happy with that. Because then that means I could put in six months and then go to glass city 2020. Um, did, did [00:24:00] the, um, did the full and uh, at the free press then I ran a half a ver pretty quick half at one 24 Oh five in Atlanta.

[00:24:09] Kim: [00:24:09] So that is your profile. You did the Peachtree? No, no, no. You did. 

[00:24:12] Tommie: [00:24:12] Um, did the public, so it was like the day after the Olympic trials. So I got to see all these people that I’m now interviewing, which is weird. Um, I got to see them in person run by and like just amazing. Next day I was gassed up, ran one 24 Oh five.

[00:24:27] Um, and then I knew like, okay, when glass did, he comes around in April, like the following month I was going to be ready and then COVID happened or pandemic happened like pretty much right after the trials and they shut down glass city. So I just had to wait, uh, got a stress fracture in the summer of July.

[00:24:48] I really had me. I tried to run a couple of times in between, ended up having me out from July 20, 20 to November. Wow. Um, started running in November and then just did this buildup. And I knew like, Hey, I [00:25:00] tried glass city last year. It didn’t work out. I got a F registration. Paid for from last year, you know, I had already paid for it, so might as well run.

[00:25:07] So, uh, and it’s supposed to be a flat course too. Yeah. So it was supposed to, I mean, okay. Like, no, okay. It is mildly flat. Um, but people said pancake flat and I’ve had pancakes, you know, like, you know, pancakes, you put in the pan and then you flip them and they’re flat on both sides. You know, there’s not much texture, you know, whatever.

[00:25:34] So they didn’t lie to you. Somebody, I don’t think, I don’t know if glass city said pancake, but people said pancake. And I’m just wondering if they meant waffles, you know, just wondering. And so you asked though. Yeah. Okay. If you live in the mountains sure. It’s pancake flat, but we’re talking about like a marathon course.

[00:25:56] It’s either pancake, but, or it’s just flat. Just tell me [00:26:00] just it’s flattish then I wouldn’t have, but it was a good, it was a good race. Good course. Um, and you know, that’s why I picked it because it was supposed to be flat. Um, but that was where I wanted to qualify for Boston for 20, 21 long story already told that’s why I picked it.

[00:26:16] Kim: [00:26:16] So was cook because, you know, when I saw y’all training for this race, I was like, let me go and see like a month ago I was like, let me try to register for the half marathon. Wasn’t on a false, like, let me get Ohio, but it was sold out already. So was there a guarantee that the race was going to happen this year?

[00:26:36] Tommie: [00:26:36] Um, okay, so there, it really wasn’t. Um, until one of the, I can’t remember what day it was, like what? I actually actually ended up having the race director on the show like that day. So if you, I don’t even know when that was, but, um, they announced that they were going to have require a negative COVID test within 72 hours of first interaction.

[00:26:56] Like, so packet pickup, you had to have. Taken and received your results, [00:27:00] a negative test or proof of the vaccine by, um, April 10th or ninth, depending on what shot you shot, you got. Right. Um, so they’re obviously not requiring the vaccine, but they required a negative test if you’re not going to do that. Um, so the moment they, they announced that pretty much everybody knew, like this is going, this is going to happen.

[00:27:19] You know, because that’s the farthest, we had seen a race go to make the race happen, you know, until, you know, until that point, it would just going to be, let’s just hope that the city doesn’t shut them down. I mean, cause that weekend they were planning on having five to 6,000 runners, you know, like between the 5k, the half marathon had like 2000 and I think the full was like, you know, 1500 or something like that.

[00:27:43] So it’s very likely that the governor, whoever decides these things, we’re just going to pull the plug. Um, but when we saw that, like Ohio was having a Cleveland was, you know, doing baseball games and things like that with people in the stands or stadiums or whatever. Um, and then they pulled this, you [00:28:00] know, they brought this part up to the, to the plate and I’m like, this is going to happen.

[00:28:03] So it was almost guaranteed from that point on nothing. Yeah. 

[00:28:08] Kim: [00:28:08] So your registration was deferred from the previous year. Yeah. So I probably never had a chance of getting in any way because probably everyone from last year was moved over into this year. 

[00:28:16] Tommie: [00:28:16] Anyway, I think that, I think that there was quite, I think there was some spots left somehow some way.

[00:28:21] I think either people just asked for their money back at that time. Cause you could have got, you could have get your money back last year. So maybe people pulled their money. Um, but I know there were spots available, but then a lot of people took the news of, you know, the, the test requirement or the COVID vaccine.

[00:28:38] Um, they took that as like a, this isn’t, what I signed up for and people were canceling and people was like selling their bibs or, you know, or people could have like had it recently. And this was like, dang, I can’t go. I’m selling my bib. I don’t know what it is, but. You know, people were demanding their money back.

[00:28:54] It was kind of weird. Like I’m like, Oh, didn’t you want to run? You know? But like, we’ve been waiting for an in-person run all [00:29:00] this time. And then if you gotta give me a couple of hurdles to get over, to, to, to do it, I’m gonna try my best to get there. You know? Um, and I just did, went with the negative COVID test and, you know, I was nervous as nervous as heck Friday night or Friday during the, in the morning waiting on this test to come back, you know, and it said negative and I was ready to go, but it would have been messed up though.

[00:29:21] Like if you test the positive, like, 

[00:29:24] Kim: [00:29:24] so this is, this is running in 2021 people because the New York city marathon, they sent something out as well. That if it goes on the same thing, negative COVID tests or proven vaccine, they sent the email, I think last week it 

[00:29:39] Tommie: [00:29:39] went out. Yo. Yeah. So, so the thing, like what I kind of noticed talking to, um, Glass city.

[00:29:45] It was cause their, their title sponsor is like mercy, mercy health. And so they were really close to like doctor’s ears. And it was like, you know, if it’s, if the, if it was safe, they’re going to do it. And for them to take this step to have that done and assuming there’s no like [00:30:00] super spreader event because of this thing, then I think that a lot of races will, we’ll just take that lead because you know, they cities and races want these things to happen.

[00:30:09] You know, like cities like Toledo and, you know, some of these big marathons, they like, they, you know, they depend on this as, you know, a huge income. So it’s going to be, it’s going to be like this for sure. And I don’t care. Like I’ll sure, you know, like take, I mean, why not, 

[00:30:26] Kim: [00:30:26] but was the marathon. Cause it was like under 2000 P finishers, right?

[00:30:31] Was it, is it always that number? Is it usually way higher than that? 

[00:30:35] Tommie: [00:30:35] No. No. I think Toledo is a smaller, um, race in general. Like I don’t, I think it’s a small, it was a smaller number than normal, but it’s, it’s never been one of those like big city, you know, 20,000 runner things. Um, it’s always been known to be a little smaller, more local.

[00:30:51] Um, yeah, I think that there being an April, they mean they don’t, they don’t pull like a big international crowd because international clubs are trying to do some of the [00:31:00] other April marathons as well. Like, you know, Boston and other things like that. Um, so they, I think they’re just a smaller, um, race just naturally.

[00:31:09] Kim: [00:31:09] Yeah. Seeing New York city marathon, I don’t think that’s going to happen. Cause that’s like 50,000 people like that. Yeah. I don’t know how they’re gonna, I’m not even thinking about that. We’re going to keep that in the background. 

[00:31:21] Tommie: [00:31:21] Yeah. So I can start getting to start getting irritated. Like, I don’t know.

[00:31:26] Kim: [00:31:26] so you had a goal to BQ and you accomplish that goal by you have a great buffer there. So you’re, you’re probably guaranteed to get into Boston. So what did your training plan look like? Did you have a trainer or did you follow a program? What did you do? 

[00:31:45] Tommie: [00:31:45] Yeah, so I, so since I started training, like technically in 2019, I’ve been with, um, LoaCom pre-running it’s they use the Hanson’s marathon method.

[00:31:53] Uh, Luke Humphrey wrote the book, but my coach in particular is, um, Melissa Johnson, white. Uh, [00:32:00] so she’s been, you know, part of the Hanson’s Brooks run team professionally for like 20 years or whatever. Um, so I got kind of paired up with her and it’s just been working out really great. And so this training plan, I think, was like, technically my third and a half, cause I got injured in the middle of the third one.

[00:32:18] This is my third and a half marathon training block. So by this time, and I’ve really built the base to be able to handle, you know, decent mileage. Uh, so this time we kind of pushed it a little bit further and I was like tapping it, you know, 70 miles for a few weeks in a row. Um, and so it was a pretty hefty, you know, it was like a 12 week program, a lot of easy running and a lot of speed work and long runs up to 20 miles.

[00:32:48] Um, so it was just, it was, it was definitely a tough training black, but I felt really good all the way through pretty much. Um, and yeah, so I mean, for people that don’t know the Hanson’s method, it’s, it’s very, [00:33:00] it’s higher. Is it going to be higher mileage? It’s going to be a lot of easy running to make sure that you can with stain or handle.

[00:33:06] That higher mileage without, you know, hurting yourself or, you know, getting injured. Um, that’s the goal, but then also to bring to, and you never, you know, you have, you, you don’t run at gold pace very often. Uh, you either running faster for shorter distances or running much easier for longer distances to build that aerobic capacity.

[00:33:26] Um, so it is weird lining up sometimes to the race because you’ve only held this pace for, you know, 10, 12 miles or so, you know, so it’s, you really do have to trust the fact that you’ve done the work that you’ve recovered, that you, you know, that you live around, run his life kind of thing to make sure that when you start that line, you know, you think or know that you can finish.

[00:33:51] Kim: [00:33:51] So what did you say over the 12 weeks you did like seven, 800 

[00:33:55] Tommie: [00:33:55] miles? Yeah, it was like, yeah, [00:34:00] it was like seven, like seven 50 or something like that. And 

[00:34:03] Kim: [00:34:03] you’re like a slim dude. So like, what did you eat? What was your nutrition like? 

[00:34:08] Tommie: [00:34:08] Well, um, I’m vegan too. And so, yeah. So just be, we’re just going to be honest here, cause nobody’s listening, right?

[00:34:18] Tons of tons of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, for sure. Um, that’s like my go-to the honestly like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or fire, but, um, I think that being a vegan, I, you know, I make sure that I do, you know, get a well balanced diet and make sure that I’d do all the extra things to get as much protein as possible in the times that I need them to make sure that I can recover and all that stuff.

[00:34:41] But then also me and carbs are great friends. We talk all the time and

[00:34:51] it’s a good relationship. And I just don’t, I don’t like people bad talking to him. Um, but you know, and so it’s, it’s very big and ask, you know, I [00:35:00] guess, um, and I eat a lot, like eat probably four or five times a day if I can. Um, not because like I am planning to it’s just because like I just eat, I got just love it.

[00:35:11] So that’s just, you know, so the, the, the nutrition is kind of easy for me to stay away from stuff that would kind of hold me back. It’s very, usually a very anti-inflammatory type diet. So I think that also lends or leads itself to being able to run a lot of miles and not be so banged up. 

[00:35:31] Kim: [00:35:31] How long have you been 

[00:35:31] Tommie: [00:35:31] vegan been vegan for?

[00:35:35] Uh, since like February, 2018. So a little over three years. 

[00:35:40] Kim: [00:35:40] How do you do it? Because I was a vegetarian for like one year. And a half years, she’s going to 

[00:35:46] Tommie: [00:35:46] say, well, I thought she was going to say one 

[00:35:47] Kim: [00:35:47] day, no one and a half years, but I guess, you know, they keep changing the terms. Like I used to eat fish.

[00:35:54] So what is that? Oh yeah, vegetarian. Okay. Then I got [00:36:00] pregnant and like a month into pregnancy. I said, F this I’m eating meat. Like I was starving. So like how, what do you eat? Like a lot of tofu. Like, how do you, 

[00:36:10] Tommie: [00:36:10] I, a lot of tofu, like, you know, a lot of, a lot of grains, um, you know, beans, uh, just like, you know, sweet potatoes, French fries, you know, like vegetables, you know, root vegetables.

[00:36:25] I mean, pretty much. I mean, people said I would eat. Like I eat everything except for, you know, no eggs. 

[00:36:32] Kim: [00:36:32] Like I can’t live without eggs. How do you not eat eggs? 

[00:36:35] Tommie: [00:36:35] I mean, that’s easy. Like, cause I’m not like, so I wouldn’t be vegan because, so like that, maybe it kind of helped like, so I wouldn’t be going because I just, I knew a few people that were, and they were super-healthy they didn’t look like the whole, this was three years ago obviously, but they didn’t look like the whole like, um, skinny vegan thing, you know?

[00:36:53] Um, just like unhealthy, like the one that you like, I don’t want to be like that, but they were like fit strong, all that. [00:37:00] So I’m like, I think I can try this. Uh, my sister-in-law was like, yo, let’s do like a week of vegetarianism. And I was like, all right, let’s let’s do it. But then I realized two, two days in or so that I was only eating eggs was the thing that I was like throwing like stir fries and stuff.

[00:37:16] Um, I’m like, I can, I’ll take that out and just see, because I knew people that were vegan. I mean, I’ll just take that out and see if I can figure it out. So I ended up doing that for like 14 days. Then I watched what the health. But into, Oh yeah. Yeah. So I think that like, the reason why, uh, the reason why I held onto it, so tightly is because I was 14 days vegan at that point.

[00:37:41] And three or four days into that, I felt, I just felt different. It felt, you know, I felt more sustainable somehow. Like not like in the sense of like, you know, like helping the world, but I just felt like my energy level was just different. Um, and at the time I was in the gym and stuff like that, lifting weights and stuff, so it didn’t, everything just worked out.

[00:37:59] And [00:38:00] I was very in tune with my energy levels at that point. And so I’m like, why am I feeling this great. And I watched that and I’m like, Oh, then they explained like the, the opposite side, you know, like how you would feel, you know, how I felt pretty much before that point, you know? And I was like, okay, that’s that’s enough for me.

[00:38:17] I get it. I’m good. And I just stayed. No vegan for quite some time or until now, but, um, and also just to kind of put that in perspective, like the energy level feel, I stopped drinking in 2017. So I went sober in 2017, January. And the difference between, you know, being like drinking every day to not, um, once you get over that hump of like, wow, I feel like crap, you feel like this surge of like new life and energy feel right.

[00:38:49] And for me to switch to go just a subtle change of a diet for it to be so much more than the sober versus non sober feel. [00:39:00] I was like, there’s something to this. Like there’s something in our food that we’re eating every day. That’s holding us either back or something. And I’m not saying like, everybody love just go vegan, but I just think we just need to, especially like the black community just needs to be more.

[00:39:14] Aware and in tune with what they’re, what we’re actually eating, you know, don’t just say like, Oh, this works out. And, Oh, my grandma lived till she was like 90, you know, like she likes this and this and that. Yeah. Like I don’t. But then, but then at the same time, like, let’s be honest. Like, what was that last, you know, what, what was it the last, I don’t want my last 30, 40 years to be like some people’s last 30, 40 years is like, you know, they may have lived till, but you know, I want to try my best to be like at a point where, when I’m that age, I can still move around in my thing.

[00:39:53] I want to be like that lady who ran sub three hours at 62 years old. And that’s, that’s what we talking about. 

[00:40:00] [00:39:59] Kim: [00:39:59] Yeah, I don’t want to be like her. I just want to be still, you know, traveling the world, you know, doing the damn I ain’t gonna be running a racist 62, man. 

[00:40:11] Tommie: [00:40:11] Well, we will take back in, we’ll take that game.

[00:40:13] It’d be episode 62,000. You’d be like, yeah. So I just ran a marathon today. 

[00:40:21] Kim: [00:40:21] So how did you stay focus over those three months? Because it takes like dedication to train for that amount of time and to log the amount of miles that you did. 

[00:40:31] Tommie: [00:40:31] Well, I mean, I think it was like the, I think it was like the goal, you know, having the goal of, you know, of qualifying for Boston, it’s a big goal.

[00:40:41] Um, and when I started the PR, when I started the plan this time around on February 1st, um, I knew the number that I was shooting for was two 50. So I mean, that’s a scary goal and I, and I’m very open with my goals too. Like, so I said it out loud. Quite a bit. Um, so it just kind of holds your feet to the fire a little bit more and hold you [00:41:00] accountable.

[00:41:00] Um, and I just was driven by that goal. Uh, and then also it just helps that, you know, you have the show and you got a clothing line that revolves around running. So my whole life at that point, other than like, you know, day job, um, really just is all geared towards running around that. So it’s pretty easy.

[00:41:17] And I felt really good though, too. Like, even though it was Michigan weather in February and all that stuff in March, and obviously just snowed a little bit. It wasn’t like snow, snow, it was like flourish, but you know, a lot of times you got run it a lot of times you got to run on the treadmill, you know what I’m saying?

[00:41:34] But I just, I just use that goal as, as my, as my benchmark and kept me pushing, you know, kept pushing forward. Um, and then also like. Just to be, you know, full disclosure. I mean, I have alcoholic tendency, you know, like, um, if I, either I do it or I don’t like, if I, if I’m not going to do it just, you might as well just let me exit, you know what I’m saying?

[00:41:55] But if I’m going to say I’m, I’m a, I’m a run, I’m gonna do the show. I’m, uh, you know, all [00:42:00] this stuff I’m going to, I’m going to go like to the point where it’s like, okay dude, chill out. You know? So that, that helps a little bit that I’m just kinda built like that

[00:42:10] Kim: [00:42:10] let’s get into the race. Okay. So the day before, the big day, what did your day 

[00:42:18] Tommie: [00:42:18] look like?

[00:42:20] The big day, um, was CA it was kinda, it was kinda, kinda cool, kind of chaotic in a way too. Um, because I was, you know, we had a lot of content planned, you know, for, to make sure that we kind of, uh, could document some of this stuff. Um, so we, you know, I had the, I was supposed to do a show like on the 50 yard line, inside the bowl where you finished and we had a little camera situate crew situation going on.

[00:42:48] Um, yeah. So, you know, so like that was cool and weird at the same time. Like, I’m pretty sure people probably saw it as like they’re gonna win or something. Cause we got camera crews foul, and these [00:43:00] guys they’re acting like the camera crew isn’t there. Like it was wild. Um, but you know, it was, it was very like, it was good because I think that I would have been a little bit more overwhelmed with the concept of running the golden that the next day.

[00:43:12] So I kind of kept myself busy, but really just towards the end of the day, just tried to chill out, um, you know, lay your lay your bit about, and you pack it and all that stuff and take the picture. Um, but it was just a lot of, it was a dope life, a pickup thing. Um, and then like flat lay, right? Yeah. I don’t know.

[00:43:33] I 

[00:43:33] Kim: [00:43:33] don’t know once. I said, this is the one time I’m doing this 

[00:43:36] Tommie: [00:43:36] and that’s it. That’s it? Yeah. I mean, look at my time, I did it, all these metals you’ve got behind you it’d be too many. It’d be too much. You’ll 

[00:43:43] Kim: [00:43:43] find 

[00:43:43] Tommie: [00:43:43] one. Maybe I’m just saying like, who would want to see all those things? Exactly. 

[00:43:48] Kim: [00:43:48] Cause at that point you would have one like every week.

[00:43:50] Yeah. 

[00:43:50] Tommie: [00:43:50] It’s like, like I don’t care, you know? And then you start saying like, Oh, is she gonna change shoes? Um, but, well, 

[00:43:57] Kim: [00:43:57] I always wear a different pair of shoes. [00:44:00] See, I don’t post as much as I used to come running. So y’all, don’t, y’all, don’t get to see all the flavors that, uh, encompasses my collection. 

[00:44:09] Tommie: [00:44:09] Yeah.

[00:44:10] Maybe, maybe once. Um, you know, maybe once, you know, all this stuff gets more in-person races, again, all that stuff. Maybe we’ll, we’ll start seeing the flavor more often maybe, maybe, but, so the day, the day before it was cool, like we had a, you know, we weren’t thinking it through was there and we had a bunch of people, um, you know, come to, they’re going to be the cheer squad next day, uh, where they kind of post up on different spots in the chorus.

[00:44:32] Um, but they, they cooked and had some pasta and stuff like that. So it was dope and we kind of gathered it for a little bit, talk labs, all that. And then we went our separate ways and, um, prepare for the next day. 

[00:44:46] Kim: [00:44:46] So race morning, what did you do 

[00:44:50] Tommie: [00:44:50] race morning? Um, so I went, I went to sleep at like 12 or 1230, woke up at four because the race started at six 30.

[00:44:58] Wait 

[00:44:58] Kim: [00:44:58] why’d you go to bed so [00:45:00] late. I mean, because you’re not following their run, eat, sleep and repeat 

[00:45:05] Tommie: [00:45:05] what happened. No, like I, I just, I think I just didn’t plan it out. Right. So I ended up, you know, getting back to the hotel room like 10, and then you gotta, and then Instagram kind of swept me away for a second.

[00:45:18] And then you’re doing all this stuff you talking about, you know, posting some picture that you responding to people and all this other stuff. And then next thing you know, I’m like, I ain’t do my Flatlight picture. So I got to arrange that. Um, but yeah, it just, the time flew by and I ended up going to sleep at like 12 and didn’t sleep very well, but woke up at four.

[00:45:37] Um, and then just started the routine, got up, stretched, all that stuff did not stretch the hamstrings out weirdest thing ever. Like that’s like the go-to, but didn’t, for some reason I just got kind of carried away with other things. And then, um, did my normal routine, I guess, did a shakeout run before with some strides and [00:46:00] medical team and you know, me, Lance and Joe went to the, went to the corral and, you know, got into gear.

[00:46:09] Kim: [00:46:09] And, um, Lance and Joe, you guys kind of trained together. Yeah. 

[00:46:15] Tommie: [00:46:15] Yeah, for sure. They did the, they did the Hanson’s Hanson’s plan as well. Um, so it was very, it was, it wasn’t the exact as this one, I was on. But it was very structured, pretty much the same, like long runs and things like that and workouts on different days, but it just, they kind of lined up fairly well and we were able to kind of hold each other accountable.

[00:46:34] Um, and so that was fun to have to not, I mean, I was doing it by myself, but long runs and things were always with, you know, normally we’re with them, you know, if we could always make it happen or maybe even Saturdays or some of our easy runs where, you know, we ran together as well. So that, that does help to like, to kind of refer back to that question you asked before it helps so much to be able to connect with people.

[00:46:56] Like-minded individuals that, you know, [00:47:00] also like running, you know, and it doesn’t always have to be, you know, link up for the workout. You know, it’s cool to get together and just do some of those easy miles. Cause I mean, obviously, you know, running six miles easy or eight miles, whatever it may be fairly easy to do, but at the same time you do it for weekend week out.

[00:47:17] For six days a week, it can be pretty taxing mentally. So it’s really nice too, to be able to link up with people. And that’s why I’m it’s it’s, it looks good for, you know, 20, 21 to be able to see some of these cities and States kind of opened up a little bit and allowing people to go back to some semblance of normalcy or whatever.

[00:47:39] Um, and it’s just been, so that was cool to do that. So yeah, we did train together. So we, we lined up like knowing that each one of us put in an insane amount of work. 

[00:47:50] Kim: [00:47:50] Now, did you have any start line jitters because you told the world what you were doing, right? So you, you could, you could fail then you would have to cry about it on [00:48:00] Instagram.

[00:48:00] So were you like squeaky? Like I have to do this, I have to get it done. Like, what were you feeling when you. We’re getting ready to 

[00:48:07] Tommie: [00:48:07] take off now, honestly like this time, like I was expecting to, cause I was really nervous for the first marathon I did. I mean maybe cause it was just like, I hadn’t, I didn’t know what 26.2 miles even looked like at that point, even though I trained for it, um, this time around, I think I had that to lean back on to say like, you know, I’ve done this before, at least.

[00:48:24] Um, but then at the same time I had trained for this marathon. This training of black was any more than anything that I’ve ever done. And I hit every workout. I mean, they didn’t have, you know, I had maybe two bad workouts, but they were just, but I finished them. You know, like there was no, I was able to lean back on a great base of like you did this much stuff.

[00:48:46] Like today’s just a day where you only run 26.2. Like even though it’s a long distance, you can lean back on the fact that you put in an insane amount of miles and do a lot of work for this. Um, so I was really just quiet, you know, like I’m [00:49:00] not the, I’m not like the hype guy. Um, especially before a race.

[00:49:05] It’s just, I just got super quiet. Um, and then just was ready to go, like, you know, my wife and son and daughter were right there and it was really cool to see him. Uh, last time they, they sent me off to a marathon. For some reason, afterwards, I found out he thought that I was gone forever. Like, what do you mean?

[00:49:25] But, you know, so, so that, you know, they were there and, and it was just really cool to see them at that moment. I mean, the fact that it was a smaller race kind of helped too, because those bigger races probably get a little crazy, but they were like right there. Um, and our friends were there, all that. So it was like, I was cool.

[00:49:40] I talked to him, I was like, it’s going to be okay, good. I’m coming back. Right. Gotcha. 10. He was eight then, but he was like, cool, cool. And it was really the nest to see them when I took off. So it wasn’t too nervous. Really. I just knew I had put in a lot of work, you know, 

[00:49:55] Kim: [00:49:55] so walk me through your race. 

[00:50:00] [00:49:59] Tommie: [00:49:59] Okay.

[00:50:00] So, so it. Started off. Um, and you know, I started off a little, like w the goal was to start off right on pace. Like, um, I’m not really one of those ones that like, can start off slower and ease into it. I just feel like, cause then I feel like I would get too anxious and have to try to make up some ground.

[00:50:18] Um, so I just got out at six 29 first mile was exactly that, um, second mile was a little slower because I was purposely trying to like pull back in because I’ve heard many people about this race in particular, um, slow down in the beginning. It’s easy for you to prejudice go. And then that could have some effect later on.

[00:50:38] So I just try my best just to stay right there. Uh, did pretty well with that the first couple of miles, but like mild to, I felt like this tightness in my right hamstring. And it was the same issue that I had that I had at the end of my first marathon. Like Dan was the first month I was, it was really bad towards the end, but I was able to finish.

[00:50:57] So I felt it in the second mile, just like some tightness. And I’m [00:51:00] like, Oh, this is not good. Like. I can’t have to worry about this. You know, I think it was, but like mile five, I realized like, bro, you didn’t even stretch this. It took, it took me a while to figure out like what was happening. And I’m like, and I started thinking like, did I have any issues like before, like in the training block, is it that I do on any of my tempos?

[00:51:21] And I was running this pace the other day, did I have an issue? Like, Nope, Nope, Nope. All of a sudden it was like, bro, you didn’t even, you didn’t reach them. You didn’t, you ain’t do nothing this morning. You know, I did everything else. I did stuff that morning that I never did before. I did like twist and all these things that I seen on Instagram, but I ain’t do, I ain’t I stretch my hamstrings at all.

[00:51:40] Right. Um, so it was so like at mile five I realized that and I was like, so it for a second, I was like, should I just, should I just pull over? You know? And then like all over. I mean, I know. And at that point, if three or four miles in. [00:52:00] Lance and I had ended up, we, you know, people talk, you know, so like, you know, you start talking to people and you’re like, what’s your goal?

[00:52:06] What’s your goal? And we ended up having like a pack of six or seven of us, um, that were looked at or aiming at two 50 as their, as their finished time. So were by that time, like by the time I decided maybe to pull over and that, um, we would like eight people like going and just locking in, you know? And I’m like, you just got to rock with it and just get as much water as you can and just keep, you know, keep the pressure.

[00:52:29] Um, but it just was, it was very mentally taxing at that point, you know, like to have something like that and know how bad it hurt the first time it happened to like, to be dealing with that from basically 20. I mean, from mile two until like, like 18 or 19, you know? So, and it never, it never hurt. Like, just to be clear.

[00:52:49] I mean, it didn’t hurt. It was just one of those things where it’s like, this is going to be a cramp, you know? And yeah. So I changed my stride a little bit and tried not to like. Do too much, like push off and, you know, kick or whatever in the [00:53:00] back. Um, but it worked out like in, in, I just stayed in there and the miles, like the splits were very consistent, you know?

[00:53:09] Um, and I think at one point, like we, cause we had the cheer squad out there, so it was like, you know, random or height moments. And then like the camera crew was on the course too. So every time we’d see a camera that we kind of sped up, just a Ted, you know, it’s just naturally see a camera. If you take, you go a little faster.

[00:53:27] But um, at one point, you know, Lance just kind of started peeling off and I’m like, all right, like, and I knew that because of his leg thing, I’m like, I’m not, I can’t try to cover that at all because I just need to stay here and see how long I can last. Cause I don’t want to ruin a day at, you know, mile 16.

[00:53:43] And, but eventually he just cause you know, Lance is like a gifted athlete. Like he just, he just started taking off. So I’m like, just let him go do his thing. I wish him luck, you know, he got, um, so I just stayed there for, for quite a bit. And that’s when I kinda got into this dark spot, because [00:54:00] like I started thinking of all these things, like not like, what if I don’t do it, but it’s like, this is like, it just, it sucked, it was tough.

[00:54:08] The course wasn’t flat. Like they said, um, you know, like, I don’t know how much longer I can, you know, keep at this pace. And you’re just in this dark tunnel, it seems like in your thinking these negative thoughts, you know, and I just, all I kept saying was like, yo, just you, you trained for this. You didn’t train for this marathon to be easy because there’s no marathon, that’s easy.

[00:54:33] You know, like for those people, that’s like, yo, like I train, why is the 5k is hard? Or why is this half marathon? It’s hard. Y’all know we don’t train them for it to be easy. We just train it for us to get the time that we want and to PR and all that stuff, you know, Um, it gets easier, you know, like I wouldn’t have been able to do the time that I just put up on a Sunday.

[00:54:50] I wouldn’t been able to do that a year ago, but it still is just as hard as the first one, you know, it’d probably be harder this time for me than it was the first, the first marathon, you know? So [00:55:00] I kept leaning on that. Like, yo, you train for this, you train for it to be hard, but you train for yourself to be able to keep going when times got tough.

[00:55:07] So I just kept going, stayed the course, you know? Um, and at mile like 20, this lady, um, she had been either before us or behind us at some point in the, in the, like this pack, you know, um, she never was with us though. She looked like she was definitely a loner type of lady. Um, but she was holding the pay strong or whatever.

[00:55:26] And at one point we got pastor and at mile 20 and a half, she just started like, she just served, like she just went past us. I heard somebody yell, let her through on the left, you know, like I’m like, all right, fine. Cause we was on a little trail area and she went past and somehow I found myself running with her for a second.

[00:55:43] And I’m like, okay, well, she’s moving pretty quick. It’s mile 21 almost. And this is the time when you’re supposed to go a little faster. Was that the lady 

[00:55:52] Kim: [00:55:52] you passed on Instagram, there was a video 

[00:55:55] Tommie: [00:55:55] Billy that was running with, I saw you 

[00:55:58] Kim: [00:55:58] like you were with a lady and it looked like [00:56:00] you ran past her. 

[00:56:01] Tommie: [00:56:01] Yeah.

[00:56:02] Well, so yeah, we, we had, I was past her on the turn, you know, like, no, no, no. I mean that by the time, no, we ran. So we ran together for like 21 to like 20, 21 to 26, like solid, you know, and it was really cool because, you know, I later later come to find out she won a couple of marathons in Texas and she’s from Austin, you know?

[00:56:27] So she’s like very, very strong awareness. So it was really cool to find out that afterwards, but I just kind of locked in with her. You know, he was a really straight shot, you know, going in, um, for like basically five miles just running on a straight road. Um, so I just locked in with her and when we pass somebody and they said, Hey, um, you’re, you’re the seventh female runner.

[00:56:48] So I’m like, okay, that’s great. You know, thinking about her, I’m like, that’s dope. Let me just stick with her. And maybe I can help her just keep going at this pace or whatever. And then we got down to like the last four miles we were at like [00:57:00] six, 15, six, 16, something like that, six 17. And so we just, I just stayed there with her.

[00:57:06] And a couple of times I wanted to, if she wasn’t there, I think I might’ve just backed off and just finished because I still wouldn’t be cued or whatever, but I’m like, just stay with her and see what happens. Um, and then like a mile 25 and a half, uh, one of the dudes that was there, Knox Robinson, like he, they didn’t expect to see us or see me at that point.

[00:57:26] Cause I think they were just happened to be right there. And then he screams out like, Like yo like yo Tommy, like Tommy, this is your day, reach out and take it. And I’m like, and I was already amped up cause it was 25 and a half. And I just kind of hit, hit the gas a little bit and finished out strong and, you know, saw the, you know, the cheer squad that’s when you saw that video.

[00:57:49] And I turned that corner. So cheer squad tried my best, not to cry because I knew at that point that I was about to pee. I was about to PR by a lot, I was about to at least hit the time I was looking for. [00:58:00] Um, and then the cheer squads right there and it just felt really supported. Um, and that’s one thing about we went through in three is like, it was 30 of us there and maybe like seven of us ran, you know what I’m saying?

[00:58:10] Or eight. And it was just dope to know that people would get in their cars and spend the night in Toledo just to come outside in the cold at six in the morning to cheer us on, you know? So that meant a lot. And, but the crazy part is the whole course. I didn’t see my family. Like, I’m like, okay, I’m every crowd I’m looking like to you.

[00:58:28] If I can’t see a kid or nothing. Yeah. And then, but I’m like, okay, well hopefully they at the end and I turned the corner and they were right there screaming, and it was just a dope moment. Uh, they couldn’t be at the finish line because it was like in a stadium thing. So you had to go up in the stadium and finish on like 30 or 30 outline or whatever.

[00:58:48] But that’s like the recap of the, of the race in short, because a lot of crazy stuff happened at the time. 

[00:58:56] Kim: [00:58:56] So how did you feel when you like crossed the finish [00:59:00] line? Cause you knew at that point, you had to know that, well, you had your watch and once I saw that you stopped on your watch. 

[00:59:06] Tommie: [00:59:06] So I got made fun of for stopping my wife’s like that though.

[00:59:09] Like, they’re like, man, you are a no, 

[00:59:12] Kim: [00:59:12] what’s 

[00:59:12] Tommie: [00:59:12] the one the same thing. Yeah, no, it’s all my friends because you got to picture like a Lance, he coming in like what? His arms spread wide screaming, Joe coming through in a great pose. And I’m like, you know, let me fix his watch, you know? But like, so the whole thing, like the whole time I had my watch and lap pace.

[00:59:29] So you can’t see the elapsed. Overall time. So I changed, I took it out of that pace at like 25 and a half miles. So that’s when I knew like, as long as I don’t fall or die, I’m going to like, literally, um, I’m going to, I’m going to come in under, under two 50, like this is going to happen today. And so when I turned the corner into the stadium, you could see the clock and I saw two 48 something and I’m like, don’t let this turn the two 49.

[00:59:57] Like, it was like the weirdest thing you did all [01:00:00] this stuff just to get to two 50 and then you see two 48 and then yo ma and my first thought was, don’t let this turn the two 49, you know, like as if like that was a goal, but that’s the thought that’s the, I just wanted to continue to push and break that barrier in my mind.

[01:00:14] And, uh, it felt really great crossing the finish line. All this was done for like to qualify for Boston. Didn’t think about Boston at all at the end for like, it took me a few minutes to like, register like, Oh, dang, like we just qualify for Boston. You know what I’m saying? Um, and I just that’s when it hit, like, this is a dope day.

[01:00:34] Um, my friend qualified to, uh, Joe PR by insane amount. Like his, his official marathon was like four hours in like 30 something. He ran three Oh six. Wow. You know? Um, so it was just a really good day all around. And I think the thoughts were like, at that moment, I knew all this, all these miles and time away from family and all that, it was worth it’s worth it because at [01:01:00] least, um, they can look at it and say like, you know, my dad like worked hard to go pick the goal that like most people that look like me, maybe wouldn’t pick, you know, um, or from here wouldn’t really pick.

[01:01:14] So I picked that goal and then I did it. A lot of work to get there when like it just happen, you know, like they saw me leave out, they see it’s snowing. I still leave. You know, they see me come back fingers, numb complaining about the code, you know, they see, you know, they see all that, where’s that, Oh, he’s went for a run.

[01:01:33] You know, they see me come back after 16, 18, 20 miles around, you know? Um, so hopefully they, that translate to them as maybe not being a runner, but, you know, I pick a goal, um, and don’t just have a dream or whatever. Cause dreams kind of like are good. Those are cool, but pick a goal and, and find out the way to get there.

[01:01:57] You know? Cause even if things, things haven’t been [01:02:00] done before, you know, in your knowledge, I mean there isn’t, there’s not many things in this world that just haven’t been done. So there’s, there’s a structure somewhere for you to follow, you know, or at least know where the first step is. And the first step for me for that was to find a plan that I could train under that would help, you know, give me the best chance.

[01:02:17] And so my daughter, she wants to go travel Paris and be an artist there’s there’s there’s framework for that, you know, um, it starts with you, you know, eighth grade, but getting good grades, you know? Cause you gotta, you gotta, you know, go to a college that suits you, that you get to pick because you know, Oh, you know, community colleges, they, art programs don’t really be slapping like that, you know?

[01:02:38] Nope. Um, so it’s just like, Hey, pick a goal. That’s scary. Don’t be afraid to say it either. You know? Cause I should, I could have just said, I want to qualify for Boston. I didn’t have to save two 50. I could have said three, three hours and not have been fine, but you know, pick a crazy goal and go after it and do some work.

[01:02:57] Kim: [01:02:57] So what’s your for your age group? What’s the qualifying [01:03:00] time. 

[01:03:00] Tommie: [01:03:00] Oh three Oh five. Cause I’m old. 

[01:03:03] Kim: [01:03:03] So you.

[01:03:06] Tommie: [01:03:06] I mean, I’m just saying, I feel old. I feel old because like Joe and Lanza so much, like not so much, but the younger than me and they’re, they’re, they’re qualifying time as three hours. So minus three. Yeah. You don’t 

[01:03:15] Kim: [01:03:15] look old though. You’re not old for the record because I’m probably older than you. 

[01:03:23] Tommie: [01:03:23] We don’t have to discuss 

[01:03:24] Kim: [01:03:24] this.

[01:03:25] I’m 30 now I will be 40 years old. And I was, 

[01:03:29] Tommie: [01:03:29] I swore that she was going to say younger than me and I was going to be happy about it. Oh, that’s dope. That’s dope. That was dope. Yeah. So keep eating what you eating cause we need you at 90 years old, run a marathon. 

[01:03:40] Kim: [01:03:40] Yeah. I mean, I need to turn vegan cause I, I eat.

[01:03:43] Okay. But you know, as you get older, when you’re a woman, you know, the pounds come on and you gotta work hard to, to stay in shape and try to keep them off, you live with a woman, 

[01:03:52] Tommie: [01:03:52] you know? Yeah, yeah, yeah. I mean, maybe you just got to keep, you just got to keep pushing. I mean, it’s just really, it’s, it’s really cool to [01:04:00] see.

[01:04:00] I just love seeing like, you know, more and more of us. Well, men and women are out doing this thing, you know? Um, and like I was talking to my sister, she’s like, yeah, I’m going for a job. Um, I’m gonna stop calling it jogging after what you did on Sunday. I mean, I’m stop calling it running after what you’d done.

[01:04:17] It sounded like now you’re a runner. Like you run. That’s what it is. You know, if you go outside and you walk job a couple of times a week, are you jog the whole time or you run or whatever it is, if you just step up in the houses, lace-up shoes, you, you run, you, you belong in this community. It ain’t just the people that don’t look like us, that, you know, that been doing this forever.

[01:04:39] For some reason. It’s not just them. We part of this community too. 

[01:04:42] Kim: [01:04:42] And you know what? I was just on, um, another runners podcast. And I call those people who think that, you know, people that walk, run or jog run snobs, because that’s what they are, you know, where, you know, we may not be as fast as the next [01:05:00] person, but you’re stepping out the door is the first step.

[01:05:03] And everyone should be commended for making that first step, because most people are not doing, especially people that look 

[01:05:10] Tommie: [01:05:10] like us. Yeah, absolutely. Like it is same on whoever it is and same on them, especially if, if they look like us and they like to it and they nose up or whatever, to somebody trying to get into it, or just their goal is just to run one 5k or whatever it is, because that’s what, I mean, other people was doing that to us for too long.

[01:05:35] Why would we do it to each other? You know, there’s a reason why when you go to a race is, um, the only black people I see is the ones I know, you know? Um, and that’s not, that’s not true for every race in every city, but the, you know, is predominantly one, one race and it’s not us, you know, and we need to, there’s so much out here, like, you know, running is so [01:06:00] transformative.

[01:06:01] Um, it’s such a Keystone habit, you know, like people I’ve seen people start running and decide to go vegan or vegetarian because they just want to feel better and they want to run faster and they want to be out there with us or whoever, you know? Um, it’s just one of those things. It’s like, like alcohol was it for me.

[01:06:20] And then it led to running, you know, I took alcohol away and then I ended up getting a runner. Um, but I’ve seen people treat running the same way and it just absolutely changes their lives and shame on whoever it is saying that like, No, like just say that we not runners or something, you know, because they started somewhere too 

[01:06:41] Kim: [01:06:41] and people forget where they’re started.

[01:06:44] Yup. Unfortunately. So what’s next for you? You got your beak, Hugh, you’re running a little fat. You always ran fast. You now you just run faster. So w w what’s next for you? What’s on your 

[01:06:57] Tommie: [01:06:57] schedule? The goal [01:07:00] is to just get back in the lab, keep working, um, do like some shorter races this summer, like switched the training plan a bit to make it, and you know, not so much about the marathon.

[01:07:10] Um, run some fast as possible, five Ks and 10 K stuff like that. Do like a faster half, like in half marathon in the fall. And then after that, um, start trying to for Boston wait. 

[01:07:25] Kim: [01:07:25] So if Boston happens in October, you’d be doing blessin and April 22. 

[01:07:32] Tommie: [01:07:32] Yeah, because, so the one, the one in October was, is the delayed COVID version of the one that’s supposed to happen.

[01:07:40] Um, like a couple of weeks ago, you know, the Patriots day. Um, and the cutoff for that, coincidentally was the 23rd. We raced on the 25th. So he just said, but I like it. I think it’d be better that way. It’ll allow me some time to train and get faster. Cause I want to go to Boston and I want to PR again, [01:08:00] you know, um, it is not easy.

[01:08:03] No, no, no. And then Dakota, I lived in Boston for like six, seven years. And that’s why I wanted to go back there and run that race because I know how important it is to the community on the, how hard it is to run that race. I know the history and all that stuff. So it was like, Oh, that’s what I want to do.

[01:08:18] So I’m very like, so I’m very aware that it’s, that’s a tough course and that’s why I want to get back into the lab, started training and working on different things to make me just a stronger runner for that. For that moment, because, I mean, I don’t know, people say like go to Boston and enjoy the experience or whatever.

[01:08:32] Um, but like I said, um, this whole, yeah, my personality doesn’t work like that, all that. We just move all the way. Um, and that’ll be fun to me. And, you know, I’d rather, I’d rather hit heartbreak Hill and like, and just not finish because I went so hard and try to then like, then go for the first time in like, just enjoy it.

[01:08:56] Maybe I’ll go back another time and then just jog it out, you know, but I want to [01:09:00] go hard there and finished strong and, and have a, have a great day. Um, so the plan is just to get back in the lab and keep going. 

[01:09:08] Kim: [01:09:08] Well, Boston is great and all, but I’m going to need you to add the New York city marathon to your list 

[01:09:14] Tommie: [01:09:14] because 

[01:09:15] Kim: [01:09:15] that’s the best marathon in the world.

[01:09:17] And the 

[01:09:17] Tommie: [01:09:17] world is in the world, in the world, in the 

[01:09:19] Kim: [01:09:19] world. Okay. Blessing. I got in the inner 

[01:09:22] Tommie: [01:09:22] city. Okay, well, I’m not going to repeat that out loud because I need to, well, yeah, no, I definitely want to run my bed. I definitely want to run all of them. Like I want to run all the major marathons. I think that’s really cool.

[01:09:34] Um, and to be able to kind of, what is it like the seven six, eight, six, six. I don’t know where I’m going. Seven. 

[01:09:44] Kim: [01:09:44] There they’re scouting a seventh, actually. So I hope that I get my sixth before at the seventh. Hurry 

[01:09:51] Tommie: [01:09:51] up, man. Um, what’s one, are you missing Berlin? 

[01:09:54] Kim: [01:09:54] I have Berlin. I’m missing London, Tokyo Boston 

[01:09:59] Tommie: [01:09:59] also, [01:10:00] also.

[01:10:00] So you already did in New York and now Boston seems to be more important than the list. Now I’m just saying 

[01:10:05] Kim: [01:10:05] now blessing I’ll have, I’m not fast. I have to fundraise. So Boston is last on my list. The least of my concerns is Boston. Tokyo is like the hard one to get into 

[01:10:15] Tommie: [01:10:15] now. Is it a lottery or what. 

[01:10:19] Kim: [01:10:19] Um, they have a lottery which barely anyone gets into and they have something where you can pay money, um, like to get a spot, but they go so quick now that, and their charity, like you can raise money for charity and still not get in, which is crazy.

[01:10:38] Yeah. Yeah. Like you raise all this money and you don’t get a spot. So I don’t know what I’m going to do about Tokyo. Like I should’ve did Tokyo years ago before it got popular. Cause I would’ve just paid that money and got in, but now it’s like so popular. It’s just going to be, yeah, 

[01:10:55] Tommie: [01:10:55] I think the cool part of the cool part about the running and what the time I did it, as long as I [01:11:00] applied for some of these within the right timeframe.

[01:11:02] Like I won’t have to worry about the lottery. Yeah. So that’s, that’s a, that’s a good part of it. Um, but yeah, I think that it would be really nice to travel and do those things and run the big marathons. Absolutely. You know, run New York obviously, because it’s so legendary. Um, and then we will figure it out from there.

[01:11:21] Yeah. 

[01:11:21] Kim: [01:11:21] Did the three month, three boys bring your talents over to the big Apple so we can show you what a real marathon course looks like, run over these five bridges. 

[01:11:30] Tommie: [01:11:30] Yeah. Yeah. I mean, I’ve seen it on TV. I’d have watched it. I think that, I mean, it’s definitely would be super dope to do and, um, you know, say less we there.

[01:11:41] Kim: [01:11:41] Well, yeah, invitation is open. Maybe, you know, if you want to get in your girl hook y’all up and help y’all instead of race. 

[01:11:50] Tommie: [01:11:50] Yeah. I know. I knew. And I noticed you, you, you connected over there. You a big deal. That’s why I said I talked, like I told you before. Um, when I used to ask [01:12:00] me what my thoughts were when I crossed the finish line and I had a few thoughts, one of them was like, while I was stopping and I looked at my time or whatever on my watch, I’m like, God, I’m about to be on a railway for sure.

[01:12:12] That’s I was like, God, this is wrong. This is a runway of time right here. I think, 

[01:12:18] Kim: [01:12:18] you know, I had two of the fastest black men on Instagram, Ronald Joseph and Philip King, you know, Phillip 

[01:12:27] Tommie: [01:12:27] King. No, I dunno, but I know Ronald Joseph 

[01:12:30] Kim: [01:12:30] though, look up Peking duck on Instagram. That dude is like, he’s fast. That’s my boy.

[01:12:39] And you know, Ronald Joseph. Yeah. Joseph was the first guest on The Run Wave Podcast. 

[01:12:46] Tommie: [01:12:46] That’s dope. That’s dope. Yeah. Like he hit me up the other day cause he saw what we did. And when we posted his art brothers, y’all got to keep pushing. I mean, know if y’all need anything, we need more of us out there. Um, and it’s just like, you just.

[01:13:00] [01:12:59] Yeah, I just, I, I, uh, that if we could somehow just change the narrative or continue to push that and just get more of us out there running, and it’s not even like, it’s gotta be like a race thing. Like we gotta, you know, it’s just, w we just know that running is such a huge help to so many people, you know, and it just starts good things and there’s good people in it.

[01:13:23] Like the Joe was talking about, he had some at one of the points where he was having a, he didn’t hit a wall, but he had some tough times. One of the guys who was running, it was like, so hype, like, you can do it, you know, like, you know, really getting into it. And, uh, this community is full of such great people.

[01:13:40] Like other than the run snobs, there’s so many great, nice people. And, you know, the fact that we all lined up to go run that stupid 26.2 miles brings us together. And we’re all supportive. You meet so many different people, like. You know, like, I’m sure like tons of your Instagram followers right now [01:14:00] you’ve run with or met somehow, you know, through running.

[01:14:03] Um, and it’s just such a nice community and we just need to get more of us into it. And it’s not just a white sport, you know, it’s not just a white thing, you know, like we got, no, we got legs and feet too, you know, and you 

[01:14:15] Kim: [01:14:15] know what being we’re in this whole social movement right now, you know, these racing directors, these racing companies, these shoe brands, they’re looking toward us, you know, to not, you know, I don’t like really promoting certain brands, but you know, they’re giving us a spotlight on, you know, their pages and they’re putting us out there, which is, you know, it’s a good thing to get the word out about the sport to others.

[01:14:45] But yeah, I’ve just seen like such an evolution. Like I started in 2012 and yeah. We didn’t have incident. There was Instagram, but we were in posted on Instagram. We have Facebook back then, and it’s just, things have changed so much and evolved [01:15:00] too. Even for me, like, I never would have thought today that I would have a podcast or, you know, I would run the world.

[01:15:08] It was when I started the one that was never in my mind of what running would take me. So, yeah, it’s just, it’s been a wild ride and I’m glad to see you guys coming up. I feel like a veteran now, you know,

[01:15:24] Tommie: [01:15:24] young bucks coming up, 

[01:15:26] Kim: [01:15:26] see new runners coming on the scene cause they can, you know, scrolling on the gram gets boring. And when I get to follow new people like you guys and see what you’re doing, it makes me to S you know, it gets me excited to keep running because you know, I I’m skating now. I haven’t even run in like over a week because of, 

[01:15:44] Tommie: [01:15:44] we need you back out there.

[01:15:45] No skirtings dangerous. 

[01:15:48] Kim: [01:15:48] But talking to you has motivated me to run tomorrow. Not today, tomorrow. I’m 

[01:15:53] Tommie: [01:15:53] going to run. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Don’t, don’t, don’t go crazy, you know? Um, yeah, but it, yeah, I just think [01:16:00] that, um, just the more of us out there, the merrier, you know, um, it’s just it’s and I like the, like the brands are rocking with us, you know?

[01:16:07] Um, and even if it’s, even if it’s for, even if it’s good for business, I was listening to Selema on, um, I remember his last name at the moment, but he was on the rich roll podcast and he was saying, even if it’s, um, just good for business at the moment to rock with like black folks. Sure. You know, um, as long as, you know, we’re prepared to utilize that opportunity, you know, and do something with it, you know, and not just be like the representation for representation sake.

[01:16:38] Um, so that’s like, that’s what, we’re what, I’m what I’m seeing. And what I’m trying to do with anybody that I’m working with at the moment is to make sure that I. Use that, um, as a platform to continue to grow into whatever way that, you know, we see fit. Um, but representation definitely matters. And I’m liking that.

[01:17:00] [01:16:59] It’s, um, I’m starting to relate to more of the, of that representation and 

[01:17:04] Kim: [01:17:04] listen, I’m a need, you don’t be doing these posts for free. Okay. We need to be getting paid for our representation. Okay. We not don’t be giving it away. Yeah. They got the money. So the free kicks are nice and everything, 

[01:17:17] Tommie: [01:17:17] but show me the money.

[01:17:20] Yeah, for sure. I mean, cause like that’s like the cause and I think that like just being new in this space and trying to make it work is, you know, you, you see, you see what other people are doing and getting, you know, issues and things like that. Um, and just being new in the space, you’re like, yo that’s dope.

[01:17:39] Yes. Send it, send it along. Uh, but you don’t know what the other people, you know, have behind the scenes. And that could just be getting the same thing you’re getting, but you don’t know. So it’s like, you just have to learn to figure out like, okay, well, you know, if there is no money, you know, at this moment for this thing or for whatever it is, make sure, like I [01:18:00] was saying, make sure that you’re, you’re able to take whatever this is, whatever this relationship is or means, or however it’s shaped, make sure that we’re able to, you know, move something forward in that sense.

[01:18:11] And it’s not just, uh, you know, grab a couple of two or three followers or something like that. And, and you get the, they, you know, and then they sell 20 shoes, you know? Um, but it’s like, you make sure that whatever it is that you maximize that opportunity. Cause there’s a lot of opportunity right now to work with a lot of these brands.

[01:18:27] So it’s like, you gotta just be aware that like, while this thing is happening, even if it’s for the wrong reason on their, on their part, you know, make sure it works for you and, and make it negative what to do. Cause that’s one thing about black posts. We will make it do what to do for sure. You know, and as long as, as long as we use it now, more than ever, you know, cause it’s not just running and just so many industries are tapping in, you know, because of, you know, what’s been transpiring and the world seems to kind of be waking up a little bit [01:19:00] to some of the things that have been happening that just way out of pocket, not alive.

[01:19:04] Um, so it’s like whatever industry you in, make sure that you, you know, use this opportunity to promote growth in your family, your community, um, and all that. And that’s definitely a thing right now. 

[01:19:20] Kim: [01:19:20] And on that note, I would like to thank Tommy. Tommy runs for being on The Run Wave Podcasts. Um, let everyone know where they can find you on 

[01:19:32] Tommie: [01:19:32] socials.

[01:19:34] Okay on socials. Um, you can find me on, uh, I’m not sure how you can find me on app links. You gotta let them know that it’s coming. 

[01:19:42] Kim: [01:19:42] Yeah. We’re not going to put that link up. It’s a, you, uh, change that picture and update your results. 

[01:19:46] Tommie: [01:19:46] So embarrassed by that. Oh, we’ll go right there. Like right now I’m on Instagram.

[01:19:52] You can follow me at, at Tommy runs is T O M M I E. Underscore runs with a Z. Tommy underscore runs [01:20:00] a and then also you can check out the other Instagram it’s at chip time running on Instagram. So everything starts there. Just check the Instagrams out, timey runs and ship time running. And do you have any questions on how to get anywhere else?

[01:20:14] I’ll help you 

[01:20:15] Kim: [01:20:15] pick you up some gear from chip time running, you know, this cute 

[01:20:20] Tommie: [01:20:20] friendship and newest shirt is from what about the wrench manure? That’s another thing about the running community is so many entrepreneurs in the run community. So I made the word. Entrepreneur. I’m 

[01:20:30] Kim: [01:20:30] going to go take a picture.

[01:20:31] My photographer just got home, my son. Wow. So 

[01:20:37] Tommie: [01:20:37] help me, help me out, bro. 

[01:20:39] Kim: [01:20:39] I’m going to take a picture in my wrench of canoeing, clean zone. 

[01:20:44] Tommie: [01:20:44] I’m about to, I’m about to have you sign this waiver cause I’m using you on goodbye. Hey, like, uh, let me get in there. Um, yeah, I’m gonna make you sign this waiver cause I’m gonna use that picture on my Instagram pages.

[01:21:00] [01:21:00] You 

[01:21:00] Kim: [01:21:00] can I’ll tag you. You can feel free to use my picture. We have to support if we don’t support each other. Well, 

[01:21:08] Tommie: [01:21:08] I don’t know. That’s when you get support that you throw that emoji and the guy’s like, I don’t know. 

[01:21:16] Kim: [01:21:16] All right. So thank you again for being on the show. 

[01:21:19] Tommie: [01:21:19] Thank you. Thank you. Thanks so much. 

[01:21:22] Kim: [01:21:22] I hope you enjoy listening to Tommy.

[01:21:25] Tell us his incredible story about running the glass city marathon and getting that coveted Boston qualifying time and then some, so we should be seeing him in the Boston marathon next year, April, 2022. I am so looking forward to seeing him crush that chorus as well. So I want to thank you again for tuning into The Run Wave Podcasts and I will catch up on the next one later.

[01:21:57] Thank you so much for tuning into [01:22:00] the show. Be sure to subscribe to The Run Wave on your favorite podcast app and leave us a review of the show on Apple podcasts. It would really help me out if you are a runner that has a story to tell, and you would like to be on the show. You can email. or send us a DM on Instagram to the run wave.

[01:22:22] See you next time. .

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