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Running While Black | Part 2

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This episode of The Run Wave Podcast, is a collaboration with Fit Health Wealth Podcast.  This show is a roundtable discussion of podcast hosts featuring Tasha of Black Gyrl SOS Podcast, and Derek of Behind the Wheel Podcast, on the topic of Running while Black, and the Ahmaud Arbery tragedy.

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Episode Transcription

Kim 0:00
This episode is part two running wild black a collaborative episode with Jay of fit health well podcast in the show, we will have a roundtable all podcast host discussion featuring Tasha of Black Girl SOS and Derek of Behind the Wheel Podcast. Let’s get started.

I want you to talk I listened to your last show. So I really want you to like go into that like, with you know your encounter in the supermarket and just how you feel about the

you know, the Arbery case.

Tasha meet Derek, Derek meet Tasha.

Tasha-Black Gyrl SOS 0:50
Um, so I’m located in Orlando, Florida. I’m actually in Winter Park which is like a little city right outside of Orlando and I’m from the Bronx.

Able to very much hear it. But it’s it’s just it’s been a day. So anyway I was in the supermarket. And you know, they got all these new protocols set up where there’s one line and they kind of filter you into the aisles now. And so I walked all the way to the back of the line, which is literally on the other end of the supermarket. And when I got back there, I just had a small basket. And the manager who is a black man, he was like, Is that all you have? And I said, Yes, he said, Well, there’s an express line up front. And he told me to go back to the front of the store, which again, is now on the opposite end of the store that I just walked from. So he got on the walkie talkie, any walkie talkie to people that are filtering people into the lines and said I’m sending one to the Express line. At that point. I walked over there. Now at this one, I walked past these people twice, I walked past them go into the back of the room, and I won’t pass them going to the front of the line. So I’m on the line and we To my turn six feet distance, there’s somebody in front of me and then there’s somebody being cashed out. There’s our freezer right to the left of the line and I see this press coconut water that I’ve been like, stalking everybody for like calling across town like desert public side of it because my eyes does it. So my finally got it. And I was like, Oh, yes, I put my basket down on the little circle that says six feet distance, went to the freezer, grab, like two of them, threw them in my basket. As I’m coming to the back to my basket, the line is moving. So I grabbed my basket and I’m moving. The lady starts yelling, all you know, the line is in the back. This is the lady that works there. And I was like, I’m well aware. Like you well aware that you saw me walk by you twice. So what’s your point? So then she was like, No, you know, there’s a line and it’s fine. It’s fine. I said, if it was finally you wouldn’t have said nothing. I said if it’s a problem, let’s just go call the manager because that’s who sent me up. I didn’t come up here of my own volition. I said and I know he called you because I didn’t leave until he called you. I did not leave until he got on the phone on the walkie talkie with you. So what’s the problem? She’s like, it’s not a problem. We’ll take care of you. I said, but it seems like a problem. Because there wasn’t a problem. You wouldn’t be making no loud ass announcement in the middle of white assets apart to my one black dot app in the supermarket. Like I won’t fuck this shit up. This is where you got fucked up. You think I have an issue being angry black woman? no issue with it. Don’t even bother me don’t affect me. Shit is just a motherfucking adjective I moves on. So then she’s like, No, no, no, no, it’s okay. I said, but call the manager and like, if you feel like this is a problem, call the manager. And she’s like, No, no, no, it’s fine. It’s fine. So the whole time I’m still online because now somebody else is being cashed out. And I’m still waiting. I’m just mean mugging the shit out of her the entire time. Like, If looks could kill, she would have dropped it and say when you said that I felt all of the Bronx because you’re making the scene. Like literally for no reason at all, no reason at all like you’re making it seem like I arbitrarily cut the line like I felt like I didn’t have to wait online like I felt entitled and like there’s very few black people that come in and out of that store just in general that don’t work there because of where it’s located big enough into play with me. You know

Kim 4:25
now you’re in Florida so what is like, you know, that’s another stand your ground state what is the climate like in Florida?

Tasha-Black Gyrl SOS 4:32
These idiots are standing their fucking idiotness is what they doing. So I live in a blue county so Orange County is blue. We have old black man for a mayor. It’s like having a granddad as a mayor. He’s the best like he he’s basically Cuomo. So he’ll get on the news. And he’ll be like, yeah, I read this memo from the Santas. I don’t know what he’s talking about. But anyway, six glasses down. So we still have curfew and we still have like a very limited access to Some things have been open because for the rollout phase one but he limited his phase one rollout even more than then the governor did. So my county is really not too bad. With the exception of you know, just all white people being away people, but that’s kind of like a Tuesday that’s regular, but the next county over which is Seminole County where Trayvon was killed. Mm hmm. That and I mean, like when I say next county over I mean, whenever I take my runs, when by the time I hit mile two, I’m in Seminole County. So it is literally like walking distance the next county over, um, these motherfuckers is outside everyday with a size they pick it in Trump 2020 Let me outside in associate distance and they all breathing on each other. And I’m okay if Darren wants to do his thing. Go ahead and knock these motherfuckers that’s your selection, get rid of those socially just

Kim 5:56
less than that, but

Tasha-Black Gyrl SOS 5:57
like every day they are out I like on the corners. Pick it in I’m like what are you mad about? Florida’s open your counties open What would you like

Kim 6:10
Is Florida a carry state? open carry?

Tasha-Black Gyrl SOS 6:13
oh no we are not open.

Derek-Behind the Wheel Podcast 6:16

Tasha-Black Gyrl SOS 6:18
Okay but you can carry

Derek-Behind the Wheel Podcast 6:20
no no you serious?

Tasha-Black Gyrl SOS 6:21
Yeah it’s a concealed carry state. You can you can absolutely and I plan to be concealed and carrying shortly.

Kim 6:31
Are you licensed now?

Tasha-Black Gyrl SOS 6:33
Not yet I should have been already I just never had time to get over there to do my class but I shoot often

Kim 6:40
Listen, and you know my mom moved to Georgia like four years ago and her first month there she was licensed, licensed to carry and all that.

Tasha-Black Gyrl SOS 6:47
I should have been, I mean it don’t matter license or no license. You come my house I will shoot yo ass

Kim 6:55
I hear that. That is the absolute what’s say you Derek Oxley?

Derek-Behind the Wheel Podcast 7:02
about what about everyone?

I was waiting for her. I thought she was gonna slap I’m like I got my ribs crashing

Kim 7:13
Ya’ll have to look at her last episode.

Tasha-Black Gyrl SOS 7:15
If I was not an attorney I promise you Oh Bronx Tasha would have knocked her ass out. However I’m not losing my bar card. I am not losing my bar card over the bitch that watches the freezer section in Publix. That’s not what we’re doing. That’s giving them way too much power over me. Drag yo ass to make a point but I’m not about to risk my livelihood and everything that went into the fucking debt for we’re not doing that.

Derek-Behind the Wheel Podcast 7:45
Yeah, that makes sense. That’s nice. I mean, I’ve never had I think the only the only incident that I’ve had with with folks, I went for a run and there’s a trail that’s like a quarter of a mile you get access to it like a quarter. mouth now so I could walk there. And sometimes I drive there. So this is one time I just decided I’m gonna walk and start my run outside my house, go down there and get on the trail come back. So it’s it’s two miles out. And then obviously two miles coming back. So on my way back is this cop call waiting there for me, you know, I’m coming out and the guy’s looking at me like so. And he’s talked to you for a minute. I’m like, What were you doing? And this time, the time I got on shorts, you know, my singlet. My hat, I’m sweating. I got my music and he’s asked me what am I doing? Like, I’m, I’m running sex. Why? You know, you know, I got a call from somebody said that you were on Tinder. There was a there was what I was like people’s voice like, you know, somebody was out here on a property. I’m like, Yeah, I was running. Like you can’t you can’t walk on the property. Oh, okay. So I need to see some identification. It’s like some I don’t have Id I was wondering, like, what do you think I’m doing? So I think there’s some I call the cops add them sit there, you figure two miles. And I wasn’t running like in a blisters place. So it happened then maybe 3540 minutes that you’re waiting for me to come out of the trail to ask me about, like, what am I doing on the trail? So it’s this, I mean, some people, they see you and they feel like, you know, I have to pick up the phone and have to call and let somebody know, I seen a black man out here running. And I don’t know, and I and I had on running gear, sneakers, shorts, headphone, it’s running good. But what do you think I’m doing? I mean, it

sounds a bit much to people, you know,

Jay-Fit.Health.Well 9:47
what I wanted to ask you, is, you know, we constantly as black people, right? We always have to be, there’s this level of awareness that we have to have, whether we like it or not, right, like, all right, well, what I’m gonna do today is like it’s like a strategy to it. But like what do you feel that like, why do we have to do that in the first place? You know what I mean? Like what why is that become such an issue and what I struggle with and what I find is and this is why I’m so glad we have this space to speak with black people is when I try to explain these things how white counterparts a lot of times they just don’t get it right and they don’t understand it. Um, but but you know, just be can you speak to Tasha your level of frustrations with that.

Tasha-Black Gyrl SOS 10:25
So I call it top conversation. Um, if you get an opportunity to listen to my last episode of black girl SOS. I call it top conversation. When people who don’t see color and all I see is the person and I don’t understand why you know, I am just so sorry this happened to you. That’s tough shit. Don’t talk to me and talk to me a motherfucking vibrant colors. Talk to me in HD because your assay color the same way I see color you see it every goddamn day. I used to live that. You know what You know why? Because tope is diluted in hospitals because it’s supposed to be soothing. It’s supposed to keep you calm. And when white people talk to you in tow, it’s because they know. It’s because they’re trying to minimize. You vocalizing your experience as a black person in this country. They talk to you and talk because they want you to feel they want you to be calm, calm about the shift that you’re going through. No, no, no bitch. I’m in a fucking upheaval every day. And that’s vibrant. That for me, it’s, for me. It’s neon green, neon green. It’s neon green. It is volts. It’s that loud as color that Nike uses on all their products. It’s bright as hell, and you can’t miss it because that is what being black in this country is. It is bright as hell and you can’t miss it. So when somebody tells me Oh, you know, I don’t see color and shit like that when I’m trying to explain to them listen, your experience does not mirror mine. Like in the least So when I came back to Florida and I started running here with track shot, which is basically like the equivalent of New York Road Runners back home, um, I was literally the only black person in my speed. on speed Tuesdays there’s no other black person there. And there was only two other people of color one was the Asian man and one is a Latina. That’s it. That’s it. Know that it’s just the three of us and don’t even count the Asian dude because he funny style got a whole job you got all in Fuck, man. But me, me, me and the Latina chick. We’re not cool. We actually used to live across the street from each other before I moved towards a park. So we were really cool. So you know, everybody around me is white white like Florida. You know they pets are republican type of white people. And I was having a conversation with one of the girls in my pace group. She was saying that, um, she just had a new baby. And she was she loved her job. And I was like, Oh, you know, that’s great that you and your husband are in a situation where you can actually leave your job. Like to stay home. But that’s awesome. And you still have time to come out and run and shoot, like, yo, kudos. And she was like, yeah, you know, we had that opportunity, because my parents were so nice. And they let us move back in. And I was like, That’s really funny. Because when people of color moved back in with their parents, it’s always Why don’t you motherfuckers get a job. But you left your job. I find that very interesting, this approach that you’ve taken to light, and she was like, No, I don’t really know. I didn’t ask you. I’m telling you. That when you. It’s like, Oh, look at this family that is giving their kid an opportunity to move back home with their spouse and their young child so that they can save up money even though she left her job. So I’m not even sure how that is. Stick with the savings but whatever, you moved back home so that you guys could save money so that you can move into a bigger house. But if we move back home the very first narrative is motherfuckers don’t work, they lazy they mooching off a mama they mooching off their grandmother or X, Y and Z. I said the narrative is never the same. I said, and this is always going to be my issue. Like, it’s never not going to be my issue. And I guess it’s frustrating because or not, I guess I know, it’s frustrating, because it is woven into the tapestry of this country. And this country tries to act like that ain’t it? You know, like if you if you’ve been to Germany before, you know that Germany takes pride in admitting where they fucked up historically. Like they and you can walk anywhere and Berlin and find historical artifacts of how fucked up they were as a country, and how they hope to never repeat Keep that part of their history. But in America,

Black History Don’t even start until slavery in school, so it’s like, we were not even a person before that. And they don’t see that as a fucked up part of American culture, they don’t see that as something being woven into the fabric that they teach us. Our history from enslavement. So shit like that is very frustrating when I talk to people who are not of color. And even when I talk to people of color whose parents came here willingly, that that I have that frustration also with them. Like, I’m very happy that your family was not enslaved. I’m ecstatic that you know your lineage. I would I would not wish this on my worst enemy to have lost your history and not know from where you descended. So to talk to me as if you’re somehow better than me. birth, my lineage is endured for 100 years of Fuck you and we still traveling So you’re not better than me like you came here for the hard work my family put in the little bit of grace that you do get here. Send me a thank you card bitch. We did that. You know what I’m saying this wasn’t and it wasn’t you fracking boys? they

dated now.

Derek-Behind the Wheel Podcast 16:27
Come on mom and dad.

Tasha-Black Gyrl SOS 16:31
They came here at the brand new

Derek-Behind the Wheel Podcast 16:32
Im starting to talk to you in taupe.

Tasha-Black Gyrl SOS 16:43
Now go to Florida.

Kim 16:46
Derek, I better not see you using her taupe line going forward.

Derek-Behind the Wheel Podcast 16:57
first time, the first time Talking to me in mauve, taupe.

tomorrow, I got my drag in taupe

Kim 17:10
Tasha, said he’s not kidding. He’s, I think

Derek-Behind the Wheel Podcast 17:18
I missed he was this angry black woman. She said don’t talk to her in taupe and told that just triggered her.

Tasha-Black Gyrl SOS 17:23
Let me tell you something, it’s very important for black women to not be fazed by other people’s narratives. Because the minute we are fazed by what other people dictate about us, that’s when we stop fighting for money at work. Like, these are some of the things I talk about my podcasts and some of the things I talked about where young girls that I’ve mentored, and even like some of my colleagues, like I’ve literally rewritten on counter offer letters for fellow attorneys, like we get so caught up in the narrative of whatever other people put on us, right? We don’t want to be the angry black woman. We don’t want To be the combative black woman, we don’t want to be defensive, we don’t want to look ungrateful. And then we’ll get a job offer for something that is significantly lower than what we are worth. And then we don’t want to squander the opportunity. So we don’t push back and ask for what we deserve. And it’s like, bro, capitalism is capitalism. If you don’t ask for your money, ain’t nobody gonna give it to you. If I can get the work for less, I’m gonna get it for less push back. But when you become so consumed with not wanting to feed the narrative, that’s not even true. You hold yourself back you give them the authority to be like, hey, well, you know what? says I’m offering you pennies on the dollar, take it or leave it, fucking leave it leaving, because I bet you’d be really worth the money they gonna come back and pay us they always do.

Derek-Behind the Wheel Podcast 18:49
So you can’t be right on

taupe. I’m a taupe for real for real.

I’m thinking about how to use it in a sentence. Have to enter that in the urban dictionary.

Tasha-Black Gyrl SOS 19:04
If I see that shit in the Urban Dictionary I know you did.

Kim 19:07
You’re gonna have to pay Tasha residuals.

Tasha-Black Gyrl SOS 19:09
Im gonna sue your ass!

Jay, where are you at? Are you all in New York

Jay-Fit.Health.Well 19:20
is also for the past two years. I have relocated. I moved to Canada. I grew up in a brownstone Washington projects. So yes, for the better part of my life there and then just relocated out here. So the discussion I had with Kim, you know, I wanted to work I had my podcast and I was already following him as well. And then the Ahmad robbery situation happened right to killing I’m just going to call it what it is. It’s a murder. Murder. Exactly. The slaughter right. And, you know, I thought that this was a perfect opportunity actually to for us to combine our podcasts and just have collective minds because, you know, as we discussed, you know, in this program room, this is discussions that I can’t have with people outside of our race, and that they understand and they get it. And I have these conversations with my people and they understand. Right? And and to me, like, that’s something that’s important. And we will have platforms and we will have space. And not only is it important to get the message out, but it’s just therapeutic. I don’t know about anybody else. But for myself, it’s therapeutic to have that conversation and be like, you know, what, have, you know, you know, it’s not, it’s not gonna happen to them, right, you know, that’s just gonna get off. Right? So it’s just, it’s just, it’s therapeutic to have that conversation. And it’s just important because at the end of the day, I just want to see us move forward, whether it’s, you know, we have our own businesses or, you know, we support each other and we just unify, I just because I see other groups do it, right. It’s just I’m just gonna be candid when I say it, but it happens in the Jewish community, and happens in communities. They have their own banks, they have their own communities and things like that. And I’m just really, really proactive in it anytime if it’s positive, and it’s us, I’m forming.

Tasha-Black Gyrl SOS 21:09
Listen, I support that. Where are you at Derek?

Derek-Behind the Wheel Podcast 21:12
And I was about to say Canada. I’m in Connecticut. I don’t know why I was thinking Canada.

Why? Why do you say it like that?

Kim 21:20
He’s in Walley, Walley world.

Tasha-Black Gyrl SOS 21:22
I used to work in work in New London.

Derek-Behind the Wheel Podcast 21:26

Tasha-Black Gyrl SOS 21:26
I used to teach and teach in New London.

Derek-Behind the Wheel Podcast 21:32
Wow, really over there.

Tasha-Black Gyrl SOS 21:36
You know, have you been to New London?

Derek-Behind the Wheel Podcast 21:39
Da I don’t know where New London. I’ve been out here about maybe five, six years now.

Tasha-Black Gyrl SOS 21:43
Where are you at in CT?

Derek-Behind the Wheel Podcast 21:45
Wallyworld, Wallington.

Tasha-Black Gyrl SOS 21:47
Oh, she was being for real.

Derek-Behind the Wheel Podcast 21:52
Yo, so I took I when I first moved to Connecticut, I was living in Bridgeport. Okay, right. And so, um A friend of mine like I was working in Wallingford. And so friends, I’m like, yeah, you know, find a place or whatever. And so when I finally moved here, she was like, oh, by the way, the Ku Klux Klan used to meet in the town hall. What some sounds about race poor.

No, no. in Wallington

Kim 22:18
Oh, in Wallington, ok.

Derek-Behind the Wheel Podcast 22:19
Yeah, I’m like, Really? So after the fact I’m like, how

Tasha-Black Gyrl SOS 22:23

Derek-Behind the Wheel Podcast 22:26
like the last, then I don’t think they do it anymore. I’m pretty sure they don’t do anymore. Maybe they do. They just maybe maybe it’s at somebody’s house.

Kim 22:33
Go over there at 3 am and see whats going on.

Derek-Behind the Wheel Podcast 22:37
I ain’t gonna go by their house and do that.

yeah, it was like the Last Day to all celebrate Martin Luther King’s birthday. The last county in in Connecticut to celebrate Martin Luther King’s birthday. So it was like Oh, they sort of like a little behind.

Kim 22:58
A little little

Tasha-Black Gyrl SOS 23:00
Connecticut is trash.

Derek-Behind the Wheel Podcast 23:03
I know this is crazy.

Tasha-Black Gyrl SOS 23:05
I got a lot of family that live out there. They’re in Bridgeport and in New Haven and when I was young I used to go to fresh air fun in Wethersfield, which is a small white ass town in Connecticut. And at the time, there was only two black families there. I went back to visit as an adult when I started teaching in New London after college and then there was only one family left and they were moving they had a for sale sign on their, on their front lawn. Um, I don’t I think that was like my first experience with real racism was when I was in junior high school nice to go to Connecticut for fresh air fight. Because I was very, I’ve always been like this so like, this is this is the same as energy I’ve always had. And I got there and I was just like, I slapped the shit out your little white house like I don’t know who you thinking thoughts? And they just felt like they could say and do anything to me because I was a black girl. And I was like, Yo, I’m not you motherfuckers I like I’m not really sure what kind of Tanya line and I just like, like literally I think it was like the second day I was there. I think I knocked this girl off her bike. I was like, Sis, I’m not sure what you heard. But this is not that sweet Valley High. popular girl in school gets to say whatever she wants shit. I will slap you with a fucking bottle. Like I grew up in a rough neighborhood in the 80s bitch I survived crack. This is not a game. Like you really got a monitor how you talk to people that and I tell my people that I work. Monitor your tone. monitor that shit this way you shouldn’t use soap. This is why why people don’t use soap when they get to work. They want Talk to you when they have like their little authority and they a little higher than you on the org chart, then they want to talk to you and fucking hyper pink, right? Everything is real vibrant and big. This is where you need to use to. My job is based out of Chicago and I work from home. And I’d be like, Listen, a lot of people from the Southside of Chicago have jobs. Right? Watch how you talk to those people I work. Everything you heard about the Southside of Chicago is a fact like, nobody made that shit up. Me people will fuck you up after hours. Mine how you talk to them. They might have somebody come up afterwards. While you might have your business fucking drinking your fucking Starbucks frat at the union got real spicy on the phone talking crazy. Because I’m asked to work colleagues that talk out of pocket like, like we on the streets. And I always remind them like Milo you’re talking to like that. these motherfuckers got cousins. don’t give a fuck about nothing. I live on the west side. Yeah, on the west side of Chicago I’m like this shit could go left on the south side. These niggas is on the belt like these people are crazy for real like people in Chicago the crime rate is still high. You’re

Derek-Behind the Wheel Podcast 26:17
not taking a break, huh?

Tasha-Black Gyrl SOS 26:20
We’re locked in and the crime rate is still up. So I would just use that as a litmus test for how to conduct myself with certain people when they should talk in total, they talk very vibrant and you know, when they need to acknowledge that shit is out of control, they want to talk in tow, but to the other party. Because I am an attorney, I am probably more frustrated than than other people then quote unquote layman’s I cuz it’s a constant reminder of how very broken the justice system is and Those of us that are black attorneys like we live, we live in a very limited structure. You know, like we’re all trying to fight the good fight. Even those of us that are not civil rights attorneys, like I’m not a civil rights attorney. I’m a business attorney, and we’re all trying to fight the good fight. from whatever seat we’re in. We feel so smothered. Because there’s always limitations to what we can do, right? Like, doesn’t matter how hard we advocate. If this if this case is in a county full of racist, I eat rave on. That jury is still that fucking jury. Doesn’t matter how I do my job. And then to the outside world, it looks like the black attorney, let the black family down. You know what I’m saying? So it’s like you can’t win for losing, and that’s doubly frustrating. So with this RV situation, and I really don’t anticipate that it’s going To end favorably at all, given where the county given the county that it’s in giving the fact that it took two DBAs recusing themselves and a leak of the video to even get it where it’s at. I am not. I’m not very hopeful that we’re going to get a good result from this. So

Kim 28:26
now what happened when the case because the district attorney she’s not in New Brunswick, right, she’s outside of there.

Tasha-Black Gyrl SOS 28:33
No, yeah, she did decide there, but it’s still gonna be tried where it happened unless they unless they have motion to move the venue. And then even still, that motion needs to be granted. Right. So then we still have to deal with the judges that sit on the bench. And these judges sit on the bench for eons. They they’re veteran racist, and I’m saying they’re not even kneel that they, they’ve been racist for a long time and they’ve been sitting on the bench for a long time. They’ve been incarcerating us at Fair rate and for unfair sentences for a long time. So it’s like a jury

Kim 29:08
of his peers.

Tasha-Black Gyrl SOS 29:09
Correct, yes. All right. And a judge of his peers. So a judge that probably is his peer, and that’s my point, but literally, exactly.

Jay-Fit.Health.Well 29:19
Tasha, what are some of the tactics just from a legal aspect that you see them doing? Because, like, and I knew about this, because I grew up in the 80s in the 90s. During that time, but I’m gonna do Diablo what they did, right? Because when he got killed by the officers shot out 14 times. Right, they knew,

Derek-Behind the Wheel Podcast 29:37
okay, 47 times,

Jay-Fit.Health.Well 29:39
we’re going to Yeah, we’re going to take this to Albany. Oh, they they’re not going to do a motion to move just because it’s a jury of their peers, white peers, but what do you what do you see them doing in the defense rather trying to prepare for this case, because I always feel like every time as we saw with Trayvon Martin, and we’re now with a mod that when they die and they get killed, they’re on trial.

Tasha-Black Gyrl SOS 29:59
That’s always the case that I think that what Lee Meritt is trying to do and what um

what’s the other guy’s name? he actually went to my school too .

Can you think his name

was also on the Trayvon case? Um, Crump are calm Thank you. So they are they’re very savvy to the very the differences so there’s this real innate differences to like a Trayvon Martin issue and I’ma do I’m gonna do happen in New York, that’s a blue state. Right? So that’s, that’s number one. A jury of your peers just might get you some people that are going to be for our material that is less likely to happen in a red state like Florida and and hyper red state like Georgia. So the the jury alone is already going to be more leaning towards prosecution. The jury is already being influenced because of the media. Social media making everything that much more accessible, very contrary to how things were when the I’ma do Diablo issue happened like then you needed to wait on the news you needed to wait on a newspaper run. Now you can get your narrative out like that. And I think that merit and comp are very very savvy at the way that they try to use social media to ensure that the narrative does not does not lean in a fox kind of way where we are putting the victim on trial, and we are remembering who the criminal is and who is actually on trial and who needs to be prosecuted. So I think that they’re very smart and doing that. Especially because like I said, the jury is already being influenced. I do think they should motion to move the venue. I don’t think that it would be granted truthfully, but I think they should do it anyway. If anything, it stalls, it stalls moving the case over and it just gives them more time to build their case. Like utilize all the procedural Stallings that you can To build a stronger case, because in red states, even when shit is airtight, somehow they managed to poke a hole.


Jay-Fit.Health.Well 32:12
thank you, Tasha. I appreciate that feedback.

Tasha-Black Gyrl SOS 32:14
No problem. You came together to

Kim 32:16
have a little a legalese up in here to tell us you know what’s going on but

Tasha-Black Gyrl SOS 32:24
yeah, always

Kim 32:25
I want to thank Tasha for being on the show.

Tasha-Black Gyrl SOS 32:27
Thank you for having me.

Kim 32:30
Black Gyrl SOS if you guys are not subscribed to her podcast, the way she kept the real issue even more real on that show.

Derek-Behind the Wheel Podcast 32:38
Black Gyrl SOS

Kim 32:40
and it’s GYRL. Okay, GYRL and yes, thank you to Mr. Derek Oxley. He’s been on the Run Wave Podcast before y’all might recognize him. His show behind the wheel podcast. I’ll put all of the links in description below. So you can follow both of them. And hopefully we could do this again under

Tasha-Black Gyrl SOS 33:05
better circumstances circumstances.

Kim 33:07
Now. Alright guys, thank you so much

Tasha-Black Gyrl SOS 33:11
Thank you, y’all have a great day.

Kim 33:14
All right, we’ll see y’all later. All right, bye bye. Okay, so I want to thank all of our guests for being on the show, we will have all of their links in the show notes so that you can follow them on Instagram, Facebook, etc. I want to thank Mr. Jay Denson for coming up with this idea and you know, getting all of us together to have this important discussion. Jay, you wanna say something to people?

Jay-Fit.Health.Well 33:46
Absolutely, definitely. I want to thank our listeners. As you know, we’re combining our listeners from both so you know, the goal to this is to expose our audiences not only to my fit health well audience to the run wave listeners and then a runwave listeners to that as well. And then just just some Indian closing points regarding our discussion today is, you know, I don’t want anyone to come away from this to anyone that’s not black isn’t being a negative thing. I’m speaking for myself. What I want to happen is that black people in general, we are so supportive, we support the LGBT community. We also support civil rights, we’re at the forefront of a lot of causes. And all we ask is that you guys share anyone that’s really outraged as much as we are. We just need that action and we need we need help, right? And we can do it ourselves and we will do it ourselves. But you know, we don’t need criticism. We don’t need a dead dead child to be on trial during this time. We need solution. So anytime you have, you can help that I’m grateful for it. You can always send an email to us at fit.health.well@gmail.com and then Kim, you can also give you information regarding that as well.

Kim 34:56
Yeah, you can email me at hello@therunwave.com and the whole purpose of this conversation was to talk about Ahmaud Aubry continue to say his name continue to use the hashtag #irunwithmaud continue to log those 2.23 miles and posting about it let’s not let his name and memory go away with this new cycle let’s keep it going and keep him and other people Breonna Taylor so many people that are have been killed black people so let’s keep them in our thoughts and prayers and at the forefront of you know just everything just keep their memories alive.

Jay-Fit.Health.Well 35:40
That’s great. Yeah, thank you guys for listening. As always we really really appreciate that. Make sure you follow fit health well on i g that’s fit dot health dot well and then you can also follow us on Twitter. We’re trying to grow our audience today fit health, wealth ca and then also again, we have a Facebook page same thing fit health. Well, and then finally again if you want to send it shoot us an email fit health well@gmail.com

Kim 36:06
Okay, thanks for listening guys. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to this running while Black Series Jay of fit health well podcast for approaching me with this collaborative effort. Les_runs, Gk Smith, Carlos Patterson, James Ravenell and Davon Culley of Black Runners Connection. Also a huge thanks to Tasha of Black Gyrl SOS podcast and Derek of behind the wheel podcast. It was a pleasure working with you both rest in heaven. Ahmaud Aubrey.

Thank you so much for tuning into the show. Be sure to subscribe to the runaway on your favorite podcast app and leave us a review of the show on Apple podcasts. It would really help me out. If you are a runner that has a story to tell and you would like to be on the show. You can email hello@trherunwave.com or send us a DM on Instagram to The Run Wave see you next time.

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